Guild Raid Match Guide in Lost Ark (2023)

In this Lost Ark Guide, we will go through the Guild Raid Match activity, explain how to participate, which one to choose, and what rewards to expect. Raid matches are the newest addition to the guild activities tab. They are a new pve guild event introduced in the May update, together with the pvp guild activity of island siege.

Guild Raid Matches can be completed once per week on each character. Similar to guardian raids, they are easy to complete, take little time, and offer great rewards. The difference is that, while guardian raids reward accessories and ability stones to upgrade your gear, guild raid matches award bloodstones and guild contribution. Of course, you can use bloodstones to buy upgrade materials through the guild shop, which are essential resources to increase your ilvl.

However, the game offers little to no explanation of how raid matches work and many players are confused. This Lost Ark guide will help you understand everything you need in order to participate in Guild Raid Matches.

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Table of Contents

2)Which Guild Raid Match to Choose

3)Guild Raid Match Rewards

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4)Guild Raid Match Challenge Mode

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How to participate in the Guild Raid Match

Start by opening up the Guild tab (alt-u by default) from any major city. Within the guild menus, in the overview tab, there will be a raid match window. On the right side of it, there are 2 options: apply and participation vote. By selecting ‘apply’, you can enter the event immediately. By selecting ‘participation vote’, you simply mark that you’re available for the event, whenever your guildmates agree to set it up.

There are 2 main ways to complete this event: solo and with the guild. While the rewards for completing it with the guild are higher, sometimes it can be hard to find a time that suits everyone.

As for the boss fight itself, it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, either solo or in a guild. The boss has no major mechanics, players can respawn as many times as they want to, and they can use their normal healing potions. The fight may only get challenging if players try to solo it with their undergeared alts.

Keep in mind, however, that guild raid bosses, similar to most foes in Lost Ark, reset if nobody is nearby. Therefore, if your destroyer or berserker alt (or any of the other advanced classes that you’ve chosen) isn’t strong enough in terms of ilvl, respawning will reset the boss. In this case, bringing some friend groups along is recommended.

To make this new content even easier, guild officers can research a variety of skills and perks through the guild research tab.

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Lastly, keep in mind that if you fail to complete the raid for any reason, you are free to challenge it again anytime.

How to complete Solo

To complete this solo, select ‘Apply’ as mentioned previously, choose a raid to challenge (more info on which to choose later), select ‘Challenge’, and then ‘Enter Base’.

Then, you will join one of the guild bases in an instanced zone where you can repair, change presets, and prepare yourself for the raid. These raids are fairly easy and no preparation is needed. When you’re ready, head to the summoning stone at the end of the instanced area and interact with it to begin the raid. This will teleport you to the arena and begin the timer (there is a limited time to kill the boss).

Interact with the summoning stone to begin the Guild Raid Match in Lost Ark

How to complete with Guild

To complete this with the Guild, everyone who wants to join should first apply through the ‘Participation Vote’ tab. Afterwards, a guild leader/officer selects ‘Enter Base’ and invites everyone else from the top left ‘Invite’ & ‘Create Raid’ options. First, use ‘Invite’ to make sure everyone enters the preparation zone and then use ‘Create Raid’ to split everyone into parties.

How to invite players in Lost Ark Guild Raid Match

Afterwards, simply interact with the stone to create a portal that teleports everyone to the arena and begins the raid. As for guild members, they only need to accept the raid invite that appears on the bottom of the screen to join the instance.

Which Guild Raid Match to Choose

When selecting a raid, you will notice there are quite a few options to choose from. First, there are 3 main tiers: D, C, and B. Each tier gives more bloodstones than the previous (with B giving the most). If doing them with a guild, try to select the highest tier for maximum rewards in terms of symael bloodstones. If doing them solo, it is recommended to go for the D tier, since the others are extremely hard (almost impossible) to solo. Keep in mind that all tiers reward the same guild contribution, which is 150.

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All available Guild Raid Matches in Lost Ark

In addition, each Tier has 3 subcategories based on the maximum number of participants: 10, 20, and 50. Each of those offers the exact same rewards in terms of bloodstones and contribution, and thus the only reason to select the 50-people one is if you have more than 20 people participating. If you’re going solo, there is no reason to choose anything except the 1-10 people category (easier than the others, same rewards).

To sum up, if you’re going solo select D tier and 1-10 people raid, which is powerful sylmael devourer Rudric (some people also recommend going for the Salt Giant instead of Rudric since despite having more HP, it’s much easier to dodge). If you’re with a guild, B tier and whichever raid can fit all the participants.

Lastly, to leave the area, simply use the song of escape.

