Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (2023)

Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (1)

  • October 22, 2021
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Beware of the ghosts and ghouls! It’s that time of year when we bravely step outside and take a look around; we find we’re not alone. Streetlights shine an eerie glow on the faces of strangers, and silhouettes move in the windows.

So, you’ve got your costume, your pumpkin but do you have the perfect caption? The Insta-popular Pumpkins are out in various poses – so, it’s time to get posting! Are you looking for some Halloween social media posts to light up your accounts? Here’s what I’ve got for you.

Table of Content: Halloween Social Media Posts, Ideas & Campaigns

  • 5 Tips for Halloween Social Media Posts
  • 5 Halloween Social Media Ideas for 2021 Campaign
  • 5 Examples of Best Halloween Campaigns in 2020 on Social Media
  • Over to You!

Despite the covid-19 pandemic, Halloween still manages to be a significant holiday in the USA. People dress up and go door to door to get candy and other sweets. There’s also a lot of back and forth on social media, with people posting photos of themselves on Instagram, Halloween costumes all over Facebook, tweeting #Halloweenquotes, searching for Halloween makeup ideas on Pinterest. Besides holiday fun, Halloween is a golden opportunity for businesses as well.

Marketers and business owners try to come out with great deals, offers, social media campaigns & create Halloween social media posts to engage their audience.

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If you’re finding inspiration on how you can create spicy Halloween social media posts, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve hand-picked some of the spooky scary ideas to help you spice up your Halloween social media campaigns. Hold your mugs, sit back and scroll down for some scary spine-chilling tips and ideas.

5 Tips for Halloween Social Media Posts

Without being bombarded by people talking about what was purchased, wearing, and what they plan to do later on Halloween, one cannot turn on any social media site. It seems like Halloween is becoming more than just a holiday, but also an excuse to be on top of all social media networks. Every year, social media sites are flooded with Halloween posts during October.

This Halloween, you could be the hero of the party by using your social media skills to create an impressive, spooky Halloween social media campaign. Check out these five creative ways to be a social media hero on Halloween:

  1. Spooky User-generated ContentHalloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (2)

    User-generated content is one of the affordable and most manageable marketing strategies to interact with your customers. It is becoming more popular for companies to have chats with their customers on social media. You can capture UGC by using a contest. Like, ask your followers to post their Halloween costume ideas using your product/brand, & you can share the top 5 creative pictures on your social accounts. Or you ask them to share their scariest story in 6 words, & you can do any creative Halloween social media posts with those stories.

    Spice it up with the trendy Halloween hashtags and emojis. Or you can ask them to decorate the pumpkin using your product/service. Share those pictures on your social accounts, but don’t forget to give them credit.

  2. Offer Oogie Boogie Discounts

    Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (3)Does somebody say discounts? A big YES, just like a giant pumpkin. After all, it’s a hello-witch month. Nothing can beat the power of promotional codes and offers. When it comes to the holiday seasons, every customer expects some discounts and deals, yet it is the best time to win your customer’s heart by offering excellent discounts. Create a sense of urgency and mention the deadline of your offer or you can go for a countdown and say the date when the offer is expiring.

    However, it is important to remember to not clutter your social media with discount posts. You should post general Halloween-themed content as well.

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    You can create a Halloween theme coupon code and advertise it to show off your spirit for Halloween. Promoting your special discounts can be a great source of generating more leads as it is an eye-catchy way to capture your audience’s attention and make them interested in your product. Treat your customers with the special tricks and sweet candies and let the people jump in your spooktacular deals.

    May you have a bag full of treats!

Halloween Treats Just Got Yummier🎃

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  1. Spook-Ify Your Website

    What’s more eye-catching than seeing stores around you decorated with some cute little pumpkins? Following a colored theme with a spooky spider web hanging all around the store. Isn’t it captivating?

    You can do the same with your websites. Catch your audience’s attention by adding a flash of Halloween theme on your websites. Make it more exciting by adding some pumpkins to your logo, cobwebs to your landing pages, skulls, skeletons, and vampires to your side banners.

