29 Fun And Creative Long-Distance Date Ideas (2023)


It’s date night, and you and your significant other are having to spend it apart. What can you do to make the night special for you both, even if you can’t touch?

You’re looking for guidance on how to long-distance date. You want to show your sweetheart that the distance has only given you the chance to show your love in new, creative ways.

In this post, you’ll find 29 long-distance date ideas that will make date night worth looking forward to — and worth savoring hours afterward.

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  • 29 Long-Distance Date Ideas
  • Long-Distance Date Night Ideas
    • 1. Arrange for delivery of a favorite take-out meal.
    • 2. Take turns reading to each other.
    • 3. Buy a round of drinks and send each other pics.
    • 4. Get crafty and work on a project together over video chat.
    • 5. Send each other on scavenger hunts.
    • 6. Send each other care packages, and unbox them together.
    • 7. Get a virtual tarot card reading.
    • 8. Play a two-person online game.
    • 9. Learn a new skill together with a “homework date.”
  • Romantic Long-Distance Date Ideas
    • 10. Dress up for a virtual dinner date.
    • 11. Send flowers and/or treats.
    • 12. Arrange for regular deliveries of a favorite beverage.
    • 13. Share a secure online drive for love letters and poems to each other.
    • 14. Share “naughty” pics (in the most secure way possible).
    • 15. Share a sunset or night sky.
    • 16. Share a diary and only open on date nights.
    • 17. Make a mixtape or share a playlist.
    • 18. Make YouTube videos for each other.
    • 19. Share an adult coloring book.
  • Cheap Long-Distance Date Ideas
    • 20. Watch a movie or stream a show together.
    • 21. Play a game of 20 questions.
    • 22. Build a Pinterest board together.
    • 23. Build a Tumblr blog together.
    • 24. Text each other daily gratitude messages.
    • 25. Start your own two-person book club.
    • 26. Schedule daily check-in dates.
    • 27. Swap recipes and share results.
    • 28. Go on digital vacations together.
    • 29. Send “open when” letters.

29 Long-Distance Date Ideas

Whether your dates happen during the day or at night, you’ll find creative, romantic, and budget-friendly ideas here to make your dates as memorable as when you’re together.

Long-Distance Date Night Ideas

1. Arrange for delivery of a favorite take-out meal.

If you know your significant other’s favorite comfort foods, why not order a full meal for them and have it delivered to their door (when you know they’ll be home to collect it)? Then invite them to a virtual dinner date — or send a love note to accompany the meal.

2. Take turns reading to each other.

Whether you talk over the phone or use video chat, you can take turns reading from a book you’ve chosen together.

When you reach the end (over several reading dates), you can both post reviews online to support the author.

3. Buy a round of drinks and send each other pics.

Each of you can buy your favorite drinks and send pics of your prepared drinks next to the liquor, wine, or beer bottles. If you have a favorite drinking game, agree to a set limit on drinks, so neither of you spends the next day hung over.

4. Get crafty and work on a project together over video chat.

If there’s a craft you both enjoy, why not work on a new craft project together over video chat. Whether you’re making the same thing or something different, meet up virtually on a regular basis to check on each other’s progress and to chat while working.

5. Send each other on scavenger hunts.

You can use a scavenger hunt book and choose a list to work from. Or you can give each other your own scavenger hunt lists and check in regularly to see how far you’ve gotten with them.

6. Send each other care packages, and unbox them together.

Put together care packages for each other with little things your sweetie will find useful, as well as thoughtful gifts and favorite treats. Send these (by snail mail) and agree to unbox them together at your next date over web chat (Skype, Zoom, etc.)

7. Get a virtual tarot card reading.

Get a virtual tarot card reading — or psychic reading, if you’re both inclined — and share the reading with your partner, either by forwarding the results (via email) or by reading them during a video chat.

8. Play a two-person online game.

Sign up for a two-person online game and arrange a time to play together. You find a game on Gamesgames.com or Crazygames.com. Keep track of your winnings and celebrate when one of you sets a new record or reaches an important milestone in the game.

