20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (2022)

As one of the most popular sandbox games, Minecraft has the backing of a large and strong community. From PC to mobile, its random block-based worlds are being generated on every gameable device. And well, the console players are no exception. Keeping them in mind, we have compiled a list of the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One. These seeds present you with the best locations, spawns, and resources you can expect from a Minecraft world. You can expect them to work on both consoles the same way and even on the latest PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles without any hiccups. With that said, let’s check out the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One.

Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (November 2021)

As mentioned earlier, all the seeds listed in this article are cross-compatible. You can use them on either Minecraft for Xbox One or PS4 without any difficulties. The only condition is that you should be using the seed on compatible game versions. We have personally tested all the seeds in-game on Minecraft version 1.17.1, so you can expect them to run perfectly on version 1.15.1 and above with ease. Along with screenshots, you will also find coordinates to key locations for each of the seeds. Having said that, use the table below to jump straight to a seed that captures your interest.

Table of Contents

1. Infinite Glitched Ravine

Let’s begin our list with one of the most interesting Minecraft seeds of all time. Our spawn here is a good one, with a huge forest and a large village available at the spawn point. But you need to travel a few hundred blocks to witness the impossible. Once you reach our mentioned coordinates, you will discover an endless-looking glitched lava ravine.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (1)

Unlike the standard random Minecraft world, it has a repeated pattern of broken blocks till a certain point. If you enter creative mode, you can keep following the lava throughout the Minecraft world to discover that it never ends. The ravine turns into underwater ravines, but the glitch doesn’t stop. However, that’s not all. On either side of our ravine glitch, there are endless Amethyst Geodes that also keep repeating themselves. You can also keep looking for more endless ravines, as the lava-filled one isn’t the only one.

  • Seed Code:1669320484
  • Biomes: Plains & Forest
  • Village Coordinates:X: 120, Y: 65, Z: 184
  • Glitched Ravine Coordinates:X: -932, Y: 96, Z: -325

2. Largest Ruined Portal at Spawn

Finding a ruined portal near spawn is always a bonus in Minecraft. Other than providing free loot, it also gives us the perfect place to build a nether portal. This PS4 and Xbox Minecraft seed takes this idea a bit too seriously. We spawn near a ruined portal, but it’s one of a kind.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (2)

Almost looking like it was custom-built, this portal is 10 blocks tall, as you can see in the screenshot above. Now, if you manage to find a diamond pickaxe, it’s all you need to find obsidian for a nether portal. Its chest has some enchanted items, along with slices of melon. If we leave the portal aside, there is also a Jungle temple close to our spawn, where you can find chests and other resources.

  • Seed Code: -714082416
  • Biomes: Mountains, Jungle, and Swamp
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 8, Y: 73, Z: 56
  • Jungle Temple Coordinates: X: 200, Y: 72, Z: 88

3. Best Base-Building Minecraft Seed for PS4 and Xbox

This next seed finds the balance between exploration and settling in Minecraft. You will spawn in a large riverside village that comes with a weaponsmith, cartographer, and farmers. The village is a great starting point for beginners to explore Minecraft, as you can gather a ton of resources right away. The village is in a huge open space, making this space one of the best base building seeds for Minecraft on your console.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (3)
(Video) TOP 20 BEST NEW SEEDS For Minecraft 1.19! (Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds)

Moreover, once you are ready to explore, there’s a swamp biome nearby that has a ruined portal, along with a witch hut next to it. Beyond that, there are mountains, deserts, and more spread across around 1000 blocks for you to discover.

  • Seed Code: 911260246
  • Biomes: Plains, Swamp, and Mountains
  • Witch Hut Coordinates: X: 184, Y: 73, Z: 232
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 248, Y: 73, Z: 56

4. Shipwreck Glitched Village

This is possibly the weirdest and most unique world in our list of best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One. The spawn point is normal in this seed. But, things start taking a weird turn when you travel a few blocks towards a nearby village. The majority of this village spawns on a beach instead of the taiga Minecraft biome to which it belongs. And, as you can expect, it merges with the world generation of beach, including a house glitched into a shipwreck.

