Best Dead by Daylight Survivors: Tier List (2022)

There are 30 playable Survivors in Dead by Daylight, ready to be played at a moment’s notice; similar in total characters compared to the available Killers in the game.

Unlike the Killers, the Survivors in Dead by Daylight are more straightforward. They’re essentially copies of each other; same move speed, action speed, and near-identical gameplay. However, they each feature their own appearance, voice, costumes, and most importantly, each Survivor comes with three perks exclusive to them. Albeit, once you get to them to a certain level, you can unlock those perks for fellow Survivors.

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Although unlocking character-exclusive perks for fellow Survivors is possible in Dead by Daylight, the three Survivor exclusive perks are core considerations that went into this Tier List—easily making up the most considerable differentiation between Survivors. Beginner friendliness, teachable perk potential, and stealth-like ability are also factored into this roundup.

S Tier: Mikaela Reid

Best Dead by Daylight Survivors: Tier List (1)

Coming in at the number one spot, Mikaela Reid comes with dominant Perks in Boon: Cycle of Healing and Boon: Shadow Step. Boon Perks allow Survivors to bless Totems; Cycle of Healing allows Mikaela Reid to heal 50 percent faster when within 24 meters of her Boon Totem. Additionally, Survivors can heal with a 90 percent speed bonus without requiring a medkit. Another Perk, Clairvoyance, provides a means for gathering information on Exit Gates, Generators, Hooks, Chests, and the Hatch after destroying a Totem. Each are revealed within a 64 meter range for 10 seconds. Lastly, Mikaela Reid is a small character model, making her tougher for the Killer to spot. All in all, Mikaela Reid provides a ton of value for her fellow Survivors and should be a consideration for team-oriented play styles. Her healing and capability to establish where important resources are across the map can’t be overlooked.

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S Tier: Claudette Morel

Best Dead by Daylight Survivors: Tier List (2)

Claudette Morel features Botany Knowledge, a Perk that grants a 33 percent base boost to healing speeds, along with making all healing items 33 percent more efficient. Simple, yet extremely useful. Empathy reveals the Aura of injured or downed Survivors within 120 meters. Each of these Perks pairs up nicely with each other, allowing Claudette Morel to quickly heal—all the while keeping an eye on Survivors requiring help, and the likely whereabouts of the Killer. Lastly, Self-Care allows her to heal without a Medkit, albeit at 50 percent of the standard healing rate. Slow, but having the option to self-heal whenever demanded as often as possible is critical in Dead by Daylight.

S Tier: Bill Overbeck

Best Dead by Daylight Survivors: Tier List (3)

Hailing from the Left 4 Dead franchise and having made his appearance in Dead by Daylight, Bill Overbeck features two excellent perks that catapult him into the top Tier: Unbreakable and Borrowed Time. Unbreakable allows him to fully recover from the dying state at double the standard speed. Simple, but incredibly practical. On the other hand, Borrowed Time fuels Bill with unexpected energy when saving an ally from a hook. For 12 seconds after unhooking a Survivor, the unhooked Survivor is protected by the Endurance status effect. If they’re hit by a Killer during this time, they’re put into the Deep Wound state instead of being downed. This comes in handy if the Killer is in close proximity, with ambitions to go after the unhooked Survivor right away. These two perks make for a tough time for any Killer to counter.


A Tier: Meg Thomas

Best Dead by Daylight Survivors: Tier List (4)

Featuring one of the best exhaustion perks in the game in Sprint Burst, Meg Thomas is granted a brief speed boost upon sprinting. Straightforward, yet incredibly valuable in scenarios where the Killer is lurking nearby. Sprint Burst also means strong map traversal and good head starts during rapid chases. On top of that, upon the Exit Gates powering on through repairing every Generator, Adrenaline kicks in, instantly healing one Health State and buffing sprinting to 150 percent of her normal running speed for five seconds. Lastly, Quick and Quiet makes any fast actions completely silent. This incentivizes stealthy play, which pairs nicely with the overall swiftness of the first two perks. All in all, Meg Thomas is built for a speedy playstyle.

A Tier: Jake Park

Best Dead by Daylight Survivors: Tier List (5)

Jake Park features one of the best perks in the game: Iron Will, which reduces Grunts of Pain by 100 percent, making him completely silent while injured. Considering the Killer’s perspective is in first person, this perk is super beneficial for escaping the Killer while injured. Hiding is so much easier when Grunts of Pain is taken out of the equation. Another perk of Jake Park’s is Saboteur, allowing him to sabotage hooks without a toolbox, revealing hook auras when a teammate is being carried within 56 meters. By no means as useful as Grunts of Pain, it still has its benefits in certain situations. For Survivors who enjoy hiding from the Killer in creative ways, Jake Park won’t make a sound when you find the perfect hiding spot.

