How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (2023)

  • Written by Bram Jansen
  • Updated on September 14, 2022

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Being blocked from playing an MMORPG with Asia-only servers is a feeling I know all too well. Luckily, with the right VPN, it’s possible!

Keep reading if you want to learn how to play Lost Ark from anywhere in the world using Surfshark!

Play Lost Ark With Surfshark

The “Skip Dialogue” Version

Are you one of those players who skip the dialogue and cut scenes?

Here’s the TL;DR version – but be warned, you’ll still need to read the rest of this guide if you want to get it right the first time.

  1. Find a VPN with Russian servers, fast speeds, and low latency. My top pick for the Best VPN for Lost Ark is Surfshark.

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (1)

  1. Purchase a subscription, download the VPN app, and install the software.

  1. Log into your VPN account and connect to a VPN server in Russia.

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (3)

  1. Get a Russian email account (such as

  1. Register for Lost Ark from the official website (it’s in Russian, so use Google Chrome’s auto-translate or a plug-in – unless you can read Russian).

  1. Download and install Lost Ark.

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (6)

  1. Launch Lost Ark to make sure it works.

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (7)

  1. If you can read Russian, then you’re good to go! If not, download and apply an English Translation Patch.

Chances are you aren’t in the mood for learning Russian (which will probably take so long you might as well wait for an official English launch) or having a dodgy “patch” infect your computer.

But don’t worry! This won’t be an obvious “Press W to move forward”-type tutorial!

(Video) How to play Lost Ark US/EU from sea? Guide with Free VPN

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World?

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (8)

Are you ready to take on Kazeros and his six demonic legions in the world of Lost Ark? By the end of this guide, you will be!

Step 1: Finding a VPN

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (9)

As I mentioned in the “Skip Dialogue” TL;DR version, you need a VPN with Russian servers to play Lost Ark.

This is because – unless you have a valid South Korean mobile phone number registered with one of the country’s four telecom providers – the South Korean version is off-limits.

Virtual numbers aren’t accepted, either.

Likewise, the Japanese version is currently only available to a limited number of players who had to apply (and be accepted) for closed-beta access.

Read Also:Top VPNs for Japan

Thus, a VPN with Russian servers is your only hope.

Unfortunately, there are a precious few of them around. And even fewer that you can actually trust.

I’ve only been able to find three VPNs that work with Lost Ark (for new players):

  • Surfshark
  • ProtonVPN
  • CyberGhost

In my experience, Surfshark works best. It’s the most affordable of the three (ProtonVPN Plus costs nearly four times as much) and the fastest (nearly twice as fast as CyberGhost).

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (10)

Step 2: Purchase a Subscription and Install the VPN App

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (11)

This is the easy part.

Assuming you decide to go with Surfshark, you can use this link to get an exclusive discount off their Two-Year Subscription Plan!

Just hit the big red button that says “Buy Now,” enter your email address, and select a payment option. Surfshark accepts:

  • Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover)
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP Ripple)

The payment options available to you might differ slightly depending on where you live.

After hitting the “Complete purchase” button, install the Surfshark Windows App.

Lost Ark is only available for Windows now, so if you’re using Linux on your gaming rig for whatever reason, you’ll need to install Windows on a Virtual Machine (or dual boot) to play.

The same is true for anyone duped into buying a Mac to game on (it’s not impossible, just highly impractical).

Though it’s worth mentioning, Surfshark also has apps for Linux (Ubuntu and Debian) and Mac, so you can still stay safe online while you aren’t gaming.

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (13)

You can even connect unlimited multiple devices with a single Surfshark account.

Step 3: Connect to a VPN Server

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (14)

Once you finish installing your VPN app (it should only take 1-5 minutes from clicking “Download” – no restart necessary), launch the app and log into your user account.

To play Lost Ark, you won’t be using Surfshark’s Quick Connect button, as it connects you to the nearest, fastest server in the provider’s 3,200+ server network.

Instead, open the Settings and click on Connectivity. Toggle the Kill Switch to the right.

Now, if your connection to the Surfshark VPN server is interrupted, the Kill Switch will stop your real IP from being leaked.

So far, Smilegate doesn’t appear to ban players who use VPNs to change their IP address, but the Russians might have something to say about it.

(Video) Best VPN For Lost Ark - How to Play Lost Ark Anywhere!

For that same reason,consider using NoBorders Modetoo. This is an obfuscation feature that hides the fact you’re using a VPN at all. Surfshark makes it dead easy to use too.