More than a glitch, it seems like a blessing because you will get 2 chests upon exploring the shipwreck. One from the shipwreck, along with a buried treasure map, and the other from the weaponsmith’s house with aniron armor. Even the rest of the village is not regular as houses are generated on different levels. There are some farms on the edge of a small ravine entrance as well. Overall, you should definitely try out this seed on your console.

  • Seed Code: -1981773043
  • Biomes: Beach and Taiga
  • Shipwreck Village Coordinates: X: 1030, Y: 74, Z: 180

5. Village with 8 Blacksmiths

Blacksmiths in Minecraft are the most popular type of villagers. Finding a village with a single blacksmith is considered lucky, and well, you are the luckiest as this seed gives us 8. We spawn at the edge of taiga and forest biomes near a river. Then, if we make our way to the village, it has everything a player needs to get started with their Minecraft adventure.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (5)

The best part is that it’s the closest village to our spawn that we need to visit, so we don’t even have to travel far to discover it. Once you are done with this village, there are two more that you can explore near your spawn point. But I highly doubt you will need to scrounge through another village after this one. It also has a lava ravine behind it that goes to the bedrock level, making it easier to find diamonds.

  • Seed Code: 770405633
  • Biomes: Taiga and Forest
  • Blacksmiths’ Village Coordinates: X: 248, Y: 64, Z: 88
  • Second Village Coordinates: X: 136, Y: 65, Z: -296
  • Third Village Coordinates: X: -280, Y: 72, Z: -312

6. Stronghold in Igloo Basement

This seed stands out even among the rarest of Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One. We spawn in a snowy tundra biome next to a forest. In the same biome is a snowy village with an igloo in it. If you explore snowy biomes enough, you can find a few with basements built into them.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (6)

This igloo also gives us a basement, but that basement is then connected with a stronghold. There’s only one shared wall between the two that you need to break to gain access to it. If you keep exploring the biome, there are more villages around this location to help you gather more resources for your Minecraft adventure.

  • Seed Code: 331476055
  • Biomes: Snowy Thundra, Taiga, and Forest
  • Igloo Coordinates: X: 579, Y: 68, Z: -339

7. Pillager Outpost in Lava Ravine

The world generation in this Minecraft seed is impossible to believe until you see it for yourself. What it offers is one of the weirdest spawn locations for a Pillager Outpost. Built on top of a lava ravine, it’s also probably the tallest outpost you can find in the game.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (7)
(Video) TOP 20 BEST NEW SEEDS For MINECRAFT 1.19! (Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds)

If you are careful enough to not fall yourself, you can push mobs into the lava to conquer the outpost with ease. There’s even an iron golem caged nearby that you can set free to help you. After looting the outpost, you can carefully loot the ravine to get diamond ores. Just keep in mind that a water bucket might come in handy here.

  • Seed Code: -322003417
  • Biomes: Dark Forest and Mountains
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates:X: -710, Y: 90, Z: 390

8. A Religious Village Minecraft Seed for PS4 & Xbox One

In this Minecraft seed for PS4 and Xbox One, we spawn next to a medium-sized village that has 5 churches in it. Each one of them has its own cleric and brewing stand that you can use to make potions. But that’s not all, though. You can even find two blacksmiths in the village, along with multiple farmers. Since there’s only one iron golem here, we can’t count these as two closeby villages. Instead, we are treated by a rather rare spawn village.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (8)

Once you are done exploring the village, you can go behind the village to discover a circular crater. Unless you are using our guide to make circles and spheres in Minecraft, this is as far to round shapes as you can get in the game. Also, this crater is located near a cave opening with exposed iron and coal ores. So, don’t forget to check that out too.

  • Seed Code: 413395378
  • Biomes: Plains and Forests
  • Village Coordinates: X: 3510, Y: 70, Z: 68
  • Circular Crater Coordinates: X: 3559, Y: 62, Z: -61

9. Desert Temple Above Exposed Stronghold Ravine

This is one of the coolest Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One, and you should definitely try it out. The most interesting part of this seed is that it has the tallest desert temple, which is located on top of a ravine. Its height stretches to the bottom of the ravine, which goes to the bedrock level.

