How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (2022)

This in-depth tutorial will take you through the steps of creating a logo from scratch. Throughout the process you will learn how to use many of the standard tools and find many hints and shortcuts that will be helpful not only in creating your own unique logo design, but in other CorelDRAW projects as well.

Our simple logo design consists of a lighthouse on a sun rays background with the company name at the bottom. We will go through the step-by-step process of creating each element.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (1)

To begin, create a new CorelDRAW document. Since page size does not matter for this project, you can use theCorelDRAW Defaultpreset. We will be working in inches, so in theNew Documentwindow, make sure the units of measure are set to inches. ClickOK.

TIP: you can also change the units of measure at any time by double-clicking on the ruler at the top of the interface to open theDocument Optionswindow. In theRulerssection, change theUnitstoInches.

Step 1: Creating the Sun Rays Background

The sun rays background for the logo will be based on a 3” diameter circle.

  • Activate theEllipsetool (shortcut keyF7).
  • Hold down theCtrlkey and click and drag to create an ellipse of any size.

TIP: When you activate a tool, look at theStatus Baralong the bottom of the interface to see extra features of the tool. For example, using theCtrlkey to constrain the ellipse to a circle.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (2)

Once you have finished creating the circle, it automatically becomes selected.

To resize the circle to exactly 3”, use theObject Sizefields in theProperty Baralong the top. First, click on theLock Ratioicon to maintain the aspect ratio of the circle. Type 3” for the width and pressEnter, and both horizontal and vertical values update.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (3)

The rays of the sun will be created by making a rotated array of lines.

  • To create the first line, activate theFreehandtool (shortcut keyF5).
  • As you can see in theStatus Bar, using theCtrlkey will make the line straight, not curvy.
  • Click once to the left of the circle to start the line, press and holdCtrl, then click to the right of the circle to create a horizontal line, long enough to cut across the circle.
  • As with the ellipse, once you have finished creating the line it will automatically be selected.
How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (4)

Now we want to move the line so that it passes through the center of the circle.

  • Activate thePicktool (shortcut key is theSpacebar).
  • Hold down theShiftkey and select the circle, so that now both the line and circle are selected.
How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (5)

To center the line on the circle, we apply the commandAlign Center Verticallyby using one of the following methods:

(Video) Coreldraw Logo Design Tutorial : How to create logo in corel draw and give realistic look to it.

  • Press shortcut keyE; or
  • Go toObject>Align and Distribute>Align Centers Vertically; or
  • Click theAlign Center Verticallyicon on theAlign and Distributedocker introduced in CorelDRAW 2019 (Window>Dockers>Align and Distribute).

Then to center horizontally, use shortcut keyCor selectAlign Centers Horizontallyfrom theObject>Align and Distributemenu or on theAlign and Distributedocker.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (6)

Click on a blank space in the document to deselect the circle and line.

The ray pattern will be created by making duplicates of the line and rotating them. But before making any duplicates, you may need to adjust theDuplicate Distancefrom the default setting of 0.25”. In theProperty Bar, change both the horizontal and verticalDuplicate Distancevalues to 0”. Now any duplicates we create will sit exactly on top of the original, instead of being placed offset 0.25” from the original.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (7)

Open theObjectsdocker (Window>Dockers>Objects) and you can see the design elements so far: one ellipse and one curve (the line).

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (8)

Select the line with thePicktool then pressCtrl+Dto duplicate it. In the document it looks like nothing’s happened because the duplicate is sitting right on top of the original line, but in theObjectsdocker you will see there are now two curves.

