Adobe Creative Cloud - Software Distribution - (2022)

Subscription Overview

Creative Cloud for Enterprise brings together everything needed to empower students, faculty, and staff to create and manage content across mobile, desktop and the web — in a secure way. The Creative Cloud subscription provides the UNC-Chapel Hill community access to the full range of creative desktop apps for digital imaging, design, web and video, plus online services that include 20GB of storage for all students, faculty and staff with a valid Onyen. Best of all, the latest updates, new features, apps and services are available as soon as they’re released. By installing the Adobe Creative Cloud applications, you agree that you will not store any sensitive data in the Adobe cloud-based storage.

Who is eligible for Adobe Creative Cloud?

Students and instructional faculty and staff can use the service at no cost. For non-instructional faculty and staff, the cost is only $20 a year.

Students: Place an order for Adobe CC via the Software Distribution site. Faculty and staff: Click the link below to submit a request for access to Adobe CC. Note: if you already have been issued a Creative Cloud license and want to install it on a new or second computer, please follow the re-installation instructions.

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Student Order

Students: Place a no-cost order at the link above.

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Faculty/Instructional Staff Request

Faculty may request access to Adobe Creative Cloud for instructional use. Staff may request a license for instructional use.

Departmental Orders

All non-instructional employees: Follow the link above for ordering information through ConnectCarolina.

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Installation Instructions

The Adobe CCsoftware is available to the UNC-Chapel Hill community through an Adobe Enterprise subscription model. To begin the installation process, you need to uninstall all old Adobe products from your computer. To uninstall the Adobe software, visit the article: Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems.

If you need further assistance removing Adobe CC, please contact the ITS Service Desk using one of the contact methods listed below. If you do not have any Adobe CC products, you may skip the uninstall process and continue with a clean installation.

if you are experiencing login issues or “Trial Expiration” errors follow this link to download the Limited Access Repair Tool available for both Windows and Mac systems.

Adobe Training

UNC-Chapel Hill students, faculty and staff have several avenues in which to receive training on Adobe products and services. Adobe has many great online tutorials for the various Creative Cloud products. The University also offers free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online training platform that has many specific Creative Cloud product lessons. Finally, the iTunes App Store provides mobile tutorial apps for the creative mind on the go.

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Adobe Learn

Learn directly from Adobe with online tutorials.

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UNC Workshops

The UNC Libraries’ Design Lab and Media Lab provide support for digital media projects using Adobe software. Check out the link above for topics and dates.

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iTunes App Store

Leverage your mobile device to learn Adobe CC skills on the go.

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Products & Services

Adobe Spark:
Create presentations, social media graphics, and videos
Adobe Premiere Clip:
Create amazing videos right on your iPhone or iPad
Adobe Lightroom:
Edit, organize, and share images anywhere, anytime on your mobile device
Adobe Photoshop Mix:
Powerful, easy-to-use tools that let you combine/cut out images for edits
Adobe Photoshop Sketch:
Natural drawing tools and custom brushes
Adobe Acrobat Reader:
View PDF documents from anywhere
Adobe Illustrator Draw:
Create free-form vector designs on your iPad or iPhone
Adobe Illustrator Line:
A precision drawing tool for creating perfectly straight lines, geometric shapes, and more
Adobe Comp CC:
Create layouts on your iPad at the touch of a finger
Adobe Brush CC:
Create custom brushes from photos you capture on your iPhone and iPad
Adobe Shape CC:
Captures shapes with your iPhone or iPad, turning them into vectors you can use in designs
Adobe Hue:
Capture naturally occurring color/light from your surroundings and turn them into filters/effects
Adobe Color CC:
Captures color combinations whereever you are and saves to CC library
Adobe Preview CC:
Preview your designs directly from Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop:
Create composite images, use 3D tools, edit video and perform advanced image analysis
Adobe Illustrator:
Create vector-based graphics for print, web, video, and mobile
Adobe InDesign:”]Design professional layouts for print and digital publishing
Adobe Bridge:
Browse, organize, and search your photos and design files in one central place
Adobe InCopy:
Collaborate in editorial workflows with this solution that tightly integrates with InDesign
Adobe Acrobat Pro:
Create, protect, sign, collaborate on, and print PDF documents
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom:
Organize, edit, and publish digital photographs
Adobe Dreamweaver:
Design, develop and maintain standards-based websites and applications
Adobe Flash Professional:
Create rich interactive content across varied platforms and devices
Adobe Flash Builder Premium:
Build applications for iOS, Android, and Blackberry using a single code base
Adobe Fireworks:
Rapidly prototype websites and applications and optimize web graphics
Adobe Muse:
Design and publish HTML websites without writing code
Adobe Edge Animate:
Create interactive and animated web content with HTML5
Adobe Edge Inspect:
Preview and inspect web designs and content on mobile devices
Adobe Edge Reflow (Preview):
Design responsive CSS layouts for all screen sizes
Adobe Edge Web Fonts:
Access a library of free web fonts to use in your websites
Adobe Scout:
Test and optimize content for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR
Adobe Gaming SDK:
Create and monetize games across devices
Adobe Premiere Pro:
Edit video with high-performance, industry-leading software
Adobe After Effects:
Create industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects
Adobe SpeedGrade:

