How Social Media Ruins Your Creativity (2022)

We all know that social media has introduced us to a whole new world of opportunities and brought tons of benefits in our lives. However, just like every channel of communication, there are downsides to the story about social media.One of the common challenges that individuals face after using social media for too long is the lack of creativity that comes as a result of the overuse. Now, while anyone would guess that after viewing photos, reading articles and getting informed one would be more productive and creative, that is not exactly what happens in real life.

Getting Text Neck From All That Social Media Screen Time

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We’ve all seen that person, standing alone in a queue. Possibly waiting for his or her turn to order some food. Maybe they’re just waiting to pay for something, or for their turn to use the restroom. He or she has got their head down, hand up, grasping a smartphone for dear life, eyes scrutinizing the screen. Their thumbs are in a cranked position as they scroll endlessly, occasionally smiling, sometimes grunting. Most times, the screen glares blue light right into their eyeballs as they hunch over, completely, absolutely addicted to their social feed.

Your body does things that you’re not even conscious of as you stare at your screen. After some time, you start to hold your breath. Your posture begins to change as you hunch forward, barely blinking as your attention is completely swallowed by your phone. Sometimes, your jaw tightens up, depending on the visuals your retina perceive, or the information your mind is digesting. It’s become a part of modern life so much that having text neck is the norm.

Join The Distraction Faction

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While the rise of social media has definitely revolutionized the way we perceive news, information, and bite-sized truths ― sometimes, it sucks. What we mean is that it has the ability to suck out the roots of your creativity like a leech. And that comes right from the little chargeable device in your hand. Constant notifications only serve to tell us that while we’re going about our daily grind, amazing life moments are happening somewhere else. Marketing pop-ups from apps or services we’ve subscribed to serve as a distraction from the things we do daily – driving, eating, communicating with people.

As social apps deliver a constant stream of news and updates, any creative or marketer is guilty of getting distracted during work. Take this scenario for example. You’re sitting in your chair, propped up by a comfortable pillow. Your mind is in full-throttle as your focus burns with an intensity so great that nothing can stop your flow ― vrrrr, goes your phone on vibrate mode. The screen lights up as it displays the message preview alongside seventeen other updates and notifications. It’s selfie updates from James in Finance who’s taken a month off to find himself in Machu Picchu. You shake your head and smile, trying to turn your attention back to your work. But the thin thread of intense concentration has snapped. Your focus is gone. Oh well. Maybe you need a coffee break. You slip out of your chair and reach for your empty mug, before automatically sliding your phone into your pocket.

Might as well check out those notifications while you get a refill, right? That’s exactly how social media saps you of your creative moments.

The Art of Conversation? Dead And Gone, Long Live Silence

Ever noticed how people are getting worse at communicating face-to-face? Here’s another scenario. You’re out with a group of friends for dinner. After the small talk continues, one of your buds whips out his phone. Maybe you take a sip of your beer as you observe your friends. The small talk peters out. Another friend begins to scroll through his feed. Everyone else follows suit not long after. By the time the food comes around, all the waiter sees is a table full of people with their eyes on a screen.

In the fast-paced world that we are currently immersed in, those who aren’t on social media are seen as rare, mythical beings. Social media creates an obsession with being loved and approved of by others. This mental obsession grows steadily as people struggle to fit in. Studies have shown that those with a social media addiction are strongly influenced by the number of likes on their posts and the opinions of others.

Truthfully, not conforming to society is the best fuel for creativity. You get to develop an individualistic manner of thinking, and in turn, create, write, or design something out of the box. You don’t have to worry about losing your creativity to social media if you aren’t on any accounts.

The Need Of (Greater) Recognition

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The truth is, social media has created a sort of fascination with judgment nowadays. This judgment is basically centered around our thoughts and lifestyle. For instance, people want to be seen as better in the eyes of other people – and want to receive the right amount of positive recognition in their lives.

Take teenagers, for example. Most teens are on social media accounts, especially where most of their idols or celebrities are on, too. Lots of them are addicted to their social media feed. Some teens take it to a whole other level, idolizing their celebrities so much that they actually start copying their style and attitude. Need to market your fashion brand to a teenage audience? Get some trending rapper to wear an outfit from your line and upload it for the daily ‘gram. Watch as a thousand other teens follow suit the next day. They lose their own originality and uniqueness in the process. In this manner, it is completely safe to say that social media does kill one’s creativity.