Guild Raid Match Rewards

As for the rewards, each raid offers 150 contribution. What changes based on tier is the amount of Symael Bloodstones and the difficulty. All Tier D raids award 800 bloodstones, all tier C raids award 1200 bloodstones, and all Tier B raids award 1400 bloodstones.

Guild Raid Match Challenge Mode

Instead of selecting Enter Base at first, players can also select ‘Challenge’. This is a competitive challenge where players need to clear the boss as fast as possible. They compete in ranks with a series of guilds that have challenged the same boss within the same week.

The guilds that reach the top of the guild rankings will receivesome extra rewards in terms of symael bloodstones and guild XP. For the challenge mode, guilds should bring the maximum amount of people to ensure faster clears, as well as use Dark Grenades to boost damage. Keep in mind that achieving the top 3 spots to get the gold rewards is exceptionally hard since the competition is fierce.

Guild Raid Match completed in Lost Ark

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And that’s all! Guild Raid Matches may seem complicated at first but this Lost Ark guide showcases how easy they actually are. Whether players choose to complete them solo or in a guild, Guild Raid Matches should become part of their weekly routine. The bloodstones and contribution rewards are too good to ignore for the extremely small amount of time that they take to complete.


How does guild raid match work Lost Ark? ›

Guild Raid Match Challenge Mode

They compete in ranks with a series of guilds that have challenged the same boss within the same week. The guilds that reach the top of the guild rankings will receive some extra rewards in terms of symael bloodstones and guild XP.

How do I complete the guild quest in Lost Ark? ›

Once you've completed your Guild Request quest such as, [Mining] Collect Magnetite Debris, a small “Ongoing Quests 1” tab will appear on the right side of your screen. You can see it in the above screenshot, above my quest log. Click this button to reveal the guild task and complete it for your reward.

Is being in a guild worth it Lost Ark? ›

Unlike other MMOs, there are actually a ton of benefits to being in a Lost Ark guild. You have access to a unique shop, guild quests, skills, research, and content. This makes being in a guild very valuable as it can give you some powerful rewards, as well as a ton more things to do in-game.

Can you have alts in the same guild Lost Ark? ›

Yeah, having them search the guild and send invites for you to accept is probably the easiest. You could also change the join settings to automatically accept new players or set it to passworded so they could join that way without needing to be approved by your main. go to your guild settings and enable auto-join.

Can you have multiple characters in the same guild Lost Ark? ›

That means if you want to play with a friend, you need to select the same servers during the character creation process. Fortunately, Lost Ark allows you to make multiple characters. Everyone gets six character slots for free in Lost Ark, and each of these characters can live on a different server.

Is it worth donating gold to guild Lost Ark? ›

Donating silver is absolutely worthwhile. Gold is not. Absolutely do not donate your gold to the guild, only donate silver.

What is the max guild size in Lost Ark? ›

Guilds can progress all the way to level 25, which allows you to have 100 player slots. 100 players is the maximum guild size in Lost Ark. To increase your guild level, you need to complete weekly quests for your guild.

How long does it take to do all quests in Lost Ark? ›

It's just about impossible to get through this Slyvain land in under two hours, and three hours is about how long it takes if someone is enjoying all the lore in the cutscenes or clearing out all the Side Quests along the way.

Can you solo Lost Ark Raids? ›

Can you solo Guardian Raids? Yes, you can solo all Guardian Raids in Lost Ark.

Do Lost Ark Raids scale with players? ›

Yes they do. However when solo it may be more difficult since the boss is only focusing you.

How many RAID can I do in a day Lost Ark? ›

You can only harvest a Guardian's soul twice per day per character. Similar to Chaos Dungeons, it's possible to farm Guardian Raids more than twice per day, but your subsequent clears won't give as much loot unit the weekly reset.

Is dismantling or selling better in Lost Ark? ›

A general rule of thumb when deciding. When players are leveling up, it's a good idea for them to dismantle items instead of selling them because they can get rare items this way as well as sell them for gold if they need to. Not every item can be dismantled, which is something players should keep in mind as well.

What happens after hitting 50 Lost Ark? ›

At some point after hitting level 50, you'll want to teleport to Trixion to talk to Beatrice and accept a quest to unlock your first Awakening ability as well as your class's final normal ability.

Are Alts important in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark is a game with great emphasis on having several alternate characters (alts) to help progress a player's account. Alts bring various benefits including additional honing materials, gold, silver, and other quality of life features.

What is the best class in Lost Ark? ›

Best Lost Ark classes: PvE

Up in the S-tier are two Warrior classes: Berserker, and Gunlancer. They're accompanied once more by the Bard, and the Destroyer class has moved to the top in the most recent meta, thanks to its onslaught of attacks that deal powerful AoE damage.