This new line will be the first rotated copy. On theProperty Bar, enter 12 degrees in theAngle of rotationfield.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (9)

Now we’ll take advantage of CorelDRAW’sSmart Duplicatefeature, which creates additional copies that use the previous transformation, which is the 12-degree rotation in this case. PressCtrl+Drepeatedly, 13 times to be exact, to create new copies with the same rotation.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (10)

Activate theSmart Filltool, which is perfect for filling in the rays, since this tool fills within the boundaries of closed areas.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (11)

On theProperty Bar, set theFill OptionstoSpecifyand select a sunny yellow in theFill Colorwindow. There should be no visible outlines in the final product, so set theOutline OptionstoNo Outline.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (12)

Click inside alternating triangular shapes inside the circle to create eight new yellow curves. These can be seen in theObjectsdocker.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (13)

Now that the rays are complete, we no longer need the lines. To select what to remove, go back to thePicktool by tapping theSpacebar. While holding down theAltkey, click and drag to create a marquee selection window, so that you have selected everything that is inside or touching the marquee window.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (14)

PressDeleteto remove all the selected lines and this is what we are left with.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (15)

For the last horizontal line, select it with thePicktool and pressDelete.

So that the rays will act as a single object from now on, we need to group them:

(Video) Logo Design in Coreldraw for Beginners

  • With thePicktool, once again click and drag to create a marquee selection around all of the rays.
  • Group them by using the shortcutCtrl+G; or by clicking theGroupicon on theProperty Bar; or by right-clicking and selecting theGroupcommand from the context menu.
How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (16)

The group of 8 objects can now be seen in theObjectsdocker.

TIP: to help keep your design file organized, right-click on the object group in theObjectsdocker and select theRenamecommand, then change the group name to “Sun rays.” Renaming your groups and objects makes them easier to find in the docker, especially if your design is complex with many objects and groups of objects.

Step 2: Creating the Lighthouse

The next task for this logo to create is a lighthouse, which is comprised of four rectangles. Activate theRectangletool (shortcut keyF6) and click and drag to create a rectangle, which will be the base of the lighthouse. You don’t need to be precise about the size, since we will adjust it in the next step.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (17)

To adjust the size of the rectangle to the exact dimensions we want, first turnofftheLock Ratioon theProperty Bar, then enter0.5”for the width and1.25”for the height.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (18)

Now we need to center the rectangle on the sun rays. The rectangle should already be selected, so activate thePicktool, press and hold theShiftkey and select the rays as well. Then use shortcut keyCto align centers horizontally, and shortcut keyBto align the bottom edges.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (19)

We need three more rectangles to complete our lighthouse and using the snapping options will make it easier to be precise. Under theViewmenu, make sure that theSnap Offcommand isunchecked(shortcutAlt+Q).

Activate theRectangletool again. Hover your mouse over the top left corner of the base rectangle and the corner node will be highlighted.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (20)

Click on it and drag to the right edge of the base rectangle to create a second rectangle, resizing if needed to line up with the right corner node.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (21)

The third rectangle will become the light of the lighthouse. Hold down theCtrlkey and click and drag in a blank space on your document to create a square.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (22)

On theProperty Bar, turn theLock Ratioback on and enter0.25”for the width, which will automatically make the height0.25”as well.

To position this rectangle centered on the top of the lighthouse, first go to theViewmenu and make sure theAlignment Guidescommand is checked.

Drag the rectangle on top of the lighthouse and the guides will appear, indicating when the top rectangle is perfectly centered on top of the lighthouse.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (23)

Now we are going to fill the rectangles with color. First, activate thePicktool and select the bottom rectangle. Hold down theShiftkey and select the middle rectangle as well. Then click on the white color swatch in theColorpalette. Then select the top rectangle and fill it with red.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (24)

In order to make the lighthouse look more realistic, we want to modify the shape of the top and bottom rectangle. Right-click on the bottom rectangle and chooseConvert to Curves(shortcutCtrl+Q).

(Video) 3D Swirl logo design in Coreldraw | Logo designing in Coreldraw | Coreldraw tutorial

Activate theShapetool (shortcutF10) and you will see several nodes on the rectangle that can be edited. The bottom rectangle is to be tapered toward the top, so drag the top left node inward until you reach the intersection point. Then do the same for the top right corner.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (25)

Select the top rectangle, which does not have to be converted to curves. TheProperty Barhas fourCorner Radiusfields that we can use to round the top corners. Make sure thelockicon is off so that all four corners don’t change together. Use a value of 0.2” to round both top corners.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (26)

The fourth and final rectangle will be the door of the lighthouse, based on the rounded rectangle that is our light at the top. With the top rectangle still selected, useCtrl+Dto duplicate this rectangle, then fill it with black.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (27)

The door should be longer vertically, let’s say 50% longer. There’s no need to take out your calculator and enter a new vertical dimension; instead we can use aScalevalue.