The Mass Effect

Nowadays, all social networks allow users to upload their artworks without any restrictions about the quality and the ownership of the original artworks. The Internet makes everything easy peasy. Everyone can literally upload thousands of designs, even if they have been stolen from someone else or even a bunch of artists. Anyone can literally just copy someone else’s work and make a buck off it without the original artist’s knowledge. Plagiarism isn’t cool, guys.

On a wider note, good designers cannot be spotted easily among the massive number of beginners. In that manner, social media needs a filter for uniqueness and a rating system that allows other professionals to rate the artworks or promote it to be featured. With the saying: anything you put on the Internet is public property – watermarks just don’t cut it anymore. The work of artists’ need to be properly protected.

Losing Time And Sense Of Real Life

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Aside from using social media when actively scrolling through your feeds, you should know that in kind of a way, social media is a closed circle. As humans (and as creatives), we’re open to communication. And even though the digital world can link you to people from different countries around the world, it prevents the real meaning of social communication.

This can lead to losing a sense of a real life but also drastically reduce your creativity. Spending time with friends and colleagues, on the other hand, can help you maintain the physical lifestyle that helps you develop new ideas.Being addicted to social networks also leads to significant time loss. Every time you check your social networks for updates is a time when you lose a chunk of your creative thinking time. Hence, many creatives block social media websites from their network in order to drive their employees to focus on their daily tasks. The key to using social media lies in its limits.

Have you ever…

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…taken a moment to check out who’s online on your friend list, and think: I wonder if they’ve taken time off to be creative? Then again, if they’re always on social apps, you’ve got your answer.

Looking to take the first step out of the quicksand of your social media? Explore more ways to exercise your creativity and develop some of these 15 habits to sustain your creative life.

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How Social Media Ruins Your Creativity? ›

Social networking has become a deceptive and broken substitute for time-honoring (often isolated), passionate work in developing craft and expertise. Young creatives can now be prematurely lulled into a false sense of creative identity and success by the number of likes and followers on their social media networks.

How is social media bad for creativity? ›

The massive number of shares and likes in social media distracts designers and artists from the real creative process. Instead of focusing on the production of the artwork, reviewing others' shares and artworks consume the time and the effort required to start your own project.

Does social media decrease creativity? ›

The more hours you spend time on social media, the more you lose a chunk of your creative time. creative people block social media websites and apps to focus on their daily tasks and you should do it for yourself. Social media has its advantages but one should use social media wisely by keeping certain limits.

Does social media stifle creativity? ›

Not only do social platforms like Facebook and Twitter suck your time away, but they could also stifle your creativity. And while we're all guilty of using social media as a way to procrastinate on occasion, there are ways to combat the negative impacts of social media so you can live a healthier life.

How does the Internet affect your creativity? ›

Technology doesn't only enable creativity, but nurtures it. Through platforms like YouTube, anyone with an Internet connection can hone their skills and be inspired by others, while meeting sites allow budding musicians, writers or filmmakers to get together and explore ideas and techniques.

How technology is making us less creative? ›

Yes, we're seeing evidence, such as lower creativity scores, which may point the finger at technology. We know people are spending more time distracting themselves on electronic devices and possibly inhibiting the creativity, which can come from boredom and letting thoughts wander.

What are the negative effects of social media? ›

However, social media use can also negatively affect teens, distracting them, disrupting their sleep, and exposing them to bullying, rumor spreading, unrealistic views of other people's lives and peer pressure. The risks might be related to how much social media teens use.

Does social media affect creativity and attention span of our youth? ›

Short answer: no, there is no research that shows that social media permanently reduces attention span.

Why is creativity important in social media? ›

Creating unique content for social media matters because getting attention taking effort. You are not guaranteed tons of attention and sales just by being online. Instead, you need to convince people to pay attention to your content. Every day you are easily competing with content from millions of others.

Is internet destroying creativity of students? ›

There was a recent article that postulates the Internet is leaving children brain-dead; that children of the “Google generation,” who spend a lot of time on-line, are “losing creativity and skills.” In a story in London's Daily Mail newspaper, John Stevens reports on a man named Trevor Baylis, a British inventor who ...

Is social media making us less social? ›

It's something everyone suspected, but now it's official: The under-30 crowd is addicted to their cell phones. Those are the findings of a new survey, which showed that as millennials spend more time engaged on social media platforms, it's causing them to be less social in real life.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media? ›

Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media
Pros of Social MediaCons of Social Media
People Can Connect Through Social MediaReduces Face-to-face Communication Skills
Good Source of Up-to-Date InformationFake News
Social Media Is Beneficial to EducationPeople's Addiction to Social Media
7 more rows

How is technology limiting our creativity? ›

There is a line of argument that technology, by deluging us all with information – digital distraction – is killing our collective creativity. Some critics believe that there is too much information readily available to the public and people can access what they need without devising their own ideas.

