How to put a block with a command in minecraft. command block commands. How to make a command block: how to get it (2022)

Minecraft is full of various tools and built-in features that open up a wide range of possibilities for the player. One of these moments is the presence of a command block in the game.

Many gamers are interested in how to get a command block in Minecraft. The answer to this question will be discussed below.

Command block

To give yourself a command block, use commands.

This is an object for executing commands. Used directly to create special mechanisms. Acts on command after receiving a redstone signal. Having solved the question of how to give yourself a block in Minecraft, you can significantly expand the in-game capabilities.

It is especially appreciated by mapmakers in adventure mode, and also in cases where you need to create private areas. To use an object and enter a command into it, you will need to right-click on it. In the help section, the player can find a complete list of commands.

It is not possible to craft a command block in the game. Also, it cannot be found in the vastness of the game world. It is possible to obtain a command object by contacting the server administrator.

In the case of a single player game, you will need to use special cheat commands. Accordingly, before starting the game, it is necessary to enable the possibility of using cheats in the main menu.

Commands on how to give yourself a command block in Minecraft:

  • /give @p command_block;
  • /give * command_block, where * is the player's nickname.

Like other blocks, this one stores data of the NBT type. If desired, it can be copied along with all the parameters and the command itself.

invisible block

How to put a block with a command in minecraft. command block commands. How to make a command block: how to get it (1)
The invisible block has the same capabilities as the others.

There are invisible blocks in Minecraft. They open up new possibilities for both construction and adventure.

Solving the question of how to issue an invisible block in Minecraft, you will need to use the /give barrier command. The object is considered complete, with all the properties and characteristics of any other block.


  1. Convenient for attaching glass to it during the construction of buildings.
  2. Easily destroyed.
  3. You can jump on it and install other blocks.
  4. Does not present a barrier to projectiles.

To see the invisible block, you need special glasses.

Video: How to give yourself a command block in Minecraft.

A command block in Minecraft is a block in which you can enter various commands. After receiving a signal from the red stone, he will begin to fulfill his task. The block greatly expands the possibilities of the players and finds many uses in the gameplay. Thus, many gamers have a question about how to make a command block in Minecraft.

Create a command block

Just like that, it is not possible to take and make a command block (from the English “command block”) in Minecraft. However, it can be obtained using special cheats and commands.

  1. Launch a solo game in Maine in creative mode.
  2. In the world settings, enable the use of cheats.
  3. Puzzled by the question of how to make a command to issue a block in Minecraft, you need to open the console.
  4. In the console line, you will need to enter the command: give *player nickname* command_block.

After executing this command, the block will be in the hand of the character of the corresponding player.

You can issue a block to yourself, another player, or the whole group. They cannot be used in survival mode.

How to use the block

The block is widely used in the game, executing various commands.

When the command block is in the character's hands, right-click on the ground to place it. After that, you need to click the same button on the attribute itself.

This will open a command block window where you can enter the required task or change its parameters. Further changes can be made at any convenient time. If something was done incorrectly, then in the same window the user will receive a corresponding notification.

Blocks can be in passive mode, triggered by a chain reaction through similar objects, or triggered by a signal transmitted by a red stone. The command block can also have a direction, according to which you can build a whole chain of blocks that work one after the other.

If desired, the player can set the binding to the block. With this function, you can kill specific entities or everyone in the area, in addition to the player himself. The block can also be configured to interact with other players.

In some situations, the command block can be used to teleport one player or an entire group. To do this, you will need to correctly specify not only the command, but also the coordinates.

In principle, the command block supports a lot of tasks, a complete list of which can be found on numerous Internet resources. You can view the entire list of possible commands directly inside the game by typing /help in the chat window.

Video: How to use a command block in Minecraft.

The same commands as in regular chat. What is a command block, how to get it and how to use it? In this article we will tell you about it!

This is really a very useful block and it expands the possibilities of creating maps in minecraft

You can find a complete list of commands at, but not all of them work in Minecraft on Android, IOS and Windows 10 versions.

Last time we explained the positioning system and related commands and arguments. Just making game cards is why people usually want to learn how to use command blocks. If you are here for this reason, you can look forward to other tutorials that will focus on mapping. First, we will add knowledge about the missing arguments.

next argument. This argument, as you might, returns "type" and "object type", in other words, which object is involved. You can also use the "!" prefix to make a selection of objects of a different type. Let's now try what we just learned. Find our two pigs closest.

+ command blocks in MCPE:

  • Unlike the PC version, in PE command blocks do not do heavy loads, i.e. the FPS will be stable.
  • The command block interface is adapted for mobile devices.