TheScale factorsettings can be found on theProperty Bar. The current scale values aren’t100%because the original top rectangle was resized after it was created.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (28)

If we convert this shape to a curve (Ctrl+Q), theScale factorvalues will reset to 100%. Turn off theLock Ratioand change the heightScale factorto150.

TIP: you can type in150, or you can add+50to the100that’s already there.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (29)

With the black rounded rectangle still selected, hold down theShiftkey and select the bottom base rectangle, then pressBto align bottoms. Now our door is properly positioned.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (30)

We’ve seen that left-clicking a swatch in theColorpalette will fill an object with color. Right-clicking on a color swatch will change the outline color of the object, and we can also remove the outline entirely by right-clicking on theNo Fillswatch at the top of the color palette (indicated by a red line through it).

Hold down theShiftkey and select all 4 objects of the lighthouse, then right-click on theNo Fillswatch to remove the outlines.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (31)

Step 3: Adding Text

All that’s left to add is the company name “Lighthouse Energy” for this logo. Activate theTexttool (shortcutF8) and click below the left border of the logo to start typing.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (32)

To change the font, select the text then open theFont Liston theProperty Bar. You can scroll down and hover your mouse over the font names to preview what the text will look like. Or, if you know the name of the font you want to use, you can start typing the font name to jump to it on the list, and click on it to apply.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (33)

To match the font color to the red that was used for the light, find the swatch in theDocument Paletteat the bottom of the interface, and click it to change the text color to red.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (34)

The last step is to adjust the size of the company name to make it the same width as the sun rays. To determine the width, activate thePicktool and select the group of rays. On theProperty Bar, note the width dimension of3”.

(Video) How to Make a Logo in CorelDRAW

Select the text with thePicktool. On theProperty Bar, make sure theLock Ratiois on and enter3”for the width dimension.

How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW (35)

NOTE: you can also resize the text simply by dragging the center right sizing handle to line it up to the right side of the rays. However, this will distort the original font characteristics.

Step 4: Saving your Logo

Now that we’ve completed the logo, it’s time to save it. To keep it in CorelDRAW format, useFile> Save Asand chooseCDRas the file type.

If you want to have the logo in other formats, such as PNG for a web graphic or EPS and AI formats, useFile>Export.

CorelDRAW Shortcuts

If you would like to see a complete list of CorelDRAW shortcuts:

  • Go toTools>Options>Customization.
  • Click onCommandsin the left menu, then click on theShortcut Keystab.
  • Click on theView Allbutton at the bottom to see the full list of shortcut keystrokes.
  • You also have the option here to print the list or export it as a CSV file for future reference.

Shortcuts used in this tutorial:

Freehandtool: F5

Ellipsetool: F7

Rectangletool: F6

Texttool: F8

Shapetool: F10

Picktool: spacebar (except when Text tool is activated; pressing spacebar when the Text tool is activated will add a space in your text string)

Align Centers Vertically: E

Align Centers Horizontally: C

Align Bottoms: B

(Video) CorelDraw X7- How to design finest Round Logo | Download latest CorelDraw (2022)

Duplicate: Ctrl + D

Group: Ctrl + G

Convert to Curves: Ctrl + Q


Can I create a logo with CorelDraw? ›

Creating Coreldraw logo designs can be done easily, with the right tools like Ellipse, rectangle, etc., and effects like Bevel, Blend Contour, etc. Corel draw is the most used application in the IT industries for graphic designers when it comes to graphic software.

How do I copy a logo in CorelDraw? ›

You can also cut or copy an object by right-clicking the object and clicking Cut or Copy. Click Edit Paste. You can use this procedure to paste an object from another application.

How do I create a design in CorelDraw? ›

Go to File > New to start a new file in CorelDRAW. In the New Document window, select the Broad Sheet preset for Page size, which is a standard poster size of 18” x 24”. Keep the Orientation set to Portrait and Resolution set to 300 dpi.


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