Does technology improve creativity? ›

Technology has made it a lot easier to bring creative minds and ideas closer and take those ideas further at the same time. This mixing of technology and creativity has brought innovative new ideas and avenues through which people can express themselves.

Is technology killing our creativity essay? ›

"Technology is killing creativity", it is true, due to technology it is easier to do work. Now days we are fully dependent on technology. We cannot do a simple work by ourselve, in it we need a help of technology. Our grandfather's and his grandfather's are very strong than this generation or this youth.

Does screen time reduce creativity? ›

As well as affecting our physical and mental health, excessive use of screen time has also been shown to harm children's creativity.

Is internet making us more creative? ›

The Internet, with the reshaping of media and the provision of new forms of interaction, is fostering creativity. Digital technologies have enabled creations of novel works and new ways of expression.

What are 5 negatives of social media? ›

The negative aspects of social media
  • Inadequacy about your life or appearance. ...
  • Fear of missing out (FOMO). ...
  • Isolation. ...
  • Depression and anxiety. ...
  • Cyberbullying. ...
  • Self-absorption. ...
  • A fear of missing out (FOMO) can keep you returning to social media over and over again. ...
  • Many of us use social media as a “security blanket”.

Why social media is bad for students? ›

It is easy to become addicted, and research shows that students who spend too much time on social media can suffer from poor sleep, eye fatigue, negative body image, depression, anxiety, cyberbullying, and more.

How does social media affect the brain? ›

Researchers believe that since social media competes for your attention with the promise of continuous new content, heavy social media users become less able to ignore distraction in general, which leads to poorer cognitive performance and shrinks parts of the brain associated with maintaining concentration.

How social media ruins your attention span? ›

Lady Greenfield, an Oxford professor of synaptic pharmacology, argues that social media risks 'infantilising' the human mind. Brain development, in a world of fast and transient action, might accustom to operate over short timescales.

How does social media affect youth performance? ›

Chaudhary says social media may be tied to depression, lowered self-esteem, and loneliness. In fact, a large 2019 study found that young people who spend more than three hours on social media may have a higher risk of internalizing mental health disorders, such as depression or anxiety.

Does social media affect creativity and attention span of our youth? ›

Short answer: no, there is no research that shows that social media permanently reduces attention span.

Are Whatsapp Snapchat Instagram killing creativity? ›

Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are killing creativity. For: Yes. We keep scrolling our social media feed for hours, jumping from one app to another, instead of doing useful things like reading, exercising or for that matter, even socializing. These internet rabbit holes also make us less productive!

Why creativity is important in social media marketing? ›

It builds brand awareness

Being 'creative' - tapping into the needs, wants and motivations of customers in a new, different or unusual way - helps to build brand awareness. This is important because numerous studies have shown that brand awareness leads to more customers and more sales.

Is social media bad for mental health? ›

A 2018 British study tied social media use to decreased, disrupted, and delayed sleep, which is associated with depression, memory loss, and poor academic performance. Social media use can affect users' physical health even more directly.

There is a long debate about using social media and its impact on creativity, here are some pros and cons of using social media to improve creativity.

Although the debate about how social media may affect the quality of life, users of different social media have increased over time.. Design and visual arts are part of the most favorable media shared on social networks.. Social networks that are based on visual arts and design such as Pinterest have proven success in the social market.. Therefore, we should stop blaming ourselves for using our social media accounts as indulgent and start to look at social media from a different perspective to understand how to form this tool for the benefit for our creativity and fuel our talent.. Although social media websites may be seen as distractive from the main creative process, there are advantages of using the social media to serve creative people as following:. This social network is specialized for designers, artists, and photographers to share their work and get feedback as well as appreciation.. Although there is debate in considering social media as source for academic learning, many scholars are starting to use social media to share their research papers and presentations such as , , and .. Time spent on social media (Source: Creditloan ) Although there are benefits as noted above, there is an agreement among experts that there are disadvantages of using social networks especially when many people become addicted to it while not engaging in any productive work or time.. It is very important to choose the right social media to share your design work.. Sharing copyrighted materials and stealing other’s design ideas are among the important disadvantages of using social media websites.. The availability of social media on mobile devices contribute to this time loss as designers spend time to check their social media profiles on both the computer and mobile device multiple times during the day and sometimes during the same hour.. Based on the pros and cons above for using social media and its impact on creativity, designers should understand that social media is a very helpful tool that can be used to learn, find inspiration, communicate with other designers, share artwork, and find business opportunities.. Limit usage time to avoid affecting production time Use social networks that relate to your design interest such as Behance, Pinterest, and Deviantarts Share your best work to represent your self and make sure to check the copyright issues –use social websites that try to secure your work such as Flikr and Behance Do not lose your physical life and try to meet with your friends from time to time Use social networks as a learning method and privilege the learning features such as groups Use social networks as a tool to build a professional profile and promote it through other networks.

