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We know that playing Ark without taming any creatures is not enjoyable and it’s not just for fun. Eventually, you won’t be able to advance without taming. Now, let’s talk about taming Pteranodons. When playing Ark: Survival Evolved, players will initially encounter the Pteranodon, one of several dinosaurs. The player’s initial effort to tame a flyer will almost always be a monster. To tame the little flying dinos, beginners and gamers on a new server should make the required equipment. The docile Pteranodon won’t attack players unless provoked. It is, therefore, among the simplest of creatures in Ark to tame. Contrary to most dinosaurs that players attempt to tame, gamers can approach a Pteranodon without fear of repercussion. Here, we will discuss how to tame a Pteranodon ark and other useful information for beginners. So, keep reading.

What is a Pteranodon?

Pteranodons are gigantic flying dinosaurs with long wings and slender bodies. It can carry you across the map, capture some animals and keep stuff in it’s inventory for you if you give it the proper saddle.

Since the Pteranodon is a carnivore, you must feed it meat after you tame it. It will eat when necessary if you keep the meat in it’s inventory. But make sure to check it sometimes because the meat can spoil and deprive it of a source of fresh nourishment.

This flying reptile is a little wary of approaching people. It might land close to you or put up with your presence but there’s also a risk it’ll flee when you get too close. When you’re prepared to control one, you must consider it’s jittery nature.

Now, let’s dive into how to tame the Pteranodon ark.

How To Tame Pteranodon Ark

Follow the given instruction to tame and ride your Pteranodon:–

Crafting a Regular Kibble

Use Regular Kibble to tame a Pteranodon with the highest perks achievable. Although you may also feed it meat, Kibble will be best for taming the animal.

Regular Kibble can be created in the Cooking Pot or the Industrial Cooker. To make one Regular Kibble, add the following ingredients to the machine.

  • Five Fibers
  • Two Longrass
  • Two Savoroot
  • One medium egg
  • One cooked beef jerky
  • One water container

It may take a number of Regular Kibbles to tame a Pteranodon. Depending on the level of the creature you are taming, different amounts of food are required to complete a tame.

Catching the Pteranodon

The next and potentially hardest step is to knock out and capture the Pteranodon. It must be unconscious and have taming food in it’s stock in order to be tamed. Always perform this on dry terrain, far from any body of water, as an unconscious air-breathing species can perish.

You need a technique for immobilization to catch the Pteranodon. Consider the following:–

  • Bola is one of the best tools to have while attempting to tame a Pteranodon. It tangles around the creature’s legs as you throw it at it, impeding it’s ability to move. There is little time left before it releases itself and takes off. Get ready to strike instantly.
  • The easiest way to knock it out is with an electric prod or a tranquillizer arrow. Aim for the head. Since the Pteranodon has relatively low health, the objective is to raise the lethargy without killing it. As long as they aren’t particularly high-level, most of them should be defeated with only one hit from either.

If you use tranq arrows, always wait before firing the next arrow. A creature’s torpor may take some time to increase to the point where it renders it unconscious. It might be accidentally killed if you strike again too quickly. It can take some time for a creature’s torpor to intensify to the point where it leaves it unconscious. If you attack again too soon, you may kill it.

The Taming Process

  • Once the Pteranodon is unconscious, you can add the taming food and some narcotic to it’s inventory. Then, wait for it to subconsciously consume the meal.
  • Monitor it’s torpor levels to prevent them from rising too high and awaken them. If required, right-click the narcotic and feed it another to increase torpor.
  • Once the creature has been tamed, a window will appear, asking you to give it a name. Start modifying it’s parameters once the naming is complete to prevent loss.

Settings for a Tamed Pteranodon

There are several settings to consider for a tamed Pteranodon. Some of them are listed below:–

  • Set it’s level of violence to passive flee. Pteranodons may flee from most opponents by staying out of their line of sight. However, it occasionally fails to function.
  • Choose the level you would like it to follow. It frequently gets very close at a lower distance. Therefore, you can keep it at medium if you don’t want it to interfere with your activities.

Pteranodon Saddles

It’s easy to select a saddle for your Pteranodon. You can loot saddles of different qualities and types from drops and plan to create your higher-level gear.

The Pteranodon saddle engram must be unlocked at level 38 before you can mount the beast. However, you can obtain one sooner if you check Supply Drops. Early in the game, it might offer an advantage and quick movement.

The amount of armour grows following the saddle’s quality. Ideally, you would hold off on using your Pteranodon in risky situations until you could create an enhanced one. However, many gamers use these fliers as cannon fodder when necessary because they are simple and affordable to tame.

Pteranodon uses

Once you have a tamed Pteranodon, you can perform many different things, but most people use them mostly for flight. Here we have discussed some of the things Pteranodons are especially good at and some of the wonderful things they can be utilized for:-

Skilled Fliers:Pteranodons are great for aerial combat since they can move quickly through the air and have a relatively narrow hitbox. Thus, it is also challenging for players to shoot them with guns or other projectile weapons, especially if they are on the ground. The Pteranodon’s quick flight and agility should allow players to escape auto-tracking weaponry.

Great for Scouting: Pteranodons are the ideal dino for exploring a new zone that players have been itching to explore because of it’s fastness. If there is danger, they can quickly evacuate the area while covering a lot of land. Players can use them to get an overhead view of the area below them, which can be used to locate potential locations for outposts or other safe zones.

Travelling Quickly Across Maps:This is closely related to scouting. Pteranodons might not have as much mass or weight as some other flying dinosaurs in Ark: Survival Evolved, but their incredible speed makes up for it. Players can quickly travel between locations with it and increase their weight and endurance to develop a mobile mount that can easily transport essential supplies from remote areas with the addition of extra points.

Helping Tame Other Dinos: The Pteranodon’s rapid mobility makes it ideal for helping gamers tame additional dinosaurs they might wish to add to their collection. It is one of the greatest dinosaurs to employ when trying to lure another animal into a trap or piece of bait. While it can’t carry as much as some other creatures scattered around Ark: Survival Evolved, it can nevertheless transport small animals and other types of bait into places that players would typically find difficult to access on foot.

Can Surprise Players: Although the Pteranodon is not the strongest unit in combat, it can deal respectable damage when players are under pressure. A good pilot can out-maneuver much damage due to it’s quick mobility and roll ability. Although it may eventually need to fall from the sky, it will also be a useful ally on the ground. As long as players are wise with their placement, they can prevail during many skirmishes.

Wrapping up

Hope this guide gave you a detailed view of how to tame Pteranodon ark and other important details to consider. If you still have any queries, connect with the Ark’s customer support team.

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