Just make sure you’re using the OpenVPN protocol by checking Settings > Advanced and choosing OpenVPN UDP or OpenVPN TCP under Protocols (UDP is the faster of the two).

All that’s left to do is open the Locations menu on the app’s main screen and click on a Russian server to connect!

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (17)

Step 4: Create a Free Mail.Ru Address

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (18)

Next, you need a Russian email address, so head to

Unless you can read Russian, I suggest using Google Chrome so you can take advantage of the built-in auto-translate feature or installing the To Google Translate plug-in for Firefox.

Now you can understand what you’re doing when you click Create mail in the top-left.

Don’t panic when you see the next screen asking for a phone number: you can use a virtual number from any country.

However, if you use a free temporary number from a public website, it might take a while to find one that works.

I recommend getting a temporary free or paid virtual number from a service like Google Voice or Hushed. This will come in handy for more than just playing Lost Ark.

Next, put in a name and date of birth. It doesn’t have to be your real details (in fact, I suggest using fake info – just remember to make a note of it, so you don’t forget).

Finally, choose an email account name and password and hit the Create button.

You can also decide whether you want to “Specify a backup mailbox.” This is handy if you forget your login details, but again – use a fake one.

ProtonMail lets you create a free encrypted email address – you can always specify your real email as the backup for that one.

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (21)

Step 5: Register for Lost Ark

With your address at hand, head to the Official Russian Lost Ark website.

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (22)

After being entranced by the trailer playing in the background, click the big button that reads “Play For Free.”

Alternatively, be a rebel by clicking “Register Now” in the top-right corner – it has the same result: to open a pop-up window.

Next, select the icon in the lower-left corner.

Enter your address and password.

The next screen just asks you to click the big orange button that says “Proceed.”

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (25)

You’re almost there! Now you need to complete the final registration steps by clicking “I accept the Terms…” and then “Register Now.”

Step 6: Install Lost Ark & MY.GAMES GameCenter

You should now be redirected to the main page for Lost Ark Russia. Click the “DOWN-LOAD A GAME” button in the upper right corner.

(Video) Lost Ark NOT in your Region? Here's HOW to get it ► Lost Ark

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (26)

Before you can start rampaging through Akrasia, slaughtering Kazeros’s minions on your quest to gather the missing piece of the Lost Ark, you need to download and install Lost Ark and the MY.GAMES GameCenter.

Yes, I hate having to use game launch platforms other thanSteamas much as you do. But if you want to play Lost Ark, you’ll have to suck it up for now.

Luckily, the platform is installed automatically when you install Lost Ark.

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (27)

Step 7: Download and Launch Lost Ark

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (28)

When the MY.GAMES GameCenter is done setting up, Lost Ark should install automatically.

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (29)

There are nearly 50GB, so depending on your internet speed, you might want to find something to do offline for about an hour or so.

Once it’s done, launch the game.

Yes, in Russian. You want to make sure the game loads and runs properly, after all!

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (30)

Step 8: Download and Apply the English Translation Patch

Assuming you didn’t miraculously learn fluent Russian while waiting for Lost Ark to finish downloading and installing, it’s time to get a fan-made English Translation Patch.

The best (and safest) one can be downloaded from

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (31)

They give detailed instructions together with the direct download link, but here’s the short version, so you know what to expect:

  1. Download and unpack the “zip” file.

  1. Open the exe (remember to Run as Administrator).

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (33)

  1. Choose the Russian server and select “English” to apply the patch, and then minimize the window.
  1. Launch Lost Ark through the GAMES Game Center.

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (35)

Remember to keep the patch and your VPN connected while playing. When you’re done, make sure “Restore original on close” is marked in the patcher before logging out of the game.

Close Lost Ark, Game Center, and LaoTranslation in that order.

Now for the Real Tutorial…

How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (36)

With the help of Surfshark (grab a discount), you can play Lost Ark from anywhere in the world! Now all that’s left to do is go through the in-game tutorial and enjoy the game.

(Video) Lost Ark 2021 | Is Is Worth Trying in 2021? | How To Play Lost Ark in EU/US

Just make sure to connect to a Russian Surfshark VPN server before launching the Game Center and to only disconnect after you close everything else.

See you in Akrasia!

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How to Play Lost Ark from Anywhere in the World? (EU & US) (38)

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How do you play Lost Ark in another country? ›

To play Lost Ark in SEA, or in any region outside of NA, EU and KR, you'll need three things: a browser VPN, a desktop VPN, and a new Steam account. No worries, as everything is completely free.