There is a long debate about using social media and its impact on creativity, here are some pros and cons of using social media to improve creativity.

Although the debate about how social media may affect the quality of life, users of different social media have increased over time.. This social network is specialized for designers, artists, and photographers to share their work and get feedback as well as appreciation.. The advertising feature in Facebook can be used to promote services among Facebook’s huge base of users.. While there are lots of inspirational resources on social media websites, there should be a balanced use for these websites.. It is important to understand the copyright issues related to your work and share creative artwork carefully through social media websites.. Limit usage time to avoid affecting production time Use social networks that relate to your design interest such as Behance, Pinterest, and Deviantarts Share your best work to represent your self and make sure to check the copyright issues –use social websites that try to secure your work such as Flikr and Behance Do not lose your physical life and try to meet with your friends from time to time Use social networks as a learning method and privilege the learning features such as groups Use social networks as a tool to build a professional profile and promote it through other networks.

Social media ruins your creativity with distractions, a need for recognition, draining originality from your bones - all from the device in your hand.

While the rise of social media has definitely revolutionized the way we perceive news, information, and bite-sized truths ― sometimes, it sucks.. That’s exactly how social media saps you of your creative moments.. Another friend begins to scroll through his feed.. Aside from using social media when actively scrolling through your feeds, you should know that in kind of a way, social media is a closed circle.. Every time you check your social networks for updates is a time when you lose a chunk of your creative thinking time.. …taken a moment to check out who’s online on your friend list, and think: I wonder if they’ve taken time off to be creative?

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And by this, I don’t mean writing creative social media posts.. I’m afraid it will be like Allen Carr’s seminal book, Easy Way to Quit Smoking and I’ll end up wanting to delete all my social media accounts or deal with the thought of manipulative corporations behind them each time I take a dopamine hit.. When we grab our phones or turn on our computers first thing in the morning to check emails or social media or news sites, we’re giving away our best decision-making time to our devices and our social media accounts.. It’s weird, but I don’t feel the urge to check social sites via my computer’s browser – it’s my phone that lures me and where I need to be retrained.. But if you do find it hard to resist sneaking a peek at Facie while working, use a browser plugin like Work Mode that will stop access to social media sites via your computer’s browser.. On the days that I didn’t turn my phone on for the first hour+, I found the urge to check social media declined for the rest of the day.. Do you feel a chronic urge to check social media on your phone or computer?

If you think being a Millennial in the age of social media is difficult, try being a creative. We’re navigating a world in which everyone is trying to plug in, but we just want to break out. We’re coveting hard-pressed positions in fields saturated…

People in this day and age want the quick and dirty version of everything.. One photo, 140 characters or a quick status -- any longer and they’re out.. If it can’t be Googled in 30 seconds or less, it’s useless.. And, when there’s no audience, there’s no art.. In that same vein, society’s obsession with social media is quelling any sparks of inspiration artists might absorb and replicate.. You feel like everyone has found stardom but you.. We’ll stop finding inspiration.. It doesn't matter in which field you work.

“I find many more ideas and inspirations, but the flow of information and ideas is so vast that I never find time to develop them.”

Because of the Internet I write more and receive feedback from people I know (on Facebook) and online strangers (on TAD and other platforms that use Disqus).. On a similar note, another reader confesses, “I draw less because I’m always on TAD”:. As a sketch artist, I appreciate my ability to Google things I want to draw for a reference point, but that doesn’t make me more creative.. In my opinion, the internet also encourages people to copy the work of others that goes “viral” rather than creating something truly original.. It’s obviously creative.. The promise of digital technology was: spinning piles of straw into useful pieces of gold.. What I would do, back then, when I got stuck and could not find a creative angle on a problem, was to go to some arbitrary corner of the library, take down the first book that caught my interest even though it had nothing to do with the problem at hand, and read a few pages—sometimes, the whole book.. We developed ideas around the mix of politics, open and fun threads that the community has taken on and grown.. It really has been a creative experience in collaboration on the internet.. I would like to share a story about a project I am working on in which the internet has certainly aided my creativity.. Several people in the group have had similar problems.. Zeus quietly relaxes on the top dog bunk while we sit on the couch.