Moreover, in that ravine is an exposed stronghold. You can break its walls to locate a library and the rest of the stronghold. But that is not all. Just a few blocks above that stronghold is a mineshaft entrance whose traces are visible in the whole ravine. For players that don’t want to directly enter these dangerous locations, there’s a large desert village nearby too. It doesn’t have an ironsmith, but you can find food and a few other resources here.

  • Seed Code: 770894136
  • Biomes: Plains and Beach
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 1121, Y: 65, Z: 551
  • Opening to Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 1103, Y: 42, Z: 544
  • Exposed Stronghold in Ravine Coordinates: X: 1107, Y: 38, Z: 544
  • Desert Village Coordinates: X: 1021, Y: 71, Z: 540

10. Bastion Merged with Nether Fortress

If you thought we won’t consider nether as a factor while picking out the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One, you were wrong. We spawn near a giant savanna village in this seed. It includes a weaponsmith and a ravine with exposed iron ores. You can find most of your required resources and tools within this village. Then, later in the game, it’s time to come back to this village and make a nether portal.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (10)

This portal will take you to one of the best spawns in the Nether. Just a few blocks from you will be a bastion glitched into a nether fortress. It will also have exposed chests that you can easily loot to get some exciting items in-game. Then to top it off, there’s also a blazer spawner really close to it. If you are able to find a stronghold soon, this seed can be perfect for speedrunning the game.

  • Seed Code: -296825582
  • Biomes: Savanna, Desert, and Plains
  • Desert Village Coordinates: X: 941, Y: 67, Z: -9
  • Bastion in Nether Fortress Coordinates: X: 42, Y: 58, Z: 14
  • Blaze Spawner Coordinates: X: 40, Y: 60, Z: -107

11. Shipwreck and Ruins at Spawn

If you check our list of the best Minecraft island seeds, a majority of them have features similar to this seed, which we recommend PS4 and Xbox One players to check out. We spawn on a small island that has one of the best loots to get started in the game.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (11)
(Video) TOP 10 BEST NEW SEEDS For Minecraft NETHER UPDATE 1.16! (Mobile, PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch)

There’s a shipwreck near a cluster of cold ruins on the edge of this island. You don’t even have to go underwater to explore most of its amazing locations. Then, you can also find a buried treasure map that will lead to treasure on the same island. Once you are done here, you can build a boat in Minecraft and go to the nearby forest island to continue your adventure.

  • Seed Code: 1911127900
  • Biomes: Beach, Ocean, and Forest
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: 216, Y: 68, Z: 8
  • Cold Ruins Cluster Coordinates: X: 232, Y: 68, Z: 24

12. Exposed Stronghold in Village

Not so far away from your spawn, this Minecraft seed features a village with an exposed stronghold library. The only thing that’s between this library and the village is single-block layered walls. But before you venture into the stronghold, there’s an iron golem and even an armorer in the village you should induct to help you in this journey.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (12)

The village itself is fairly large, so you can get plenty of food and other resources with ease. Also, there are other interesting biomes nearby, including badlands and a variety of forests. You can explore them to get a variety of resources.

  • Seed Code: 12023120
  • Biomes: Badlands, Forests, and Plains
  • Village Coordinates: X: 943, Y: 68, Z: 121

13. Desert Temple above Stronghold

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (13)

This next seed spawns us inside a large jungle biome. But don’t get distracted by its massiveness. To reach our desired location, we have to travel a few blocks to find a large desert village. It has a variety of villagers that can get you plenty of resources. Then, next to the village is a desert temple. If you dig under it, you can reach the stronghold that expands under the village too. The TNT located under the temple will help you reach the stronghold easily. There’s also a huge ravine nearby that you can use for resources, making it a resource-heavy Minecraft seed.

  • Seed Code: 900500246
  • Biomes: Jungle and Desert
  • Village Coordinates: X: 632, Y: 68, Z: 104
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 632, Y: 68, Z: 56

14. Exposed Underwater Stronghold + 3 Blacksmiths

This Minecraft seed for PS4 and Xbox One spawns us on a small island with a village that has 3 blacksmiths. The village is perfect to get you resources and help you start your journey in the game. Once you are ready, you can go underwater to find an exposed stronghold right near that island.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (14)

Blacksmiths’ village and an exposed stronghold are both very rare on their own. But this seed takes it to another level. There’s another island near our spawn that has a village with a glitched ruined portal. The portal eats up a large portion of a villager’s house, leaving it scattered. And well, it looks amazing.

