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Once you decide to start a boutique, there is so much work to do. You have to find the right clothes and products to entice customers. You have to look for new employees and plan out a marketing strategy. Before you can actually open your doors, you need to find the cute boutique name ideas. If you are struggling to find the right name for your boutique, we can help. The following list includes some of the best options for your new boutique name.

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100 Cute and Classy Boutique Name Ideas

1. Queen of Versailles: French-inspired boutique names always give your store a touch of class.

2. Kidding Around: If your boutique caters to children, then fun names like this one are always a great choice. In addition to making your boutique seem extra fun, this name shows customers that you cater to children.

3. All Mumsy: If your boutique primarily sells maternity clothes, then a name like this would be absolutely adorable.

4. Fashion Week: If you want to show off how fashionable your store is, this name would certainly do the trick.

5. Tykes and Dolls: This is an adorable option for a boutique that caters to children. Plus, it will be an easy name for your clients to remember.

6. Enchant Cosmetics: If you are looking for cute boutique name ideas for a cosmetic boutique, then this name is sure to work.

7. Couture du Jour: French names like this one are always a safe bet for your boutique.

8. Tu-la-roo: This name is fun to say, and it a great option for a boutique that caters to children. Your little clients will love saying this name whenever they ask their parents to go shopping.

9. Bun and Baker: This would be a top name for a boutique that sells maternity clothes. It is a play on the phrase, “a bun in the oven.”

10. Boutique de Paris: Adding a French-sounding name to your boutique will certainly give it that added touch of class that you are looking for.

11. Sprinklez: This is another option that would be great for a boutique that caters primarily to children. You really can’t go wrong with an awesome name like this one.

12. Allure Cosmetics: This would be a top option for a cosmetic shop, and it certainly sounds alluring!

13. Mon Amour Boutique: This means “my love” in French. It is exactly how your customers will feel after they have spent some time at your new boutique.

14. Big Little’s: If you sell children’s clothes, then a name like this would be a perfect choice for your new boutique.

15. Window Shop: This clever boutique name represents exactly what your customers will be doing when they first see all of the products inside of your windows.

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16. Haute Couture: French-inspired names like this one sound chic and give your boutique that upper-class ambiance that you are looking for.

17. B for Boutique: This is a simple, cute boutique name idea for your new shop.

18. Italia: Italian-inspired names like this one are bound to give your boutique an added touch of class.

19. Pamplemousse: This French-inspired name is just the trick for your new boutique.

20. Clothesline: If you want a simple, cute boutique name idea, then this name is sure to work well.

21. Play Dress Up: This would be an adorable boutique name if you happen to sell a bunch of children’s clothes or costumes.

22. Oui! Oui!: In addition to sounding chic because of its French origin, this name also happens to be extremely easy to remember.

23. Little Black Dress: This boutique name will certainly show off the types of items your new shop will sell.

24. French Connection: This is an obvious option if you are looking for a French-inspired name for your new boutique.

25. Glitz ‘n Glam: Because your new boutique is all about the glitz and glamour.

26. Mom Chic: This would definitely be a cute boutique name idea for a maternity boutique.

27. Merci: “Merci” is exactly what your customers will be saying after they find the perfect gifts at your boutique.

28. Fashion Paradise: If you want your shop to seem like a true fashion paradise, then this would certainly be a good name for it.

29. Elementary: This would be perfect for a children’s boutique, and it is also a fun play on a phrase from Sherlock Holmes novels.

30. Gourdon Boutique: This French-inspired name certainly sounds very chic.

31. Love Potion: This sounds like a boutique that sells whimsical, elegant or romantic clothes.

32. In the Ivy: If you want a boutique name inspired by nature or flowers, then this would be an excellent option to choose.

33. Loire Valley: If you want a French-inspired name, you can always choose location names from France like this one.

34. Buttons and Bows: This would certainly be an adorable name for a boutique.

35. Kiddo Threads: This sounds like it would be a great boutique name for a shop that sells primarily children’s clothing.

36. Paris Bound: With all of your styles in their luggage, your customers will certainly be ready to go to Paris.

37. The Wardrobe: Simple, easy boutique names like this one are always a good choice.

38. Ciao Ciao: This Italian name would be a cute boutique name idea and is also quite fun to say. Your customers certainly won’t be forgetting your name anytime soon!

