15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (2022)

Minecraft's cubic aesthetic is one of the ever-popular game's greatest strengths, making it easy to put all kinds of blocks together and end up with something that looks good. But while the skill floor is low, the skill ceiling for building is almost immeasurably high - just look at some of the incredibly talented builders in the community who are still learning how to get better at building as they play.

No matter how you build, there's always room to learn more and really take your constructions to the next level; even the smallest of touches can elevate a build in a huge way. If you're looking to get good at building, or simply want some building tips to take your skills to the next level, here are fifteen super-simple tips that, if kept in mind, will have you building like a pro in no time.

Updated April 1, 2022, by Matthew Pentleton: New updates continue to bring new blocks, biomes, and world generation to Minecraft, and so the possibilities for builders become even greater. We've updated this list with five new entries to keep giving you plenty of inspiration for your next projects.

15 Make A Themed Building For Each Activity You Need to Do

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (1)

Every time you need a space to set up something new - an enchanting room, some brewing stands, a storage system - it's easy to just add them into your main base and call it a day. A great way to build up a town, however, is to give each of these things its own building and tie the theming into the build.

Ideas include magic witch-y building for making your potions, a wizard's tower for enchanting, or a secure vault to keep your items safe. Keeping a consistent block palette across all your builds while varying the style and theme of each one is a brilliant way to make a beautiful village or town.Once you've built this town, it's a great idea to tie it together by...

14 Building Custom Paths To Connect Your Builds

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (2)

Whether it's small houses in a quaint village or giant skyscrapers in an industrial city, putting effort into how players move between the buildings is another great way to take things to the next level. A well-done path or road can really help an area feel cohesive and improve the town as a whole.

Path blocks are an obvious solution for paths, but coarse dirt, variants like podzol, and brown terracotta work well too, with stone buttons making excellent pebbles. Meanwhile for roads, stony blocks and concrete are a good way to go.

13 Add Smaller Features For Atmosphere

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (3)
(Video) 16 Essential Tips to Become a Better Builder In Minecraft

Once you've got your buildings sorted and connected them all up with pretty paths, it can be a great idea to add some custom builds along said path to really make the area come alive. Things like ponds, campsites, or even just benches are great for adding atmosphere to an area.

Details like this are great for fleshing out a town or city, so dot a few additional builds around in the area along your path, and before you know it your town will be the envy of everyone on your server.

12 Custom Trees Are A Great Way To Instantly Make An Area Look Nicer

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (4)

Throwing down some saplings and doing the standard bonemeal spam is fine, but if you want to take your builds up a notch, doing the trees yourself as well can be utterly transformative. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or complicated. Even small trees that are just alternatives to the vanilla ones (like those pictured) are fantastic.

Trees, like any organic shape or structure, can be tricky to get the hang of in Minecraft's blocky style, but they're well worth the effort. With a bit of practice, you'll be sprucing all your builds up with handmade arboreus in no time!

11 Put Some Time Into The Interiors, Too

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (5)

When working on a build, many players put hours into making the outside look amazing, and then all the inside gets is some carpet, a furnace and a crafting table, and some chests next to a bed. A great way to take your build to the next level is to make it look fantastic both inside and out.

Using different walls on the inside, splitting the space up into smaller rooms, adding furniture - these are all great ways to go that extra mile and create something that'll really blow people away.

10 Variate Your Walls (And Other Stuff) With Similar Blocks

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (6)
(Video) 31 Minecraft Building Tips, Tricks and Hacks You Must Try

For any given block in Minecraft, there are a handful of others with similar colors and even textures. Mixing such blocks together in walls, floors, and anything else - either randomly or in patches - can be a fantastic way to stop things from becoming a bit flat or monotone.

It works better in some scenarios than others, and it might take a bit of trial and error to find the right level of variation. But especially for larger builds, this is an amazing way to keep things interesting to look at.

9 Don't Be Afraid To Experiment With Depth

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (7)

Given the ubiquity of 90-degree angles in Minecraft, it can be easy for things to feel a bit flat. One way to make things stand out is to use depth in your walls. Build them across a couple of blocks, with beams sticking out across the front. Or use stairs, walls, and slabs to mix things up - both are great ways to make things a bit more exciting.

Like variation, this ultimately depends on the build, and will probably require some trial and error. But when done right, a wall with a bit of depth is leagues ahead of its flat counterparts.