  • Seed Code: 542630838
  • Biomes: Beach and Plains
  • Village with Glitched Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 1397, Y: 68, Z: -204

15. Exposed End Portal at Spawn

Exposed strongholds are always fun to discover. But it’s almost impossible to find one that has an end portal at the surface level. This seed doesn’t only offer that but also makes it available right at the spawn point. We spawn in a jungle near a plains biome that has a village in it.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (15)

This village is entirely built upon a stronghold. You can see multiple locations where you can enter the exposed stronghold by breaking its wall. One such spot is the End Portal, separated only by a few blocks from the surface. It also has two eyes of ender awaiting you. Coming across such a Minecraft seed again would be almost impossible, so don’t forget to load it up on your PS4 or Xbox console.

(Video) TOP 20 BEST NEW SEEDS For MINECRAFT 1.19! (Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds)

  • Seed Code: -612235732
  • Biomes: Jungle, Beach and Plains
  • Village Coordinates: X: 960, Y: 77, Z: -210

16. Minecraft Seed with Variety of Villages

The next seed on our list of best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One is quite colorful. We spawn near a huge snowy biome with a village that’s located at the edge of a jungle biome. It is a fairly large village that even has a blacksmith. But this isn’t the only village we are looting in this world to bulk up on resources.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (16)

Once you are done with the first village, it’s time for you to move to a nearby desert village followed by a taiga village. Both of these are also large villages. The desert one is located at the edge of three biomes, making it a very colorful place to make a base.

  • Seed Code: uzavcle
  • Biomes: Jungle and Snowy Mountains
  • Desert Village Coordinates: X: 200, Y: 72, Z: 125
  • Savannah Village Coordinates: X: -230, Y: 68, Z: -322

17. Best Nether Spawn in Minecraft for PS4 and Xbox One

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (17)

When we spawn, there’s a savanna village nearby. It has a variety of villagers, including an ironsmith as well. But that isn’t where we want to stay. Instead, a few hundred blocks from the spawn is a ruined portal. If you build an ender portal using this, it will lead you to one of the best Nether spawns in Minecraft. Once you enter this portal, you will spawn on top of a nether bastion. It’s a full-sized bastion, located next to a large nether fortress. So, you can find almost all the best loot nether has to offer right where you spawn.

  • Seed Code: -406193085
  • Biomes: Savanna, Plains, and Desert
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 1477, Y:69, Z: 244
  • Savanna Village Coordinates: X: 1368, Y:72, Z: 104

18. Floating Jungle Temple Minecraft Seed for PS4 and Xbox One

At this point, we are somewhat familiar with rare and resourceful seeds. But then, there are some seeds so random and unique that their existence almost feels wrong. This seed is the perfect example of that. We spawn in a really calm and normal-looking location. But if we move to a specific location not so far from our spawn, we will find the impossible.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (18)

There’s a floating jungle temple with none of its blocks touching the ground below it. Its upper part is colliding with an extended hill, while there’s a tree touching the other side. The loot in the temple is impressive, but the randomness of its spawn height is incredible.

  • Seed Code: -2075578213
  • Biomes: Jungle
  • Floating Jungle Temple: X: -385, Y:77, Z: 750

19. Desert Temple with Exposed Skeleton Dungeon

20 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (19)

Thanks to the TNT traps and mob spawning, desert temples aren’t the safest place to explore carelessly. But if you are trying out this seed, you will have to be extra careful. Inside this desert temple is an exposed skeleton dungeon on the second floor. As you might expect, it spawns with a skeleton spawner. But if you want to prepare before entering this temple, there’s a desert village nearby the can provide you with some necessary resources. For extra help, you can continue to explore the area as there are two more villages within 1000 blocks from the temple.