39. Rose Riviera: The French Riviera is legendary for its beauty just like your new boutique will be.

40. Vixen: This is for a sassy boutique that sells stylish clothes with a flair for the dramatic.

41. Florence Fashion: Italian-inspired names can also be a classy, fun choice for your boutique.

42. Chapeau Chic: One way to set your boutique apart is by giving it a French-inspired name like this one.

43. Pandora’s Box: Shopping at your boutique is like opening a Pandora’s box of bewildering options and styles.

44. Playdate: If you primarily sell clothes for tots and kids, then this would be an excellent name for your new boutique.

45. Oh Là Là Boutique: This is a simple, fun option that wins bonus points for being French inspired.

46. Pretty in Pink: This is just an adorable option for your next boutique.

47. Moda Bella: This would be a classic Italian name for your new shop.

48. Bien Habillé: This is a beautiful, French option for your new boutique.

49. That One Place: If you are tired of people struggling to remember your boutique name, make it easy for them by naming your shop this.

50. California Poppy: Flower and nature-based names are fun options for a new boutique.

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51. Chateaux: If you want your boutique to really stand out of the crowd, a French-inspired name like this one is sure to do the trick.

52. Chic Chick: This is a fun, easy option for your boutique name.

53. White Dahlia: Flower names like this are some of the best cute boutique name ideas.

54. Oeuvre: This is a simple, French option for your boutique. The only problem is that some of your customers might have problems pronouncing it at first unless they have ever studied French or been to France.

55. Uptown Girl: This would be an easy option that shows off your high-end products and clientele.

56. Ciao Grazia: This Italian name will give your boutique an added level of class and culture.

57. Fashion Atelier: French-inspired names like this one are always a wonderful option for a new boutique.

58. Genie in a Bottle: This would be an adorable name for a women’s boutique.

59. Luxe: This could be a name for a clothing or a cosmetics boutique.

60. J’aime la mode: By using a French name like this, you show that your clothes are chic and a cut above all of the rest.

61. High Fashion: If you want customers to immediately know that you sell the most fashionable clothes, this name would certainly work well.

62. New News: If you sell maternity clothes, then this name will showcase that your clients all have new news.

63. Madamoiselle: This French name signals the fashionable clothes at your shop and that you cater to female clients.

64. Girl Cave: We have all heard of a man cave. Why can’t girls have their own refuge as well?

65. Pretty Lady: While you could use this for a clothing boutique, I feel like it would be the perfect fit for a boutique that specializes in cosmetics.

66. French Macaron: This French name would be a fun option for your new boutique.

67. Ladies and Linen: This sounds like a shop that sells linens and women’s clothing.

68. Crepe Myrtle: Nature and flower-inspired names are always a pretty option for a boutique of any type.

69. Haute Fashion: French names like this will certainly show potential customers that your boutique sells all of the hottest fashions.

70. Frills: This would be an absolutely adorable, no-frills name for your boutique.

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71. Classic Pretty: This sounds like a great name for a boutique that primarily sells cosmetics.

72. Fleur Boutique: This means Flower Boutique in French, but “Fleur” always makes me think of the character in the Harry Potter series.

73. Mirror Mirror: This name sounds cute and calls to mind a common fairy tale story.

74. One + One: This would be an absolutely adorable name for a maternity shop.

75. French Kiss: This is a simple option. French-inspired names like this help showcase the type of fashions that your boutique will eventually sell.

76. Golden Girls: If you cater to older women, then naming your boutique after the popular television show would be an awesome choice.

77. Belleza: This would be a wonderful name for a cosmetics boutique.

78. French Chiffon: This is an excellent, French-inspired name choice for your new boutique.

79. Pixie Dust: This sounds like a very cute boutique name idea.

80. Bump Threads: If you sell primarily maternity clothes, use a name like this to show that you dress the baby bump.

81. Chic Château: This wins bonus points for alliteration. Plus, the French name will truly make your boutique seem chic to potential customers.

82. Via del Corso: Italian-inspired names like this one just add a touch of haute couture and class to your boutique.

83. Bella Bella Boutique: This name is so nice that you named it twice. The alliteration also makes this beautiful boutique name easier to remember.

84. C’est la Vie Boutique: This sounds like an awesome French name for a new boutique.

85. Il Palazzo: Your customers will feel like they are in an Italian palace if you give your boutique this gorgeous Italian name.

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86. Little Lady Boutique: This sounds like a cute boutique name idea for a boutique that primarily sells petite clothes.

87. Sleek Chic: If you want a French-inspired name that is still easy to say, this would be a great option to go with.

88. Vittorio: This Italian name is pretty and a lot of fun to say.

89. Just Kidding: This boutique name would be an extremely adorable option for a boutique that caters to children, toddlers or babies.

