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Have you Ever wanted to start your own graphic design business we’re going to go over some great tips for you to start in this post.

I’m going to tell you about our how I went from nothing I was in a corporate job I quit I had no jump start I was literally starting from scratch from nothing and I was able to build it up into a successful business that made a consistent stream for my business it’s still making a consistent stream of income for my family

Here we are going to talk about different components you need to have in your design business to make it successful and to really be thinking with growth and expansion and linking into a career.

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How to start your own graphic design business

It’s not just enough to have the skill of graphic design and that’s what our school tells you you’ve got to know your craft, you gotta know your craft you put it out there and someone is going to come. yes having the craft is super vital however you cannot actually be successful if you don’t have some other components in place to actually sell your service.

Picking your Niche as Graphic Designer

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So You are trying to be everyone for everybody; in that case, you will have a real hard time finding clients and creating a concentrated portfolio.

So today, I will share why I think you should focus on the specific type of clients and choose your Niche.

As a designer, find a niche and work with a specific type of Niche. I mean that you only help a particular kind of client. You say no to every project or client who does not fit that specific criterion or a specific industry.

A lot of designers ask me how I find clients? But by not being very specific about what type of clients they want to work with. Will they bring the most value to it?

It searches for clients very unfocused and their portfolio very unfocused because they show a lot of work for different clients.

So when a specific client Comes to check their portfolio. They don’t know if this is the right person for them now.

Let’s take an example for a better understanding. If someone needs surgery on the heart, we will not look for a general doctor; we will focus on someone particular, like a surgeon.

So if you are a logo designer or website designer, state that and expand service in the future.

If you are In fear, you think that once you niche down, you’re going to get stuck in one area. Many graphic design agencies started their business in a tiny Niche, and over time they expanded and expanded more. The same occurs with any successful brand.

Take Apple, for example. They started with computers, but they added more products over time. They began with the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and services that go along with it, such as Apple Music, Apple TV, etc. And they’re going to enter into the electric car arena soon, but it took years for them to expand their products.

When can you enter a new one when you have secured your position in a particular sector of work? Otherwise, you’re going to get dispersed and not become good at any one type.

Create a Brand

It would help if you first tried creating a brand with separate recognition as other brands have. Firstly you will not get too many audiences for your brand. Still, audiences will gather around you as you start doing good work honestly and timely. But everything takes time to stand up. You will also have to publicize and spread your brand’s name, including social media, Youtube videos, advertising, etc.

Create a Portfolio as Graphic Designer

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You might also create a portfolio of your own using various online platforms. These portfolios act as a temporary bridge between you and your customers. Also, the unknown person could get to you through your portfolio only.

Getting Discovered as Graphic Designer

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Picking a platform is the main thing in this, like Instagram, Facebook, mastering your platform up to 80% of your effort on one platform. Many people choose numerous platforms, but they lose focus and never do anything well.

You must go all out on one platform. Put the remaining 20% of your efforts on every relevant forum for your design Niche. The key is to Repurpose the content you’ve put on that one platform. Try always to be active on that platform and not get obsessed.

Structure Your Business

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If you wanna grow your business, you won’t do everything yourself. At some point, you may need a helping hand. You may need to form your team of experts to provide the best service for your target market. If you like to expand your level of service, you’ll also need more workforce.

Besides increasing your skills, consider hiring someone who has that expert skill to work on projects involving animation. You might invest in nurturing your team, but this will add to your net profit in the long run. So, you must have a clear understanding of the experts you’ll need to expand your business.


Someone hires you because you have a skill that they do not have. You know the programs that they do not know. You have invested in your welcome note in your tablet or computer and your software, and you can operate at a professional level.

They will pay you what you have done to get yourself to this level of skill, and you cannot undermine or undervalue what you bring to the table. You must take care of the following points discussed:

  1. Your experience in the industry of design. So as you build up portfolio pieces and case studies, and testimonials with happy clients, you have to start raising your prices. For example, you can charge in the beginning $150 for a logo design.
  2. How much do you need to survive well and make a good profit? A brand identity, including a logo, takes you 20 hours to complete. If you are priced at $150, you will be paying yourself 7.50 cents per hour, which is lower than the minimum wage in the U.S. At that rate, you will be making $1200/month. You want to be making a profit from this.
  3. Specializing in a Niche also comes into factor. You know how to create some fantastic designs that help them accomplish the business goals you are working on. They must treat you as an expert as they have invested a large amount of money in you.
  4. How much your industry is willing to pay mostly depends on who you work with. There are specific industries that are not willing to spend as much as others. You have to find the balance between what your chosen Niche is willing to pay and what you want to be charging.

