How To Describe Yourself in 3 Words | Best Answers (2022)

1 Why do interviewers ask you to describe yourself?

2 Why Is This Question Important For The Employee?

3 Stating Difference Between Good And Bad Words For Answering Three Word Description

3.1 Good Words

3.2 Bad words

4 5 Best Ways to Describing Yourself in Three Words

4.1 Describe Yourself in Three Words | Sample Answer 1

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4.2 Describe Yourself in Three Words | Sample Answer 2

4.3 Describe Yourself in Three Words | Sample Answer 3

4.4 Describe Yourself in Three Words | Sample Answer 4

4.5 Describe Yourself in Three Words | Sample Answer 5


A widespread and popular question in the interview has started popping up. The interviewers are also becoming smarter day by day. The way they ask you questions or the quality of questions has changed over the period.

The hiring managers ask you a question at the beginning of the interview that, “How would you describe yourself or “Describe yourself in three words?“. They examine your answers and behaviour in detail to know more about your personality traits and attitude towards work.

You shouldn’t take this question lightly. It would be best to prepare the answer for this question like you do for the entire interview. You would want the answer to this question to leave a good

impression on the interviewer.

Why do interviewers ask you to describe yourself?

How To Describe Yourself in 3 Words | Best Answers (1)

The employer asks you to describe yourself to get a quick idea of what you think about yourself. It gives them an overview of your personality. The adjectives you use to describe yourself define a lot about your thought process to the employer.

The employer wants to know your personality, qualities, thinking pattern, work style, and how you work as a team. These words should define both your personal and professional side. It shows whether you’re suitable for the required job position or not.

Why Is This Question Important For The Employee?

How To Describe Yourself in 3 Words | Best Answers (2)

Describe yourself gives you a clear vision of what you think about yourself. It helps the employer to get familiar with your personality and helps to know you better.

You should always think and prepare yourself for answering this question. If you say you are always smiling and friendly, and the job requires someone quite reserved, you wouldn’t get selected for that job. So it is better to be prepared well for the job according to your qualifications and skills.

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The safest keywords you can use for yourself should be fit to the job description. It would be good to be careful while choosing skills about yourself as those should be relevant to the job you want.

Stating Difference Between Good And Bad Words For Answering Three Word Description

How To Describe Yourself in 3 Words | Best Answers (3)

Good Words

Diligent, Ambitious, Inspirational, Amicable, Ethical, Enthusiastic, Decisive, Imaginative

For example, if Mr Abhay describes himself as diligent, hardworking, and creative while interviewing for a job position as a Software Programmer.

The interviewer would be impressed as the employee can be trusted with the company profile.

However, suppose Mr Avinash describes himself as creative, imaginative, and inspirational while interviewing for the same role. In that case, the interviewers might not consider him over Mr Abhay, as he doesn’t possess many qualities as a programmer.

Even though these are positive traits, they will leave a wrong impression on the interviewer because these words are commonly used and don’t stand out.

Hence, Mr Abhay is selected!

These keywords would be a great support to make your interview good. What would make it better is the follow-up answer you provide to justify these keywords.

The story behind those keywords is crucial as it proves to the employer that the words you used to define your personality are genuine.

Bad words

Perfectionist, Obsessive, Committed, Generous, Talented, Unique, Self-Disciplined, Independent, Understanding

For example, let’s say you can find the perfect adjectives to describe yourself as committed, independent, and understanding.

Despite being optimistic, these words will make the interviewer’s wrong impression because no one can know whether it is true without being tested.

Instead of saying understanding, ‘mature‘ sounds better. It proves that you have experience in handling difficult situations and maintaining a work-life balance.

Make sure you don’t give incorrect answers to look good in their books. The interviewer will look for those qualities during your interview and know if you are genuine or fake. They will scan you and your personality in the discussion in detail.

5 Best Ways to Describing Yourself in Three Words

How To Describe Yourself in 3 Words | Best Answers (4)

Being ambitious makes you take up challenges out of your comfort zone. Ambitious people don’t believe in settling. Ambition requires smartness and a hard-working attitude. That force that drives you from within can lead up to great opportunities and success.

This outstanding combination of qualities needs a proper direction to attain maximum benefits. Such people are idle for jobs in accounts, engineering, human resource, or managerial posts.

Describe Yourself in Three Words | Sample Answer 1


I am highly enthusiastic and ambitious towards my goals.


I set higher goal expectations for myself and work hard to complete them. In my opinion, I can’t settle for what’s less.