(Video) Virtual Date Ideas for Long-Distance Couples

9. Learn a new skill together with a “homework date.”

Sign up for an online class to learn a new skill together — whether that’s a new language, a new programming code, or something else. Practice with each other or use your dates to study for an upcoming test or to work together on a class project.

Romantic Long-Distance Date Ideas

10. Dress up for a virtual dinner date.

Dress up as you would for a special date to a nice restaurant (the kind with cloth on the table), and enjoy a virtual dinner date together.

This could be gourmet take-out or it could be regular comfort food washed down with something you both enjoy.

11. Send flowers and/or treats.

Send flowers or a favorite treat to each other with a brief love note. Or use the note to provide a clue for finding a hidden treasure. To express your appreciation, you can create and share private videos or thank each other at your next check-in date,

12. Arrange for regular deliveries of a favorite beverage.

This could be a wine membership, where you’d order the bottles and have them delivered to your partner’s address. Or it could be something else (tea, kombucha, etc.). Whatever helps your SO feel loved and cared for, find a service that will deliver it to them safely.

If one of you already uses DropBox, share the login information so you can both save love letters, poems, stories, and videos to the drive for the other to enjoy. When you’re able to spend more time together, that drive will hold good memories for you both.

Keep in mind, of course, that the internet is forever. Probably best to save those images to a thumb drive and send it by snail mail. Or save it to a password-protected drive you can both access.

Arrange to sit where you can both enjoy the sunset. Or you could each pick a spot where you can enjoy the night sky at the same time, choosing a specific star or constellation to focus on and communicating this either by voice over the phone or by text message.

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Share a diary you can send each other by snail mail and take turns adding to it. Or sign up for an online diary and share the login info, so you can read each other’s entries and add your own.

Either create an old-school mixtape with a cassette tape or CD, or create a playlist on YouTube, Spotify, etc., and share it with the one you love and can’t be with. Invite them to a virtual dance off or just use the playlist as background music for your next virtual date.

18. Make YouTube videos for each other.

Create your own YouTube videos for a private channel and invite your partner to it. You can create YouTube videos with personal messages or with contributions from other family members or friends your loved one can’t visit with face to face.

Pick out an adult coloring book to share and take turns coloring part of it. Send it back and forth by snail mail, along with a love note and something for your partner to enjoy while coloring.

Cheap Long-Distance Date Ideas

20. Watch a movie or stream a show together.

If you arrange to watch a specific movie or stream a show at the same time, you can text each other your thoughts and reactions and hop onto a webchat afterward. Or if that’s not a possibility, you can at least enjoy the show and a favorite snack together.

21. Play a game of 20 questions.

Over web chat or via text message, you can play a game of 20 questions — each of you taking turns asking the other a question after answering theirs.

Make it more about the time spent, though, than about whether you get up to 20 questions.

22. Build a Pinterest board together.

Dream together with a new Pinterest board you can both add to — maybe for a renovation project, maybe for travel, or maybe for something only you two would get excited about. Whatever it is, you can build a Pinterest board for it.

23. Build a Tumblr blog together.

If you both prefer Tumblr, why not build a Tumblr blog together. Or you could build separate blogs and follow each other and comment on each other’s posts. Follow your favorite fandoms and reblog content with a note only your partner will understand.

24. Text each other daily gratitude messages.

Make it a priority to text each other three gratitude messages every day — at a specific time or as consistently as possible — to lift each other up and remind each other to focus on your blessings in the present moment, even if you can’t be in the same room together.

25. Start your own two-person book club.

Start a book club for just you two, and meet up regularly by video chat or texting to talk about the chapters you’ve read. You could also make video “reviews” for each other and save them to a shared drive. Or send each other links to your videos on YouTube.

26. Schedule daily check-in dates.

Set a time for daily check-in dates by phone, text, or video chat. Maybe most days you’ll text but on one or two nights a week, you’ll use Skype or Zoom to have a face-to-face talk about what’s been going on and how you’re both feeling.