- command blocks in MCPE:

  • Too little functionality.

How to get a command block?
In the game, you cannot get a command block by crafting, but it can be issued using the command /give Steve command_block, where Steve nickname of the player to whom the team will give this block. Instead of Steve, you can also use @p, i.e. you will give the block to itself. Don't forget to enable cheats in the world settings.

How to enter a command in a command block?
To do this, you need to open its interface. This is very easy to do, just tap on it. In field Command entry enters the command itself, which will be executed by the command block. A little lower is a field in which you can see an error if you entered something wrong.

Or if you are making a selection of all objects but don't want the player to. These arguments are "experience levels" or the number of "levels" of experience that is "green" that you use to enchant. The current level is displayed above the active inventory with a green number. So let's write a simple alert script that will let the players understand how this happens. You will need two command blocks to connect to the watch. The only problem is that the script will spam the chat players every time the loop is completed, see how to handle it in the scoreboard system tutorial.

How to put a block with a command in minecraft. command block commands. How to make a command block: how to get it (2)

Command examples:

  • give @p apple 5 - Gives the player five apples.
  • setblock ~ ~+1 ~ wool - places a block of wool at the player's coordinates.
  • tp Player 48 41 14 - the player with the nickname Player moves to the point at coordinates x=48, y=41, z=14

Who do command blocks work with?
Thanks to pointers, you can point to the player or creature on which the command will be executed:

  • @p is the player who activated the team.
  • @a - all players.
  • @r is a random player.
  • @e - all entities (including mobs).

Auxiliary pointers:
And how to make it so that, let's say, it moves all the players to some point, except for itself? Yes, it's easy, for this you need to use additional pointers, for example: [emailprotected] 228 811 381- teleports all players except the player with the nickname Admin exactly x=228, y=811, z=381. All options:

  • x - coordinate along the X axis. If you put instead of the value ~
  • y - coordinate along the Y axis. If you put instead of the value ~
  • z - coordinate along the Z axis. If you put instead of the value ~, then the dot will be the command block.
  • r - maximum search radius.
  • rm - minimum search radius.
  • m - game mode.
  • l - maximum level of experience.
  • lm - minimum experience level.
  • name - player's nickname.
  • c is an optional argument to @a that limits the number of players to execute the command. For example, if you enter @a - then the command will act on the first five players from the list, @a on the last five from the list.
  • type - as an example, /kill @e will kill all skeletons, and /kill @e will kill all non-player entities.

Command example:

  • give @p gold_ingot 20 - Gives the nearest player within 10 blocks 20 gold bars.

How to put a block with a command in minecraft. command block commands. How to make a command block: how to get it (3)

Commands for manipulating the world

However, this is a real scenario where you can invent thousands of people with the right knowledge. You can now present the commands used to manipulate the world, which will be useful for you, for example, when you create a playable map yourself or just when you want to adapt the test world.

You set this mode by default when you create the world, it's creative. Try to change it now to survival. When a new player joins the world, the game mode will be set to survival. As you can guess, this command changes the difficulty. There are four in the game and you can specify them in different ways.

Command block modes

There are three command block modes available: pulse, chain, and repeat - the color of the block changes depending on the mode.

  • Pulse mode (orange): activates the given command
  • Chaining mode (green): the command will work if the block is attached to another command block and connects to other command blocks
  • Repeat mode (blue): The command is repeated every tick as long as the block has power.

How to put a block with a command in minecraft. command block commands. How to make a command block: how to get it (4)

Difficulty is saved for each world separately, so if you go into settings, you will see the difficulty of the last loaded world. As you know, a difficulty can be "locked" to a given world, making it impossible to change it. However, this command does not look at blocking so it is not 100% secure, however when cheats are disabled the player in the blocked world cannot change it. If the command is run on the server, the difficulty changes, however, the next time the server starts, it will again be the default value for the server, because it is set by the server's properties at startup time.

Pulse mode
These are ordinary command blocks that are used to interact with chain blocks, but you can also execute commands simply in these blocks.

How to put a block with a command in minecraft. command block commands. How to make a command block: how to get it (5)

Chain mode
I think that already from the name it is already clear that this command block mode works according to the “chain” scheme.

Please note that for the chain type to work, you need a pulse command block, which will send the signal, as well as a redstone block, without which the chain type command block will not work.

You can make this command one of the few when cheats are disabled. It has no arguments and displays the world seed where it is. This number tells the world generator "how to generate it", i.e. two newly created worlds with the same seed will look the same. This number can be entered when creating the world.