  • Seed Code: -1819585431
  • Biomes: Desert and Plains
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 73, Y:77, Z: 282

20. End Portal Next to Ruined Portal

For the final entry in our list of the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One, we have something special. Both the end and the nether are important dimensions in the game to finish Minecraft. This seed provides us the gateway to both of them at the same place. The end portal has two eyes of ender and the ruined portal will need some work before you can use it.

But once you get it functioning, you can cut your Minecraft journey short with proper planning. The only drawback of this unique seed is that you will have to travel a long distance before reaching this amazing glitched location.

  • Seed Code: 1087404325
  • Biomes: Plains
  • Coordinates: X: 2220, Y:34, Z: 876

Try these Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One

Grab your controller and get ready. These seeds are going to create some long and interesting gaming sessions for all of you. But if you want to go beyond regular seeds, you can even install forge in Minecraft to run some of the best Minecraft mods on your PC. Though, remember that mods, for now, are limited to Minecraft Java Edition. For console players, installing some of the best PS4 apps can make up for a fun adventure. Coming back to the topic at hand, if there’s another interesting seed you think should be on the list, don’t forget to share it with our readers in the comments section. Not to forget, even exploring these best Minecraft seeds will take a while. So, boot up your game and hop in!


What are the top 10 seeds in Minecraft? ›

The best Minecraft seeds are:
  • Obsidian Farm.
  • Mesa and Cave Spiders.
  • Mooshroom Paradise.
  • Ocean Monument Island.
  • Nether Rush.
  • Pillager Outpost.
  • Savanna and Village.
  • Smallest Island Ever.
Jul 28, 2022

Which seed has the most diamonds? ›

Five best Minecraft seeds for diamonds
  • 1) Diamonds inside ravine.
  • 2) Diamonds in a sinkhole.
  • 3) Savanna Village, shipwreck and buried treasure.
  • 4) Blacksmith Villages.
  • 5) Ravine and abandoned mineshaft.

How do you summon herobrine? ›

You can't actually summon Herobrine in Minecraft despite what people say. There is literally no evidence of this character existing in Minecraft. This, though, plays into ideas of his supernatural characteristics and annoyingly only cements the myth of the character further.

Is PS4 Java or Bedrock? ›

Since PS4 and PS5 Minecraft both run on the Bedrock version of the game, they have full crossplay compatibility with every other Bedrock platform.

What makes a good SMP seed? ›

#1— 7791637076403038644. This Minecraft seed is perfect for a town-like SMP because it has an expansive plains biome right at spawn for players to build up into a little community. The area needs little-to-no terraforming. There are plenty of caves hidden underneath the surface for players to explore for resources.

What is the biggest village seed in Minecraft? ›


What's a good Minecraft seed? ›

For our picks, some of the more innovative seeds that allow players to have the most exploration are The Jungle Temple of Diamonds and Bones and Savannah Villages on the Great Plains. These seeds offer a variety of loot and construction options, and they allow you to explore for hours upon hours.

How do you spell Herobrine? ›

Yeah, it is spelled Herobrine. People pronounce it Herobin. Dude, its herobrIne. Pronounced (Hero-br-I-ne)not trying to be rude, but half of the people that know about Herobrine say Herobrin.

Who spawns Herobrine? ›

Place a Gold Block on the ground. Place another Gold Block on top of it. Now add your Herobrine block that you made in Step 2. Top it off with the Netherrack block.

How do you spawn a warden? ›

According to the Minecraft Wiki, the Warden's spawn method is extremely unique: "When a player activates a naturally generated sculk shrieker four times, there isn't another warden within 48 blocks, and if the light level is less than 11, a warden emerges from the ground."

Is Xbox Bedrock or Java? ›

If you're playing on a console or mobile device--an Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or Android/iOS device, you'll be playing Bedrock. If you're one of the few and proud that plays on a Linux device, you're going to be playing Java.

What is SB737 world seed? ›

SB737. @SB_737. This is the seed: -4235939817243529554 Originally generated on a classic sized world, and then later increased to a large sized world.

Which Minecraft should I buy? ›

If you're not playing with a high-end computer, Bedrock might be your best bet. While the Java edition lets you use mods to enhance your graphics, the Bedrock version runs more smoothly more consistently.