Manipulate light and color in video footage

Adobe Prelude:
Streamline the import and logging of video, from any video format
Adobe Prelude Live Logger:
Start the production process by logging video on your iPad while shooting footage
Adobe Encore:
Author DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and web DVDs
Adobe Media Encoder:
Automate the process of encoding video and audio to virtually any video or device format
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Cloud Storage:
Get 20 GB per seat of cloud storage for file sharing, collaboration, and syncing
Behance ProSite:
Find inspiration, showcase work, receive feedback, and manage your personal portfolio site
Display your professional, creative portfolio online
Typekit Desktop Fonts:
Over 700 desktop fonts from the growing Typekit library
Adobe Story Plus:
Organize video productions with collaborative screenwriting, reporting, and scheduling tools


A: Yes, for all UNC-Chapel Hill students and instructional faculty/staff as well as all University-owned instructional lab systems.

A limited number of no-cost Adobe Creative Cloud licenses are available for instructional faculty and instructional staff. Requests will be approved for individuals whose work for the University includes one of the following activities:

  • Supporting student use of Adobe Creative Cloud in for-credit courses.
  • Using Adobe Creative Cloud to develop instructional materials for for-credit courses.
  • Supporting labs in which Adobe Creative Cloud is installed: library labs, makerspaces, and departmental computer labs.

A: Yes, you can install it on up to two systems. Just be aware that if you disable cloud storage synchronization, the data files created on each system will not be automatically updated on all systems; they will only be stored locally.

A: If your status changes, simply email with your new status so we can update your membership. If you went from being a student to a non-instructional faculty/staff member, you will need to have your department order Adobe CC for you to continue using it.

(Video) 4 Create Application Packages Using The Adobe Admin console.

A: You can still get Adobe CC through your department via ConnectCarolina/ePro for $20 per year.

A: Certainly! Please email with the Onyens of both the leaving and arriving staff member so we can update and create the necessary accounts. The license will be good for the remainder of the annual Adobe license term and will be automatically billed and renewed at the end of November.

A: First and foremost, make sure to back up all of your Adobe CC data files locally. Once your Onyen is deactivated, you will no longer be able to log into the Adobe CC applications with your University email address. If you would like to continue using Adobe CC after your departure, Adobe has several options available for purchase.

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How do I get an AEM jar? ›

  1. Ensure Java is installed. ...
  2. Get a copy of the AEM QuickStart Jar and a license. ...
  3. Create a folder structure on your computer like the following: ...
  4. Rename the QuickStart JAR to aem-author-p4502. ...
  5. Make a copy of the QuickStart JAR, rename it to aem-publish-p4503. ...
  6. Double-click the aem-author-p4502.
19 Jul 2022

How to install an Adobe package? ›

How to download your Creative Cloud apps
  1. Sign in at, then click either Download or Install for the app you want to install. ...
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to launch the installer.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
3 Jul 2022

What does an adobe experience manager do? ›

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. AEM makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets.

Is Adobe Experience Manager Self hosted? ›

Adobe Managed Services outsources the hosting and uptime to Adobe via Amazon Web Services while AEM Cloud Management is a self-hosted option available.

