Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (2022)

New to Amazon A+ Content? You’re in the right place.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has made another great addition to improving the author experience with the A+ content feature. If this is your first time to hear about Amazon A+ content, this is what it is, according to KDP:

“A+ Content allows you to add images, text, and comparison tables to your Amazon detail page to engage readers and give them more information as they consider buying your book.”

The question you might be asking: “Is this at all relevant to my author branding, book sales, and overall reader experience?”

The answer: “Yes!” It matters to all of these features, and more.

We’ll post the overview video below, by best-selling author and Self-Publishing School book coach, Scott Allen, but if you get stuck, refer to this full article below for step-by-step instructions.

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This guide to Amazon A+ Content covers:

  1. What is Amazon A+?
  2. Why you should add Amazon A+ Content
  3. Examples of fiction Amazon A+ Content
  4. Examples of nonfiction Amazon A+ Content
  5. Which Amazon marketplaces support Amazon A+ Content?
  6. How to access Amazon A+ Content
  7. How to create your Amazon A+ Content
  8. How to publish Amazon A+ across international marketplaces
  9. A+ Content guidelines from Amazon
  10. Final tips and suggestions
  11. Is Amazon A+ content worth it?

Amazon A+ Content: Comprehensive Guide

Amazon is always whipping up new things! Now, it’s a way for self-published authors to better compete with traditionally published ones.

Amazon A+ Content Before

Up until now, A+ content was available to publishers only as a means to deeply promote an author’s work and, of course, increase book sales and visibility with images and text. This feature was originally designed for subscribers of Advantage, and it was clearly not for authors back then.

But Advantage had closed its doors in 2014 to new account holders and so, the only way to access A+ Content was to connect with someone that had already been grandfathered into the Advantage program. However, you most likely didn’t have an advantage account in more than one country or region. So, if you had an account for the UK, you could only promote with Amazon A+ Content in that country.

Now, the game has flipped.

With this new feature, self-published authors can access A+ Content and publish to any location where Amazon is active with KDP (and that is over 12 locations).

Note: the only exception is Japan. In order to publish Amazon A+ content in Japan, you must go to the site directly and upload it there at:

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What is Amazon A+?

Amazon A+ Content allows you to add images, text, and comparison tables to your Amazon detail page to engage readers and give them more information as they consider buying your book.

Add A+ content to your detail page to make your book stand out, connect readers with your books, and share more about your author story.

In this post, we will walk you through the steps you need to take full advantage of the Amazon A+ content.

You can add details to your book page under the From the Publishers section.

This is a game changer for self published authors provided that you stick within the guidelines and don’t add any links out to promotions or affiliates.

If you’re promoting a single book (or a book series) the A+ content is a great feature you want to take advantage of!

Why You Should Add Amazon A+ Content

You can use this feature with any book published on the KDP platform. By publishing Amazon A+ content to your book’s page under the From the Publisher section, you will be able to:

  1. Showcase your branding.
  2. Reveal key features of your book through visuals
  3. Make your book more attractive to potential buyers (and we all want more buyers)
  4. Add exclusive testimonials to your work to reveal author credibility!
  5. Create timelines for fiction to show the timeline for individual characters
  6. Use graphics to compare different books you have and the differences between them. Again, great for comparing a series.
  7. Create a carousel for characters or, for nonfiction, the benefits of your book on a rotating carousel.

The more you work with Amazon A+ content, you will experience more advantages than we could list here. The potential is exponential for growth of your brand and market to help you sell more books.

Amazon A+ Content Examples

As we dive deeper into setting up your A+ content, let’s take a look at some of the pages that have already been created by several authors and/or publishing companies.

Fiction examples:

Andy Weir, author of The Martian, has a bestseller on Amazon Project Hail Mary with amazing Amazon A+ content.

In this content, the publisher has used a visual approach to showcasing this bestselling sci-fi book with a header and three smaller images.

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (1)

From master storyteller Stephen King and his latest book Billy Summers, very powerful branding around the look of his book. Notice there is little text and the focus is more on the images with the hook and testimonials.