Do you need VPN to play Lost Ark EU? ›

But to be able to download and play it, you need a Korean IP address. The same goes for the Russian game of Lost Ark as well. A VPN will provide access to the Korean Lost Ark by changing your IP address. It will also offer protection against DDoS and give you complete online security.

How do you play Lost Ark region locked? ›

Lost Ark is a blast to play, but it's not available in every country. Fortunately, with a VPN, you can bypass the geo-restrictions. Choosing a South Korean server can even give you access to the original game. A VPN will also help you protect your Steam account data.

Can I play Lost Ark in NA from Europe? ›

Lost Ark will be available in North America and Europe. Unfortunately, you will not be able to play the game in Japan. You can keep an eye on our Steam Community thread for a list of supported regions, as there could be additions to the list down the line.

Will Lost Ark ever allow server transfers? ›

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However, although Amazon Game Studios said it “thoroughly investigated” the option, the studio reached the conclusion that “this instant functionality does not currently exist in Lost Ark“. Lost Ark. Credit: Smilegate RPG.

Is Lost Ark available globally? ›

Release. Lost Ark was fully released in South Korea on December 4, 2019, and in North America, South America, and Europe on February 11, 2022, with Amazon Games serving as the global publisher. Users that pre-purchased one of four founder's packs could play 3 days early on February 8, 2022.

Does Lost Ark have cross region play? ›

As a general rule of thumb, you can't play with friends or other players on different servers to you. That being said, the game does have some cross-server functionality, provided the other server is in the same region as the one your character is located on.

Will Lost Ark be available on all regions? ›

Lost Ark servers and regions

In its western release, Lost Ark covers a total of five regions: North America West, North America East, Europe Central, Europe West and South America.

Why can't I play Lost Ark in my country? ›

Due to developer Smilegate failing to apply for publishing rights in the country, you can't download the game through Steam. If you try and head over to the Steam page, you are slapped with an “unavailable your region” error.

Are Lost Ark Names region locked? ›

They're region wide as far as I know. With an added extra, in that once you have used your character name and gone out into the world it is locked. Even if you delete your character you won't be able to use that name until they manually clear the names at their end.

Why does Lost Ark not have server transfer? ›

“We definitely hear the request for server transfer functionality and have thoroughly investigated our options,” Amazon said on Lost Ark's forum. “This instant functionality does not currently exist in Lost Ark. This service just rolled out in Korea and is a weekly batch process that requires maintenance to run.

Can you transfer to any server ark? ›

Once you've uploaded your character data, you can join a different server. For Example: A PVP character can transfer to another PVP server, or A PVE Character can transfer to another PVE server. You are able to transfer from Island to Island, Center to Scorched Earth, Island to center, etc.

Is there a way to play Lost Ark in the Netherlands? ›

Accompanying our presence at TwitchCon Amsterdam, we're also ecstatic to announce that Lost Ark will be available to players in the Netherlands on Steam starting on July 14. We look forward to welcoming more heroes into Arkesia to start their journey!

Will Lost Ark launch in Asia? ›

The Smilegate and Amazon Games title arrives on February 11 on PC after its passage through the Asian market. This is all you need to know to play it. Amazon Games and Smilegate are launching Lost Ark, their MMORPG with isometric view, this February 11 in North America, Europe, Latin America and Oceania.

How do I change my region on Steam? ›

Launch the CyberGhost app for Windows, macOS, or Linux and connect to a server in the country you want to switch to. Open Steam Store then add a game to your cart and select your new country from there. Steam will only set your location once you've updated your billing details and made a purchase in your new currency.

Does server location matter Lost Ark? ›

Does server and region choice matter in Lost Ark? Yes, what server and region you choose to play on in Lost Ark do matter, as you cannot interact with players from other regions, and some parts of the game cannot be played cross-server. Lost Ark is divided into regions, which are based on geographic location.

Are Lost Ark characters locked to a server? ›

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To combat this, Lost Ark developer Smilegate implemented a character creation cap on 11 of these servers, meaning that new players cannot make characters on them “for the foreseeable future”.

Which country can play Lost Ark? ›

In its western release, Lost Ark covers a total of five regions: North America West, North America East, Europe Central, Europe West and South America.

Why is Lost Ark not available in some countries? ›

Unfortunately, We are unable to publish Lost Ark in the Netherlands/Belgium due to regulations regarding paid items containing RNG rewards. Lost Ark is also not available in South Africa, although this is not due to any laws that the country has put in place.


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