8 Be Smart With Your Mob-Proofing

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (8)

Torch spam everywhere is the bane of many a builder, but in a survival world, it's seen by most as a necessary evil. Either risk a Creeper attack or shoehorn light sources into a build that might not suit them. What a lot of players don't realize, though, is that there are a lot of cleaner ways to mob-proof.

A light source placed under the carpet will still light an area up, and the carpet itself is actually a spawn-proof block - as is anything else that doesn't have a full topside at the conventional height, like a bottom slab or stairs.

7 Play Around With Wood Types

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (9)
(Video) Minecraft | 15 Must Know Tips For Building Roofs

The various types of wood block are undoubtedly core materials for many a builder, but mixing and matching two or more different types of wood, as well as working log and stripped log into the build in addition to planks, can actually create some really striking designs.

There's a whole spectrum of wood colors already in the game, and the number of options is only going to grow, so don't be afraid to get stuck in and see what sort of wood-based wonders you can come up with.

6 Use The Natural Environment In Your Builds

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (10)

When most people think of a Minecraft house, they picture a build standing in a field, desert, forest clearing, or some other clear area. However, if you're willing to get creative with your choice of terrain, you can design some really unique and impressive builds.

Modern Minecraft's world generation is so varied and so spectacular that inspiration is everywhere if you're looking for it. Houses built into mountains; a city carved into the walls of a ravine; a village of bridges and treehouses suspended high above the jungle - the possibilities are endless. If you really want to go the extra mile, you could even enhance the terrain yourself!

5 Choose A Base Block Palette

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (11)

Whether you're working on a single build, or an entire city, a block palette can be a seriously helpful aid in creating aesthetically pleasing builds. Picking out a set of blocks that look good together in isolation will ensure any resulting builds look great.

If you are working on a larger project with multiple builds, sticking to the palette can help keep a real sense of cohesion and visual unity, though introducing one or two unique blocks to each individual build can be a great way to keep things fresh, too - don't be afraid to experiment and see what works best!

4 Think Outside The Box When Using Blocks As Decoration

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (12)
(Video) Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Minecraft | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro

In vanilla Minecraft, especially without any texture packs, it can be difficult to create detail, particularly interiors, with the blocks available to you. Fortunately, a little creativity is all that's required to start reinventing the game's basic items to suit your needs.

The wooden stair block with signs on either side is a classic stand-in for a chair, with a pressure plate on a fence making a table to match. A leaf block over a dead bush in a pot makes a nice indoor tree; banners can serve as curtains; an iron trapdoor works as a great stovetop - blocks can serve as all kinds of other things.

3 Bigger Doesn't Always Equal Better

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (13)

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking the best way to make your build look good is to simply make it as big as possible, especially in 1.18's larger worlds. In reality, while large-scale builds can be fantastic, small builds are often just as impressive - if not more so, given the difficulties of capturing detail at a small scale in Minecraft's cubic system.

Think about what you want your build to do - is it a house? Will it be containing some kind of storage or farm? - and build it at a scale appropriate to its purpose. From there, you can simply focus on decortaing and detaling what you have to make it look good, rather than worrying about inflating its proportions to a needlessly large level just for size's sake.

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (14)

Mods and resource packs are easy to add and have made up a large part of Minecraft since its launch, and they can be a great help for builders too. Shaders are a great way to make things look amazing, and resource packs can do everything from subtle improvements like saturating a texture to giving you whole new color palettes to work with, like the colorful leaves pictured - they're really just oak and acacia.

Similarly, there are numerous up-to-date mods that are very useful. Two examples are Tweakeroo, which provides countless options to improve a builder's quality of life, and Litematica, which allows you to copy templates of builds to work from - ideal for those who like to brainstorm in Creative worlds first.

1 Always Be on the Lookout for Inspiration

15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds (15)
(Video) Minecraft | 20 Must Know Tips For Building Unique House Designs

The Minecraft community is absolutely massive and filled to the brim with talented builders and amazing constructions. Definitely don't steal people's designs outright, but taking ideas such as block combinations or color palettes is a great way to improve.

Similarly, the real world can be a fantastic source of creativity. If you see a building, structure, object, or animal you like in real life, why not try replicating it in Minecraft? Take in lots of inspiration and keep the rest of this list's tips in mind — you'll be building like an expert before you know it.