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (2)

Nonfiction examples:

Here are two of my favorite examples for nonfiction Amazon A+ content:

From Designing the Mind author Ryan A Bush comes a unique blend of brand imaging plus embedded text for deeper description of the book.

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (3)
Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (4)

Self-Publishing School’s very own prolific author Bill Miller has used a nice blend with his business book The Rookie CEO, showcasing the award from Book Authority and testimonials from CEOs.

(Video) More Book Sales By A+ Content of Amazon KDP | A+ Content KDP | Self Publishing

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (5)

One of my favorites (for simplicity) is Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power.

He really captures the browser’s attention with the colors of his book’s branding. The captions are very easy to read.

Note that he has included the ASINs for his relevant works below.

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (6)

Which Amazon marketplaces support Amazon A+ Content?

That’s the great plus that comes with this feature. You can use Amazon A+ in most countries where KDP is available. These stores include:

Amazon A+ Content can be published in a variety of marketplaces but readers only see that content if they are viewing it in their preferred language.

After A+ content is published, if your book is available in multiple marketplaces, KDP will identify the other marketplaces that support the language of your Amazon A+ content and copy a draft of that content into the applicable marketplaces where your book is live.

Depending on their language of preference, readers will see the A+ Content in the store relevant to the specific language.

How to Access Amazon A+ Content

Sign into your KDP account. From the tabs at the top, click into the marketing tab on the far right.

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (7)

Scroll down until you come to the Amazon A+ Content section. From there, you can move to the right and under the marketplace, select the store for A+ content.

If you prefer to create your Amazon A+ content in another country and in another language, you can do that as well. We will discuss this in more detail further on. Let’s use the store as an example to set this up.

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (8)

How to Create Your Amazon A+ Content

This is where the fun begins! Before we dive into this, there is one very important tool I would encourage you to begin using if you haven’t already, and that is…Canva!

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (9)

By learning the ropes for creativity, Canva allows you to make creative images with text for just about anything. You can use the free version, or go PRO for just $97 a year. If you’re not certain if pro is for you, start with the free feature (like I did) and upgrade later as you expand your branding and content.

Now, creating Amazon A+ content. Here is a step by step tutorial for everything you need from A to Z and a complete breakdown of how to add A+ content to your page in less than ten minutes.

Setting Up Amazon A+ Content

Click the button that says “Start creating A+ content” in the top-right.

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (10)

Now, you’re in the content details page that allows you to set up the Amazon A+ content. In the “Content” section, name your A+ content.

You can use the name of your book, an acronym for your title, or call it anything else that makes sense to you. Only you will see this.

(Video) How To Create A+ Content On Amazon in 2022 | Step By Step Tutorial

Now, choose your language from the dropdown menu:

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (11)

Creating Image and Text Modules in Amazon A+ Content

Next, click on the button that says Add Module. You can find it in the center of the page:

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (12)

Now, you’ll see a plethora of “module” choices for creating your content.

You can add up to five modules for each piece of Amazon A+ content.

There are a lot of styles to choose from, so instead of getting bogged down in decision fatigue, keep it simple with basic images.

Create “something” and publish it. You can upgrade it later. We want you to create and publish your Amazon A+ content today, so pick a module and run with it.

Here are the choices for modules authors have as of now:

