Creative Team Job Description - What Does a Creative Team Do? (2023)

What is a Creative Team

In the advertising, digital or marketing sectors, thecreative team is responsible for generating attention-grabbing ideas that will entice the consumer or target audience. Members of the team work together to develop conceptual campaigns designed to stand apart from competitors.

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The creative team usually consists of an established art director and a copywriter, with some companies looking for individuals who have both skill sets. However, other members involved can include web developers and editors.

Members of this team need to be confident enough to share and sell their ideas, and perceptive enough to know when to encourage others to share theirs. Team members should also be strategic in their thinking, so they can organize thoughts and develop plans to suit the expectations of the client.

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Creativity is all about nurturing imagination and turning thoughts into the ideas that give a project the edge. So agencies will expect team members to have a positive approach that encourages their creativity to flourish.

Once established, the career path for creative team members is usually clear with a progression to creative director being the ultimate goal.

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Typical activities
For many creative teams, common activities include:

  • Client liaison to develop a strong understanding of client requirements and objectives
  • Creating ideas that can be used across various platforms to support campaigns
  • Staying one step ahead of competitors by researching current media trends
  • Inspiring younger creatives to be expressive and innovative in their ideas
  • Executing tasks with the flair and professionalism needed to push the agency and clients in the right direction

Skills required

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A creative team will always need a wide range of design and creative capabilities. These include:

  • An impressive conceptual outlook and ability to produce original ideas
  • High-level creative thinking and the confidence to use it
  • Multiple disciplines embracing the various roles required throughout a project
  • Strong experience in relevant fields
  • The confidence to share and present ideas internally and externally
  • Motivation and the desire to execute every job to the highest standard
  • The ability to deliver campaigns that generate results
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to think laterally and literally

The creative team in most agencies will work regular office hours, but many will occasionally find themselves working out-of-hours. A good creative team member knows exactly how to merge their skills with the demands of a campaign, and how to inspire others to do the same.

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Being part of a creative duo is an amazing place to be, whether you already have your team mate and are raring to go, or whether you are just exploring different directions for your creative career – our creative and design team can help.
Looking to hire a creative teamorwant to get hiredGet in touch with us today to learn how we can help.

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