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How do you make your Minecraft house Nice? ›

The first way is with depth: adding overhangs on to roofs, varying the materials you use, and making sure there aren't too many "flat areas" on your houses: swapping out glass blocks for panes, putting your front door into a little recess, and decorating the base of your house with steps to make it look less like a big ...

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Top 15 Best Minecraft Building Mods That Make The Game More Fun

That’s why I have compiled a list of 15 of the best building mods Minecraft has to offer to keep your building fast and easy.. How the Effortless Building mod makes things fun:. The name of this mod says it all, it makes building effortless.. This mod can be found here .. With this mod, all of these features are added to make building more realistic.. Full list of all blocks in game Compatible with a large list of mods Shows all recipes for items including potions. This mod is perfect with any of the other mods on this list.. How the Prefab mod makes things fun:. The Prefab Mod allows you to place premade structures so you don’t have to build it block by block.. How the Light Overlay mod makes things fun:. How the Painting mod makes things fun:. How the Mine Menu mod makes things fun:. This is a perfect mod to use with the other mods on the list.. The Building Gadgets mod has 2 gadgets which let you control building different structures with ease.. These mods will take your builds to a whole new level.

Here's my list of 20 "Minecraft" builds you need to have in your world. Here are some amazing build ideas to craft and create for all platforms. These ideas are creative, technical, and fun builds!

The basic tutorial for building massive custom trees is shown to the right, but the most important thing is to be creative in your work and try to make everything flow naturally as you build.. Builds like this make Minecraft fun to play and it shows the creativity of the player base.. awesome ideas i love the tv and under water base. I really liked the ideas but the builds were a bit too hard to build. I built the car and the hotel these were extreme cool !. Not building any.. Can someone give me ideas on what to build in my house

Oh hey, thanks for swinging by . Today, I will be discussing what I've learned so far from building so you may gain more insight on the matter....

From improving to finding your building style, minecraft is certainly a great place for people to be able to get a feel for creating things.. Instead of making a boring square, you may decide that a circle could be more interesting.. That is how you get better, always continue building and be willing to try new things.. I understand that we as people don't like changes, but its crucial that you are able to adapt to new ideas and ways of doing things so you have a good unique building style.. In essence, you're doing the same except thing through architecture: you research, find things you like, and include them in your next build.. Every time you find something you thought was spectacular, you then add it to your "bag of tricks".. But I leave it to you, find several styles of building you like, and learn from them, add them to your bag of tricks.. Research buildings and find what you like most, then try building.. I hope that this helped you understand a bit more about improving and choosing your building style.

Learn how to make the best defenses for your Minecraft base without sacrificing functionality or convenience!

If you have ever spent enough time painstakingly building a base you are proud of in Minecraft Hardcore Mode, then you have probably felt the cold sting of loss that accompanies your final moments as the world is viciously ripped apart around you.. Building a defensible base is the most vital step you can take towards surviving in such a harsh world.. By following these incredible base building tips for Minecraft , you'll never have to worry about finding another Creeper in your home again.. You can build a base that defends itself with nothing more than these nine clever building tricks.. Before you begin building your base, it is important to consider where to make it.. There are a few places that are important to avoid when building your base:. Make those beasties search for their own shade, don't make their lives easier!. It might also be wise to surround the outside of your base with well-spaced torches to keep the monsters from spawning too close to your home!. If you plan on revisiting an area in the world again and again, it's probably a good idea to build a secondary base there, complete with all the essentials.. You could even choose to connect them directly to your base using the tunnel network, though I suggest using signs as well to make sure you know where you're going.. Iron Golems are usually seen protecting Villagers, but building one near your own home could keep the land clear of the regular baddies of the night.. On the other hand, Snow Golems are vastly superior at protecting your base from baddies, so long as your biome doesnt melt them.. With these new base building tips for Minecraft under your belt, you will never have to worry about any surprise attacks inside or nearby your house again.. Do you have any base building tips that we may have missed?

Getting the most out of your enchantments, artifacts, gear and more.

