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4 Writing Jobs Over $75k (2)

It’s the best time ever to be a writer. We have near unlimited options for income — blogs, freelancing, self-publishing, social media.

Many of the best opportunities for writers come from businesses — namely, tech businesses. Marketing, customer support, and engineering teams rely heavily on writing. Companies need writers to create:

  • blogs, ebooks, web copy
  • product manuals and instructions for software engineers
  • marketing collateral, video and podcast scripts

The demand for content is skyrocketing — one of the jobs in this article is growing nearly as fast as engineering jobs.

I’m not saying you should “sell your soul” or give up creative writing endeavors to write business blogs or product manuals. I’m saying — writers don’t have to be broke — and millions of writers love these jobs.

Here, I share high-paying jobs and stories from people who have them.

Note: I don’t know the salaries of the kind folks featured here. Salaries are based on my personal experience, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

4 Writing Jobs Over $75k (3)

One of the world’s fastest-growing jobs, growing 8% faster than average — technical writers can expect to make over $100k, especially at tech companies.

Technical writing used to mean creating manuals for fighter jets, kitchen blenders, or industrial copiers. Today, technical writing is in high demand because of software. Software users need instructions. The engineers that build the software also need instructions (called documentation) and info on the software’s code.

Required Skills

It takes time to gain the technical chops for this job. But if you enjoy technology and breaking down complex tasks, you might love it.

Check out this blog for free technical writing tutorials.

Keri Savoca — Technical Writer, Tapad

I began my journey as a technical writer at age 14 — pretty much by accident. I had a summer job in IT, and I found myself writing technical documentation regularly. I didn’t realize that this was an actual job, so I forgot all about it until over a decade later, when I began writing technical content on Medium. A few recruiters approached me and asked if I’d like to be an engineer. I thought about it. I started to look at open positions at my dream companies, and I found a few called “Technical Writer — Software Engineering.” As soon as I read the description, I knew that it’s what I’d already done for so long.

I spent some time freelancing while I decided whether to go the engineering route or the tech writing route, but ultimately, I decided to go all in. I currently work full time as a technical writer. I get to learn a lot of new technologies, so it never gets old.

4 Writing Jobs Over $75k (4)

A Head of Content, or Content Director, can earn well over $100k, even over $200k. They lead the company content strategy and oversee the writing, production, and distribution of all content. And usually, they write or edit. Direct reports can include editors, writers, SEO managers, videographers, and designers. Head of Content typically reports to the VP of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer.

If you enjoy writing, editing, leading teams, and being a “director,” then this might be the job for you.

Required Skills

  • Content management and distribution skills
  • Advanced digital marketing knowledge — the ability to optimize your content strategy (i.e., video is popular with my target demographic, so I’ll make more videos)
  • Business strategy — you’ll meet with executives (CEO, COO, VPs) and you’ll need to understand business growth, company goals, and industry trends
  • Presentation skills — you’ll lead meetings with your team, you’ll present to executives and to conference audiences

Thomas Anderson — Head of English Content, Blinkist

My journey to my role at Blinkist has been interesting, to say the least. I studied History and Politics as an undergraduate, and then did an MA in British History. After my studies at University, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I ended up managing a nightclub and bar in Newcastle.

I then moved to London and found a job as a gallery assistant in a big museum. I did another MA — in Museum Cultures — to improve my chances. Unfortunately, it proved quite hard. I managed to secure a couple of internships where I worked on my days off, but it wasn’t enough. The museum industry is incredibly competitive, and I couldn’t find a way through.

In the end, I moved with my now-wife to Berlin. It was very hard at first, I couldn’t find work and was contemplating doing a TEFL and going into language teaching. Then I found Blinkist. The company had just started, and they were looking for freelance readers. I applied, and got the job.

As the company became more successful, a full-time role appeared, and I was hired. Then as we needed more content managers, I took a role in hiring, training, and leading them. This eventually became the Head of English content position. It was a gradual process, and Blinkist gave me a lot of training and development. Their help has been invaluable in helping me grow. I also think that my prior experience has helped. Whether it be leading a team at a nightclub, or learning how to manage information and communicate effectively in a museum, these experiences have helped me grow in my role as Head of English Content at Blinkist.

4 Writing Jobs Over $75k (5)

Content designers plan and organize the structure of content. They also write. It’s one of the newest jobs — hence, just nine submitted salaries on LinkedIn.

Required Skills

  • Thorough knowledge of content writing or technical writing if you’re designing technical content
  • Knowledge of the company product, and how users interact with it
  • Superb organization and project management skills

Kelly O’Brien — Content Designer, Intercom

I spent the beginning of my career jumping between staff writing positions and freelancing for a variety of magazines. About eight years ago, I picked up my first documentation client, and spent the next seven years as a technical writer, before making the jump into Content Design about a year ago.

4 Writing Jobs Over $75k (6)

Content Manager pay rates vary with experience, but again, you can earn six figures. A Content Manager is similar to Head of Content, and if you’re working at a small company, the Content Manager might be the Head of Content.

Content Managers manage editorial calendars, editorial processes, SEO, content planning, distribution, and more. They also write and edit content — everything from blog posts to infographics and videos.

If you’re interested in editing but also want a key role in the planning, creation, and distribution of content, Content Manager might be a great fit.

Required Skills

  • SEO knowledge
  • Grammar/editorial experience
  • General digital marketing knowledge (how to run an email newsletter, how to measure web traffic, what a call-to-action is)
  • Social media management and analytics skills
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) — how to manage a CMS like WordPress

Before the launch of my current consulting practice, I managed content at an IT company in NYC. I was promoted to that role because, as a technical content writer, my work consistently ranked high in search results — so, I’d help others on my team improve their content for SEO. To get the technical writing role, I freelanced for a few years to build a portfolio. I wrote about that journey here.

  • Google — do a specific Google search for job type and location. Example: “content designer jobs” + “remote”
  • LinkedIn — set a job alert in your area for “technical writer” or whichever title interests you
  • Writing job boards like Problogger

But you can get any of the jobs listed above. Even with zero experience, you can get a freelance project for the type of job you’re after — 75% of the folks on this list got their foot in the door by freelancing.

Understand that not everyone in these roles earns these salaries. You might not make $100k in your first, full-time writing role. But, you can undoubtedly achieve these pay rates, and even beyond.

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