If it rains, it stops, and if not, it starts. The first required argument is the weather condition to set the command. Clearly rain doesn't mean rain means thunderstorm rain means rain and beating.

  • If the flash hits the vine, it charges it.
  • If he hits a pig, he will make a Pigman.

You can also specify a duration. This is the minimum amount of time the condition will take. As time passes, he will be able to set a new status in the game again. This time is given in so-called "ticks", you can enter a value between 1.

How to put a block with a command in minecraft. command block commands. How to make a command block: how to get it (6)

Team title and its parameters:

  • title clear - clears messages from the player's screen.
  • title reset - clears messages from the player's screen and resets options.
  • title title - the title that shows the text on the screen.
  • title subtitle - the subtitle that is displayed when the title appears.
  • title actionbar - displays a caption above the inventory.
  • title times - appearance, delay and disappearance of the text. The default values ​​are 10 (0.5s), 70 (3.5s) and 20 (1s).

Command execution example:

  • title @a title §6Start - title with orange color.
  • title @a actionbar Hello! - Displays text above inventory.
  • title @a subtitle Chapter 1 is a subtitle.

Also known as the Boss Update, is the addition of slash commands. What are slash commands, you ask? If you've played the PC version of the game, you probably know they're in there. In the chat window, you must type a slash (/) and then enter a command.

So let's try to turn on the storm now. If you're playing like me in desert biomes, you'll only see cloudy skies, but no rain or lightning. This is because each biomass has its own temperature, which determines whether it rains, snows, or nothing at all.

Either execute only the command, then the place is set in accordance with the coordinator of the performer, or enter the coordinates. As you may have come across, this personal spawn point is always set next to the bed you sleep in - upon death, you will end up in your base, not at the starting point. If you want to set your own spawn point to where you are now, you don't need to provide any arguments. When you install it on another player, but you do not need to specify the coordinates at the point where you are now.

Slash commands in 0.15.9/0.16.0

Teams provide the player with an incredible amount of functionality on the PC version of Minecraft. The beta version of Pocket Edition 0.15.9/0.16.0 is currently available. We got our hands on the beta and here are the commands we found.

/clearfixedinv- Completely clears the inventory of the specified player or only removes the objects specified by ID from it.

Otherwise, the command requires the full specification. Use this command to determine the number of hours. The query request command tells you how much time has passed since a certain point. This can also be seen in the debug screen. . You probably have a few more questions about exactly how platform-wide convergence should shake.

Q: Is the best update updated for all editions? If there are platforms that interest you where we haven't been yet, let us know. Q: Is the update safe for kids better for kids? We're not quite ready to announce a release date yet, but we're aiming for a release this year. Q: What's the best way to update the buyback process for disc owners?

/clone [mode] [mode2]- Clones the area from point 1 (x1 y1 z1) to point 2 (x2 y2 z2) to point 3 (x3 y3 z3) using mode (mode) and sub mode (mode2). The mode (mode) can have 3 values: replace, masked and filtered, and the submode (mode2) can be normal, force or move.

/deop- Removes operator privileges from the player.

/execute - Executes the specified command with respect to some entity. Relative coordinates are specified by the x, y, and z parameters. If the detect parameter is specified, then the specified command works only if there is a block in the x2,y2,z2 coordinates with the specified ID and metadata.

Please be prepared for a short wait though as it can take several days to process all ransom requests. Q: What's the deal with the five hour requirement? When you launch it, you will see the name of the game on the splash screen. This is a very interesting job, but it presents a lot of complexities for the development process. You can continue playing the old version of the console to continue earning what you missed.

Will they translate to the new console version? Q: Are expansions being added to console editions? Q: When will console players be able to use custom skins or create custom super flat and powered worlds? The server browser has a list of verified servers that you can join with a single click.

/fill [Block parameters] [Replacement method]- Fills the selected area from to with blocks with block parameters [Block parameters] using the replacement method [Replacement method] c.

Replacement Methods:

  • keep - will only replace air blocks
  • hollow - creates a cube with a void inside
  • outline - identical to hollow, except that this replacement method will leave the inside intact
  • destroy - will replace all blocks in the specified area with the ability to pick them up as a drop
  • replace - will replace all blocks in the specified area

There is also an alternative command that only works with the replace method:
fill replace

This requires a lot of administrative and backend functions so they can focus on building and maintaining great online communities. Q: How are potential server partners starting to take root in the server browser? While we have three servers at launch, we plan to bring more servers into the game over time.

