Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (2023)

"Don't Hug me I'm Scared" is the first episode of the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series. In it, the puppets learn about creativity. It was published on July 29, 2011.


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Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duckare sitting at a table, doing nothing until Sketchbook flips open and asks them what their favorite idea is,Red Guyand Yellow Guy are surprised to see the Sketchbook flip open. The Sketchbooksays that its favorite idea is being creative, and Yellow Guy, interested in understanding creativity, asks how it gets that idea. The Sketchbook says it tries to think creatively, and then asks what the puppets see when they look at an orange. Duck, uninterested, tells Sketchbookthat it's just a boring old orange. Sketchbook disagrees with what Duck said; it instead sees the orange with a happy face walking about. Duck doesn't understand this. Sketchbook tells him that he isn't thinking creatively. The Sketchbookexposes its hair to the puppets, saying it uses it to express itself.

Red Guyisn't interested, causing thesketchbookto repeat what it said in an annoyed way. Thesketchbookquestions if they are excited by staring at the clouds in the sky. They reply with a simple "No." Sketchbook convinces them to take another look, and when they do, they see that the clouds resemble certain objects as they change shape. Sketchbookclaims that it thinks that they are getting the hang of it. Yellow Guypaints a picture of a clown, which gets ruined by the Sketchbook, who pours oil onto it. The puppets, as instructed by Sketchbook, arrange leaves and sticks into their favorite colors (blue, red, and green.)Yellow Guy's favorite color, green, is dissed by thesketchbook, saying that "Green is not a creative color".

Sketchbooktells them to listen to their heart, the rain, and the voices in their brain. The puppets start to become creative,by creating arts and crafts, glitter, and letters.Suddenly, after a brief transition with a digital recreation of the set, Yellow Guy and Duck are all replaced with people in costumes like Red Guy. Red Guycovers a heart in glitter andYellow Guybegins to dance aggressively. It starts to rain outside.Red GuyandDuck begin to dance along withYellow Guy, but in reality, the puppets are seen going insane as the Sketchbookwatches. Duck cuts a slice of cake, which has a pig's heart inside it. The puppets hug each other andDuck creates a word with letters, which turns out to be "death". An organ then slides inside a mouse hole.Yellow Guyis seen shaking uncontrollably again, Duck holds up a cake filled with a slice of the heart and then finishes his creation. In reality, Duck is shocked and Yellow Guy isconfused about what happened earlier when they got creative. Sketchbook, who is also shocked, tells them to agree to never be creative again and flips closed.

In the credits, oil oozes out of the mouse hole seen earlier.



Below is a transcript of the episode.

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[Various objects are shown; an international letter, a newspaper, a hat, a jar,

and a few other things. The calendar says it's the 19th of June. Written on a

post-it note is the phrase "get creative".]

[The scene cuts to the three characters; Red Guy; Yellow Guy; and Duck Guy.

They are all sitting at a kitchen table, looking bored. Suddenly a sketchbook

flips open and begins to sing. The others look at its in surprise.]


What's your favorite idea?

Mine is being creative! [with a lightbulb above itself]


How do you get that idea?


I just try to think creatively! [the individual syllables appear on-screen]

Now when you look at this orange [pointing to an orange with a pencil]

Tell me please, what do you see?


It's just a boring old orange!


Maybe to you, but not to me!

I see a silly face! [an animated orange with a silly face appears]



(Video) Don't Hug me I'm Scared


Walking along and smiling at me! [the orange grows legs and walks]


I don't see what you mean!


'Cause you're not thinking

creatively! [the word appears in whole on-screen]

So take a look at my hair! [lifting up a page and showing some hair]


Cool! [the word appears on-screen]


I use my hair to express myself!


That sounds really boring.


I use my hair to express myself!

Now, when you stare at the clouds in the sky, don't you find it exciting?

[pointing outside a window at some clouds]


No. [word appears on-screen]


Come on, take another look! [takes out a magnifying glass and holds it up to its eye]


Oh, wait!

[While the next part is sung, the clouds morph into the various shapes.]


I can see a hat!

I can see a cat!

I can see a man with a baseball bat!

I can see a dog!

I can see a frog!

I can see a ladder leaning on a log!


I think you're getting the hang of it now!

(Video) Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 - TIME

Using your minds to have a good time! [pointing at a picture of a brain with the word "time" written underneath, the letter "i" having been replaced with a clock]


I might paint a picture of a clown! [with a clown painting]


Whoa there, friend, you might need to slow down!

[Suddenly the clown painting is covered up by falling oil.]


Here's another good tip—




Of how to be a creative whizkid!

Go and collect some leaves and sticks [reveals leaves and sticks under a page]

And arrange them into your favorite color! [points to a color wheel, green noticeably absent]

[The main characters then arrange the leaves and sticks into the words of their favorite colors.]








Green is not a creative color. [holds a big cross in front of the word green]




There's one more thing that you need to know

Before you let your creativity flow

Listen to your heart! [reveals a drawn human heart under a page]

Listen to the rain! [reveals rain under a page]

Listen to the voices in your brain! [points to a picture of the brain]

Come on guys, let's get creative!

