How To Get XP Fast in Minecraft (5 Super Ways To Level Up!) (2023)

Minecraft is loaded up with so many various servers which allow you to play games with the risk of hacking, and grief because these servers have no rules to follow. As a result, the survival of this game becomes more difficult. Here XP comes up with the solution. Gaining more and more XP will give you the opportunity to survive on this server more easily. So, here we are going to discuss how to get XP fast in Minecraftand will give you some tricks and hacks on how to gain it fast. To know all these, you have to stay with us by reading our whole article.

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What Is XP in Minecraft?

XP is the short form of Experience Points that allows you to make your survival in Minecraft more smooth. In Minecraft, you may get introduced to your enemies who want to hack or harm you.

With this XP ( found in the 1.16 update version) you will be able to defeat them. This XP is collected from glowing experience orbs.

Also, a player can gain experience by defeating mobs, breeding animals, trading with villagers, etc. A player can level up his character and also be able to collect more equipment by gaining orbs.

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You have to keep in mind that you have to earn XP not only at the time when you need it, but you also have to earn it over time which will provide you with all kinds of resources to help fund as well as improve your weapons and further progress in the game.

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How To Get XP Fast in Minecraft?

There are many more ways by which you can get more XP and it will make your survival in the game more smooth and strengthen your position.

Here are some ways to get fast XP –

Quartz Mining in the Nether

You can gain XP as soon as possible if you build a Nether portal. But it can be dangerous if you don’t have the strongest gear.

In the Nether, you will be able to find areas with a lot of quartz deposits which can lead you to a very fast way of earning XP.

Each block of Nether Quartz consists of 2-5 XP. You can also collect a lot of Nether Quartz by using a pickaxe enchanted with the Fortune Enchant.

Branch Mining

Branch Mining is more effective for gaining XP and more safe than Quartz Mining in the Nether. In this, you can find not only XP, but also other useful raw materials such as – coal, iron, gold, lapis lazuli, and luckily diamonds. Each of them consists of different numbers of XP per block mine. Which are –

  • Coal – 0-2
  • Diamond Ore – 3-7
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore – 2-5

In this Brunch Mining, for a better outcome, you have to travel from the bottom of the world to the level where bedrock appears first.

They conduct two sample runs which start from level 28-32 and another one is from level 11-22. Both of them consume 30 minutes.


It sounds a little bit boring but it is efficient to collect XP in Minecraft. You will be able to collect 1-6 XP in each fish. The speed of catching fish will increase if you have a fishing rod with the Lure Enchant.

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Though it seems boring, it gives you the advantage of getting some very useful loot which includes enchanted books, fishing rods, bows, and sometimes even a saddle.


You can cook or smelt products in the furnace. After finishing the cooking or smelting you can take out the products and at this moment you will get XP but if you use hoppers to take out the products you won’t get the XP.

If you smelt or cooked a large number of products you will be able to get XP as quickly as possible.

Bottles O’ Enchanting

By Bottles O’ Enchanting, you can gain up to 3-11 XP. For this, you have to throw the bottle to the floor, which will help you to boost your experience bar.


It is the easiest and cheapest way to get XP along with the small amount of food and the same types of animals. Each breeding has up to 1-7 XP. For this –

  • You have to collect the food according to the animal and harvest some wood.
  • You have to build an enclosure by using fences and gates and make sure that the animal can’t jump out of this enclosure.
  • Then you have to keep the favorite foods of the animals so that the animals will follow your instructions when it sees that you keep your favorite food with you. Some animal’s favorite food list is –
  • For Chickens you need -Seeds. (Wheat, Beetroot, Melon, or Pumpkin).
  • For Cows you need – Wheat
  • For Pigs, you need -Carrots, Potatoes, or Beetroots.
  • For Sheep you need -Wheat.

Thus the way you can breed your animals and get XP.

Where Can I Use XP In Minecraft?

You can use XP –

  • For enchantment – you can enchant items by using this.
  • For anvil usage – you can rename, repair or combine items by using it.
  • For mending – repairs armors, weapons, and tools through experience orbs.

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Hostile Mobs Drop Minecraft XP

Killing hostile mobs (animals) such as – spiders, zombies, and skeletons will give you a small amount of XP. You have to keep in mind that only mobs that you recently attacked will drop a small number of prbs otherwise it won’t drop any XP or you can’t use fire, lava, fail damage, or other things to kill mobs.


By killing it you will be able to get about 50 XP which will be able for one level up (depending on your level). They are easy to spawn and kill.

Mob Spawners

If you find a dungeon near your base then you are very lucky. And if you are done with the spawner or too far away from your home then you can break it with a pickaxe which will give you 15-43 XP.

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You can perform trade with other villagers which will help to get 3-6 XP. Among the villagers, they can perform any specific trade up to 5 times and you can do 100 trades per day in a healthy village as a result, you can gain lots of XP.


So, that’s all about how to get XP fast in Minecraft. If you read the whole article you will be able to know every detail of it and also learn some tricks. Still, if you have any questions or confusion then go through our Q/A segment.

The FAQs about XP in Minecraft

Still, have any confusion? Readout these answers and get your desired answer.

What gives you the most XP in Minecraft?

Ender Dragon mob (animal) is the final mob boss in Minecraft which will give you the most XP than any other mobs in the entire game which is 12000 XP when killed for the first time.

Does mending take away XP?

No. It only uses your XP to mend your equipment. After mending your equipment if you have any XP then it will be added to your experience bar.

How much XP does it take to repair a mending diamond pickaxe?

To fully repair a diamond tool you will need about 4686 XP.

What gives the most XP when smelting Minecraft?

If you smelt a large number of products in the furnace then it will give you more XP and among them, the cactus is the one that will give you more XP while smelting.

Do all mobs give the same XP?

No. The amount of XP varies from mob to mob. Every hostile mobgives 5 XP while the blaze which drops 10 XP.

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