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A Tier: Feng Min

Best Dead by Daylight Survivors: Tier List (6)

For Survivors new to Dead by Daylight, Feng Min is a solid choice. She’s quick in evading the Killer and while repairing generators because it won’t blow up when she misses skill checks—which can take some time as a beginner. When the Killer breaks a Door, Pallet, or Generator, she’s able to see the Aura of those for five seconds, thanks to the perk Alert. One of her best perks is Lithe, which grants a speed boost when performing a successful fast vault. This gives her a good head start when the Killer is in close proximity. If you’re aiming for a well-rounded Survivor, Feng Min fits the bill, and shouldn’t be overlooked when striving to get a feel for the game.

A Tier: Nea Karlsson

Best Dead by Daylight Survivors: Tier List (7)

Nea Karlsson has her best Perk in Balanced Landing, which grants a speed boost when falling from heights—ideal for jumping off of balconies or through holes in the flooring. As one can imagine, this Perk is situational depending on the map being played, shining bright in indoor-type environments. Another useful one, Urban Evasion, boosts crouched movement speed by 100 percent. For players who enjoy stealthy play, this is the ideal perk for sneaking around the map at double speed. Lastly, Streetwise decreases the depletion rate of items by 25 percent and extends its effect to all Survivors within eight meters. Nea Karlsson offers a combination of stealth and evasiveness, two attributes that compliment each other nicely.

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A Tier: Dwight Fairfield

Best Dead by Daylight Survivors: Tier List (8)

For getting generators repaired quickly, Dwight Fairfield is the Survivor for the job. He features the Perk Prove Thyself, boosting speeds by 15 percent for every Survivor working on a generator—up to 45 percent. Another one, Bond, reveals fellow Survivors’ aura within a 36-meter range. Lastly, Leader, grants a 25 percent speed buff to actions for other Survivors when they’re within 8 meters of you. Dwight Fairfield encourages fast action speeds, helping team members repair generators as quickly and efficiently as possible, while keeping an eye on fellow Survivors, encouraging clear communication between fellow players.

A-Tier: David King

Best Dead by Daylight Survivors: Tier List (9)

In many players’ eyes, David King has the best exhausting perk in Dead by Daylight in Dead Hard. This perk allows him to boost forward a short distance and negate all damage briefly; perfect for gaining distance, dodging, and baiting swings from the Killer. It’s worth mentioning nailing the timing successfully with Dead Hard isn’t easy, requiring plenty of practice to get it just right. However, once figured out, it’s the type of perk you’re always going to want, regardless of playstyle, map selection, and fellow Survivors’ playstyles. A second perk, We’re Gonna Live Forever, increases healing speed by 100 percent when healing a dying Survivor. When it comes to being a master of dodging Killers, David King is the go-to Survivor for the job.

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A Tier: Kate Denson

Best Dead by Daylight Survivors: Tier List (10)

Kate Denson is able to identify all pallets, windows, and breakable walls in a 32-meter range thanks to Windows of Opportunity. This offers an excellent method in strategizing a plan of escape when warranted, along with knowing valuable resources nearby. Another perk, Boil Over, triggers while being carried by the Killer. When activated, struggling becomes more intense for the Killer while they’re carrying her. Additionally, the auras of all hooks within 16 meters of the Killer disappear. She also produces quiet noises and is a small character model, helping out further in escaping threatening situations unscathed. When it comes to having a plan of escape mapped out, Kate Denson’s got it covered.


Which survivor is best in dead by daylight? ›

The best Perks for Survivors in Dead by Daylight
SurvivorBest PerkTeachable Level Unlocked
Feng MinTechnicianLevel 30
Dwight FairfieldLeaderLevel 40
Laurie StrodeDecisive StrikeLevel 40
Meg ThomasAdrenalineLevel 40
4 more rows
Jun 8, 2022

What are the best Survivor perks in dead by daylight? ›

Dead By Daylight Best Survivor Perks, Ranked (July 2022)
  • Spine Chill (All Survivors)
  • Iron Will (Jake Park)
  • Dead Hard (David King)
  • Boon: Circle Of Healing (Mikaela Reid)
  • For The People (Zarina Kassir)
  • Kindred (All Survivors)
  • Lithe (Feng Min)
  • Prove Thyself (Dwight Fairfield)
Jul 4, 2022

Who's the fastest killer DBD? ›

These Killers include The Trapper, Demogorgon, Oni, Ghost Face, Plague, Legion, Pig, Nightmare, Cannibal, Doctor, Hillbilly, Wraith, Clown, Executioner, Blight, Twins, Cenobite, and Nemesis. The Wraith is fastest at the start of a game, as their speed while cloaked is 6.0 m/s.

