18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (2022)

Released in 2016, Firewatch is a game that follows the unique story of a fire lookout in a national forest. In terms of characters, there are only a few of them, and none of them are really seen - only spoken to via walkie-talkie. The game is incredibly explorative, allowing players to enjoy the wonders of nature and test their skills in map reading. The dialogue is also pretty witty with good voice acting.

The game is mainly loved for its story and main character. Henry is the main character in question and he has a bit of a tragic backstory that is easy to sympathize with. In the present day, things aren't any less complicated for the protagonist as he finds himself in the middle of a bit of a mystery. This kind of walking simulation gameplay and story can be phenomenal, and there are similar games out there that fans should check out.

Updated on May 4, 2022, By Ben Jessey: Firewatch remains one of the most engaging and exciting walking simulators of all time. It perfectly blends witty dialogue with an abundance of atmosphere and stunning visuals. You won't find many games like it, but there are some.

A few great titles provide similar experiences to Firewatch, and this list shines a light on several of them. And now it has a few more as we've updated the piece. We did this to make sure it includes all the best Firewatch-type games.

18 Oxenfree

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (1)

Two of the best things about Firewatch are its dialogue and beautiful scenery. Those same compliments could be given to Oxenfree as the graphic adventure game excels in both areas.

It, too, includes a mystery as the teenage protagonist and her friends set off to learn more about the mysterious island they're visiting. There are no cutscenes, as the tale is told through conversations that are happening while you're roaming around. The unique style of storytelling works just as brilliantly as the one in Firewatch.

17 Journey

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (2)

As you'd expect based on the title, this game is about a journey. You walk across a giant desert, taking in all the stunning sights as you go. The game gives you very little direction as you're just encouraged to explore and figure things out as you go.

On the way, you sometimes run into other players who are on their own journey. There's no way to chat or even see their name - until the credits - which creates a unique form of multiplayer. Overall, it's an engrossing adventure that differs in tone from Firewatch but delivers an equally comfortable experience.

16 Close To The Sun

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (3)

Much of Close to the Sun takes place on a ship designed by Nickolas Tesla called Helios. You wander around the vessel filled with technological marvels, but your goal isn't just exploration as you have to save your sister. To do that, you must complete a bunch of unique puzzles and run away from anyone who decides to chase you.

The chases are few-and-far-between, though, as the game is mostly a very atmospheric (and occasionally scary) walking simulator with some beautiful visuals - besides the character models. And like Firewatch, much of the title's dialogue occurs through a radio.

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15 Life Is Strange

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (4)

The time-traveling story of Life is Strange contains strong character performances, which help make it a unique title that is impossible to put down at times. This is mainly due to the stellar writing of the title that will intrigue players to no end.

It's a great recommendation for any gamer looking out for a title like Firewatch. The unique time-reversal mechanics coupled with riveting story beats make for an easy game to sit down and play.

14 The Stanley Parable

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (5)

One of the more unique games out there, The Stanley Parable is a must-play for any fan of creative narrative titles. It's the manner in which this walking simulator uses the medium of video games to tell its story that makes it such an amazing experience.

Kevan Brighting narrates each action that the player takes, and it's hilarious throughout. Ultimately, The Stanley Parable is a comedic walking simulator that is perfect for players looking out for games like Firewatch that don't take themselves too seriously.

13 What Remains Of Edith Finch

Released just a year after Firewatch, What Remains of Edith Finch is quite similar as it is a first-person exploration game. As the player roams the wilderness, rooms, and other spaces, they get narration from Edith, the protagonist.

While the gameplay is very comparable to Firewatch, the story is pretty different. The player learns about the various ways Edith's relatives died. Like Firewatch, it won many awards such as Excellence in Narrative, Best Game, and Best Gameplay.

12 Layers Of Fear

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (7)

At first glance, Layers of Fear seems like one of the many first-person horror titles out there that market themselves purely on shock value. However, players who write this game off after going by this first impression will be in for quite a surprise indeed.