90. Mon Ami: This French boutique name will be easier for your customers to remember than some of the other options on this list.

91. Galeria Chic: Some of the best names for a classy boutique are from European culture. This particular boutique name comes from Italy.

92. Pretty Lovely: This would be one of the best cute boutique name ideas for a cosmetics boutique.

93. Cheeky Chic: If you want to show off a bit of flair, this French-inspired boutique name will certainly do the trick.

94. That’s Vogue: This would be an extremely adorable name to use for your boutique.

95. Milana: For years, this Italian city has been a major fashion center and the site of a major fashion show each year.

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96. Très Chic: After visiting your boutique for the first time, your clients will definitely agree that it is très chic.

97. Fashion Itsy: If your boutique caters to little children, then a small-sounding name like this would be a cute choice.

98. Boudoir: This name is a perfect description of your boutique and is also easy for customers to remember.

99. The Cloakroom: This sounds like the name of a boutique that sells coats and winter gear.

100. Fashion Factory: If you have a larger boutique, then this could become one of the best cute boutique name ideas. It certainly makes your boutique sound like a large factory with the latest fashions.

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Simple Boutique Names

It seems like you have thought of everything. You have found the perfect location, arranged your shop’s hours and bought the latest styles. The only problem is that you are still looking for the perfect, simple boutique names for your new store. Luckily, these simple naming options can help you get started.

There are a variety of directions that you can go in naming your boutique. Some people want a boutique name that is completely unique or from another language because they think that this sets them apart. While this is certainly true, extremely unique names can also be difficult for people to remember. When you pick simple boutique names, you make it easier for customers to remember who you are when they look you up online.

You might also want to add the words “boutique” or “clothing” to your boutique name. If your shop includes search-friendly keywords, it makes it more likely that it will rank in the search engines for that keyword in your area. Another way to harness the search engines for your business is to include the name of your area in your boutique name. That way, the search engines know exactly where you are located. If someone searches for “boutique” and the name of your area, they will end up finding your website.

The right boutique name may also reflect what your boutique sells. For instance, the boutique name for a infant shop versus a women’s fashion store will probably be different. If you can include details about what your shop sells in your boutique name, it will make it easier for potential clients to figure out what you sell and if you are the right business for them.

While these boutique names are a great way to get started, there are plenty of other options out there as well. Spend some time brainstorming the best simple boutique names for your company and have some fun with it!

1. Flair Care
2. Stylista
3. Fashion Outfitters
4. Style Street
5. Feathers and Bows
6. The Coat Hanger
7. The Cutting Edge
8. Ciao Bella
9. Get Style
10. Appalon
11. Try It On
12. Vintage Dresser
13. Clothe Me
14. The Perfect Palette
15. The Original
16. Adorable Adornments
17. Clothes ‘n’ More
18. The Boudoir
19. Pretty Things
20. To All That Glitters

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Trendy Boutique Names

Some boutiques cater to children’s clothes or vintage outfits. Meanwhile, other boutiques sell the latest clothes and trends. If your boutique likes to stay ahead of the style curve, then these trendy boutique names are a great way to show that. You can pick your favorite boutique name from the list or use this list to brainstorm new, unique name options.

If a shop in your state already uses one of these names, you can still have your perfect name. Just modify the name with a different adjective, your name or your location. As long as you modify the name, you should still be able to use it without a problem.

You might also want to include more information about the types of clothes your boutique sells or your location for other purposes as well. By including information about your boutique’s offerings or your location, you make it easier for customers to know if you have what they want to buy. This also allows you to make a more unique, original boutique name.

If you want trendy boutique names, this list of options is a good place to start. Feel free to modify these names or use them to brainstorm newer, more unique options. When it comes to naming your clothing store, the sky is truly the limit, so don’t be afraid to have some fun and put your creativity to work!

1. Fabulista
2. Sew Stylish
3. J’Adore
4. Bellisima
5. Thrifty Threads
6. Dress for Success
7. Stitch Heaven
8. Threads of Envy
9. Couture by Design
10. Style Finds
11. Mystic Dresser
12. The Boho Boudoir
13. All Stitched Up
14. The Top Hat
15. Style-ophile
16. Revelation Chic
17. Clothes Hop
18. Mindful Clothes
19. Organique Boutique
20. Style Helper

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Unique Boutique Names

You are trying to find the perfect boutique name, but nothing seems to be quite right. You want unique boutique names, but nothing so weird that clients are deterred from shopping at your store. If you are struggling to find the best unique options, this list can help.

