60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (2022)

60 beautiful outdoor garden step ideas - including flagstone, cement, brick and wood. Turn steps into a beautiful part of your yard.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (1)

Turning your backyard into an outdoor garden can be a lot of fun, especially if you apply the right landscaping design suitable to your chosen plants.

Outdoor gardens often mean having wide enough available space so you can plant pine trees, bamboo plants, or fire trees to serve as backdrop to an exclusive environment. You may also use boxwood hedges or evergreen shrubs as ornamental boundaries without taking up so much space.

If you have a gated property or want to build a fence to protect your outdoor garden, you have the option of using crawling vines, which always look great in wrapping up boundaries.

There are lots of designs to choose from when landscaping your outdoor garden. You can choose a minimalist landscape or an oriental Zen-like landscape if you want to spend a lot of quiet time or turn to your garden for reflective meditation.

You can create a whimsical painting garden by filling it up with flower plants of different colors or maybe create a fantasy lavender garden by filling it up with only your favorite color or flower.

You can choose among the various landscaping designs you want; just make sure that you also choose the right garden plants, as these will play a pivotal role in achieving the desired look for your outdoor garden.

The type of landscaping steps for your outdoor garden has also proven to be a balancing factor to the overall look. They do not only provide an aesthetic purpose but they are also functional, as landscaping steps will lead you and your guests to those parts of the garden that are otherwise hidden in view by those towering shrubs.

Landscaping steps are usually made up of any of these three materials: brick or stone on concrete, solid stones or concrete stacked upon layers, and steps of natural stones. It is important to consider what your landscaping steps are made of to ensure its safety features, especially if you’re expecting plenty of foot traffic or small children and elderly who will be using farming simulator 2019 mods the steps.

This means that the best landscaping step is one that is not only able to blend well with the environment but also safe for anyone to literally step on so it can take you to the other side.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (2)A pebbled pathway separated by layers of wooden steps that’s lined with landscaped shrubs on the sides will lead you from the isolated wooden bench at thepaved concrete flagstone to the inviting doors of the wooden gazebo at the top.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (3)

Stylishoutdoor lamps are great ornaments to have in your garden, casting night lights on the garden steps as well as giving aclassy feel.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (4)This house is surrounded with mixed greenery of varied plants and trees, creating a special feel to the center that leads to the house facade. Landscaped green herbs with flowering plants set the stage for the central attraction which is the rectangular slab staircase lined with rectangular boulders.

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60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (5)

The garden’s pathway is made elegant with the side-lining of purple and tangerine flowers in a sea of green.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (6)These lavender flowers are grown as a low hedge andadd a touch of whimsy in the garden bylandscaping them to appear like a peacock’s feathers in full display.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (7)This outdoor garden surrounded by slabs of concrete and stone gets its warmth from the green of the landscaped Bermuda and the full bloomed colored flowers on the sides. Perched on two large clay vases are the colored flowers of white, purple, yellow, and some vining shrubs.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (8)Mixed greenery of crawling vines, herbs, shrubs, and a sprinkle of yellow flowers make for the inviting warmth in this outdoor garden of concrete, which would otherwise remain as cold as the stones.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (9)The fire tree looks amazing and adds an Asian feel in this outdoor garden amidst other varied trees and flowered plants that spring up in rounded boulders surrounding the paving slabs.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (10)Landscaped rocks and stones add a natural element and would look great in your lush-colored outdoor flower garden, and can serve as the connecting piece to the outside world of concrete.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (11)The owner of this cabin seems to have decided to bring nature closer to home by using landscaped rocks and stones to create man-made mini waterfalls. There’s stoned pavement that leads from the cabin to the backyard garden where you can enjoy an outdoor picnic with family and friends while enjoying the view.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (12)

Landscaped stones make for the stairway that leads to a towering tree on top. The sides are accented by rounded boulders, varied green plants, and a sprinkle of colored flowers.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (13)The solitary concrete stone bench atop the concrete stoned pathway is immediately surrounded by rounded stones on one side and curved paving slabs on the other. The patches of green shrubs and the sprawling Bermuda grass all seem to be in harmony with the presence of the concrete. This garden invites for meditation or simply just some quiet reflections.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (14)

Large paving slabs and paved concrete lead to this outdoor garden, cutting through perennial flowers, Barberry, and shrubs that seem to grow in patches beside the paved stones.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (15)This outdoor garden shows an awesome display of clipped hedges, both square-shaped and round, accompanied by colorful perennial flowers in front, and landscaped to show uniformity of theme per row. The elegant architecture of brick stairway and pavement only serves to accentuate the landscaped garden.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (16)These colorful spring flowers that are in full blossom bring gaiety and anticipation as you pass through the stairway of boulders.