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The mind-bending story of Layer of Fear is easily one of the best parts of the entire experience. As long as players have the stomach to bear the scarier moments of this title, they'll be able to enjoy one of the best video game narratives ever made.

11 The Beginner's Guide

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (8)

Another unique title made by the creator of The Stanley Parable, The Beginner's Guide is a deceptively engrossing walking simulator that is worth anyone's time. It might not have been as universally beloved as its predecessor, but the title is still a great experience for fans of video games.

The manner in which the developer, Davey Wreden, wraps his own personal struggles around video game development in the narrative is unique. It might not be for everyone, but The Beginner's Guide is still an excellent title that deserves all its plaudits regardless.

10 To The Moon

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (9)

RPG Maker games tend to either be low-budget bite-sized experiences... or some truly wonderful experiences coupled with excellent narratives. To the Moon falls quite comfortably in the latter category.

The game's narrative is absolutely brilliant and heartwarming, forcing even the most stoic players around to shed a tear. The fact that the game's ending is also quite rewarding is the perfect cherry on top of this amazing cake.

9 Gone Home

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (10)

Another first-person exploration game, Gone Home was first released in 2013. There are no defined goals in the game, but more and more parts of the house become explorable as the player finds objects.

The protagonist is a 21-year-old woman named Katie. She comes home to find her family is not around. It's up to the player to piece together what happened during Katie's absence.

8 The Witness

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (11)
(Video) Firewatch Full Game Walkthrough - No Commentary (#Firewatch Full Game) 2016

Released in the same year as Firewatch, The Witness is advertised more as a puzzle game than an exploration one. Do not let that fool you though, as the game has an open-world island to explore.

The main character is unnamed and has no memory of who they are or how they ended up on the island. The player must solve grid-based puzzles to proceed through the game. It does not have an inspiring narrative like Firewatch, but it is beautiful and explorative in the same manner.

7 The Long Dark

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (12)

Imagine Firewatch but instead of looking after a national forest, you are in a frozen land trying to survive. The Long Dark is a mixture of survival and exploration, with players having to survive freezing temperatures and various threats from Mother Nature.

The game has both an interesting story and a Survival Mode for any players who want a challenge. It's the perfect title for those seeking out games like Firewatch.

6 Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (13)

This game, released in 2015, has won awards for its music, dialogue, writing, and audio. It takes place in a little English village during the 80s, and its inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared. It is up to the player to find out why everyone is gone and what really happened.

Like Firewatch, the game is a walking simulator with a ton of artistic work put into the atmosphere. It might be rather uninteresting at first glance, but the underlying story of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is a thing of beauty and perfect for players seeking out games like Firewatch.

5 Tacoma

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (14)

Made by the same company that created Gone Home, Fullbright, Tacoma is another first-person exploration game. However, this one takes place in a seemingly empty spaceship. The players have augmented reality that allows them to see what has happened on the ship in the past.

The game was released in 2017, and though it got positive reviews, it did sell fewer copies than Gone Home.

4 Kona

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (15)
(Video) DELILAH'S LIES - Full Plot and Ending Explanation - FIREWATCH THEORY

Taking place in Northern Canada, Kona is a game where players take on the role of a detective, Carl Faubert, who investigates strange events involving vandalism. Like Firewatch, the game is rooted in mystery and is an atmospheric journey. It also was actually made through crowdfunding with Kickstarter.

The game feels more dangerous than Firewatch, however. After all, players do have to fend off natural threats such as the killer cold and hungry wolves.

3 Dear Esther

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (16)

Made by the same company that created Everybody's Gone to Rapture, Dear Esther is about exploring an unnamed island off the mainland of Scotland. As players roam around, they unlock letters a man wrote to his deceased wife.