    Try to add some bright orange and black colors to your website. Show off your Halloween spirit to your customers by adding some funny animated haunted houses, ghosts, bats, and other themed items.

    Your logo and website are your first impression, which is an excellent chance to attract more customers.

  2. Post Freaky Halloween QuotesHalloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (4)

    Everyone loves to add puns and quotes to their social media posts expressing their spirit for the festival. Why not go for some freaky captions about Halloween. These quotes are perfect for spooking your audience with a bit of Halloween humor. It is a tradition that people love to do on this spooky night of the year. One of these quotes is, “Trick or treat, smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!” It just screams Halloween fun.

    Here are a few Halloween quotes examples you can share on your social media posts.

    • Sticky fingers, tired feet, one last house, trick or treat.
    • Trick or treat, a bag of sweets, ghosts are walking down the street.
    • Once a pumpkin, always a pumpkin.
    • Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.
    • Werewolves howls, phantoms prowl, Halloween’s upon us now.
  3. Halloween-Themed Email TemplatesHalloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (5)

    Wondering how you can spread your words to the world?

    Just one word: Emails

    Emails are the fastest and the best resource to communicate and interact with your customers. Why don’t you create a Halloween-ized theme email template?

    Send Halloween-themed emails to your customers and tell them that Halloween is just around the corner and they need to hop into the bucket of discounts. Dress up your emails with eye-catchy animations and graphics. Fill your emails with the details of your promotional codes. Let them know about any Halloween raises you’re hosting. Include a particular coupon code or discount offer to promote them to buy products or visit your company’s online presence over the holiday.

    Make sure your subject line is pretty engaging so that your customers don’t miss out on the great deals you are offering.

    End your email with Chills and Thrills!

Halloween is creeping on us, and now is the best time to be creative and come up with some spooktacular ideas for your social media posts that capture your audience’s attention. Let’s take a look at some creepily awesome ideas that can add glitters to your Halloween social media posts.

  1. Run a Scary Countdown

    Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (6)

    Running a countdown works on Instagram very well, and it’s one of the simplest and easiest ways to glue your audience. Create a scary Halloween post and post a countdown with how many days to go for the Oogie boogie day. You can even ask your followers different questions like celebrating Halloween or sharing some trendy costume ideas. If you are offering deals or discounts, you can remind your audience to get their deals, so one misses out.

    Come with something different each day. Create a poll and ask your audience to choose the one, or you can share a Halloween quiz with your audience. Don’t forget to run a countdown on each post so that your audience can look forward to your content each day. Make the most of this season and get more leads.

    (Video) Halloween Marketing Ideas | Business Marketing

  2. Share Spooktacular DIY Videos

    Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (7)
    People get extra resourceful and innovative during the holiday seasons because they look for something new to wear, eat, or decorate. This is the best time to capture their attention. Share some Halloween-ized tutorial videos and try to influence them with your creativity.

    Share scary makeup tutorials or some creepy recipe ideas. Create short videos and share them on your social media feeds with trendy hashtags. Think of all the exciting and new ways that can be used for the Halloween festivities. Just a little creativity can capture your audience’s attention all at once.

  3. Post Hilarious Memes

    Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (8)

    Who isn’t excited about Halloween? After all, it’s the best time of the year! Then why not make it memorable and laugh with your audience. Spice up your social media posts by adding some puns and humor. Halloween social media posts are all about fun. Create some hilarious memes on Halloween and share them on your social media profiles. Give your audience a chance to laugh with their loved ones. Memes are the best way to catch your audience’s attention. You can even go for Instagram or Facebook stories and post new memes each day so that your audience can view them and share them as well.

    Don’t forget to schedule your post with Social Champ before Halloween.

    Let your audience know about your spirit!

  4. Halloween Themed Products

    Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (9)

    It is fascinating when your favorite products come out with festive themes, especially when it’s Halloween. The freaking creepy products dressed up in orange and black with some scary cobwebs, bats, and pumpkins crafted on them give a festive spiritual vibe.