There’s nothing worse than salvaging a weapon you’re having fun with in favour of something that’s technically stronger, only for you to hate how it plays.That said, there’ll come a time when that incredible unique weapon that’s served you so well will be holding you back, preventing you from bumping the difficulty up, and at that point you can’t be sentimental – salvage it.. That means, for instance, that if you’re enchanting a unique item you’ll definitely want to think carefully about how the choices you make will suit your approach.That said, the only way to really know which enchantments will work best for you is by trying as many of them as possible, so experiment!. There are plenty of enchantments that don’t really click until you’ve tested them, and you can always try them on inferior gear before committing to the best items in your inventory.Every Enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons. An enchantment like Cool Down, for instance, which reduces the cool-down time for your artifacts, may seem kind of boringly utilitarian on the surface, but once you play around with being able to use your artifacts more often, you may find it’s essential.You can be offered the same enchantment more than once on a single item too, and the ability will stack if you choose to activate it twice.. I initially fell into a comfortable pattern of using only a handful of obviously useful artifacts, but the more I’ve played, the more I’ve learnt how other artifacts come into their own when paired with specific weapons, or to support specific builds.Each artifact needs to be an an important part of your gameplan, so swap any that aren’t playing a vital role.. You can see what gear and artifacts you can earn in each location on the mission select screen, so whether you want another pair of Moon Daggers with better enchantment options or you need a specific artifact to take on the Arch-Illager, grinding missions is often the way to go.Some missions have high value treasure chests that you can get to quickly, so if you really want to be efficient with your time, doing these makes sense.. Instead, just tab through each section every so often and get rid of the clearly inferior gear (either by power level or by enchantment slots).A good time to do a full inventory clean-up is if when you badly need better gear in general.. Spread them out, then max out the enchantments that are of the highest value.The ability to constantly switch between melee and ranged is one of the things that makes Minecraft Dungeons so fun, and means that even a rugged barbarian type can still pick off skeletons or Creepers from a distance, and that even a lithe archer with a fully levelled Lightning Harp Crossbow can still cut a swathe with a blade if need be.. Moon Daggers, for instance, are fast and furious, so any enchantments that have a percentage chance to proc with each attack – Radiance, Critical Hit, Poison Cloud, Thundering – will likely be very effective, and can lead to really fun, really unique-feeling combat.One of my favourite combos with fast attack weapons like this is Radiance (a chance to heal), Critical Hit (a chance to do triple damage) and Gravity (which pulls mobs in range towards the weapon’s impact point), then activating Death Cap Mushroom (greatly increased attack and movement speed) to hoover in and destroy any nearby enemies while healing back any damage taken.. This is an obvious point for anyone who’s played a game in this style before, but if you have friends committed to playing co-op with you, Minecraft Dungeons can become a little more of a class-based game, in which you can choose your weapons and enchantments based on how they’ll work with other members of the party.

In this article, I will show you in detail how you can use different Minecraft tips to build your way to the highest levels of this game.

Different Minecraft building levels call for different Minecraft building tips and tricks.. If you need a good screen recorder, look no further than iOS Screen Recorder .. Step 1: Download iOS Screen Recorder. Once iOS Screen Recorder has been connected to your devices, a record screen will open up.. Launch Minecraft and tap on the red record button to start the recording process.. With the recording process in progress, play Minecraft and use some of the Minecraft tricks to play and record the game.

Enhance your Mincraft gameplay with some useful tips and tricks for Minecraft. Here are 9 most epic Minecraft secrets tips and tricks.

Minecraft is one of the most popular video game where the worlds (or the map) is randomly generated for every player.. In this article, I will be mentioning some of the best Minecraft Secrets, Tips & Tricks that you may find useful.. The only downside of this technique is that you will not be able to make coal blocks – but it is still a good Minecraft trick if you really want the coal.. If you find the same pattern for multiple blocks there – the straight line points to the North direction.. Do you want to just explore Minecraft?. But, as a secret Minecraft trick – you can make a bed if you want to quickly set a spawn point anywhere you want.. Even though Minecraft is all about exploring – you should definitely know about some of the common and useful Minecraft tips and tricks to make your experience better without getting frustrated in-game.. Along with this article, you will find a variety of YouTubers sharing new Minecraft secrets, tips and tricks every day as they uncover new techniques in different realms.. Best Minecraft Mods of All-Time Download Skindex Skins for Minecraft Best Minecraft Skins for Girls and Boys Best Minecraft Seeds to Enhance Your GamePlay

Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can explore worlds and build anything. In this Minecraft pocket edition Beginners Guide we provide 10 tips and tricks!