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Swap recipes you love, so the other can make the recipe and share pics and personal reviews of the results. It doesn’t have to fit a specific type — breakfast food, soups, stir fry, burgers, etc. Choose something you know the other will enjoy (if all goes well).

28. Go on digital vacations together.

Find online 360 degree tours of places you both want to visit and check them out together, keeping in touch via phone talk or text. Enjoy the tour and then share a drink together as you picture yourselves sitting together and enjoying the view.

29. Send “open when” letters.

Send each other “open when” letters for those moments when you’d want to be there, but you can’t. Some ideas? “Open when you feel lonely,” “Open when you can’t sleep,” or “Open when your care package arrives.” Enclose these notes in a message they can enjoy now.

Long-distance date ideas can keep your connection strong.

Now that you’ve looked over these long-distance date ideas, which ones stood out for you the most? Which would you like to try today — or this week?

As touch-starved as we can get when our loved ones have to be far from us, it’s still possible to show them our love in creative and memorable ways.

And it’s still possible to get to know each other better and grow together as a couple.

Proximity definitely makes things easier. But when you can’t have that, I hope the ideas in this post will help you make every day apart easier on you both.

29 Fun And Creative Long-Distance Date Ideas (1)



What are some good long distance date ideas? ›

18 New Long-Distance Date Ideas to Keep Your Relationship Strong
  • Game Night. ...
  • Start a book club. ...
  • Take a virtual museum tour. ...
  • Movie night. ...
  • Have your own wine or beer tasting. ...
  • Arrange a fancy dinner date at home. ...
  • Plan a future trip. ...
  • House hunt.
Aug 31, 2022

How can I spice up my long distance relationship? ›

8 Ideas To Spice up a Long-Distance Relationship
  1. #1 Take a Love Language Test With Your Partner and Compare Love Languages.
  2. #2 Netflix and Chill… ...
  3. #3 Send Each Other Sweet (Or Spicy) Love Letters.
  4. #4 Create Your Own Couple's Cookbook Together.
  5. #5 Surprise Them With a Thoughtful Gift.
  6. #6 Do a Wine Tasting Date Together.
Mar 31, 2022

How do I make my long distance girlfriend feel special? ›

6 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special in a Long Distance Relationship
  1. #1: Send Her a Sweet Care Package.
  2. #2: Send Her a Lovebox.
  3. #3 Tell the (Cyber)World How Special She Truly Is.
  4. #4: Speaking of Flowers… ...
  5. #5: Plan a Long-Distance Movie Night.
  6. #6: Send her Text Messages Throughout the Day.
Mar 31, 2022

What can I surprise my long distance boyfriend with? ›

7 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special Long Distance
  • #1: Send Your Boyfriend a Lovebox.
  • #2: Surprise Them With Their Fav Food Right at Their Door.
  • #3: Give Him a Special Shoutout on Social Media.
  • #4: Write Him a Sweet Letter.
  • #5: Send Him a Good Morning Text Everyday.
  • #6: Send Him a Care Package With His Favorite Things.
Mar 31, 2022

What do online couples do? ›

From trying something new to taking a favorite couples activity to the screen, here are 21 of the best virtual date ideas to try out.
  • Go on a walk. Related Story. ...
  • Cook the same meal. ...
  • Watch a movie. ...
  • Have a double date. ...
  • Take the Enneagram test. ...
  • Go on a virtual museum tour. ...
  • Work out together. ...
  • Have an art night.
Feb 2, 2021

How do you keep spark in a long-distance relationship? ›

Here are a few tidbits that will help in reinvigorating the lost spark in your long-distance relationship:
  1. Keep Them Guessing. ...
  2. Listen To Each Other's Voice Daily. ...
  3. Do Things Together. ...
  4. Fix Date Nights Over Skype. ...
  5. Plan Visits Together. ...
  6. Join Each Other's Inner Circles. ...
  7. Keep Things Fresh. ...
  8. Don't Be Afraid To Share More.
Aug 1, 2019

What to do when long distance gets boring? ›

It's perfectly normal for a relationship to get boring especially if it's an old one. the best thing you can do is find topics you both share an interest in and talk about them, try talking about what you do in the day and try to be more detailed when talking, not short and abrupt.