  • Standard Company Logo: You can put a company/personal logo. Unlike other image options on this list, this image space is smaller, and will be shown in Amazon’s dimensions of 600×180 pixels.
  • Standard Comparison Chart: Create tables that compare your product to other products.
  • Standard Four Image & Text: Four images and text that can describe specific features of the product for greater detail.
Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (13)
  • Standard Four Image/Text Quadrant: Similar to the first set of four images and text (with a different layout)
  • Standard Image and Dark Text Overlay: You can attach a larger image, and put text above it, with a dark overlay. (One of my favorites!)
  • Standard Image and Light Text Overlay: Same as the above, but with a white overlay that includes a “hero image.”
Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (14)
  • Standard Image Header with Text: This is a standard image header with some text underneath it, and looks great for positioning at the top of your Amazon A+ content. Note examples above are using this.
  • Standard Multiple Image Module A: This is a great option for having several images that your readers can click through, to show different pieces of the book. For dogs, various types, or if you did a book on gardening, it could be for showcasing the various plants discussed in the book.
  • Standard Product Description Text: This is a standard text section aligned on the left side for greater detail.
Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (15)
  • Standard Single Image and Highlights: A specially formatted section with an image and several key highlights, which can be formatted in various ways.
  • Standard Single Image and Sidebar: Similar to the Single Image with Highlights, this section also includes a sidebar, making it ideal for trying to fit in a lot of information in one section.
  • Standard Single Image and Specs Details: Similar to the Single Image with Highlights or Sidebar, in this version, you also get a “Specs” addition for things like technical highlights, which could be great for non-fiction.
Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (16)
  • Standard Single Left Image: This is a simple image on the left with text on the right.
  • Standard Single Right Image: This is a simple image on the right, with text on the left.
  • Standard Technical Specifications: This is a table that allows you to add various technical specs to your Amazon A+ content.
  • Standard Text: A simple heading and text field.
  • Standard Three Images and Text: Three images with text underneath them.
Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (17)

Now that you know what the options are, it’s obvious you have a plethora of choices to mix and match for creative design. We would recommend checking out what other books in your genre are using, and basing your style from what is working or best suits the branding for your style.

Apply ASINs

Under Add ASINs, search for ASINs to apply the Amazon A+ content you created to all your product detail pages. After you add your book’s ASIN, it will appear in the Applied ASINs section. To make it easier to add multiple formats of your book, you can add multiple ASINs to one project. Click Apply ASINs after your selection is complete.

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (18)

Next, you can add your Amazon A+ content to as many other books as you want.

Tip: Your books should match up as in a series or in the same genre.

In addition: Add the ASINs for your paperback books, too.

Review and Submit Your Content

Now that you have created your content, as Seth Godin says: it’s time to ship it!

You can preview the content before submitting in case any last changes need to be made. When it all looks good, click on submit for approval and you’re done.

The great feature with this marketing tactic is that your content is available on desktop and mobile devices.

Amazon generally approves A+ content within 24 hours, but it could be faster depending how many times you’ve created it. In our experience, the first time for approval takes the longest but improves with speed once your content is in their ecosystem.

(Video) How To Build A+ Content on Seller Central

But once you publish Amazon A+ Content in one marketplace, you can look into…

How to Publish Amazon A+ Across International Marketplaces

Yes, you can publish A+ Content in most international marketplaces, but you will have to create separate content for each marketplace. If the marketplace is using the same language (Example: English for the US, CAN, UK, AUS), Amazon will duplicate this content across other markets.

Readers will only see the content for the language that they are signed in for. So, if you publish your Amazon A+ content in France, but it’s written in English, only users signed in with English as their preferred language will see it.

Here are the tables provided by Amazon for clarity on where to publish your A+ Content depending on language:

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (19)

Here is a list of the supported languages by marketplace:

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (20)

To copy and publish to other marketplaces, you can follow these steps:

To publish copied content:

  • Go to the KDP Marketing page.
  • Scroll to the A+ Content section.
  • Choose the applicable marketplace.
  • Click Manage A+ Content. This will take you to the A+ Content Manager page for that marketplace.
  • Check the Show auto-created content box.
  • Click the Content name.
  • Follow the steps to create A+ Content.
  • Click Submit for approval when you’re ready to publish.

A+ Content Guidelines from Amazon

Before submitting your content, we recommend you run through Amazon’s checklist for Amazon A+ Content Guidelines and take note of everything that is listed under the main headings:

Fix top content issues

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (21)

Image and text formatting

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (22)

Claims and awards

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (23)

Content restrictions

Amazon A+ Content: NEW Ultimate Guide [Sell More Books!] (24)

Updating and Resubmitting Content

If there is something in your content that needs tweaking or goes against Amazon’s A+ guidelines, Amazon will not approve the content and you will have to fix it and submit for approval once more.

To submit updates:

  • From the A+ Content Manager page, search for the ASIN you want to edit.
  • Click the Content name.
  • Input your changes.
  • Click Apply ASINs.
  • Click Submit for approval.

