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If you believe Design merely revolves around mere pictures and drawings, you’re completely mistaken. Design is the art of communication that requires inventiveness and ideation and a systematic plan to solve a problem or achieve certain objectives.

One must think of Design as a science in itself. Just like any other science, Design follows a certain set of principles, trends, and concepts that are emanated post studying the target audience’s psychology. It is rightly said that “people ignore designs that ignore people.”


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Graphic Designing is a synergy of artistic and proficient disciplines that helps in formulating marketing strategies or in communicating a specific message or some knowledge to a target group of people through various modes such as, picture, shape, image, line, visuals, etc. As a term, it encompasses symbols, typography, colours, and images that partake in creating the overall aesthetic of the information being conveyed. In other words, graphic design is also known as ‘Visual Communication’ or ‘Communication Design’. It involves visuals that are capable of integral problem-solving through the use of imagery.


Research by Microsoft proves that the human attention span has shrunk down to eight seconds from twelve seconds!

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A more astonishing fact is that research from Jampp found that it decreases by a whopping 88 percent each year. This means that keeping the audience occupied is an increasingly difficult problem that needs to be addressed by all businesses to stay relevant in the ever-changing digital fast-paced world. People do not have enough patience to read through your content. Even when people want to read your content and soak in the written information, if it appears too comprehensive and lengthy they won’t bother reading it at all. Therefore, pictures, graphs and infographics are designed to make information more snackable and accessible to ultimately keep the audience interested. Hence, of all other digital marketing strategies for enhancing an audience’s attention, designing stands out as one of the most viable preferences as it's proven to keep the audience visually engaged. Even the top design companies in India are challenged to keep up with the times and develop innovative designs that capture attention.

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Design helps register messages better. It is widely consented to by most digital prodigies as one of the most imperative elements in the digital marketing realm because it aids marketers to develop brand awareness and consequently create an intended impact on the decision-making process of their customers.

●Logo Design:

A logo is much more than just an image; it is a point of recognition for clients and an imperative base for the brand building of your company. A logo can be rightly called the face of a company. Most of the time, it’s the first thing that a potential customer will see concerning your business. A Logo could also be shown in the form of a video in which case you need professionals who would be great with visualization and creating a video for the formation of the logo. This process is called the creation of an animated logo. It is a fact that customers form an opinion about a business within just a few seconds. A well-designed logo is an easy way to convey to potential customers that your business is professional, trustworthy, and provides quality goods or services. This suggests the role of a good design agency in making or breaking your business.

●Identity Design :

Each brand has a communication design that makes it stand out from the rest. It acts as a distinguishing factor especially in markets that are competitive and always on the lookout for something unique. You need to have an entire brand identity kit in place so that all your communications are aligned and in sync with your brand story.

- Official letterhead
- Bill template
- Business memorandum of understanding(MOU)
- Business card

All of these designs are best made when the professionals you hire to make them are patient and detail-oriented to not only understand your brand well but also give you suggestions about the slightest of changes that could make a difference.

● Design in Website :

An ideal design can amplify your website by improving its visual attractiveness, showcasing professionalism, building brand value and usability. Visual appeal is crucial for web design because it facilitates the communication of ideas and information to your audience by stimulating aesthetic senses and enhancing a feeling of connection with the brand. A great website design studio will help create the perfect website for your business.

● Design in Social Media Marketing :

Effective design for social media provides support towards brand recognition (associating colours, graphics with brands - ‘CocoCola Red’’Vodafone Zoozoo’) and connects your target audience with your business and services. You can make the entire brand feed colour coded and the elements could become part of all the design that the brand puts out. This consistency helps in brand identification fueled by visual aid. Getting visual on social media can increase brand awareness and the most important, grow your followers and their engagement towards your brand.

Ever come across a restaurant menu, a brochure or a product packaging that is etched in your memory so well that you are instantly reminded of the brand every time you see something similar to it? That's exactly what business stationery does for a brand. It increases recall value and connects the audience with your brand. All the business stationery - from product packaging, menu card, brochure, product portfolio etc. speaks for your brand. Make sure it tells your story correctly by choosing the right designing professionals that offer multiple options and out of the box solutions to turn your business into a booming success.


Businesses can communicate their personality to their potential customers by using the power of visual language. The design aims to evoke the emotions of viewers to convey a particular message. When Design is employed correctly and for long enough, it directs customers to take certain actions and incentivises them to establish a connection with your company. Here’s an in-depth view to help you understand just how important Design is in accelerating the progress of your business towards achieving objectives.

● Build Your Own Identity:

Your design establishes your distinguished tone, style, and identity among competitors as it sets you apart visually using colours, fonts, elements and overall layouts of your brand designs. These images are much easier to recollect or retain in people’s memory so when they come across them, they will be able to identify and differentiate you from the crowd before the brand name does so. Therefore, having a hold on design principles becomes crucial. A business needs to have a person with design aptitude or hire a professional graphic design company to help with innovative designs. It also builds an emotional connection with your clients as they would be reminded of the experience they had when they used your product or employed your service.

●Design Speaks Louder Than Words :

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Design is important for any business that is looking to have a positive and long-lasting impression. A gaudy design would disinterest the audience in no time and make them want to skip your content. Thus, any business needs to have a professional graphic design company helping them with their designs. You need to create something that gives people the wow factor and provoke them to engage with your brand’s content.

● Describes Your Company’s History & Philosophy:

Design is not just a combination of images, colours and different angles. This is deeply connected with the history and philosophy of many companies. An efficient design speaks volumes about your brand - it conveys the persona and adds value by creating credibility. It should not just amaze people about what an incredible design it is, it should also reflect the company’s personality. This usually tells a story about the company creatively.

● Boost Your Sales :

Humans are visual creatures, this is why people love good design. A good design can help your brand by being action-oriented. It can guide your audience towards performing a particular task and accelerating the customer journey ultimately resulting in sales. It is very capable of boosting your brand's sales if you convey a thought-provoking message through an appealing design.

● Graphics Surpass Languages

Language may be a barrier but Designs are a bridge. Themes, pictures and colours are understood by all.

Why choose Verve as your Design Services Partner?

1.Understand your brand to help with your design strategy

We as a team understand your brand by researching the industry you're in, the competitors you’re against, and the study of your brand tonality and personality. We also delve into the depths of your brand with you so it can give us a clearer understanding of your brand. This will guide us to provide you with the best design strategy that would suit your business needs.

2.Patient about the multiple changes you might want :

We get how you would want to be involved in the design decisions. Therefore, we are open to hearing out your take on every single thing that we design for your brand. We communicate with you constantly so you can get the design that you desire. Hesitant about giving too many changes? You don't have to be! With Verve Media by your side, you can be honest about the smallest details that you would want us to change and we shall patiently listen and work on the same.

3.Innovative designs to suit your uniqueness:

Our team is full of professionals from different segments of the media and advertising domain and we synergistically work together to meet your expectations beyond the normal. Our creative zest fuels us to create the most innovative and out of the box designs that are sure to indulge your audience's attention and make them want more from your brand.


We also provide rebranding solutions, design brochures, Product Packaging, make impressive company profiles and much more.


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