    Why don’t you give a try to a theme-based product or a limited time? Themed items are always appealing to the customers, and they love to buy so that they can use these products at their parties or events. Ignite the spirit of Halloween in your customers with Halloween-themed products.

  5. Host an Event

    Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (10)

    Of course, everyone loves to dress up, decorate their homes and try out new recipes on Halloween. But wait? Where are the Halloween events? When it comes to the spooky month, we can’t skip Halloween events or parties. Host an online event, share the details of your event, including date, time, and the activities, with your audience, and ask them to join. You can even offer 5% to 10% discounts to the participants joining the event.

    Hosting an online event is beneficial, especially when you are a marketer because you promote your brand. This can help you draw more customers and help to make the business more festive on the Halloween event. You can use Facebook groups to host events & invite your friends.

5 Examples of Best Halloween Campaigns in 2020 on Social Media

While scrolling through social media platforms, we found out how our favorite brands celebrated Halloween last year. Take a look at these creative and inspiring social media campaigns from around the world, and don’t forget to pick out your favorite one.

  1. Snickers

    Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (11)
    Starting with a sweet treat for marketing campaigns, then Snickers tops the list with its scary and creepy Halloween campaign. Whether you are a Snickers fan or not, but you can’t deny that Snickers marketing campaign is spine-chilling. Snickers is trying its best to keep the spooky spirit alive, a perfect one that exactly suits the festive. Snickers know precisely how to capture the audience’s attention from a Call to action to tag a friend.

    Woah! What an innovative campaign.

  2. Starbucks

    Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (12)

    How about a pumpkin iced latte? Starbucks never lags when it comes to spooky marketing campaigns. From dressing up their product into Halloween themes to running marketing campaigns, Starbucks never surprises us with its fantastic marketing.

    Here’s how Starbucks celebrated Halloween last year. A couple in a beautiful fall, what a mesmerizing photo shoot. These portraits sessions were making rounds the previous year, and so caught our attention. What a creative idea!

  3. Burger King

    Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (13)

    Have you ever visited the scariest places on Earth? Last year, the tremendous follower’s fast-food chain Burger King announced that customers who visited these five scariest places on Earth would get a free Whopper.

    Isn’t this a genius way to market your brand! Even Burger King located these scariest places and pointed out that these places are haunted and incredibly scary. Are you daring enough to visit these places just to win a free Whopper?

  4. M&Ms

    No monsters were harmed in the making of these Monster Mash Whoopie Pies. Full recipe here:

    From posting teasers to sharing new recipes, M&Ms know how to capture the audience’s attention perfectly. So, last year M&Ms brought the easy and yummy recipe ‘Monster Mash Whoopie Pie.’ Buying M&Ms is a good idea, but now the product has given you why you should buy it, for a monster mash, of course! Despite the recipe idea, you can’t beat M&Ms when it comes to storytelling.

    Whether it’s Christmas or Halloween, M&Ms know how to entertain their audience with their funny marketing campaigns.

  5. 7 – Eleven

    Halloween Social Media Posts Ideas to Boo up Your Business (14)

    Oh! How can we forget 7 Eleven? It’s the spookiest time of the month, and every brand is coming up with unique and creative ideas to entertain their audience, then. How can 7 Eleven can lag? If you want to laugh with your family, then don’t miss out on this marketing campaign.

    From their animation to GIfs, they have tried their best to make their audience laugh. Well, 7 Eleven’s Halloween social media campaign was a big hit in 2020.

Over to You!

Aaaaaaaand it’s a wrap! Halloween is a significant and spooky time of the month for customers and business owners. Still, Halloween is more than fun. From seniors to juniors, from elders to youngers, and from business owners to marketers, all get busy celebrating Halloween in their own ways.

But wait! Don’t forget your primary aim is to get more leads and boost your brand smartly. Make most of this season and reach new audiences, and lastly, make sure you inspire your audience with these spooktacular Halloween social media posts ideas and tips. Pro-tip is to use a social media management tool to schedule all your posts ahead of time & enjoy this holiday with your friends & family.

Witching you a Happy Hello-ween!

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