How many people do you need to make a guild Lost Ark? ›

Smilegate RPG Guilds are limited to 30 members in Lost Ark. Luckily, starting your very own Guild in Lost Ark isn't particularly expensive and will only require you to save up 2,000 silver. Read More: Will Lost Ark be on console?

Will Lost Ark ban you for buying gold? ›

If you buy Lost Ark Gold from some illegal websites, the account will be banned by the game company to a large extent.

Is it worth getting platinum Lost Ark? ›

The Platinum Supply Crate is much better than Silver and Gold. Extra feathers, much better ascent chests, and generally lots more rewards.

Do trade skills matter Lost Ark? ›

Trade Skills are a super important part of the game. Here's how they work... Like any good MMO, Lost Ark is filled with a selection of side hustles and grinds that allow you to pillage the natural world to your heart's content.

How big is a RAID group Lost Ark? ›

Much like dungeons, Lost Ark raids are similar to classic MMO raids, but also feature some unique elements. The biggest similarity is that they're all about taking down big bad bosses as a group of 4 players.

How many hours does it take to max out lost in Ark? ›

Certain dungeons, raids, and more are accessible after a player has made it to the coveted level 50. It can take a bit of a grind to get there, however. Some players have spent dozens of hours moving through the game at their own pace, but the consensus is that it takes between 25 and 30 hours.

How big is a raid in Lost Ark? ›

The raid will consist of 8 players that will be split into two different parties with a color assigned to each of them.

Is Max level 50 or 60 in Lost Ark? ›

Many players believe that level 50 is the maximum level in Lost Ark, as that's when you unlock all the end-game content. However, that's not true. The max level is 60.

Should you do all quests Lost Ark? ›

You can choose to avoid every side quest in Lost Ark to level quickly, but at least check what the side quest rewards are before disregarding them. If you see an Engraving recipe as a reward, it's worth taking an extra few minutes to complete the quest. Future you will be grateful you did.

How long does 1 50 take Lost Ark? ›

The current world record for level 50 in Lost Ark is around the 10-hour mark. However, for a brand-new player, you're more likely to hit level 50 within the 15-20 hour mark, which is still relatively fast for an MMO. This might take longer if you want to complete all the quests along the way.

Do back attacks do more damage Lost Ark? ›

Back Attacks deal 5% bonus damage and have 10% increased Critical Chance. This bonus damage can be increased by using the Master of Ambush Engraving, adding an additional 25% damage. There are indicators on most bosses to help with this positioning, indicating both the Back Attack area and the Front Attack area.

Does Lost Ark kick you for AFK? ›

By default, the Lost Ark AFK timer is only a measly 15 minutes, which is quite a short time for an MMO timer. Many others in the genre like New World, WoW, and Final Fantasy XIV all have timers that range from 25 to 30 minutes, along with warnings when you will be sent careening out of the server.

Can you stay AFK in Lost Ark? ›

You can set your AFK timer to max out at 60 minutes.

How many abyssal dungeons can you do a week? ›

Each character can clear a dungeon one time a week. Clearing a dungeon gives you a gold reward. You are only allowed to receive gold rewards from Abyssal Dungeons 6 times a week across your entire roster.

How hard are Guardian raids? ›

As with most end-game content, Lost Ark Guardian Raids are challenging and require cooperation and skill to tackle effectively. You'll need to memorize each Guardian's abilities and attacks, and the game keeps the Guardian's health bar hidden, so you have to maximize your damage to kill the boss before time runs out.

How many Guardian raids can you do a day? ›

The downside is you can only harvest two Guardian Souls per day. Once the Lost Ark server resets, you can claim two more Guardian Souls, though there's often a reason not to. The Guardian Raid system includes a Rest Meter. If a day ends with a Guardian Soul slot unfilled, you'll earn 20 Rest Points.

Should I do Guardian raid every day? ›

Defeating these bosses is key to upgrading your character, so you'll want to ensure that you clear two Guardian Raids each day.

Can you only get 1 Raid Pass a day? ›

You can only hold one Raid Pass at a time, and you can only receive one per day. This pass grants access to Tier 1-5 Raid Battles. If you have already used your Raid Pass, you can participate in another Raid Battle by purchasing a Premium Battle Pass from the Shop.

Can you get more than 2 power passes in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark restricts two Power Passes to each account, so if you aren't 100% sure which class you want to spend it on, don't waste it. Even though Lost Ark has a cash shop, Power Passes aren't available through the store, at least not yet.