Over time, we plan to add more servers. Q: Why did you choose these partners over others? On consoles, due to platform limitations, access to the server is restricted to partner servers only. Will the studio stop updating the game because new gameplay and mini-games are available through the servers? Q: How to play mini-games from the old version of the console?

Parameter translation:

  • TileName - the name of the new block
  • dataValue - parameters of the new block
  • replaceTileName - the name of the block to be replaced
  • replaceDataValue - parameters of the block to be replaced

/gamemode [goal]- Changes the game mode for a specific player. Survival (survival, s or 0), Creativity (creative, c or 1), Adventure (adventure, a or 2), Spectator (spectator, sp or 3).

Q: Will you invite links for all platforms? Q: Are the servers safe for my kids? Our official server partners have also taken steps to ensure safe and convenient online play for all ages, including chat filtering, in-game reporting, and continued moderation.

Parents can turn off chat, which will allow children to join servers but not see or participate in any connection on the server with other players. Parents can limit multiplayer to only "friends" or "no" which prevents kids from connecting to servers at all. Q: What should I do if someone is bullying me?

If the player's nickname is not specified, then the team will change the game mode for the one who entered it. The player must be online for the command to work.

/give [number] [additional information]- Gives the player a certain item / block in the specified amount according to the data numbering.

For example, typing /give John 4 will give John 1 block of cobblestone, /give John 35 64 11 (will give you a full stack of blue wool, /give John 278 1 1000 will give you a 1000 damage diamond pickaxe, and /give John 373 10 8193 will give you 10 regeneration potion vials.

/help [page | command] or/? [page | team]- Displays a list of all available console commands. The list is divided into pages, so the command can take a page number as an argument. You can also display help for a specific command. Some commands are not in the help.

/kill [player]- Kills the player, dealing around 3.4x1038 damage, similar in effect to that of the Void (ignoring armor). Useful if the player is lost, stuck, or starving (if the player can easily find things after death). Works in creative mode.

/list- Displays a list of all players connected to the server.


/op - Gives the specified player operator privileges.

/say - Shows all players on the server your message.

/setblock [Extra options ]- Places the block at the given coordinates. For example, /setblock ~ ~1 ~ minecraft:stone will place a stone over the player who called the command.

/setfixedinvslot- Adds a slot to the inventory on the right

/setworldspawn - Sets the spawn point for the whole world at the player's coordinates or specified in the command syntax. Example: /setworldspawn 50 74 -87

/spawnpoint [goal]- Sets the spawn point for the player. If no player is specified, the command is executed for the player who typed the command. If no coordinates are specified, the spawn point is set to the current position.

/summon [coordinates] [advanced options]- Spawns the specified entity at the coordinates with the given parameters. If coordinates are not specified, the spawn point will be the player's current position. For example: /summon Pig ~ ~ ~ (Saddle:1,CustomName:"Mr. Pig",CustomNameVisible:1).

This command will create a pig with a saddle and the name Mister Pig. The name is visible even through the walls. If CustomNameVisible is zero, then the nickname is only visible if the target is on the mob.

/teleport - Teleports the entity to x, y, z coordinates. The x and z values ​​must be between 30000000 and -30000000 and y between -4096 and 4096.

Use y-angle for horizontal rotation (180 North, 0 South, 90 West and -90 East) and x-angle for vertical rotation (-90 up, 90 down).

/ tell - Sends a private message to the player.

/testforblock [Add. options]- Checks for the presence of a block on the coordinates, and if it is present, the comparator will output a signal. You can also use this command to check for items in chests.

/testforblocks [Mode]-Checks if two areas match and if both areas are identical, the comparator will output a signal. The “mode” section can take the values ​​masked or all; if masked, air is not taken into account.

/time add - Adds the specified value to the current time of day. The number parameter can take non-negative integer values.

/time query

  • daytime - Displays the number of game ticks since dawn
  • gametime - Displays the age of the world in game ticks
  • day - Displays the number of in-game days that have elapsed

/time set - Sets the time of day. The number parameter can take integer values ​​from 0 to 24000. 0 is sunrise, 6000 is noon, 12000 is sunset, and 18000 is midnight (i.e. the hours are divided in half). day is equivalent to 1000 (dawn) and night is 13000 (sunset).

/toggledownfall- Rainfall switch.

/tp - Teleports the first player to the second, i.e. "player1" to "player2"

/w - Sends a private message to another player. Used on servers to write something to another player without others seeing it.

