Green Goldstone Crystal | Healing Properties, Meanings, Chakras & More (2023)

Green goldstone has been used in healing for thousands of years. It is key to remember that gemstones are not just natural objects, but alive and full of vibrational energy. The stone itself holds a wealth of information; by understanding its purpose you can use it purposefully for your own benefit or before giving it as a gift. This article will discuss how to choose the right green goldstone, how to care for them, and how to get the most out of these crystals!

What Are Green Goldstone Crystals?

Goldstone is a man-made stone containing copper that has been enhanced with heat, producing its sparkling appearance. The sparkles from this mix represent light channeled by gold, which makes it an excellent ally for healing long distances between two people who are not in contact!

Green Goldstone Meaning

Goldstone is a stone that shields the body and energy bodies of negative frequencies, returning them to their source. As an earthbound ally, it helps us ground our connection with Earth as well as correct any vertical misalignment we might have.

Also balancing out your chakras for the mind and soul. It can help bring about calmness by instilling confidence which will lead you forward on your path towards success or even manifestation!

Green Goldstone meaning is a stone that promotes emotional balance, increases attention, and fosters self-love. It symbolizes spiritual protection, financial success, and plenty in your life.

This meaning of green goldstone is said to be in the healing of the heart chakra and fosters a greater awareness of our self-sabotaging ideas and behaviors. It restores emotional harmony by keeping the energy flowing between the heart and body.

Green Goldstone Properties

Emotional Healing Properties

Green goldstone is a powerful stone that can be used to stimulate emotional healing and promote inner peace. It also helps you gain more calm during stressful times, while the energy radiates strong protection against negative vibes in your life such as worry or anxiety attacks.

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Green Goldstone is a gem that can help you make decisions in an unemotional state. You will have rational answers by controlling your feelings well and not making emotional choices, so it’s perfect for people who tend to get distracted easily or just aren’t very good at making decisions because of their emotions.

The energy of this crystal can make you feel encouraged and so motivated to go after your dreams, be focused on achieving all the tasks leading towards reaching an ultimate purpose in life.

The plus point about goldstone crystals is that they were designed by humans which radiates strong innovation along with uniqueness making these gemstones perfect for giving birth to new revolutionary ideas; ones which attract abundance financially too!

Spiritual Healing Properties

Green Goldstone is a popular gem to use in between sessions of meditation because it can help protect the mind from negative energy. The stone has properties that make its reflection an effective way for warding off evil spirits, protecting your thoughts against influence by otherworldly beings, and blocking any touchings which may result in possession or ritualistic acts.

Green Goldstone spiritually enhances psychic abilities, psychic communication, and spiritual protection. Physical healing is said to be helped by its metaphysical healing wisdom, especially pain and inflammation.

Sparkling Green Goldstone is an effective crystal for spiritual healing. It connects with one’s heart chakra and can be used to help balance emotions, due in large part because of its copper content which helps relieve pain throughout the body as well.

Physical Healing Properties

Green Goldstone is thought to help with issues such as muscular, circulatory, and nervous system diseases, heart problems, inflammation and pain relief, and peacefulness.

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It is a nervous system stimulant that promotes the transmission of healing energy from the hands, therefore it’s useful for long-distance healing. It benefits arthritis, bone disorders, circulatory problems, headaches, heart issues, inflammation, joint pain, nerve regeneration and healing.

How To Use Green Goldstone

Green Goldstone has a variety of positive qualities and healing abilities depending on how it is utilized. Let’s take a look at the many ways you could use Green Goldstone for healing.


You may also wear green goldstone as a pendant, a bracelet, or a beautiful ring. It has not only restorative qualities but will also enhance your everyday appearance. You’ll be exposed to its powerful advantages every day.

Green Goldstone necklaces and earrings will also help you attract money, balance all of your business and personal relationships, and increase motivation.


You may meditate with this exquisite green crystal by resting it on your heart or simply sitting and concentrating on the Heart Chakra while envisioning a hue of green.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when meditating with crystals:

Before you start, make sure that your clothes are light and comfortable. Sit in a quiet place with nothing around for at least 30 minutes to an hour so there are no distractions when it comes time to do the meditation exercises (this allows focus). Take deep breaths throughout this process as well –don’t rush through them; breath slowly and calmly while focusing on how great everything feels right now!

Situating yourself upright is important too: keep good posture by sitting tall without slouching or hunching over.- There will be times where going back into the present moment becomes difficult -don’t worry about these brief moments because they happen sometimes even during long-term meditations.

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Decorative Pieces

Use Goldstone in the home to bring serenity and healing energy into your area, or use it at the office to boost productivity and enhance creative thinking. It may also help you achieve fulfillment and prosperity, as well as a raise.

Overall, Green Goldstone is a powerful amulet that brings good fortune and prosperity for both home and works life.

Crystal Combinations

Green Goldstone is said to have many different properties. If you’re looking for an energy stone that will help clear evil and motivate your Focus, then green goldstone with lapis lazuli can be a great choice! This crystal also has the ability to open new experiences by making one more aware of knowing what they want out of life or just how far their intuition powers go!

Green Goldstone with Iolite is a wonderful tool for expanding your knowledge-gaining abilities while also allowing you to explore new things. Aventurine increases your intuitive powers, Black Onyx helps regulate mental stability or anger issues while Blue Tiger Eye boosts intuition so that self-awareness may be heightened too!

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How To Cleanse And Recharge Your Crystals

It’s a good idea to cleanse and charge your crystals on a regular basis to ensure that you are still benefitting from their wonderful advantages and therapeutic vibrations.

Because Green Goldstone is so delicate, it must be handled with extreme care while being cleaned. To clean the stone safely and effectively, soak in a bowl of salt water for 10 – 20 minutes before washing with normal water to remove any unwanted energies that may have accumulated on its surface during this time period.

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Alternatively, you can place them under full moonlight or smudge using Palo Santo/Sage herbs (which will also recharge their own energy).

Green goldstone is sturdy (5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale) and does not dissolve in water, making it safe to use for purification.

You may also cleanse Green Goldstone with saltwater, although keep in mind that it should not be kept in saltwater for more than 30 minutes since the crystal is likely to be damaged.

You can also use a cotton ball to wipe up any debris from your green goldstone crystal’s surface (bracelets, a raw stone, or any type of jewelry).

Facts About Green Goldstone

  • Green Goldstone is a distinctive, opaque green-hued sparkling stone best suited to astrological signs Sagittarius and Taurus. Green Goldstone activates the Anahata or heart chakra, which is linked with it
  • The Anahata Chakra’s planetary correspondence is Uranus. It can also be referred to as the “chakra of love,” and it is represented by green color. The planet Uranus rules this chakra, making it associated with Green Goldstone.
  • Other colors include Blue Goldstone, Red Goldstone, Purple Goldstone, and Brown Goldstone.
  • Green Goldstone is extremely uncommon, and its mystical powers give it a distinctiveness in its own right.


The ancient Egyptians considered green goldstone to be a heart chakra stone, and it’s no wonder why. This crystal radiates emotional healing with its strong empowering energy that shifts your energy field from draining situations or interactionsto something far more powerful!

This crystal is going to be your biggest motive force and brightest light in any situation. You’ll find that this beautiful gemstone will help you make the most of every day with innovative ideas, creativity on demand–and even courage when things get tough!

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