Who is the quietest survivor DBD? ›

Kate, Ace, Tapp, Jane, and David have the quietest breathing. Ace and Tapp have the quietest injured cries overall, while Kate has the quietest among the women. Ash and Jeff are the overall largest + (lol obviously) loudest characters in the game.

Who is the best killer in DBD? ›

Tier 1 - the best killers. The Blight is a very powerful killer as he's able to bounce off surfaces and gain ground on survivors very quickly, meaning Survivors have to make quick decisions that may impact their survival. He's incredibly fast, and very dangerous, so watch out.

Are there ultra rare perks in Dead by Daylight? ›

Ultra Rare Perks

Up to Patch 1.5. 0, some Tier III Perks would become Ultra Rare Perks.

Who is the best Dead by Daylight killer? ›

Tier 1 - the best killers. The Blight is a very powerful killer as he's able to bounce off surfaces and gain ground on survivors very quickly, meaning Survivors have to make quick decisions that may impact their survival. He's incredibly fast, and very dangerous, so watch out.

Is Meg faster than other survivors? ›

They're the same. You're probably just thrown off by the animation making it look that way. Meg has the Sprint perk early on so unless the other suvivors have gotten the teachable they will be slower when she's using it. Normal speed is all the same.

Who is the best character in Dead by Daylight mobile? ›

There are mainly two types of character in the action-based survival game Dead by Daylight Mobile, the survivors and the killers.
Dead by Daylight Mobile Survivor Tier List.
Strong (S)Bill, Claudette, Laurie
Good (A)Meg, Dwight, Nancy, Kate, Jake, Jane, Tapp
Average (B)Feng, Nea, Adam, Ashley, David, Steve
Below Average (C)Ace, Jeff
Jul 19, 2020

Which killer are the ones to look out for in Dead by Daylight? Here are the best DBD Killers ranked.

In the right hands, any Dead by Daylight Killer can be effective against a group of Survivors no matter where they are on our DBD tier list .. Elsewhere, feel free to also check out our survivors perks tier list , as well as the newest Dead By Daylight codes to redeem.. For this Dead by Daylight Killer tier list, we've separated the tiers into three.. Tier. DBD Killers. HighThe Blight, The Nurse, The Spirit, The Artist, The Executioner, The Hag, The Huntress, The Oni, The Plague, The TwinsMidThe Cenobite, The Cannibal (Leatherface), The Deathslinger, The Demogorgan, The Hillbilly, The Nemesis, The Trickster, The Clown, The Doctor, The Ghost Face, The Legion, The Nightmare (Freddy Kruger), The Onryo, The WraithLowThe Pig, The Shape (Michael Myers), The Trapper. The Blight is a very powerful killer as he's able to bounce off surfaces and gain ground on survivors very quickly, meaning Survivors have to make quick decisions that may impact their survival.. The Spirit is a powerful killer if she uses her Yamaoka's Haunting Power as both the killer and survivors can't see each other and are instead revealed by scratch marks and breath sounds and environment interactions.. The Huntress is a deadly killer using ranged hatchets, making her a constant threat to survivors.. When survivors are injured, they leave behind a trail of blood orbs, which make the Oni more powerful over time.. The Legion can be a very powerful group of killers as they can constantly deal out injuries with Feral Frenzy, which is a high-level sprint that they can use to chase after survivors and deal damage.. Who is the best Dead By Daylight killer right now?

In the Dead by Daylight killers tier list, we will be listing some of the most highly rated killer characters that are available in the game