The amazingly easy access to knowledge has changed the whole culture of the world. Our world has changed enormously. Until the late 1960s, the internet was unknown to the world. The people generally became aware of the internet in the mid of 1989. Since then, it has changed our lives immeasurably; providing the information that […]

The amazingly easy access to knowledge has changed the whole culture of the world.. Our world has changed enormously.. Prior to the internet, access to knowledge was only possible through books and print media.. “Creativity” has been defined in the dictionary as “the ability to transcend ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.. Prior to the internet, there was no tradition of questioning others’ views on the world.. Today’s internet gives rise to amateurism rather than expertise.. In this never ending stream of unfiltered user-generated content, we have no one to vouch for the reliability or credibility of the content.. There is no other activity, which leads to so much wastage of precious time in this highly competitive world.. There are numerous YouTube channels to cater to your creative faculties by finding the answers you have always needed to know.. With the rise of the internet, it has become quite easier to learn any skill you desire by highly experienced persons of that field.. While there are tools and apps that are extremely useful in one’s creative development, others like Facebook and Twitter have little creative value.. The muse (the mythological goddess who inspires creativity) is seemingly outside the scope of the internet and the banal interests it caters to.

Four working artists and creatives answer the question of the century: Should I delete my social media accounts?

Four working artists and creatives answer the question of the century: Should I delete my social media accounts?. “If you are feeling like social media is wasting your time and giving you anxiety, I suggest you have a break from all of it for one month and see how you feel.. You may find more joy in interacting with people this way, and the experience can make you not miss social media.. “Ideally, you want to be able to enjoy social media for entertainment, socializing, and professional development on your own terms.. When you use social media with self control, you can connect with friends far and wide, and get exciting opportunities that you might not be able to find otherwise.. One rule I keep, though, is that for finished projects, I try to post about them on my professional website first, with all necessary documentation and text before posting on social media.. “When I feel that my use of social media is just bringing on more toxic feelings than good, I sometimes completely uninstall all the apps for a while, and ask any friends or family I regularly speak with on those platforms to contact me in another way (like through text or email).. Professionally, if I just want to be off social media but still need to stay active, I find the best way is to go on, post what I need to post, and then get off again without looking at the feed, likes, notifications, etc.. I have both made and lost friends, secured paying projects, made incredible connections, fortified long-forgotten networks and relationships, and suffered staggering bouts of insecurity and envy all due to social media.. It’s brought back what I miss most about pre-social media days—the actual social part, the personal connection, the TALKING, the long-form responses to ideas, thoughts, and stories.. Our messages have inspired me to look up things she’s mentioned, learn more about projects she’s working on, and ultimately we’ve learned a lot about each other that we would’ve never gleaned from just interacting on social media.. Is social media really making us more informed as to what’s going on in the world?. “Deleting your social media can feel like erasing a part of your identity, I get that, but I promise you that there is life afterward.. Download your file/archive from each platform (it’s easy, look it up), delete your social media accounts, and go make something cool.

But does it really?

He indirectly criticized that social media was the cause why so many people copy each other’s tricks in our sport (or art form, or whatever you want to name it) called football freestyle.. It worked for Jereminho so I believe other people might benefit from this approach as well.. It is true for example, as Jereminho claims in his post, that social media makes it easier for everyone to bite each other and I’m also in full agreement that there’s plenty of freestylers who have never even thought about creating their own move or transition.. One day, an omniscient person enters the room and explains, quite briefly, what freestyle football is, and afterwards instructs you to come up with all the tricks that exist in the world outside of your room, by executing them or simply writing them down.. Everything is a copy of something else, in some shape or the other, in freestyle football just like in technology, music or other art forms.. That song is said to be the most sampled song of all time and segments of it were used in hundreds of songs over the years.. With all the different social media platforms out there, it couldn’t be easier to get inspired and take ideas from other people.

You want to hear some hard truth?