Final Tips and Suggestions for Creating Great Amazon A+ Content

  1. Avoid using lots of text. The Amazon A+ content allows publishers to utilize various styles for showcasing your book. But keep descriptive text to a minimum. Just because you CAN add lots of text to images doesn’t mean that you should. Browsers will most likely not stop for ten minutes to read a lot of text.
  2. Any numbers less than ten should be spelled out.
  3. Use Canva to create your images. You can also outsource this to Fiverr as there are several freelancers who can do this. But we do recommend trying it yourself as it’s relatively easy to set up.
  4. Try creating your content in various languages for international marketplaces.
  5. Pay attention to the guidelines to prevent your content from being rejected, and continue to improve on your creativity for showcasing your branding.

Is A+ Content Worth it?

In this post we’ve taken an in-depth look into Amazon A+ content and all the features it provides authors for becoming more savvy in marketing branding and thus, increasing book sales and readership. So yes, A+ is definitely worth your time to set up, and it should only take 20-30 minutes.

Tell us about your experience with Amazon A+ Content, and what are you using it for? Inserting an infographic, a timeline, or promoting your series?

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Does Amazon A+ content increase sales? ›

It brings your product to the limelight by allowing you to display big, eye-catching images and highlight every benefit and feature of your product. As Amazon tells us, A+ helps improve conversion rates – product listings using A+ Content have 10% higher sales than non-A+ product listings.

How do you add a+ content to books on Amazon? ›

Amazon A+ Content for Books [TUTORIAL]: Make Your ... - YouTube

Is KDP A+ content free? ›

As of July 2021, the ability to create A+ content is free for any self-publisher with a book (print or eBook) published using KDP or eBooks using Kindle pre-order. Think of A+ Content as a sales tool for your book as well as for you, the author. It can be used for fiction and nonfiction alike.

Does a+ content increase conversion rate? ›

Amazon likes to claim that the A+ content feature can result in higher conversions and an increase in sales—sometimes by as much as 10 percent.

Does a+ content increase sales? ›

Every one of your products on Amazon should have A+ Content. The more quality, accurate content you have for your products, the better experience you provide for the shopper, and the more sales you will earn. Rich content helps you show up in user searches while providing helpful information to those same users.

How long does a+ content review take? ›

A+ Content approval can take up to seven days, but we have also seen content approved within a matter of hours. Keep an eye on the status of your content within Seller Central. Occasionally A+ Content can be rejected and this is usually down to making claims that fall outside of Amazon's policies.

How do I add videos to my Amazon book? ›

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How many modules can a+ content have? ›

A+ Content is an enriched description available for product pages of brands enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. To create A+ Content the brand owner must sell to Amazon or on Amazon. A+ Content structure can contains up to seven modules out of 17 available standard ones.

What is premium A+ content? ›

What is Premium A+ Content? Amazon Premium A+ Content, or Amazon A++ Content, is an exclusive tool that goes a level beyond basic A+ Content, giving brands the ability to showcase their product's most important features and benefits with a modern, visually appealing structure.

Does a+ content cost money? ›

Free and unlimited for both vendors and sellers, Amazon A+ Content is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic and sales — and to cross-promote your other products.

What is Amazon a1 content? ›

Amazon A+ Content refers to a listing product description, which helps sellers to share their brand's story with features of enhanced image and video content.

What is the A+ feature on Amazon? ›

Amazon A+ Content is the tool that enables brand owners to describe product features in an advanced way: add detailed descriptions, charts, videos, high-quality images, custom copy (e.g. brand stories). A+ Content feature is designed to help sellers and vendors increase traffic, conversion rate and sales.

What is Amazon brand story? ›

The Amazon Brand Story feature enables you to differentiate yourself from the competition. If used wisely, it can reinforce your branding, showcase your product catalog and help drive more sales. However, it pushes your A+ section further down the page.

Does a+ content help SEO? ›

Conclusion: Amazon A+ content is one of the best ways to elevate Amazon SEO by optimizing the product content by using high-quality images and visuals. The Amazon A+ content templates guide you and offer several modules that use meaningful and informative content to highlight your product and the brand.