Tier Lists Updated on : August 16th, 2022 - re-checked and updated the tier list, added The Dredge and Carmina Mora. Dead by Daylight might sound simple and plain from the outside, but only veterans can explain how tiring and strategic this title is, and that's why we decided to create a DBD killer tier list.. In our Dead by Daylight killers tier list , we will list some of the most highly rated killer characters that are available in the game according to their base stats, core abilities, and perks.. If your favourite killer is not present in the tier list, do not worry as we will strive to continue updating the DBD killers tier list as more of them are added.. Keep revisiting this page to get an updated version of the tier list as new killers are added or existing killers are buffed/nerfed in Dead by Daylight.. NAMEALIASPORTRAIT SALLY SMITHSONTHE NURSEFREDDY KREUGERTHE NIGHTMARETALBOT GRIMESTHE BLIGHTTHE DREDGETHE DRUANEE-KAZAN YAMAOKATHE ONIRIN YAMAOKATHE SPIRITLISA SHERWOODTHE HAGThe Nurse (Sally Smithson) is one of the most unique killers available in Dead by Daylight due to her high mobility and immense tracking perks to follow the movements of the Survivors.. The Nightmare (Freddy Kreuger), the powerful killer inspired by the American fictional killer Freddy Krueger, is a speedy killer that lures its prey into a Dream world.. The survivors can only hear him when he is between 16-32 metres away from them and see him clearly if he comes within 16 metres of the Survivors.. Anna is a ranged killer that hunts the Survivors by throwing her Hunting Hatchets.. Her perks include Beast of Prey, Territorial Imperative, Hex: Huntress Lullaby, which help her track the blood points of the killers for a specific duration of time and grant her a stack of Hunting Tokens each time she hooks a Survivor.. NAMEALIASPORTRAIT ELLIOT SPENCERTHE CENOBITEHERMAN CARTERTHE DOCTORADIRISTHE PLAGUEBUBBA SAWYERTHE CANNIBALCALEB QUINNTHE DEATHSLINGERDEMOGORGONTHE DEMOGORGONThe Cannibal (Bubba Sawyer) has a killer difficulty rating of “Moderate” which means players can comfortably play this killer without having a very in-depth understanding of the role.. The Trickster (Ji-Woon Hak) has a killer difficulty rating of “Moderate” which means that the player does not need to be highly experienced with the killer in order to perform.

10 Best Dead By Daylight Settings That Give You An Advantage

This will sometimes increase the brightness by default and also add some other settings to help Dead By Daylight look a lot better If Gaming Mode is not an option, there are still settings you can change manually.. Whether you play on PC or console, a lot of players prefer to use a controller.. Turning your sensitivity up can help you, especially if you’re playing using a controller.. How To Change The Survivor Camera Sensitivity:. Currently Playing: Dead By Daylight

Looking for Build guides that work for every Killer? Well, look no further as we bring you the Best Killer Builds you can make in Dead By Daylight in

Best (S-tier) : Anti-Loop Build, The Anti-Gen Build, The “You Shall Not Leave” Build, Anti-Healing Build Good (A-tier) : The “You Are Never Safe” Build, The Hex-istential Crisis Build, The Enlightened Build, The General Killer Build, The Predator Build, The Serial Slugger Build Average (B-tier) : The Destruction Build, The Terror Radius Build. It is an aura-based perk that reveals the location of Survivors healing themselves or being healed up to 28 meters from the Killer at tier 3.. The General Killer Build This is a basic Killer build that does not require you to unlock any Killer Teachable perks and makes do with the general Killer perks available in the game.. This perk reveals the location or aura of all Survivors for up to 10 seconds every time a generator is fully repaired.. This perk punishes Survivors for cleansing or blessing Hex totems by leaving all of them with an Exposed status effect for up to 60 seconds, allowing the Killer to deal double the damage on their Basic Attack.. Then we have A Nurse’s Calling , which is an aura-based perk unique to The Nurse that reveals the location of Survivors healing themselves or being healed up to 28 meters from the Killer at tier 3.. Killer Perks needed for this Build:. Unlocking at level 35, Hex: Blood Favor is a Killer perk unique to the Blight.

What are the best perks for survivors in Dead by Daylight? This list will run through all the best teachable perks you want to get in 2022.

When it comes to the many Survivor perks in Dead By Daylight, most of which are unlocked via levelling up or the Shrine of Secrets , there is a very polarizing tier list of viability.. The tier list is very volatile as well, with occasional buffs/nerfs to certain perks, and the addition of new perks with almost every new Survivor added to the game.. For even more on the game, check out our ranking of Dead By Daylight killer perks and survivors , as well as some free codes .. When struck by the Killer, one of the main ways that Survivors are tracked when running away is by the noises that they make, so canceling out that noise makes the odds of a getaway much greater.. Go into a match equipped with this perk and a med-kit, and it enables you to instantly heal a fellow Survivor one full health state by sacrificing the med-kit.. Another perk that’s accessible to all Survivors, Kindred is a perk that is sure to make both yours, and your teammates’ lives much easier.. When a Survivor is placed on a hook, the auras of all other Survivors will become visible to one another, as well as the Killer’s aura if they are close to the hooked Survivor.. It enables Survivors to strategically plan which objectives to remain working on, when someone is attempting to rescue the hooked Survivor, and if the Survivors are dealing with a pesky Killer that camps their victims.. That's all you need to know about the best Survivor perks in Dead by Daylight.. These are the perks you want for your survivors in Dead by Daylight.


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