How do you seduce your partner in a long-distance relationship? ›

8 Sex Tips For Long Distance Relationships
  1. Create Sexy Email Accounts. ...
  2. Surprise Each Other With Dirty Gifts. ...
  3. Set The Mood For Phone & Video Sex. ...
  4. Tell Each Other Erotic Stories. ...
  5. Get Creative With Your Sexting. ...
  6. Engage In Some Digital Role-Playing. ...
  7. Send Each Other Sexy Playlists. ...
  8. Don't Forget About Snail Mail.
Jun 29, 2016

How can I spice up my relationship over text? ›

Sending a random, thoughtful flirtext is a great way to show him how much you care. Randomly text, “I love you” or “I'm crazy about you.” It's simple, it's quick, and it will make him smile. Send a recent sports fact about his favorite player like, “Ole Chipper just hit his 400th home run last night, eh?”

How do you make her miss you like crazy in a long distance relationship? ›

Make her feel special, tell her how pretty she is, and have an amazing time on your dates so your girl can remember you fondly when you're apart. Talk to her about her interests, compliment her, and take the time to really listen to her. Don't be afraid to tell her that you've missed her.

How do I make him feel special? ›

9 Ways To Make Your Significant Other Feel Special
  1. Show your appreciation. ...
  2. Tell them 'I love you' throughout the day. ...
  3. It's in the little things. ...
  4. Try to do at least one nice thing for your partner every day. ...
  5. Give them your undivided attention. ...
  6. Tell them how attracted you are to them.

How do I spoil my man? ›

If your partner loves it when you do them favors or run errands, any of these sweet gestures with warm their heart.
  1. Take care of their laundry.
  2. Stock the fridge with some of their favorite food or drinks.
  3. Pack their lunch.
  4. Wash their car and fill up the tank.
  5. Surprise them with their favorite meal after a long day.
Feb 26, 2020

Should you talk everyday in a long-distance relationship? ›

Don't talk every day.

You might think talking every single day when you're in an LDR is a must. The truth is, experts say it's really not necessary and might actually be harmful to your relationship. "You don't need to be in constant communication," Davis says.

What do you sext in a long distance relationship? ›

Romantic sexting ideas for him in long distance relationship
  • I would like you to be with me right now.
  • I can't help but think that we'd both be so much happier if we were together in my bed.
  • I hope you're not too tired I'm in great shape and have some free time.

What is an unhealthy long-distance relationship? ›

A red flag for an unhealthy relationship and controlling behavior is if your partner is messaging you constantly, asking where you are or demanding that you send pictures of people that you're with. They might say, “I want to make sure you're not with anyone I don't like,” or “I'm just checking in on you.”

How do you stop being clingy in a long distance relationship? ›

If you want to avoid clinginess in a romantic relationship, work on communicating those boundaries and practicing your independence:
  1. Set clear communication boundaries (when you text, how often, etc.)
  2. Openly express your needs.
  3. Independently explore your own hobbies.
  4. Make time for other relationships in your lives.

How do you make a guy fall in love with you in long distance? ›

How to Make Your Long Distance Boyfriend Miss You
  1. 1 Send him a surprise care package.
  2. 2 Text him things that remind you of him.
  3. 3 Be positive and upbeat when you two chat.
  4. 4 Support him from afar.
  5. 5 Flirt with him over text.
  6. 6 Send him a spicy selfie.
  7. 7 Try sexting or having phone sex.
  8. 8 Let him text or call you first.