Is A+ content indexed? ›

One thing to keep in mind that many sellers do not realize is that once you have an A+ Content description, the text is NOT indexed in Amazon. Meaning that if you only have certain keywords in your A+ Content, and nowhere else in your listing, the chances are you are not searchable for this in Amazon.

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace, and smart sellers will use all tools available to get an edge—especially when they’re free.

Amazon A+ Content, aka Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a feature that allows sellers to add more images and other product information to their Amazon listings in a more visually appealing manner.. It is named so because it enhances the listing’s content, allowing sellers to connect more with customers by adding information about the brand as well as the product.. A+ Content is available for free to sellers who own brands that are registered under Amazon Brand Registry.. A++ Content contains features that EBC does not have.. Amazon A+ Content (aka EBC)Amazon A++ Content (aka A+ Premium) Can be accessed by sellers registered under Amazon Brand RegistryInvite-onlyFreePaid (can be between $250,000 and $500,000 per year)Limited to 5 modulesLimited to 7 modulesHas fewer featuresHas more features Brand Registry was created to protect your brand against counterfeiters, but it’s also necessary to get access to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content.. Brand name with an active registered or pending trademark Pictures of the brand on either the packaging or the product Trademark registration number provided by the Intellectual Property Office you applied with A list of product categories in which your brand should be listed. Note, however, that not all sellers may register their brands under the Amazon Brand Registry.. If it’s rejected, Amazon will let you know what changes you need to make.. This EBC contains large lifestyle photos along with the product’s features.. It’s important to not overwhelm customers with information and pictures, but make sure that when you’re designing your A+ Content, your spaces are placed deliberately.. Here’s an example that uses images instead of preset modules.. Your A+ Content is meant to increase conversion and give more info about your product, but don’t include too much text.

In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know about A+ Content.

Amazon Premium A+ Content A+ Content best practices Amazon A+ Content guidelines Amazon A+ Content templates Good Amazon A+ Content examples How to create A+ Content. Amazon A+ Content is enhanced product detail for your Amazon product pages that can take many forms, including high-quality images, comparison charts, video content, FAQs and more.. As you can see, if executed correctly, Amazon A+ Content can enable brands to differentiate themselves from competitors, build customer trust, increase conversion rates, and establish long-term brand loyalty.. Did you know that you can go beyond A+ Content?. They’ll click away before they read it (if they even come to the page at all).. By using A+ Content to inform your customers about the product, you increase the likelihood that shoppers make the right purchase.. A+ Content is available to any sellers or vendors whose brand appears on Amazon’s Brand Registry.. We’ve seen online sellers increase conversion rates by more than 25% – just by improving their imagery.. Lifestyle images must show the product in use, unless it’s a brand image telling the brand story.. By focusing on creating A+ content for top-selling items, Craft put themselves in position to achieve a higher conversion rate and get the best possible ROI.. Below, you’ll see an Amazon A+ Content example that shows how brands can use the feature to provide technical details and educate consumers on how to use the product.

What is Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content (now A+)? How to create A+ content on Amazon? Discover the best practices for using A+ content here.

Amazon A+ Content (formerly known as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content) is a feature that allows sellers to customize the look of their product listings to make them more appealing to customers.. Amazon A+ Content Ultimate GuideAs an Amazon Seller, you are probably familiar with the numerous features Amazon provides its sellers to make running an online business easier.. Amazon A+ Content (previously called Amazon Enhanced Brand Content) is one of those useful features.. A+ Content or Amazon EBC is a premium content feature available to brand registered sellers that allows them to customize the product description area with visually rich content (enhanced image and video content).. Sellers who use A+ Content can:. Include a “What’s in the Box” section in product listings so that the customer can know what the product package will contain.. However, one of the best features of A+ Content is that it allows sellers to place all of the information on a listing page, so users can see it without having to navigate to new pages.. Remember that you’re working to improve the visual component of your listings, so use high-quality images and try to write interesting headings.. To access this feature, go to Seller Central and look for “Manage Your Experiments” in the A+ Content Manager.

Amazon now has a new option for Authors to market their book and their brand. Learn how to use A+ content in your book marketing efforts.