Is PS5 Bedrock or Java? ›

Minecraft Java and Bedrock are two versions of the game we all know and love. While Java is specifically for PC, Bedrock is designed for other gaming platforms. However, you might have noticed that there's no official Minecraft PS5 release. Minecraft Bedrock is already available on a variety of platforms.

Is the warden in Minecraft bedrock? ›

The Warden has finally been added to Minecraft. This was a part of a recent update, so that means it can now be obtained in Java and Bedrock.

What's the seed for Dream SMP? ›

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Yqe, Isded, and other redditors, the exact seed used on the Dream SMP Minecraft server has been discovered. The seed in question is for Java Edition and is 5826025064014972987.

What is the seed of herobrine SMP? ›

Seed: 478868574082066804. Version: Java Alpha 1.0.

What is the easiest Minecraft seed? ›

1) Desert Temple and Village

This is an excellent seed for those who are just starting on their Minecraft journey. You spawn in a desert, very close to a desert temple, which usually contains four different chests with great loot, sometimes even rare resources that can set you up right at the start of the game.

What's the herobrine seed? ›

Another legendary Minecraft seed has been discovered, and this one taps into the open world game's wider folklore. After a decade, a group of Minecraft researchers have found the Herobrine seed, allowing players visit the site of one of the building games' creepier tales.

What Minecraft seed has a castle? ›

Seed: 4637908366460397568

It's your choice how you want to use this great Minecraft castle seed. It includes watchtowers not too far away from the castle, spawns villagers, mobs, upgraded defenses, and several hidden chests.

Does the far lands still exist? ›

Far Lands can still be found in Bedrock Edition, though getting there without commands is impossible. For more information, see Distance effects in Bedrock Edition.

What is the hardest 1.18 seed? ›

Tiny Island

This is one of the hardest Minecraft seeds for 1.18, simply because there are not many materials to work with on land. You spawn on a small island surrounded by water and not much else.

How do you tame an allay? ›

How to Tame an Allay in Minecraft. Technically speaking, you can't tame an Allay in Minecraft. But if you want this mob to follow you around just like tamed mobs, you have to hand Allay an item. You can use any common item like a button or even rare items like a diamond to get the job done.

What is an allay in Minecraft? ›

What is the Allay in Minecraft? The Minecraft Allay is one of the newest mobs to be added to Minecraft. It is a flying mob, similar in size and appearance to the Vex summoned by Evokers, but is a passive mob towards the player.

How do you get allay in Minecraft? ›

Where to find and how to tame the Allay. The Allay don't actually have a natural habitat of their own. You'll find them captive in Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions, meaning you'll have to embark on a rescue mission to befriend one.

How do you get seed 0 in Minecraft bedrock? ›

You can Create "SEED 0" in Minecraft Bedrock - YouTube

What is the best 1.18 seed in Minecraft bedrock? ›

This Minecraft 1.18 Bedrock seed offers the overall best loot to start a survival Minecraft world.
  • Seed Code: -1739171260.
  • Biomes: Desert and Jungle.
  • Desert Village Coordinates: X: 280, Y: 78, Z: 168.
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 120, Y: 80, Z: 88.
  • Jungle Temple Coordinates: X: 184, Y: 82, Z: -152.
Jun 7, 2022

Why do Minecraft Seeds not work? ›

That seed might not work for your version of Minecraft - double check platform and release version. This is probably the most common reason behind a Minecraft seed not working. When developer Mojang updates their voxel-building game, it changes some things in the code.

What is the best seed in Minecraft 2021? ›

Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One (November 2021)
  • Infinite Glitched Ravine.
  • Largest Ruined Portal at Spawn.
  • Best Base-Building Minecraft Seed for PS4 and Xbox.
  • Shipwreck Glitched Village.
  • Village with 8 Blacksmiths.
  • Stronghold in Igloo Basement.
  • Pillager Outpost in Lava Ravine.
Nov 11, 2021

What is the best seed in Minecraft number? ›

The best Minecraft seeds will spawn you in some favorable and interesting environments to get you started on your adventures, whether you're looking for a challenge or to take things easy.
Lava lake cave
  • 198, -45, -367.
  • 131, -16, -373.
  • 189, -42, -305.
  • 150, -54, -325.
Jul 12, 2022


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