Today we’ve made a step-by-step guide for beginners who want to experience the perfection of Minecraft but don’t know where to start.. Types of trees in MinecraftYou need wood for almost everything you start crafting.. Trees are the most common item in the whole world and are sure to be found nearby your spawn location.. Select the wood that you just cut and place it on any of the four boxes.. A basic shelter in MinecraftThis is the single most important thing for your survival in the game.. As the game follows a proper time.. How to craft a Crafting TableA crafting table basically unlocks the ability to craft items by combining two or more materials of the different or the same kind.. Open the crafting menu from the inventory as explained before and place these four planks on the four boxes .. Types of mobs in Minecraft. Kill 3 sheep to acquire 3 wool and 3 wood planks of any type if you don’t have them already.. Open the crafting table and you’ll see a 3×3 grid where you need to add three wool and three planks in a row to craft a bed.. Once crafted, select the bed from your inventory and place it inside your shelter.. This will help you to see in dark places while you’re mining or inside your shelter to lighten it up. There are different landforms/biomes in the game namely:. Obviously, we would be more than willing to provide a guide on Crafting , Hunting, Treasure Locations, and any other thing on Minecraft.

In our first Minecraft lesson we did the most important thing: setup a Minecraft account, installed Minecraft, and created our first world. If you only read the first lesson in this lengthy series you’ll still be completely ready to play. Today we’re looking at the second most important thing: optimizing Minecraft for the smoothest play experience possible.

In our first Minecraft lesson we did the most important thing: setup a Minecraft account, installed Minecraft, and created our first world.. Whether you have a low-end computer that’s struggling with the game or a high-end computer that provides you with a zippy Minecraft experience, however, there are a variety of tweaks and tricks you should know about to ensure you have a stable and enjoyable time with the game.. While the in-game, tweaks are important, and we’ll get to them in a moment, there are several things you want to do before you even start Minecraft to ensure you’re not inadvertently killing the game’s performance.. Unless you’re running a beefy computer, the first thing you should do in your quest to improve Minecraft performance is shut down any application you aren’t using while actually playing, e.g. while you might leave your music app playing in the background, there’s no reason to leave a word processor and a web browser open and sucking up resources.. Minecraft runs on Java, so any issues with the general Java installation and version on your computer will bleed through and cause troubles with Minecraft ranging from decreased FPS to outright failure to run.. The very first line on the top of the left-hand side is the most immediately useful as it shows your game version and in parenthesis, your FPS (Frames Per Second) and number of recent chunk updates.. If you’ve just moved quickly around the map using Fly Mode (as we did when the above screenshot was captured) you’ll have a very high update number as your movement has forced the game to load a bunch of new chunks and potentially update chunks you’ve passed over again.. If you’ve just flown over a brand new part of the map, blown something up with a big pile of TNT, or otherwise forced the game to do some serious updating, it wouldn’t be unusual to see your FPS number drop and your chunk update number climb.. If the game has been loaded for some time and you’re not actively moving around (and loading new chunks in the process), your frame rate should climb/stabilize.. Your computer cannot display a frame rather higher than the refresh rate of monitor so limiting it to the refresh rate of your monitor (30, 60, or 120hz) is recommended.3D AnaglyphFor use with traditional red-blue 3D glasses.View BobbingWhen on, the players head bobs slightly while walking; when off, the view is stable.GUI ScaleAdjusts the onscreen display (e.g. quick access bar and health/hunger).. There’s no risk in turning it on (if you don’t have the right GPU, nothing will happen).CloudsTurning the clouds off offers a very minor increase in performance.BrightnessNo effect on performance, simply a gamma-style adjustment of in-game light levels.ParticlesTurning off particles (e.g. the smoke from torches) offers a very minor increase in performance.FullscreenSwitching the game to full screen mode can increase performance as more of the GPU is directed explicitly toward the game.Use VsyncVsync locks your frame rate to the refresh rate of your monitor.. If you have a powerful computer Vsync is an easy way to frame limit your FPS to the current monitor’s refresh rate.MipmapHigher levels offer higher texture smoothing; decreasing Mipmap level can increase performance but at the cost of uglier textures.Anisotropic FilteringWorks with the Mipmap system and restores detailing (especially on surfaces viewed at a distance or at an angle); turning off the AF can increase performance.A note about Vsync before we proceed: if you have a powerful computer it’s useful to turn off Vsync temporarily to assess whether or not your performance tweaks are useful, but you should turn it back on when you’re done.. In our upcoming Advanced Minecraft series we’ll show you how to mod the game with performance enhancing mods that can squeeze out 30+ FPS on older hardware.


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