[The last two words are on a fridge written in magnetic letters, but they turn into a 3D model and fly out at the screen.]

[The next few scenes are composed of the characters doing various "creative"

(Video) Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 1 - 6

things, such as Yellow Guy making a model out of sticks and googly eyes; Red Guy

spreading glitter everywhere; and Duck placing the letter D down. The

camera then goes back to the shot of the three main characters at the beginning

of the episode, but it also turns into a 3D model and spins around. We can see

the film crew behind all of this. As we return to the original angle, Yellow Guy

and Duck have grown larger, and the 3D model turns back into real life.

The creative scenes suddenly become very dark. Red Guy has a heart that he

spreads glitter on; Yellow Guy covers his model in random objects; the three

start dancing maniacally while the words "get creative" are hung up like

balloons; the clear sky turns to a thunderstorm in an instant; Duck takes

a piece of cake where the inside is made of blood and organs; it turns out that

Duck was writing "DEATH"; some flesh disappears into a mousehole; Yellow Guy

shakes uncontrollably; and skulls appear around the word "DEATH" before Duck

pushes the potatoes that made them away.]

[Suddenly everything goes back to normal, however, all the characters are

horrified about what just took place.]


Now let's all agree

To never be creative again. [Sketchbook closes]

[As the credits roll, oil oozes out of the mouse hole seen previously.]


Random shoot of objects, a postcard with airplane sign at upper right

Random shoot of objects, from up-to-down: calendar displays June 19, a scale, knifes with one have different shape, a pot has egg in above

Random shoot of objects, a newspaper with The Right Wing title, and the topic content is "Stocks Flying High"

(Video) Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4

Random shoot of objects, from right-to-left: a radio, potted cactus

Random shoot of objects, from left-to-right: key charm, a post-it notes writes "Get Creative"

The puppets sitting at the table

Yellow Guy and his painting of a clown, which gets ruined

Yellow Guy and his painting of a clown, which Sketchbook at left

Yellow Guy and Duck begin to grow up

Yellow Guy and Duck after they grew up

(Video) Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5

Duck's creation


  • The date on the calendar that appears in the video is June 19th, even though the video was uploaded on July 29th.
  • The creators used strings for most of Sketchbook's movement.
  • When the puppets transformed, it was revealed that Duck had short legs.
  • Before the puppets get creative Sketchbook sings about listening to your heart, rain and "voices in your brain". Two things then happen in the way mentioned by sketchbook. First Red Guy decorates a heart in gold glitter and then it's starts to rain. During the "let's get creative part" screaming can be heard.
  • The puppets have slightly different appearances in this episode than later ones.
    • Yellow Guy has shorter hair and has five fingers instead of four.
    • Duck's hair is black, he's wearing pants and is missing the handkerchief in his shirt pocket.
    • Red Guy is seemingly unchanged after this episode.
  • The colors red, green and blue are the three primary colors typically used in physics; this differs from art educational material that commonly uses red, yellow, and blue.
  • The song in this video "The Creativity Song" can be purchased on iTunes.[1]


  • After Sketchbook destroys Yellow Guy's painting, a finger of someone controlling Sketchbook's movements can be seen at the bottom-left of the scene.
  • When Duck calls the orange boring, part of someones hand can be seen at the back of his head and that person's arm at the bottom-right of the scene.
  • During the second part the cake is shown, part of someone's hand can be seen poking out of Duck's hand.
  • Also the second time the cake is shown it can be clearly seen that parts of it are made of cardboard.
  • When the mascot version of Yellow Guy is dancing in front of Red Guy and Duck, part of someones neck can be seen poking out of the mascot head.


As of October 2016, this episode has been seen by 40.8 million viewers via YouTube since its release in July 2011, making it the highest rated in the series. It also has 429,000 likes against only 26,000 dislikes.


What is the message of Don't hug me im scared? ›

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Will dont hug me I'm scared come back? ›

After 5 years in production, 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared' returns September 2022.

Is Don't hug me I'm scared kid friendly? ›

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared MARKED FOR KIDS By YouTube...

What does June 19th mean don't hug me im scared? ›

Interestingly, June 19th, 2016, the date of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6's release, was Father's Day. The episode revealed Roy as the impossible controller of the Teachers. June 19th, 1955, the date that the puppets went missing and the date of the HELP videos, was also Father's Day.

Where is Don't hug me I'm scared? ›

In 2020, it was announced that Don't Hug Me I'm Scared will be airing on Channel 4 as a television series in 2022.

What is dont hug me im scared Reddit? ›

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is a six part series on YouTube that appears to be on the set of a children's TV show. The three puppets, who the fans have named Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duck, try to live their lives when objects teach them about Creativity, Time, Love, Computers, Healthy Eating, and Dreams.

Is Don't hug me im scared a satire? ›

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Embraces Social Satire–And Horror

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared will still be true to its satirical roots as it tackles more timely social commentary. A pilot aired at 2019's Sundance Film Festival gave insight into what's next for Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duck.

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Is Don't hug me im scared creepy? ›

It is scary, intense and made to look like a children's program but takes a very dark twist. I recommend that people under 15 should be accompanied by an adult (18 or over) because it has very scary and intense scenes that could cause major fear.


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