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The Class Selector device is used in conjunction with the Class Designer device for creating class-based gameplay. Once you've set up your custom classes with the Class Designer, you can use the Class Selector to set how they'll be used in-game.

You need one device for each custom class you want to use, but you can use multiple Class Selectors. When in Play mode, a player can select or switch to a specific class by walking over the device's colored activation zone.

You can also use this device to set up Team Selection independently from Class Selection, but be aware that team switching will force the player to respawn.

Finding and Placing the Device

Click image to enlarge.

  1. From Create mode, press the Tab key to open the CREATIVE inventory screen.

  2. Click the GALLERIES tab and scroll to select the gallery that has your device. You can also use the Search box or the Categories panel on the left to find the gallery.

  3. Click OPEN then select one or more individual devices in the gallery.

  4. Click PLACE NOW to place immediately, or put the device in the QUICK BAR to place later.

  5. Press Esc to return to your island in Create mode. Use your phone tool to position the device, then left-click to place it. Press Esc to detach the device from your phone.


  6. Point at the device with your phone. If the CUSTOMIZE popup doesn't open immediately, move closer until it does, then press E to open the CUSTOMIZE panel.

Customizing a Device Name

If you're using multiple copies of a device on an island, it can be helpful to rename them with context-specific names. For example, if you have multiple Creature Placers, you might want to name each one based on the creature type, or if you have multiple copies of the same vehicle, you could rename each Vehicle Spawner based on the vehicle color or some other feature.

For this device, you might want to rename each instance of the device based on the class you associate with it.

  1. Open the CUSTOMIZE panel and click the Settings (gear) icon on the bottom left of the panel.

  2. Click RENAME, and type the new device name. You can use up to 60 characters.

  3. Click SAVE.

Once you've saved, the new name will appear at the top of the CUSTOMIZE panel. It will also show up when you point at the device with your phone while in Create mode.

Device Options

Before you start to customize the options for the Class Selectors, make sure you've placed and customized your Class Designer devices, each with it's own Class Identifier. You will use this identifier with the Class to Switch to option here in the Class Selector. You should also consider the following.

  • You have to specify a class number for this to work.

  • That number must be defined in a Class Designer device.

  • If the number is not defined in a Class Designer, the player will be assigned default attributes with no weapons. It does not fall back to the Default Class Identifier assigned in a device, or in My Island > Game settings.

You can configure this device with the following options.

Default values are bold.

Basic Options




Class to Switch to

Do Not Switch, None, Pick a class number

Indicates which class the player will switch to, as defined by the Class Identifier in the Class Designer. If you choose None, the player will not switch their class. This is mostly used for team switching.

Size of Volume

1 Meter, Pick a distance

The size of the activation zone in meters.

Visible During Game

(Video) *NEW* Map Tour w/ Class Selector (+instructions)

On, Off

Determines whether the device is visible to the player. This also affects collision when the player interacts with the device. When On, the device has collision. When Off, the device has no collision.

Accent Color

Team Relationship, Team Color, Aqua, Pick from various colors

Sets the color of the device's base plate and surrounding activation field. If you choose Team Color, the device uses the default color of the player's team.

Activation Audio

On, Off

Determines whether the Class Selector plays audio effects when activated.

Zone Audio

On, Off

Determines whether the Class Selector should play audio effects when players enter the zone.

Advanced Options (Additional)




Team To Switch To

Do Not Switch, Random, Pick a team number

With Do Not Switch, no team switching happens when a player changes their class. If you choose Random, the player switches to a random team that is not their current team.

Activating Team

Any, Pick a team number

Only players in a specific team can use this device. If you choose Any, all teams can use this device.

Time to Switch

Instant, 3 Seconds, Pick a time

The time it takes for the player to switch their class after they walk over the activation zone. This is irrelevant to Team Switching since the player is forced to respawn when they switch teams.

(Video) Playwright Crash Course

Respawn Player On Switch

Yes, No

Determines whether a player will respawn when switching classes.

Restore Health and Shields on Switch

Yes, No

Determines whether the player's health and shields are restored to their starting amount when they switch classes.

Clear Items On Switch

All Items, Class Items Only

Determines which items are removed from the player's inventory when they switch classes. If you choose Class Items Only, the only items removed are items registered for the previous class in the Class Designer.

Volume Visible In Game

On, Off

Determines whether the activation zone is visible to the player in-game. This does not affect its colllision properties.

Enabled During Phase

None, All, Pre-Game Only, Gameplay Only

Sets the game phase in which the device is enabled. If you choose Pre-Game Only, the device is only enabled before the game begins. (Pre-game includes lobby and countdowns.) If you choose Gameplay Only, the device is only enabled during the game.

Display VFX Effect On Activation

Yes, No

Controls whether a VFX effect is created when a player changes class or team.


When one device needs to "talk" to another device, it does so by transmitting a signal on a specific channel. The receiving device needs to be set up to receive the signal on the same channel.

A channel is identified by a number, and channel numbers are customized for a device under the option that uses the channel. Most devices will also pass the identity of the player who triggered the device with the signal.

This device has receivers that perform a variety of functions when receiving a signal over a channel. Also, this device can transmit signals when certain conditions are met.


Receivers listen for a channel and perform an action when they hear any device (including themselves) send a signal on that channel.


(Video) Bitwig 24 - Hocketing Made Easy with Selector Devices



Enable When Receiving From

No Channel, Pick a channel

Enables the device when receiving on this channel. Has no effect unless the device was previously disabled.

Disable When Receiving From

No Channel, Pick a channel

Disables the device when receiving on this channel.

Change Player To Class When Receiving From

No Channel, Pick a channel

Remotely changes the instigating player to the class specified by this device. The instigator is the player that caused the device to receive the channel input. This bypasses class switch internal cooldown.

Change Player to Team when Receiving From

No Channel, Pick a channel

Changes the instigating player to the team specified by the device on receiving a signal from the selected channel. Will switch even if the player is within the team switch cooldown.


Transmitters send a signal on the selected channel when triggered.




When Class Switched Transmit On

No Channel, Pick a channel

When a player switches class through this device, the device will transmit on this channel.

When Team Switched Transmit On

No Channel, Pick a channel

(Video) How to use Class Designer & Class Selector in Fortnite Creative!

Transmits a signal on the selected channel when a player switches team.

Gameplay Examples


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