How can I get my boyfriend in the mood on the phone? ›

Hottest texts that will instantly put your man in the mood
  1. “I want you so bad. Here. ...
  2. “I love it so much when you do (this) to me.”
  3. “I had a VERY naughty dream last night – you were definitely there…”
  4. “I'm so turned on by enjoying myself while you're watching me. It's so hot…”
  5. “What are you having for dinner tonight?
Mar 11, 2021

How to romance a man with words? ›

Romantic Things to Say to Your Boyfriend
  1. You make me feel like a million bucks.
  2. I love every little thing about you.
  3. You could never bore me.
  4. Your intelligence is so attractive.
  5. I can't stop telling my friends how great you are.
  6. You are so handsome.
  7. You always know how to sweep me off my feet.

What shows that a girl loves you? ›

You'll know that she loves you if she prioritizes you, chooses you first, sees you as the prize, displays affection for you, and respects you. You'll feel the chemistry. It'll feel like energy pulling her toward you. The relationship will feel magnetic and natural.

How to make her obsessed with you? ›

To make a girl become obsessed with you, get into her brain and her heart by being her hero, minding your looks, making her laugh, and making her feel special. You'll need to tailor your efforts to the girl in question, but keeping these basic principles in mind should give you an idea of where to start!

How do you win a woman's heart in a distance relationship? ›

How to Woo a Girl Long Distance
  1. Share a romantic song.
  2. Send her an old-fashioned love letter.
  3. Surprise her with a care package.
  4. Send her flowers or a candygram.
  5. Celebrate special occasions with her.
  6. Tell her how you feel about her.
  7. Joke around with her.
  8. Strike up a deep conversation.

How do I cheer up my girlfriend long distance over text? ›

50 Sweet, Heartwarming Things To Say to Your Long-Distance Partner
  1. 1. “ I love you so much, honey.”
  2. 2. “ Every day we are apart my love grows stronger for you.”
  3. 3. “ I miss you more than ever, and I can't wait to be with you soon.”
  4. 4. “ Thank you for loving me unconditionally and selflessly.”
  5. 5. “ ...
  6. 6. “ ...
  7. 7. “ ...
  8. 8. “
Dec 8, 2021

How do I cuddle with my long distance girlfriend? ›

You can for sure still continue to fill up your mate's love tank with these four easy ideas!
  1. Tell them (in your communications either phone, computer or mail) that you can't wait to hug and kiss them again. ...
  2. Send a “hug” via the mail. ...
  3. Give them something of yours to cuddle or touch.
Apr 7, 2014

What are red flags in a long-distance relationship? ›

Long-distance relationships require an extra level of thought and communication. Because of this, red flags can often be more difficult to identify in long-distance relationships. Reluctance to communicate, gaslighting, and frequent arguing can all be long-distance red flags.

How do you make him crave for you in long-distance? ›

How to Make Your Long Distance Boyfriend Miss You
  1. 1 Send him a surprise care package.
  2. 2 Text him things that remind you of him.
  3. 3 Be positive and upbeat when you two chat.
  4. 4 Support him from afar.
  5. 5 Flirt with him over text.
  6. 6 Send him a spicy selfie.
  7. 7 Try sexting or having phone sex.
  8. 8 Let him text or call you first.

What's a good flirty text? ›

Flirty texts for him
  • Y/N: Thinking about me?
  • Feeling cuddly? ...
  • Still wearing your sweatshirt…
  • Netflix? ...
  • Can't stop thinking about your lips.
  • How much skin is too much skin to show on our date tonight?
  • You're my favorite veggie—a cute-cumber!
  • Thinking a lot of things about you I can't say…but I could text.
May 21, 2022

How to satisfy physical touch in a long distance relationship? ›

Send a soft gift to each other.

These could be the perfect way to feel cared for and fulfill a bit of your need for touch. A stuffed animal works perfectly for this tip, and so do blankets, clothes, and anything meaningful to you.

What is the most intimate way to cuddle? ›

Spooning is the ultimate cuddling position. And let's be real: It can be sexual, too. Anyone can be the “big spoon” when cuddling, but it's often the larger or more dominant partner.


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