Beyond exploration, there's not much gameplay as the story is the focus. But it never gets dull as it's just as atmospheric as Firewatch. It even gets spooky at times, but it never becomes a full horror game.

2 The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (17)

For fans of Firewatch that like horror, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is worth checking out. The premise is a detective investigating the disappearance of a 12-year-old boy and some paranormal phenomena.

The game was actually slightly inspired by an old short story called An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. Some of the gameplay involves puzzles as well as stealth. And it all occurs in an open-world environment.

1 Call Of The Sea

18 Games To Play If You Love Firewatch (18)

Set in the South Pacific during the 1930s, Call of the Sea has players explore an island through the eyes of a woman, Norah, looking for her husband's missing expedition. Along the way, she discovers plenty of secrets on the mysterious island.

Call of the Sea shares a visual style with Firewatch as they both use bright and vibrant colors. In fact, the island featured in this game might be even more beautiful than Firewatch's forest. Call of the Sea also boasts an intriguing narrative and fun puzzles.

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What are some games like Firewatch? ›


How do you make a game like Firewatch? ›

How to Make a Firewatch Game Multi-layered Parallax ... - YouTube

What type of game is Firewatch? ›

Firewatch is an adventure game played from a first-person view that takes place in the American state of Wyoming in 1989. Players take on the role of Henry, a fire lookout who is assigned to his own tower in Shoshone National Forest.

Is Firewatch a horror? ›

But the setting, in all of its vast loneliness, elevates a spooky story to downright scary and stressful; it's not a horror game, more of an interactive thriller. Firewatch is a game about the quiet of the wilderness, silence, and the sounds that follow it. Firewatch is available February 9th on PC and PS4.

Is there going to be a Firewatch 2? ›

According to Vanaman, Firewatch 2 is not happening. "I'm always kind of ready to start working on another game," he said. "But I think we'll start chipping away at that when the time is right. It won't be a sequel to Firewatch, this story is done.

Does Firewatch have multiple endings? ›

Parts of the alternate Firewatch ending were even recorded, but they never made it into the final game. Cissy Jones has revealed in a podcast that Firewatch was initially going to have a much different ending - without Delilah.

Who is Delilah in Firewatch? ›

Delilah is voiced by Cissy Jones.

Do you copy horror? ›

Do You Copy is a popular freeware survival horror game that has been created by Space Octopus Studios. This game is available for download on Gamejolt which was initially made for the website's Asylum Jam 2017.

Is Lake like Firewatch? ›

Lake, developed by Netherlands-based studio Gamious, could be described as a blend of Firewatch and a mail delivery simulator - but it's not quite clear if that's good or bad. It's a very cozy experience, exploring a small town in the wilderness of Oregon, and there's plenty of interesting people to meet.

Is Firewatching a real job? ›

As a fire lookout, your entire job – just like someone in a fire tower – is to monitor for fire hazards and call for help if needed. Instead of watching for wildfires caused by lightning strikes in the forest, you're looking for manmade fires caused by "hot work" on certain job sites.

Is Firewatch sad? ›

Offering some absolutely stunning visuals and a deep sense of isolation and mystery, Firewatch is a melancholic journey from start to finish. You play as Henry, a fire lookout in Wyoming who left behind his life due to his wife developing early-onset dementia.

Does Firewatch have Jumpscares? ›

No. There are a few scenes scenes that might be a bit creepy. But nothing that suddenly jumps into your face, and no sudden sound effects that are meant to shock you.

What is the scariest part of Firewatch? ›

Fear of the unknown is the greatest horror, and in Firewatch, the unknown takes a special, all encompassing form. The entire game builds to a climactic point of existential doubt in which a fully immersed player becomes incapable of determining anything about the game's reality.

How long is Firewatch? ›

A fire watch shall be provided during hot work activities and shall continue for not less than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the work.