But every minute you spend on Facebook and Twitter (I'm not even going to try and list the gajillion other social networking sites available) is another minute you aren’t writing, or reading, or nurturing your creative spirit.. Am I reading less because I’m spending more time online?. I still have my days when I find myself aimlessly surfing Twitter and Facebook, looking at what people are doing.. I allot time in my day to look at my social networks, but I allot much more time in my day to read.. The social networks are eating into our reading time.. Yes, there are plenty of readers who don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts, who may read this and laugh.. Reading the top book on your teetering TBR stack, or reading what other people think about said book?. I hypothesize that while the Internet is taking a chunk of reading time, most readers still read a great deal.

There’s an inherent tension in the creative industry about whether social media should be used solely as a media distribution platform, which comes to the fore at Cannes because of the amount of wealth social media companies have managed to ammasse, which is obvious to the naked eye when you see the huge spend on the beachfront.

But what role, if any, does social media bring to the creative industry?. Do brands see it as just a distribution tool for their creative, or is it bigger than that?. After speaking to some VIP brands, agencies and publishers, the overwhelming consensus was that social media is most effective when it’s worked into the campaign strategy from the beginning and bolstered by top quality creative, rather than being used as just a media and distribution platform.. We spoke to AEGON’s head of content and communications, Esther Oostrom who reiterated this: “The downside of social media is that its reach is still relatively small – to reach over a million people is very costly.. When used properly, social media is the most effective way to spend paid media budget, but only when it’s combined with epic creative that resonates and engages.. “A good idea is a good idea, regardless of the channel or medium.. Learning about audiences is just as important as communicating with them and social media is a great way to access data, to optimise creative and to provide your audience with content they actually want to engage with, not just what you think they want to engage with.. Dave said: “Social media is incorporated at the start of the creative process because it’s a channel where you can both distribute your creativity and get insights from our audience to inform our own creative.. It’s no surprise that social publishers value social as a key tool to learn about audiences, because of the large, highly engaged online communities they boast.. Oatly’s chief creative officer, John Schoolcraft, explained the alternative milk brand’s approach to advertising, which although it values social as a media platform will always lead with a creative-first approach: Schoolcraft added: “Oatly is more like a voice than a brand.. Every award-winning campaign this year had a social media element to it, even if it was just as a distribution tool.

Last summer, I moved into a new house and like many other new homeowners I couldn’t wait to head to Instagram for some inspiration on interiors. Before I’d even signed on the dotted line, I had immersed myself in beautiful pastel kitchens and intricate bathroom tiling. But it wasn’t long before I felt wholly uninspired. The exact same styles, in the same homes were cropping up again and again. Was this really all the world of interior design had to offer?

Was this really all the world of interior design had to offer?. Over recent years, there has been a huge growth in the use of “visual discovery” social channels.. Never before have we had access to so much visual inspiration from so many different voices.. Katherine Omerod writes “Social media has become an echo chamber of mainstream and predictable content”, in her book How Social Media is Ruining Your Life.. As a new generation of travellers are fed the same images over and again, we are seeing a big impact on the decisions they make on where to travel.. In the world of interiors, when prominent influencer Erica Davies posted a picture featuring a rug from the retailer La Redoute, the Instagram interiors world went crazy.. How social media has changed. Consumers are able to recreate a style or experience, without any opportunity to shape that decision through future experiences and influences.. Brand authenticity is at the heart of creating a unique voice on these platforms.. New formats like Instagram TV have allowed brands to start using the platform as a broadcast channel for longer form videos.

Social media is a part of our daily lives and we have never been more connected with our "neighbours" across the world with a click of a butto...

The social affects of social media is an ongoing debate but we cannot deny the fact that the number of users and the time that we spend on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc accounts is increasing at an alarming (and concerning) rate.. We literally have the world's knowledge right in our palms that can be accessed at any time of the day.. 2) Community for Learning. I've been a part of many groups from school projects, music collaborations and creative groups where it serves as a platform to share information and ideas, discuss projects, to help build networks, and to learn.. Without social media I wouldn't be able to share my sound, message and music with listeners across the world.. As mentioned above, it is easier than ever for designers and artists to upload and share their work for the world to see.. If everybody including beginners can now share all their work online, this means the good work gets lost in a sea of other content making it harder for quality creators to stand out.. We are literally addicted and the time we spend checking our social media takes away from productive and creative work where our energy should be allocated towards, which leads to the next 2 points.... So it makes sense that the more time we spend on our social media "managing" these algorithms it will somehow work to our advantage.. There are a lot of inspiration that can be gained through social media but it must be balanced - I am definitely learning this the hard way.. Social media has created generations where we are so well connected but at the same time, extremely disconnected.. With social media, we can connect with so many people from all four corners of the world but there are limits!. We have to understand that social media does provide a great tool for creators from all avenues to learn, obtain inspiration, promote, communicate with peers, build brand influence and find opportunities.. Have you been using social media as a way to further your craft or has it created a barrier for your creative juices?