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60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (17)Morning glory flower plants have pretty much covered the entirety of this short staircase. The iron railings on the sides that manage to be unobstructed from view leave clues on the existence of the stoned pathway.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (18)The graceful-looking fire tree stands out amidst masses of unclipped hedges, set apart by dark-colored boulders, to make way for the bending staircase of concrete and short dark logs. The sprinkle of bright color in this hugely green and dark-colored outdoor garden makes it look as if the fire tree is its muse.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (19)The stony garden steps are set apart by vertical slabs on one side and unclipped hedges on the other. The vertical slabs seem to overflow with perennial flowers, shrubs, and climbing vines.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (20)Hosta june perennial flowers are tucked on the sides of these stretching stony garden steps.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (21)A well-trimmed variety of evergreen shrubs makes way for the garden steps of pebbled stones and occasional wooden slabs. Some bleach coloredboulders are also used in between the shrubs to allow for enough space.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (22)

Crawling vines are allowed to completely cover one side of the iron railing for this grand outdoor staircase. The vines have also crawled across the stairs’ risers and have entirely taken up the back. Crawling vines are able to add character as landscape cover.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (23)

Red poppies are seen towering over a bed of varied greenery that almost completely cover up the garden steps made of occasional stone slabs. The almost complete cover by these garden plants can play with one’s imagination, promising a secret garden nearby.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (24)

Green foliage serves as a backdrop, as crawling vines have climbed parts of the house while mixed evergreen shrubs line up the stoned pathway. Only the stony staircase outside and the stoned pathway are left free from the invasion of greenery.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (25)Boxwood hedges are seen snaking through a largely pebbled garden pathway leading to the garden’s pebbled steps.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (26)Smooth paving slabs with occasional appearances of broken concrete turn in bending directions and are side by side with well-trimmed green grass set apart by boulders.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (27)

This spring garden comes alive with the flowering tree setting the stage for a wild display of yellow and red tulips, purple flowers, and evergreens. It seems celebratory just to walk the concrete steps of the garden in the middle of this vast parade of beauty.

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60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (28)The looming boxwood hedges keep a narrow path on this one-stoned garden step creating an atmosphere of both intimacy and privacy.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (29)Sunshine greets the garden shrubs that are harmoniously tucked in these landscaped stone-styled planters juxtaposed with concrete garden steps and brick floor.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (30)A mixture of evergreens, shrubs, perennial flowers, and indoor palm trees and huge dark-colored boulders make way for the concrete garden steps in their midst. The steps appear to lead nowhere as the invasion of the green shrubs seems to have sealed the direction.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (31)The log house overlooks a garden of small pines and shrubs before a wooden staircase that leads to a sea of bleached pebbles and large stones, where flowering plants like pink roses are seen standing nearby as if on guard.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (32)Unclipped hedges are tucked neatly by the landscaped stone-styled garden steps outside the white wooden gate.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (33)This flower garden is full of colorful perennial flowers and shrubs that line up the neat garden steps, designed in custom made combination of concrete slabs and irregular-sized stones.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (34)Colorful shamrocks look as if they’re joyously singing as they line these stone garden steps, making for a magnificent feel for an entrance.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (35)Shrub flowers such as lavenders, azaleas, diabolo, and perennial flowers are neatly tucked into place by the landscaped stone-styled planters clearly making way for the stony garden steps.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (36)An oriental stone lamp seen beside the stony steps, amidst low-lying green shrubs, pine-trimmed hedges, and colored shrubs, creates a Zen-like touch to this outdoor garden.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (37)Paving slabs with rugged edges that serve as garden steps are surrounded on all sides by swaths of low lying green shrubs and sprinkling of flowering plants.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (38)