Amazon now allows authors to create A+ content for display on their Amazon sales page for books.. Amazon A+ Content is additional content that goes on your Amazon sales page.. Amazon A+ content is created via your KDP marketing page.. Amazon A+ content can be used with any published KDP book.. You can also use A+ content in most of Amazon’s marketplaces, where KDP is available, these include:. Four Image & Text : This is a space with four images and accompanying text, great for listing off specific features.. Make sure the images you have are professional and match the brand/genre you’re trying to illustrate Keep your description concise and to the point Focus on action words and phrases, with the intent to entice the reader to action (aka buying your book) Tell a story that helps readers understand more about you and/or your books Revise thoroughly. We’ll talk about some of the things you shouldn’t put in your text in our content guidelines section.. Once this is done, you’ll be able to add that A+ content that you just created, to however many books you want.

Amazon, even though it is the name of the world's largest rainforest, brings in the image of a fascinating online shopping website where you can find almost everything you want. The first prominent e-commerce website that changed the course of the retail landscape, Amazon is one of the most influent

Hence, brands should take their Amazon A+ product detail pages very seriously.. This fight for better visibility and faster conversions includes several digital marketing strategies.. Amazon introduced the A+ content service on and it was initially a premium service, available to certain kinds of vendors only.. A+ Content writing services allows users to include content like enhanced product descriptions with the help of targeted custom paragraph headers and images, distinct images and text layouts, comparison charts, numbered feature index, visibility on the product description part of Amazon detail page.. Amazon A+ product detail pages can boost conversions by up to 3%-10% .. You can make use of the pre-formatted text and image templates provided by Amazon or you can even build your own.. Any brand owner who is listed as a professional seller according to the amazon brand registry process along with new brand owners who are a part of selling programs like Launchpad and Amazon exclusive, can have access to A+ content.. Amazon A+ Content Writing Services should not be confused with another very similar Amazon content, called Amazon A+ + content.. In order to make the most of this feature and appeal to the right customers, there are a few points that should be kept in mind.. Bring out the best features of your product using the right keywords and images that will compel the buyers to add the product to their cart.. In a space that has several brands offering the same products, A+ content helps brand owners to target the audience in an authentic way.. A+ content services can help boost your sales by appealing to the right customers in the right way.. You can get your customers hooked to the product page with the help of a carousel and videos, all of which helps them frame a better image about the products.. With better product knowledge at hand, customers are likely to make wise buying decisions that will bring them better satisfaction.

The complete guide to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), a version of A+ detail pages, now available for Third Party Brand Sellers.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) was introduced to sellers in 2016.. Adding EBC to your product detail pages may result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is a premium content feature that allows sellers to modify a product description field of their branded ASINs with enhanced images and text.. And 2) Brief product description (see Image C below):. If you upload images larger than Amazon’s suggested image specifications, Amazon will auto-resize the image to fit.. Does the current product description remain on the ASIN after adding EBC?. “But, if I go to a competitor’s page and see that it’s much more built out with enhanced images and product details, I’m more likely to purchase the competitor’s product.”. “Enhanced Brand Content provides additional real estate to answer the questions that customers could have about your product.. “With Polaris Optics specifically, for every product detail page that we implemented Enhanced Brand Content, we saw an improvement in conversion rate,” Gisch said.. There are no limitations on how many EBC product detail pages you can have but keep in mind EBC is definitely more effective for some product or category groups over others.. If the product is in technology, appliances, or some type of product that has a lot of features and functions that are difficult to convey in the images, bullet points, and descriptions, than using EBC to further explain can really help a product make sales.

There have been massive changes in the way people are buying things all over the world. Consumers are using technology to order their goods and services online from the safety of their homes. They are making use of eCommerce websites like Amazon to get the delivery of items right on their doorstep.

Focus On Product Title Optimize Your Product Description Use High-Quality Images and Videos Identify Keywords Product Reviews. Mention the USP of Your Product: Enter information unique to your product, details that distinguish you from your competitor.. Amazon gives you 2000 words to explain carefully why your product is unique and superior to other similar products.. Add Correct Details: View the product description as virtual packaging information for your product.. The product images should catch the customer’s attention and enable them to visualize the product in their hands.. Optimal Number: Amazon allows you nine product images, 7 of which are available in the product listing.. Amazon uses keywords to rank your product in a particular category.. Reviews are an important part of improving the rank of your Amazon product listing.. This post explains some major tips and tricks to optimize your Amazon product listing to get better traffic and sales.