The effects felt from social media on the brain are very interesting and quite disturbing once you dig into it. From dopamine spikes to phantom vibrations, social media might have a tighter grip on you than you think.

Constant scrolling, feelings of anxiety while waiting to see if a special someone likes a post, and the stress of trying to portray a certain image on social media platforms can affect the brain.. A subset of internet addiction, social media addiction is characterized by a compulsion to use social media to excess.. Constant, sure-thing wins don’t provide the same dopamine release as wins that start as more of a toss-up.. Of course, most time spent scrolling through social media doesn’t result in seeing the “perfect” post – and thus, the brain continues to compel users to scroll.. That’s enough to keep most people scrolling.. For some people, scrolling social media and checking out the lives of others can be addicting on its own.. In an MRI study that examined activity in the brain during liking a post on social media, 64% of users said that the first reason they like a post is that it’s visually appealing, and 33% of users said the second reason they like a post is that it’s similar to a post that they would make themselves.. The brain learns what types of posts on social media get positive feedback – and provide a dopamine hit.. Researchers hypothesize that the effect of social media addiction on a student’s self-esteem may play a key role in poor academic performance.

This year saw increased analysis and reflection over the impact that social media has had on creativity, from the dangerous lure of the likes to the way that social channels could be designed for the better. Here are the key points to catch up on

In terms of creativity, this dichotomy is often stark: social media can make people’s careers, but it can also make it hard to be experimental and can be detrimental to mental health.. Art director Gem Fletcher examined these themes for Creative Review in an article where she spoke to a number of photographers about the ways that social media had affected them.. Fletcher explored the anxiety that social media can cause, particularly in creatives who are building a career and may be very sensitive to criticism as well as to other people’s success.. In February, M&C Saatchi’s then-head of visual content Mimi Gray launched Visual Diet , which hoped to “empower people to take back control over their visual consumption by challenging the way we currently devour imagery and interact with social media”.. As well as allowing new artists and creatives to come to the fore, social media is also changing art and design criticism as both new critics and the old guard show how artworks can be discussed in a different way on social.. In design, Stefan Sagmeister is two years into a project where he reviews work that has been sent to him on his Instagram channel, offering the benefits of feedback and exposure to his many followers as part of the package.. Rumbling alongside these broadly positive feelings though is an ongoing sense of unease around social, in particular of whether it is designed for the good of humanity.. “If I could create one thing, perhaps it would be slow social media,” she explains.. Brands too are beginning to see that broadcasting to a massive audience on social media, despite how appealing that might seem on the surface, may not actually result in much engagement.. Above all though, brands need to be relevant on social media and – that buzzword of 2019 – authentic.. “I think if a teenager saw something that a brand was doing that was trying to look and act too much like them, they’d be like, ‘Oh, that’s a bit creepy’, whereas I don’t know whether older audiences will necessarily have the same response,” Lore Oxford, Global Head of Culture and Insights at We Are Social told CR in an article about what the future holds for brands and social .

by Justin Rojeski

“Everybody will put their cell phones away for dinner and then we can all talk,” I think to myself hopefully.. With access to every new social media site and every new app on the smartphone, we are slowly destroying personal communication because we have become more reliant on technology thanon each other for social interaction.. Couples will distance themselves during an argument and take to their cell phones to go to war with hurtful messages rather than sit face to face and talk out problems.. Friends get together and share things they find on their newsfeed or take pictures together to post on social media.. Everything revolves around social media and digital technology these days.. Social interaction isn’t the only casualty of the rise of digital technology.. I think it is no coincidence that depression and suicide are on the rise at the same time as the boom in social media technologies.. Dedicating time at home to unplug and enjoy each other’s company is a great way to start.. Instead flashes came from cell phones as the family took pictures to share on Facebook and Instagram.. The only time I noticed that cell phones were being put down was so the family could put food in their mouths.