/xp - Gives the specified player a certain amount of experience points, valid values ​​are from 0 to 2,147,483,647. If you type l after the number, the specified number of levels will be added. In addition, levels can be lowered, for example, -10l will reduce the player's level by 10.

A command block in Minecraft is a special cell in which the user can enter commands. The commands in the block begin to be executed when the signal from the redstone arrives. The command block is a good help for those who create maps in Minecraft, or for those players who want to "privatize" any territory. Using special commands can save you and other players in this interesting, but rather harsh pixel world. So how do you create and activate a command block in Minecraft?

To answer this question purely formally, no way. You can get a command block, because a special person is responsible for this business - the administrator of the server on which you play. You can get the command block yourself (if the game mode is single). To make a block, type "/give Player command_block", where Player is the nickname of the player who needs this block.

Let's figure out how to write commands to the newly created command block. To do this, right-click (RMB) on the command block. You will see a window in which you need to enter commands. In the same window, you can see the logs of executed commands: this will help you figure out at what stage of "programming" an error was made. To learn all the commands available to you, you need to type "/help" in the chat.

About Limiting Command Actions in Minecraft

Using the command block will make your Minecraft game more lively and intense. Depending on the type of game, you or your comrades will receive a number of privileges. In this case, the action of the entered commands can be limited to a certain radius or extended to all players and all entities.

How to put a block with a command in minecraft. command block commands. How to make a command block: how to get it (7)

And now, more specifically:

  • @p - the action of the command extends to the nearest player;
  • @a - the command applies to all players (if possible);
  • @r - command to apply an action to a random player;
  • @e - The command applies to all entities.

For the first team, a special parameter "c" has been selected, which limits the number of players to whom the action will be applied. So, @a indicates that the command will be used in relation to the first 10 players from the list, @a - the action refers to the last ten players from the list.

With the help of the command block, you can turn the whole game back and literally change the environment in Minecraft beyond recognition.

How to put a block with a command in minecraft. command block commands. How to make a command block: how to get it (8)

Block Command Examples

And finally, let's give an example of one of the commands: "give @p gold_ingot 10". This command instructs to give out 10 gold bars to a player who is located at a distance of 10 blocks. The "setblock 10 20 30 wool" command places a wool block with coordinates (10,20,30). But with the help of "tp Player 10 20 30" you can instantly move (teleport) the player to a point with similar coordinates.

In which the long-awaited innovation was added - command blocks.

With the help of command blocks, you can set certain commands that can be distributed both to the entire server and to a random player.

Important to know: Commands can only be used to create a game world and only in creative mode. Command blocks in Survival mode do not work.

Many players do not know or understand how to use these blocks and what commands must be entered in order for them to be active.

To get a command block, you need to open a chat and write the command /give @p command_block

Then we select it and install a lever or any other activator to it.

How to set a command for a command block?

In order for the command block to perform a particular function, it needs to be given a specific command. To do this, click on the command block and a window with settings opens. In the “Console Command” field, you need to enter the command we need.

Below will be presented the Top 15 most popular command block commands for minecraft mobile.

Top 15 Commands for Minecraft PE

/title @a title Your message. With this command, you can write and send some message or instruction to everyone on the server.

/effect @a regeneration 2000 2000. Regeneration team. 2000 is the level and quantity.

/tp @a 0 0 0 . Where are your coordinates, and 0 0 0 are the coordinates where you want to teleport. To find out your coordinates, you need to download a special mod.

/clone~ -1~1~3~3~-3~4~-1~-3 Command for endless minecart road. That is, the road will be constantly cloned and created.

/setblock its diamond_block coordinates. Command to an infinite diamond block. This way you can get rich very quickly.

/weather rain . Command to change the weather to rain.

/weather clean .Clear weather command, disables rain.

/gamemode 0 - Quick transition to Survival mode. /gamemode 1 - switch to creative mode. We set for whom the mode will change, for example / gamemode 0 @a - this way the mode will be applied to all players.

/time set night - this command changes the time of day to night. /time set day - thanks to this command, the day will come in minecraft.

/give @a diamon 1 is a command that gives you the items you specify. In our case, these are diamonds. Where 1 is the number of diamonds.

How to put a block with a command in minecraft. command block commands. How to make a command block: how to get it (9)

/spawnpoint - thanks to this command you can set the spawn point after you have died.

/kill - A command that kills everything on the map. You can set what exactly needs to be killed, for example, animals or creeps.

/difficulty - a program that changes the difficulty in the game. You can bet from 0 to 3.

/say - a command with which you can also communicate with players on the server.

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