A large archaic vase of pink flowers stands in the center of it all as stone-styled planters tuck away green shrubs to make way for the wide garden steps leading to this bend where the pink flowers are the central attraction.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (39)

The oriental feel of these garden steps is thanks to the combination of the wood planks loaded with pebbles in between. Broad-sized green leaves and a lemon plant, complete with its fruits, serve as ornaments to this neutral-colored environment.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (40)Well-trimmed hedges makes a neat presentation of thess broad wooden garden steps.

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60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (41)Maple-leaf arrow-wood shrubs make for a decorative exterior of the outdoor garden. Low-lying shrubs of various types follow the direction of the staircase but keep the iron railing completely untouched.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (42)Arching stony steps are thrust in the green grassy slope leading to the woods. Deliberately planted right beside it are the colorful perennial flowers to highlight the arching stony steps through its contrast of colors.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (43)Black slabs of stony steps lead to an outdoor minimalist garden with an amazing overlooking view.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (44)Pine trees can serve as an amazing backdrop to a large scale exclusive property. Evergreen shrubs can provide a good framework although at a smaller scale.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (45)Evergreen shrubs lining up the concrete garden steps make a good ornamental boundary.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (46)Japanese ornamental grasses and other shrubs are side by side with dark boulders as they make way for the rugged stone garden steps.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (47)These garden steps are made up of wood planks, making a curve around the bend downwards on the green grassy slope.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (48)Flowery shrubs seem to usher in guests toward these huge pieces of stone slabs that serve as garden steps where grasses have found their way through the cracks within.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (49)Slices of wood slabs attract a lot of attention as this garden’s pathway is surrounded by flowering plants and low-lying shrubs.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (50)Low lying shrubs make a beeline for these slab stone rock garden steps.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (51)These stone garden steps are conveniently nestled between beds of beautiful tulips and perennial flowers in hues of yellow, orange, pink, and red.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (52)Backlit effects used outdoorsmake for an awesome nightglow and together with the piano-like look of these garden steps overall creates a modern and contemporary finish.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (53)Leafy shrubs and gilt edge silverberries take up most of the side space in these stone garden steps, making for a narrow pathway.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (54)Slabs of stone garden steps snake its way through this garden of flowered shrubs and pines.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (55)Dark mossy boulders together with bamboo slats and bamboo shoots serve as dividers, separating the ferns and shrubs from garden steps made up of slabs of stone.

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60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (56)Wooden garden steps peek out from a carpet of festive pink flowers. The stunning glow of this pink garden will leave your senses entirely in rapture.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (57)This garden of tulips is so spectacular to behold it’ll take a minute or two before you notice the stone garden steps at the center. The beautiful tulips are kept well-lined, making them a harmonious sight in between the gigantic garden trees.

60 Outdoor Garden & Landscaping Step Ideas (58)Black slabs of rectangular stones make up the steps between this garden of Japanese ornamental grasses, shrubs, and flowered plants.


What is the best size for garden steps? ›

Outdoors, steps need to be more generous than indoors, as the scale is greater and a sure footing and the user's sense of balance are essential. As a general rule, the riser should be no more than 15 centimetres high (5.9 inches), with the tread at least 30 centimetres (11.81 inches) deep.

How do I layout my backyard? ›

Keep it basic but include things that will remain part of your landscape. Like a tall tree. Make

What is a step Garden? ›

You risers for outdoor steps should be no more than about 15 centimeters high and some of the best

How much do outdoor steps cost? ›

The most common installed cost of wood deck stairs is $115 to $210 per stair when professionally installed, or $440 to $1,350 for the most common deck stair projects. When decorative aluminum stringers or fiberglass or composite treads are used on decks, cost rises closer to $170 to $250 per stair.

How deep should an outdoor step be? ›

You can choose what's comfortable for you but generally outdoor steps have a rise of 5 ½ to 7 inches and a tread of 12 to 18 inches.