What is AEM as a cloud service? ›

What is AEM as a Cloud Service? AEM as a cloud service is the next-generation platform to build and serve experiences using Adobe Experience Manager. It is designed to leverage the power of cloud technologies to develop and host AEM solutions.

How many computers can I install Adobe Creative Cloud on? ›

On how many computers can I download and install Creative Cloud apps? Your individual Creative Cloud license lets you install apps on more than one computer and activate (sign in) on two. However, you can use your apps on only one computer at a time.

Can you create your own Adobe package? ›

Use this package to give your users complete control of the Adobe applications and updates that they can download and install. If your users do not have Administrator credentials to manage applications and updates, then you can create a Self-Service package for them.

How big is Adobe Creative Cloud? ›

A free Creative Cloud membership gives you access to file syncing and sharing features and 2 GB of storage space.

Does Nike use AEM? ›

It's no surprise that some of the world's most well-known businesses, like Kelloggs, Ford, T-Mobile, Samsung, Nike, and GoPro are using Adobe Experience Manager. These companies are aware that Adobe Experience Manager is the best way to achieve tailored, content-driven experiences at a reasonable price.

Why is AEM better than CMS? ›

AEM Sites enables you to build and manage sites that have a responsive design from a single platform. You can also manage multiple websites in different languages while operating from a centralized location.

What is Adobe management system? ›

Adobe Experience Manager is a cloud-native, API-first content and asset management platform that lets brands easily deliver customer experiences across all channels and devices.

Does Amazon use AEM? ›

This Quick Start deploys an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) OpenCloud architecture on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud with high-availability features, which includes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, and Amazon CloudFront.

Is AEM Paas or SAAS? ›

AEM as a Cloud Service is a native cloud solution or so-called Software as a Service (SaaS).

Which server does AEM use? ›

The AEM server is Java-based and runs on most operating systems that support that platform.

What is the difference between AEM and AEM as a cloud service? ›

Understand that in Managed Service, Cloud, AEM installation, maintenance and upgrades are all Adobe's responsibility.
AEM Cloud Service Vs Managed Services.
Adobe Manages ServicesAEM as a Cloud Service
Hosting offer for AEMSoftware as a Service (SaaS)
Fixed size of environments (can be scaled on demand)Autoscaling
3 more rows
25 May 2021

What is a benefit of AEM as a cloud service? ›

With AEM Cloud Service, Adobe takes care of updating all running instances to the latest code base. Updates will be pushed silently without any downtime. Self-sustaining and always learning: AEM Cloud Service keeps on learning and evolving itself based on the projects implemented by our customers.

What are the core components in AEM? ›

Core Content
  • AEM Forms Container.
  • Accordion.
  • Button.
  • Carousel.
  • Container.
  • Content Fragment.
  • Content Fragment List.
  • Core Form Container.

Can an Adobe license be used on multiple computers? ›

Your individual license lets you install your Adobe app on more than one computer, sign in (activate) on two, but use it on only one computer at a time.

Can you use an Adobe Creative Cloud license on multiple computers? ›

Adobe Creative Cloud can be installed on as many computers as you wish, but only two of them can be activated at any given time. If you attempt to activate a third computer, you will receive a notification and an opportunity to deactivate one of the other instances.

Can Adobe Creative Cloud be used on multiple devices? ›

You can install Adobe CC on as many devices as you like, but you will ONLY be allowed to be signed into 2 devices concurrently. Should you attempt to sign into a third device you will be prompted with the "You've reached your device activation limit" window.

How do I package Adobe Creative Cloud? ›

Create packages to deploy Creative Cloud for teams
  1. Log in to the Admin Console. ...
  2. Download Creative Cloud Packager. ...
  3. Install Creative Cloud Packager. ...
  4. Select Creative Cloud for teams. ...
  5. Create a package. ...
  6. Add package details. ...
  7. Specify a language. ...
  8. Select apps to include.
11 Jan 2017

What is a package in AEM? ›

A package is a zip file holding repository content in the form of a file-system serialization (called “vault” serialization). This provides an easy-to-use-and-edit representation of files and folders. Packages include content, both page-content and project-related content, selected using filters.

Where is Adobe Creative Cloud hosted? ›

Creative Cloud was initially hosted on Amazon Web Services, but a new agreement with Microsoft has the software, beginning with the 2017 version, hosted on Microsoft Azure.