Learn how to create amazing product pages for your books with the new Amazon A+ Content tool. Now available for authors!

Amazon A+ Content adds new formatting modules that let you add visuals, including photos, charts, sidebars, and more.. Amazon A+ Content is a new marketing option for KDP.. A+ Content is formatted into modules, and you can customize your book pages with modules by adding images, sidebars, and charts.. Under the A+ Content section, you’ll need to choose your marketplace to get started.. There are 17 modules.. From here, you can add the text you want, and the images, if necessary.. Here is where you will add modules to your book pages.. You can add the same module to several book pages at once.. Four images & text OR three images & text.

can we let you in on a little secret? Amazon product videos can change your life. literally. sure— that might not be an actual secret. but think about this: are you getting the most from your Amazon product videos?

Amazon product videos can change your life.. but think about this: are you getting the most from your Amazon product videos?. we put together this ultimate guide to Amazon product videos so you can spend less time creating video content and more time watching those Amazon sales flourish.. it’s easy to see how adding video content to your Amazon product listings can help boost your ecommerce sales.. Amazon restricts who can post videos to product listings to two primary categories: marketplace sellers and vendors.. marketplace sellers who own a registered brand (according to Amazon’s Brand Registry ) can post video content to their product listings through A+ content.. there are a few things you should consider before you dive head-first into the world of Amazon product video production.. what’s your goal for your product video?. here are five examples of the most effective types of product videos for your product listing.. product highlight videos are one of the most common forms of Amazon product videos.. the best product highlight videos are clean and focus solely on the product.. product comparison videos can be one of the most compelling types of ecommerce videos that you can add to your Amazon product page.. a great example of this type of video is product reviews or customer testimonial videos.. then an explainer video might be just what your Amazon product page is missing.this is your moment to really showcase the how of your product.

Here’s what you need to know about the factors that affect your product’s organic visibility on Amazon.

A9 is the system responsible for ranking product results on Amazon, and although it shares some similarities to traditional search engine algorithms like Google’s, there are a number of differentiators that will affect your listing’s visibility.. Optimizing products for search on Amazon begins before your listing goes live.. “Amazon matches [keyword searches] against the information (title, description, and so on) that you provide for a product,” Amazon Seller Central’s page on optimizing listings explains.. In Sellers should include relevant keywords within their product listing title, product description, key product features bullet points and the backend search terms (the keywords hidden from customers that sellers can add to a product’s catalog data).. An organic product result for the search term “indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers,” with the searched keywords circled in red.“The number one thing that I would recommend for keyword research is harvesting your advertising,” said Nancy-lee McLaughlin, director of marketplace search for digital marketing agency Tinuiti.. Enhanced brand content (EBC) and A+ enhanced marketing content (A+ EMC) let brand owners spiff up their product detail pages with rich content options such as enhanced images, charts and text placements.. These content formats may increase your sales by as much as 10%, according to Amazon, and the A9 algorithm rewards products that sell well.. Both formats share many of the same features, but EBC is for Brand Registered sellers (brands that have registered with Amazon and are using the platform to sell directly to customers) whereas A+ EMC is for Vendor Central merchants (such as manufacturers and distributors) that sell their products to Amazon, which then resells them to customers.. If you’re low or out of inventory, you can forget about Amazon surfacing your product in search results.. While you’ll have more direct control over your product description, price and availability, success on Amazon also depends on how quickly you’re able to convert — commonly referred to as “sales velocity.” Images and enhanced content formats, mentioned above, along with advertising, fulfillment method and ratings and reviews can all bolster your sales velocity, which will ultimately feed into your listing’s organic visibility.. However, paid placements take up prime slots on the search results page, which can increase traffic to a product listing and drive sales.. One of the ways you can get products to customers quickly is through Amazon’s own program: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).. The Prime badge leverages Amazon’s own branding for your products and includes your listings when shoppers use the Prime filter to narrow down results.. A9 looks at your title and product descriptions to determine relevance, the price you set to provide customers with products they’re likely to buy, your availability to ensure that you can fulfill orders and your sales velocity to evaluate how much you’re making for Amazon.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll get the nuts and bolts about how Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) works. Read this article to learn more!