To make sure that your name is unique, try adding an adjective that really reflects your business. Do you sell high fashion clothes? Does your store provide second-hand maternity outfits? What do you do best?

Many boutiques use an aspect of their business in the boutique name to make it more unique. This also helps to brand your business and show your clients what your company actually sells. For example, “Feathers and Lace” would sell a different style of clothing than “Studded Leather.” By modifying these unique boutique names, you can make sure that your clients know exactly what type of styles you sell so that you attract customers who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

There are so many potential boutique names that you can use, so spend some time brainstorming various options. Read through this list and then sit down with a pen and paper. Spend an hour or two writing down every boutique name that comes to mind. Don’t worry if the name sounds horrible at first because you can always cross it off your list later on. Once you have made a long list of names, go back through your list and narrow down your options to 5 to 10 different names.

After you have a list of your top names, sleep on it for a bit. Return to the list to modify the names, remove the ones that you like least and finally narrow it down to the last few that you really like. If you are struggling to choose between the unique boutique names that you have left, you can always do an online poll of your friends on social media to discover your fan favorite.

1. Bloomeri
2. Dash Right in
3. Styles for Miles
4. Beauty on the Outside
5. Frills ‘n’ Thrills
6. Bohotique
7. From the Clothesline
8. Clothero
9. Cupid’s Cottons
10. A Penchant for Pretty
11. Fashionette
12. Studded Patina
13. Sew Chic
14. Adorn Me
15. The Stitch Fix
16. Smashin’ Fashion
17. You-nique Styles
18. Style Me Pretty
19. Mirror Love
20. Lace ‘n’ Love

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Online Boutique Names

In recent years, many shops have made the decision to go online to sell their goods. When you sell your clothes online, you can reach customers outside of your geographic area. In addition, many clients research products and companies online before they ever visit a store. If you only have a brick-and-mortar store, you could be missing out on clients if you fail to get a website.

Whether you are interested in ecommerce sales or just want a way to bring online clients to your actual shops, these online boutique names can help. Many people like window shopping online, so you need an online presence if you want to reach out to these potential clients. By naming your shop deliberately for the online world, you show that you specialize primarily in selling online merchandise. Some of these online boutique names are also just cute options for any clothing shop.

Before you choose any name, make sure that it is not already taken. Most states and provinces have online directories of registered business names. You can use these directories to make sure that the name you want is actually available. You will also want to make sure that the name is not already copyrighted so that you don’t end up with a lawsuit later on.

If the name you want is already taken, you can always modify it with an adjective or a different noun so that it is entirely unique. Try using keywords that customers might search for like “boutique” or “clothes” in your company’s name. This makes it more likely that your website will rank in the search engines for that particular keyword. If you rank higher for certain keywords, then you can bring in free, organic website traffic and potential customers to your business.

1. Sew Very Cute
2. Fashion Online
3. A Cute Above the Rest
4. Direct to You Fashion
5. Click Worthy Clothes
6. The Clothier
7. Lace Online
8. Outernet Outfitters
9. The Ladies’ Room
10. The Online Boutique
11. Sew Very Me
12. The Worldwide Wardrobe
13. Digital Dresser
14. Online Outfitter
15. Boutique En Linea
16. Pandora’s Closet
17. The Clothing Place
18. Sew Neat
19. The Classy Clothier
20. The Online Closet

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French Boutique Names

Sometimes, you need a boutique name that carries a touch of class. Many foreign names are a great way to set your boutique apart. Paris Fashion Week is a popular event that brings in fashions from around the world and the world’s best designers. Because of this, the French language is often connected to the latest and greatest fashions. The following list of French boutique names is perfect if you are struggling to find a chic, unusual name for your clothing store.

This list is only the beginning of what you can do with a boutique name. Just about any name sounds great if you translate it into French. You can also try translating your favorite names into elegant, gorgeous languages like Italian to see how they turn out. If you have been struggling to find French boutique names, this list can help. You can also use it as a starting point for brainstorming your own unique names for a clothing shop or boutique.

1. Rue de la Mode (Fashion Street)
2. Les Affaires
3. L’toilette
4. Style de la Mode
5. Les Accessoires
6. Le Costume Chic
7. La Avant-Garde
8. Mode Innovante
9. Les Accoutrements
10. La Belle Femme (The Beautiful Woman)

If we forgot any of your favorite boutique names, make sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the article with your own ideas.

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