Is Firewatch hard? ›

A Look At Firewatch: A Hard-To-Describe But Amazing Adventure. It's hard to describe a game like Firewatch, but as we've found, it's not at all hard to recommend. This much-hyped indie title packs an intriguing, well-told story, and gorgeous, atmospheric environments.

Who is Delilah in Firewatch? ›

Delilah is voiced by Cissy Jones.

Is in the valley of gods Cancelled? ›

Why In The Valley Of Gods Was Cancelled - YouTube

Is Lake like Firewatch? ›

Lake, developed by Netherlands-based studio Gamious, could be described as a blend of Firewatch and a mail delivery simulator - but it's not quite clear if that's good or bad. It's a very cozy experience, exploring a small town in the wilderness of Oregon, and there's plenty of interesting people to meet.

How long does it take to play Firewatch? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Firewatch is about 4 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 5 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

The best Mac games prove that Windows isn't the only OS for gaming

First things first: How does one buy Mac games?. If you can’t find the games you want there, you’ve also got GOG (opens in new tab), Humble (opens in new tab) and individual publisher storefronts, such as EA’s Origin and Activision Blizzard’s Blizzard.net .. (Image credit: Chucklefish) There are few things as soothing as a good farming sim, and Stardew Valley set a new standard for the genre when it came out in 2016.. Although EA has finally made its games library (including TS4 and its many expansions and DLC) available on Steam, you’ll have to use Origin if you want to play this game on Mac.. In fact, FFXIV so popular that Square Enix occasionally has to halt new sales (opens in new tab) so as to not overwhelm the system.. Exploration, crafting, scavenging and resource management are all part of the process, and keeping Scout alive is no easy task.. (Image credit: Night School Studio) Oxenfree is many things: a coming-of-age story, a mystery, a graphic adventure and a weird-as-all-get-out game in general.. Much of Limbo’s story is open to interpretation, but loss is one of its major themes: both losing those you love, and finding yourself in unknown, dangerous territory.. Apple even named it the top Mac game of the year (opens in new tab) for 2019, calling it “a soul-stirring work of digital art.”

If you're really into good storytelling in your video games, then these story-driven games with excellent plots will be right up your alley.

Some gamers only play games for their story; they want an interactive narrative that they can be a part of and be whisked away by.. For this list, we have avoided the games that have more story than gameplay, and instead focused on those with excellent stories that are also mechanically strong and well-designed experiences.. It's a short game with a lot of DLC after gaining a cult following with a story that keeps characters in the spotlight.. Yet what fans got was a game that amplified the puzzles and logic of the first game and wrapped it up in a hilarious and engaging story.. The fluid way they transition from humor to heavy subjects had the world beyond the gaming community realizing that gaming can tell a story as well as any book.. DeveloperZA/UMPublisherZA/UMRelease DateOctober 15, 2019Platform(s)PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/SMetacritic Rating91User Rating8.4HowLongToBeat Time21 Hours. Its games have always been good, but through the Uncharted series, the developer helped to pioneer a movement that led to the rise in popularity of narrative-driven video games.. There have been some fantastic Final Fantasy games over the years, but not many of their stories are as captivating as the one in Final Fantasy X.. Puzzle-solving and dialogue choices aside, the characters alone and their touching bond are what make this game so good story-wise.. Final Fantasy creator and original director Hironobu Sakaguchi was once quoted as saying that he’d rather tell a good story than make a fine action game, and there is no better story in the series than that of Final Fantasy IX.. Where the game succeeds is in its characters' personal stories and relationships.. Even by today's standards, To the Moon is a relatively short game, but it more than makes up for this with its fantastic story.. The game was built using RPG maker and features an art style reminiscent of some of the best role-playing games of the nineties.. It was also one of the first video games to feature multiple endings and allows players to finish the main story at numerous points.. Veteran gamers are always wary of games that produce great graphics because they often try to add a lot of polish to a thin story.

Story & narrative have become more important to video game development than ever, and here are some PS4 games that push storytelling to the forefront.