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a convenient solution for those Amazon sellers who don’t want to waste time on shipping, logistics, and customer service.. This way, businesses can focus on improving sales and profit.. Now, let’s see how we can go and find the best FBA items.. Ok, so it’s not all about the product.. You can also check out the Amazon FBA calculator to make sure the listings you choose for the FBA program are actually profitable.

Understand the factors that impact whether your (or your clients') products are visible to the millions of users searching and buying on Amazon.

On August 9, Search Engine Journal hosted a Marketing ThinkTank webinar in partnership with CPC Strategy to debunk common misconceptions and answer questions that brands have around Amazon SEO.. A9 is Amazon’s organic product ranking algorithm that is composed of direct and indirect factors used to match users’ search queries to products they are most likely to purchase.. 35 percent of Amazon shoppers click on the first product featured on a search page.. Understanding how the A9 algorithm works and what it takes to show up on the first page of Amazon’s search engine results pages is really important in terms of driving incremental sales for your business and for launching new products.. Product Display Ads are those ads which show up in a number of places but you most commonly see them on the product detail page, right beneath the buy box.. Half the battle when selling on Amazon is getting people to find your products and using advertising to drive them back to your product detail page.. Maximize all the keyword character space that Amazon gives for titles, bullet points, and descriptions which essentially make up the indexable on-page content of your Amazon detail page.. Aim to use unique product descriptions instead of using the same exact duplicate content when uploading your products to other online shopping platforms to avoid cross-platform content cannibalization.. Amazon is not using the number of reviews and the review score alone to show where products rank.. A product that is reviewed better and has more reviews is more likely to convert at a higher rate than a product that has fewer reviews.

Getting your Amazon image sizes, ratios and dimensions right is a deal-breaker. Here’s a summary of the key requirements to keep in mind.  

The first number is the width of the image, while the second number refers to the height of the image.. As Amazon gives every product only a limited amount of space, it’s key that you select the best image size to optimize the limited space given to you.. Amazon has a number of requirements for product images.. Amazon accepts four file types for product images.. Though, the consensus is that the best image ratio for Amazon product photos is 1:1 (a square image) with the dimensions of 2,000 pixels by 2,000 pixels.. Not only is Amazon quite strict about its image requirements, but also about how images should be named.. If you don’t have a primary shot (the image that will appear in the search results and on the detail page), the other alternative images might not display.. The advantage of using a lifestyle photo or two in addition to product photos is that it helps to show how straightforward it is to use the product.. The main image of your Amazon listing may not include any extra text, graphics, or inset images.. Amazon has a very specific formula that you need to use when naming your image files for your Amazon product listing.. The consensus is that the best image ratio for Amazon product photos is 1:1 (a square image) with the dimensions of 2,000 pixels by 2,000 pixels.. Amazon allows a seller to add as many as 9 extra product images.. Though, depending on your product category, only 6-7 product images will appear on the page of the product listing.

Here I show you how to create a product comparison chart and tables for your website. We discuss the easiest ways to do it and how to convert better.

Before you can create the best possible comparison table for your niche site , you need to put in the research and make sure you REALLY are selecting the best products.. Here's an example of his Amazon product comparison table below:. Overall, here's the steps needed to create an Amazon product comparison chart using the TablePress WordPress Plugin:. You can either get affiliate links directly from Amazon to input in your chart, or you can use a tool to create shortcodes with your affiliate links.. This isn't a huge deal since Google has a pretty good idea when you're using Amazon affiliate links.. I selected a few books that I like, notice that the titles, images, price, and my affiliate links are automatically pulled in…I didn't do anything manually to get this data to show up like that!. Below is the chart I just created using Table Labs!. That's why I created Table Labs.. Now, I'm sure there are many other ways that you can create a comparison table, and if you find a better way that works for you, that would be great!


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