I’m at a Starbucks in Hanoi. Typically it’s a peaceful location where I can write and think, but today it’s overrun with young people smoking cigarettes,

I want to talk about how social media and the chase for instant recognition is leading to copycat photography (copying or replicating other photographer’s work) and is making us worse as a photography community and suppressing our creativity.. Hats off to the originals and some of the original photographers deserve to win the awards, although many of these shots that are trying to pass as natural moments are meticulously orchestrated, fake.. The original shot was nice and that’s why it won an award and received so many of those cherished social media “likes.” The problem isn’t the original, it’s what comes afterward, the flood of copycat images that ensues.. I mean, the winner probably copied that shot from someone else so who cares.. You might say to yourself, who cares if I’m copying, is anything original these days anyway?. The problem is you don’t deserve the likes, comments, and you definitely don’t deserve the awards.. As professional photographers, judges, and people of influence in the photography community, we also have a responsibility not to praise and reward these types of images, but as an individual, you need to police yourself.. Taking a shortcut in your photography is fine if you want to hang out with these kids next to me and you are chasing “likes” but if you want to sit among the “greats” or even just the” goods”, or simply you want to improve, stop copying what you see on social media and focus on the journey of finding your own vision.. For more tips and articles from Justin please visit and follow Justin on all social media outlets with the handle @AskMOTT.

Photo by Pixabay on There’s no disagreeing with the fact that social media is a huge part of our current society. It is interwoven into education, business, culture, community, and…

This week, we had the opportunity to learn and take part in a debate that centred around the question: “Is Social Media Ruining Childhood?” Laurie & Christina , who were on the “agree” side, and Amy & Dean , the disagree side, both brought forward valid and crucial points on the matter.. Yes, there is an opportunity for social media to have a negative impact on children, but that’s with anything… and that’s where digital citizenship comes in.. “As educators, we really need to take a look at school media with a different lens.. How is it that we can empower our kids to learn from one another, with each other, and how can we validate those experiences.. When we promote positive digital identities with kids by allowing them to engage in the authentic use of social media, we can see that rather than social media ruining childhood, it has the potential to change it for the better.

Apps in our phones have us beholden to social media governing our time, attention, safety and our performance at work.

How social media ruins your productivity Apps in our phones have us beholden to social media governing our time, attention, safety and our performance at work.. How social media ruins your productivity Apps in our phones have us beholden to social media governing our time, attention, safety and our performance at work.. Social enterprise teaching refugees the 'art of artisan bakery' | Sky News Australia Some 20,000 people are recognised as refugees in Australia each year, and the Bread and Butter Project is doing its part to help refugees acquire new skills, build confidence and find work.\n\nBased in Marrickville in Sydney's inner west, the Bread and Butter Project is Australia's first social enterprise bakery and holds a 100 per cent employment rate for refugee bakers who have apprenticed with them.\n\nGeneral Manager Philip Hoban says the 'chronic shortage of bakers in Australia' created an easy market for the project, with over 20,000 baker job vacancies predicted to remain unfilled by 2020.\n\n Mr Hoban says the program helps refugees 'build confidence', learning both the 'art of artisan baking' as well as receiving tutoring in English.\n\n'Passion has been the most important thing I've learned from the Bread and Butter Project,' baker graduate Steven Qaqas has told Sky News \n\nMr Qaqas says the bakery offers a 'good opportunity to increase your skills and learn English' and hopes to one day open his own bakery business to help support his family.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n\n\n bandbproject Send them back.. Play video And when we connect to those platforms with people we sit next to at work, well, trouble often ensues.Larger text size Very large text size Apps for children commonly have an engagement time of five to seven minutes, so the Aussie makers of an augmented reality app featuring Sesame Street character Grover knew they were onto something when kids wouldn't stop using it.Play video And when we connect to those platforms with people we sit next to at work, well, trouble often ensues.Play video And when we connect to those platforms with people we sit next to at work, well, trouble often ensues.. It was led by Professor Suzanne Zivnuska from California State University, the findings of which disclose that social media addiction depletes “the time and energy that would have otherwise been devoted to accomplishing expectations at work”.

Negative social media can be a major threat to businesses and can quickly destroy trust in a brand.

Image caption, Ilia Kolochenko says hackers pose a danger to corporate social media accounts. "Hackers can cause huge damage if they can find a way to post fake news on social media," he says.. Social media posts don't have to be inaccurate to damage your brand, though.. Image caption, Masha Maksimava says don't drag your feet when it comes to handling negative feedback. Masha Maksimava, a vice president at Belorussian social monitoring company Awario, says: "The key to online reputation management is handling negative feedback quickly to prevent it turning into crisis.". Image caption, Claire Twohill says customers know how to press a company's buttons on social media. "Sometimes it's better to do nothing to avoid creating a crisis for no reason.". The challenge, therefore, is to manage how your employees use social media, without impinging on their rights.


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