In fact, PS4 owners are spoiled for games that are heavy on narrative and immersion, which is great for those who love to lose themselves in a fun story.. The game offers a huge story focusing on just two characters.. On paper, it has all the elements that should make for a great story-driven fantasy title, but it deserves a lot more recognition from the gaming community before it gets its proper due.. This game might appear to be another indie-darling platformer, but behind the quirky art style is a very emotional story that serves as the primary attraction.. Until Dawn and its spinoff series, The DarkPictures ,rely on the player's choices and timing to determine which way the story goes, and that's a throwback to the classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" books of old.. The game attempts to put the player in her shoes and see things from her traumatized perspective while telling one amazing story at the same time.. Horizon Zero Dawn offers one of the most creative open-world experiences in all of gaming, and there's a lot to accomplish before gamers truly get their money's worth.. For fans of the franchise, Wild Hunt is sure to offer a fulfilling conclusion to Geralt's story, though there's already talk of a fourth game in the series from CD Projekt Red.. The game has a number of unpopular opinions attached to it , including the nature of the story, but fans seem to disagree.. Being a prequel to the first game, it tells the story of how John Marston fell out with his gang, and for fans of the series, that's one incredibly interesting story to dive into.

Point and click adventure games are true brainpower tests. Here are the 28 best games from this genre.

A quality point-and-click adventure game gives players an enthralling tale to follow, endearing characters that sit in your memory long after you’ve completed your journey, major choices to consider, and several puzzles that require thoughtful approaches to solving them.. This LucasArts adventure is a callback to the 80s era of point and click adventure games – its visuals and approach to puzzle solving are representative of that time period, plus it still manages to be an amazing playable experience thanks to the many different outcomes you can arrive at and creative characters you’ll encounter.. buy now Once Telltale Games got ahold of the Monkey Island franchise, they did a bang-up job with the episodic adventure they devoted to Guybrush’s 3D foray.. buy now Based on the mega-popular Image Comics franchise, The Walking Dead adventure games stand out as the best examples of Telltale Games’ modern interpretation of classic point & click games.. buy now You would have thought that a Telltale Games episodic series based on the Gotham City adventures of Batman would lack the action the comic books are known for.. buy now Telltale Games actually put out an adventure game based on a franchise known for featuring fast-paced first-person shooting?. buy now Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars is regarded as one of the greatest point and click adventure games of all time.. buy now Sierra Entertainment’s biggest IP is none other than King’s Quest , a series of highly regarded point and click adventure games set within medieval times.. buy now Pajama Sam should be familiar to all 90s babies who were first introduced to point & click adventure games through this next pick.. buy now Life is Strange is another fine example of how much the point and click adventure game genre has evolved.

Netflix has brought Before Your Eyes to mobile devices and we spoke with the game's creators to find out why it might be the best, most technically proficient way to play the game.

To try and remedy that shortcoming and make Before Your Eyes available to as many players as possible, developer GoodbyeWorld Games (with the help of Netflix, its publisher Skybound, and mobile developer, BKOM ) have brought the game to the platform with the largest audience that also happens to have a camera: mobile phones.. GameSpot: How does the game functionally work on a mobile device?. Oliver Lewin: Everybody should be able to play things that way, I think.. Obviously there is that point in the game where it detects if you're holding your eyes closed and that for us felt like a really natural evolution of the mechanic.. That'd be an interesting way to play but I haven't done it yet, myself.. Graham Parkes: In really early versions of Before Your Eyes, we had player movement where you can move around these little scenes.. Like in mobile, for a first-person mobile game, I always find one of the big bummers is 3D movement if you don't have a controller.. But I think our game, because of the simplicity of the design and that focus on the face, the blink detection--it really just sort of naturally fits on the platform.. Oliver Lewin: I think like Graham said, there's that environmental, fixed-variable thing, which is great to have the camera just always the same distance from the eyes, in terms of VR.


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