Is there an app that helps me design my backyard? ›

iScape Buzz

With iScape, you can create a digital model of your home's yard. Feature your favorite plants, so you can see the design before digging at all." "It is user friendly and has features that include a virtual pen, the ability to insert objects and more.

What color of flowers go together? ›

The 3 complementary color pairs shown here are violet and yellow, red and green, and orange and blue. Here are some photos that illustrate the use of complementary colors in the landscape. The color duos below are orange and blue, violet and bright yellow, and violet and light yellow.

What can I use for outdoor steps? ›

Treated lumber is ideal for projects such as deck stairs, basement steps and steps leading to back porches and outbuildings. Treated lumber is strong and long lasting. It is always a smart choice for ground contact because it resists rot better than most wood products.

How can I make my outdoor steps more visible? ›

Attach a high-visibility strip to the edge of the first and last treads where they overlap the risers. Use screw-on strips to cover carpet, and either screw-on or self-adhesive strips on bare wood or masonry. Use a color that contrasts with the color of the stairs.

How do you build outdoor steps? ›

How To Build Outdoor Steps - D.I.Y. At Bunnings - YouTube

How do I make my outdoor space feel cozy and more inviting? ›

From stunning fire pits and atmospheric lighting to comfy seating, you'll be sure to find a look you love from this mix.
  1. 10 cozy patio ideas to transform your backyard. ...
  2. Light up the scene. ...
  3. Turn heads with a fire sculpture. ...
  4. Warm up with your own outdoor spa. ...
  5. Get cozy in a cocoon chair. ...
  6. Opt for tabletop patio heaters.
29 Oct 2021

How much should I budget for landscaping? ›

Landscaping costs $4 to $12 per square foot, on average, for basic and intermediate services. A full makeover including landscaping design and remodeling can cost up to $40 per square foot. Basic and intermediate services may include planting grass or flowers, lawn care and thatching.

Can you buy steps already built? ›

Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, we offer prefab stairs that are long lasting stair solutions for your space. You get the convenience you'd expect with prefabricated stairs that are shipped straight to your door.

How many steps is 10 feet? ›

Hence there are 17 stairs or steps or riser for 10 feet height of staircase. Mathematical calculation such as 1) no. of riser or steps or stairs in 10 feet height of staircase or ceiling = 10 ×12÷ 7 = 17.14, rounding it near to 17, 2) no.

Can you buy prefab wooden steps? ›

You definitely can buy premade deck stairs. Whether you're looking for a large project option or a quick fix, there is an option for you out there. Premade deck stairs can be bought at any place that sells premade stair kits like Paragon Stairs, the same as other stair types.

What is the max height of a step? ›

Standard Stair Riser Height Requirements

OSHA 1910.25(c)(2) requires standard stairs to have a maximum riser height of 9.5 inches (24 cm). IBC 1011.5. 2 requires that stair riser heights shall be 7 inches (178 mm) maximum and 4 inches (102 mm) minimum.

How do you make concrete steps look better? ›

You can simply repaint it, add bricks, tiles, wood panels or decorative stones. Also you can place plants, lanterns and other decorative details at your front steps. All these steps can give a whole new look to your resurface concrete patio.

Do steps have to be the same height? ›

"The greatest riser height within any flight of stairs shall not exceed the smallest by more than 3/8 inch (9.5 mm),” according to the International Residential Code (IRC 311.7. 5.1).

How wide should outdoor stairs be? ›

The passage width can also vary, depending on how heavily you expect the stairs to be used. As a rule, 36″ is the minimum; 48″ is better for a single person, and you may want to go to 60″ to allow room for two people to pass comfortably.

What is a standard step size? ›

Standard Step Height

On average, American architects have used a standard stair height of 7.5 inches. On stairs built inside, the average tread width is 9 inches, while outside treads have an average width of 11 inches.

What are the dimensions for steps? ›

The OSHA standard for rise and run of stairs is maximum 9.5" rise and minimum 9.5" run (tread depth).

What height should a step be UK? ›

Doc M of the building regulations states that steps must have a height between 150-170mm. This a requirement for all types of buildings, including: Domestic dwellings.


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