As a software developer, I know the amount of hardship and concentration it takes to deliver projects on time. Two years ago, I was hired by my current company as an intern. My determination and passion for coding helped me to get a promotion twice in the same company.

Currently, I am looking for a new challenging role that will help me boost my knowledge and area of interest.

How To Describe Yourself in 3 Words | Best Answers (5)

A creative and versatile person can create/ invent ideas. Their mindset and thinking out of the box nature can settle at one place; they always want more from their career.

Their imagination has versatility and no limits. They can achieve anything in their lives with their genius and original mentality. They are honest with their work and motivate themselves to move ahead with time.

A person with these extravagant qualities is best for arts, content, artists, and directors, as the sky is their limit!

Describe Yourself in Three Words | Sample Answer 2


Three years back, I was working as an IT Tutor, teaching computer applications to students. Along with teaching, I designed courses by collaborating theory and IT subjects that benefitted most of my students.

They used to admire my writing, and some advised me to try my hand at content writing.

Writing blogs and articles were always a part of my interest. In my college days, I wrote slogans, poetries, or blogs published in college magazines. I took this as a challenge and started applying for internships in content writing.

Initially, it was tough to manage both teaching and writing at the same time. But, everyone appreciated and praised me for my writing. I am good at creating creative content, kick start introductions, and compelling narrations, which motivated me to pursue it full-time.

But, I know there is a big way to go. Working with a team, I will understand and adapt to the professional world of writing. I would love to work with you and grow together.

How To Describe Yourself in 3 Words | Best Answers (6)

Being bold and confident means being sure of taking up any risk. People with these qualities do not think before jumping into risky situations.

They fearlessly and intelligently tackle the problems and provide the best alternative solutions. Resourceful people adapt well to unpleasant situations and creatively look for an answer.

People being resourceful means having immense knowledge and getting the work done in any way possible. Such people are best suited for jobs in finance, business intelligence, manager, or strategist.

Describe Yourself in Three Words | Sample Answer 3


For the past three years, I have been working as a Financial Analyst in XYZ company. From addressing clients with their finance-related queries to providing technical analyst answers, I give result-oriented solutions.

I also invest my time in learning new aspects. I like to stay updated with current affairs and happenings in the market, which in return help me in my career growth.

Currently, I am looking for an opportunity to upgrade my knowledge and skills in the finance industry, especially in the stock market. My experience and expertise will be beneficial to both of us and attain potential growth.

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How To Describe Yourself in 3 Words | Best Answers (7)

Being friendly and communicative is essential for coordinating with people. People who are good in communications and interpersonal skills have a good way to handle other people, especially during a crisis.

Patience is also an added advantage for such individuals. Primarily, a good listener always provides the best advice.

A person with these great qualities is best suited for lawyers, teachers, politics, public relations, and sales jobs.

Describe Yourself in Three Words | Sample Answer 4

Friendly, Communicative, and Patient

Teaching has always been my passion. Along with my post-graduation, I have taught accounting to graduate and under-graduating students for the past five years.

These five years were very crucial for my career and personality growth. My good communication and interpersonal skills helped me get along with students and create a friendly learning environment.

Also, I’m a good listener as I address my student’s problems patiently before concluding. While addressing their queries, I make sure to be slow and as communicative as I can.

Teaching helped me to grow both professionally and personally. I am sure it will help me to climb the ladder of success shortly.

How To Describe Yourself in 3 Words | Best Answers (8)

A visionary person gets brilliant ideas for the future. These ideas need to be worked upon effectively to attain benefit. Enthusiastic and passion is required to get the job done.

Excitement to follow up the concepts in a new and innovative way is needed.

Jobs suitable for these people are in the creative industry, fashion, movies, music industry, and actors.

Describe Yourself in Three Words | Sample Answer 5


It might sound a little cliche, but I kind of love listening to music. Whether I am low or sad, happy or glooming, walking or driving- My music is there with me, every time! Music is my passion and my mood booster.

During my early days, I learned guitar. I used to play my favourite Bollywood and Hollywood songs, which my family and friends praised. Slowly, I started composing my songs and worked with my strings to perfect them to perfection.

We had a small band in our college, where we used to perform live orchestra, and it motivated me to pursue music as my career.

With the help of this internship, I am looking forward to learning everything in music. From composing a song to toning up with strings, I want to know everything about this industry.


How To Describe Yourself in 3 Words | Best Answers (9)

We hope after this, you will get prepared for your first question of the interview. These tips and samples will guide you to understand and fix your answer about describing yourself in three words. You will be able to nail your interview and get your dream job hassle-free!

Good Luck With Your Interview!


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