Can Lost Ark earn money? ›

Once you reach level 50, you will unlock Una's Tasks, this game's version of daily and weekly challenges. Completing these challenges will get you a currency called Una's Tokens, which you can then convert to gold. This is currently one of the fastest and most reliable ways to consistently earn gold in Lost Ark.

Should I sell my old armor Lost Ark? ›

Should you dismantle or sell gear in Lost Ark? In general, you should dismantle your old gear instead of selling it. While selling your gear will reward you with instant gold, there's a decent chance that you may come across more valuable items when you start dismantling your old gear.

Which trade skills are most important Lost Ark? ›

The best trade skills are the ones you should level up first. We would consider Excavating, Foraging, and Mining to be the most profitable trade skills in Lost Ark. Excavating will allow the players to sell relics that can be very profitable and craft maps.

Do you get a free LVL 50 Lost Ark? ›

One of the main goals in Lost Ark is levelling your character to the max level. If you just started with Lost Ark, you might be falling a bit behind, but there is a free way for you to boost your character up to level 50. We can achieve this, by using the Powerpass.

What is 1st limit in Lost Ark? ›

In PvP, you must grind 66,791 XP to attain the 1st Limit, which is the needed XP for this tier. It's a lot simpler to say than it is to accomplish. In actuality, to reach the 1st Limit, you must be among the top 0.30 percent of your server's players.

What happens when you reach level 100 in Ark? ›

Once you have reached this limit, you will not be able to level up anymore. On Ark Mobile, the maximum player level is 100, without the need to defeat Bosses. Creatures can level up 88 times. Once your creature has reached this limit, they will not be able to level up anymore.

Can Alts skip zereth mortis? ›

A Zereth Mortis skip is available for alts who do not wish to complete the first 3 chapters of the 9.2 story, but it comes at a price. If you complete the first 3 chapters of the Zereth Mortis story on your main, you can talk to Tal-Inara in Oribos on alts to skip to Chapter 4 with your alt and have Pocopoc unlocked.

Is Lost Ark better than friends? ›

As an MMO, Lost Ark is undoubtedly better with a few teammates by your side. Finding companions in-game is rather straightforward — with more than 1 million players, there's always someone tackling the same quest as you. If you're looking to play with a few friends, however, Lost Ark makes things even easier.

How does guild Siege work? ›

Guild Siege is held once a week on Saturday at 12:15 PM PST (UTC/GMT -8). Only 8 Guilds will be allowed to participate. Only 5 members from any guild will be allowed in the arena at one time. Each player is allocated 6 lives.

Do Lost Ark raids scale with players? ›

Yes they do. However when solo it may be more difficult since the boss is only focusing you.

Can you do raids across servers Lost Ark? ›

Limited cross server multiplayer in Lost Ark

Basically, this means that there are “some” things that friends can do across servers, but they can't do “all” things. These are all of the game modes that can be played by gamers across servers: Raids.

How does guild Bloodstone distribution work Lost Ark? ›

For example, if the Guild received 100 000 Bloodstones from Guild tasks and from donations, and Bloodstone distribution is set to 50% Guild/ 50% Guildmates, then the Guild is going to get 50 000, and rest of the 50 000 are going to be divided in between the Guildmates who achieved 100% contributions.

Is siege hard to learn? ›

Yes, Rainbow Six Siege is difficult to learn.

With more than 60 operators and over 20 maps in the game, this looks like a tough subject. We are not going to lie — it is tough. Rainbow Six Siege is complex, and it can be difficult to learn.

Is guild war pay to win? ›

The game is not pay 2 win. There are some convenience item in the store like extra bag space that you might want, but you earn gold in the game and use that gold to trade it for gems which are used to purchase store items.

How long is a siege match? ›

A ranked match has rounds that are about three minutes, with a 40-second preparation time. A ranked match is usually about four to nine rounds if no team surrenders. This makes competitive matches about 15 to 30 minutes on average.

Can you solo Lost Ark raids? ›

Can you solo Guardian Raids? Yes, you can solo all Guardian Raids in Lost Ark.

How many raid can I do in a day Lost Ark? ›

You can only harvest a Guardian's soul twice per day per character. Similar to Chaos Dungeons, it's possible to farm Guardian Raids more than twice per day, but your subsequent clears won't give as much loot unit the weekly reset.

What is the best class in Lost Ark 2022? ›

Best Lost Ark classes: PvE

Up in the S-tier are two Warrior classes: Berserker, and Gunlancer. They're accompanied once more by the Bard, and the Destroyer class has moved to the top in the most recent meta, thanks to its onslaught of attacks that deal powerful AoE damage.

How long is the penalty for leaving a raid in Lost Ark? ›

10 minute leaver penalty for leaving a solo guardian raid : r/lostarkgame.


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