How much RAM is needed to run Adobe Creative Cloud? ›

In order to run Adobe Creative Suite, your laptop needs a minimum of 8 GB RAM. In this article, we'll be discussing laptops that have RAM counts as low as 8GB and as high as 32GB.

Is Adobe Creative Cloud free? ›

Adobe offers you a free Creative Cloud membership, which comes with a host of benefits. Even if you have not subscribed to a Creative Cloud plan, you can take advantage of the free Creative Cloud membership.

How do I add a third party jar in AEM? ›

If you want to use API's from a 3rd party jar in AEM then it needs to be added to AEM OSGI. If you try to upload a 3rd party jar in osgi then it won't, get uploaded. To upload it in osgi it needs to be osgi specific with MANIFEST. MF file.

How do I download bundles from AEM console? ›

I went to /system/console/bundles and looked for saml and found that the bundle hosting the class file had number 149. This can vary from system to system. To download the jar/bundle from AEM you can go to the below location crx-quickstart/launchpad/felix/bundle149/version0. 0.

How do I convert a jar to a bundle in AEM? ›

Create a new Plugin project by selection File-> New -> Project... -> Plug-in Development -> "Plug-in from Existing JAR Archives" Select jars you want to have in this new plugin(bundle). Enter other plugin data(name, version, id etc.).

How do I start a local AEM? ›

Set up local AEM Publish service
  1. Create the folder ~/aem-sdk/publish.
  2. Copy the Quickstart JAR file to ~/aem-sdk/publish and rename it to aem-publish-p4503.jar.
  3. Start the local AEM Publish Service by executing the following from the command line: java -jar aem-publish-p4503.jar. Provide the admin password as admin .

What is third party dependencies? ›

Third-Party Dependency means any Open-Source Software product used or required by the Software.

How do I publish a jar? ›

Publish JAR To Central Maven Repository
  1. Steps to Publish to Central Maven Repository. ...
  2. Configure POM File for Distribution Management.
  3. Configure POM File for Nexus Staging Plugin.
  4. Configure POM File for Sources.
  5. Configure POM File for JavaDoc.
  6. Configure POM File for Signing JAR Files.
  7. Configure settings.xml.
  8. Publish JAR File.
25 Jan 2020

How do I add a dependency in AEM? ›

Adding a new package or library dependency for an AEM project
  1. Type in the package name: e.g. ''
  2. Note the version that is present there (AEM may or not have the given package available)
2 Mar 2017

What is package and bundle in AEM? ›

AEM uses Apache Felix implementation. A bundle is the smallest unit of the modularization which means in OSGi, a software component is a bundle. In AEM, along with out of the box bundles, we can also install our custom bundles very easily. So without further ado, let us start creating an OSGi bundle.

What is a bundle in AEM? ›

The bundle is the unit of deployment for an application. This article is meant for developers wanting to create OSGi service or a servlet using AEM Forms 6.4 or 6.5.

How do you deploy bundles in AEM? ›

How to Deploy a Bundle to AEM. Display Data on JSP from OSGI Service.
Go to http://localhost:4502/system/console/bundles.
  1. Click Install/Update on Top-right corner to open bundle upload window.
  2. Select check box for start bundle, to start bundle immediately.
  3. Upload the jar file and click install.
26 Jul 2016

What is an OSGi bundle? ›

OSGi is a Java framework for developing and deploying modular software programs and libraries. Each bundle is a tightly coupled, dynamically loadable collection of classes, jars, and configuration files that explicitly declare their external dependencies (if any).

How do you make an OSGi bundle? ›

  1. Click File > New > Other > OSGi > OSGi Bundle Project, and then click Next.
  2. In the wizard, specify the name of your project.
  3. Optional: Clear the Add bundle to application option, and click Next twice.
  4. To build and deploy the service outside of the Plug-in Development Environment build, remove . ...
  5. Click Finish.

How do I create a bundle in jar? ›

Creating an OSGi bundle from a JAR file in the file system
  1. Access the Import wizard. ...
  2. Choose OSGi > Java Archive into an OSGi Bundle. ...
  3. Choose the JAR file. ...
  4. Choose a bundle or create a new bundle to add the JAR file to. ...
  5. Click Next to proceed to the packages screen of the wizard.
27 May 2022


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