Designing Your Contract:

While this one may seem too obvious, its importance cannot be overstated. “Don’t try to do until you get a contract,” Caren asked. “We have clients that take our work and not pay us. If we have not got a contract, it would then be our bad luck.”

Signed written contracts that exist for both the protection of your business and your client;

Martin explains that “The of the most important elements on that contract is the list of deliverables, key dates in the timeline and payment terms,” she says. Adding that if a client increases or decreases the scope of work after a contract has been signed, you’ll want to amend the document and acquire the appropriate signatures before moving forward.

A contract is the only way to protect your interests during a design job. But is it always an excellent decision to take this precaution. One solution is to have contracts of varying time – more extended, more comprehensive ones for more in-depth projects, shorter and less formal ones for small projects.

Try Avoiding bringing in an actual lawyer unless it’s a big corporate client or you’re looking to set extremely complex licensing terms. Beyond that, consider the laws of human decency. If your longtime neighbour asks for a quick design fix, don’t serve her a stack of papers to sign. But remember, if you choose not to provide a contract, your client may present one to you, and you can bet that the terms will not be as designer-friendly.

Where to Find Freelance Graphic Design Clients

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Always Stay clear on your value

Your value to your clients is what sets you apart from the competition. When you can communicate the value you provide, you’ll have a better chance of getting more freelancing clients.

The first thing is to ask yourself is what your value is. Start by asking yourself the questions:

  • What results would your previous clients get from projects you’ve done for them?
  • Experiences that you have?
  • What can you offer that other graphic designers don’t?

For example, suppose you have direct experience working in a particular industry (i.e., healthcare, fin-tech, lifestyle, etc.). In that case, you’ll have more value for clients in that industry because you’ll better understand their needs.

Consider your value, and then decide how you can most clearly communicate it. That could be by displaying awards on your design portfolio, including specific results from past projects, or leveraging your experience in your pitches and proposals.

Asking for recommendations

If you have happy clients, you may ask for referrals or recommendations. Let them know that you’re always open to talking to new clients and appreciate their referrals.

Depending on the services that you offer, you could even set up an official referral program.

While it might initially seem like a client wouldn’t want to refer you to their potential competition. Remember that most businesses have working partnerships with suppliers and other organizations. While they might not tell their match to use your services, they could refer their vendors or other business contacts to you.

There’s value to providing good referrals in developing business relationships.

How to Make Money as a Graphic Designing

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Let’s start making money with graphic design. Freelancing designers these days is increasingly complex. There’s a lot of competition and a lot of freeloaders who want something for nothing, so how the heck can we as designers make money in this type of environment? The only key is to be proactive and look for multiple avenues of revenue that other designers are failing to capitalize on.

It would illustrate ten unique and confident ways for Freelance Designers to earn money by doing what they love.

Sit back, take a sip of that coffee on your desk, and then read through these pointers. They can be your lifeline when you eventually go if you have already taken the plunge into some other way. They could add some supplemental income to your monthly income, and who doesn’t want more money.

So onto the list. It is by no means a conclusive roundup of making money as a graphic designer. Still, it is undoubtedly a solid list of things that would help. I hope that you can positively use this article to help you make money with Graphic Designing.

All about the Creative Marketplaces:

The Envato

From the launch of Flashden in 2006 by founders Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Ta’eed & Jun Rung, the notion of the “creative marketplace” has exploded. It has many websites to allow creative workers to upload their custom work for others to enjoy on their own personal or commercial projects on Envato.

I firmly believe the movement started, and their marketplaces are still to this day expanding, with Graphic River & Themeforest being some of their most popular.

The unique one Creative Markets

Another new creative marketplace is Creative Market. They have come onto the scene within the last year and provide a similar service with daily new resources. Those are fantastic resources and one of the many ways to make money with graphic design.

The Hungry JPEG

The Hungry JPEG is a relatively newer marketplace. Still, its recent expansion has made it one of the most approachable and popular Creative Marketplaces.

Sell Digital Products

It is one of the unique ways to make money as a graphic designer. There are lots of options to sell your designs online and offline.

Create high-quality and creative images and textures and use different fonts and styles to get maximum traction. An online design competition is increasing. Still, you can stand out with other designing and marketing strategies techniques.

Being a Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelancing will be the world’s future,and it has been predicted that Designers will do more work with the help of freelancers. There are several benefits of being a freelancer, with fewer drawbacks.

Whatever is in your vertical graphic designing, there are freelance buyers everywhere. Starting with some small websites and then switching to the higher one. It will also help you step into the more significant markets with any experience.

You may start working withFiverr, UpWork, or and then switch to 99designs and other mainstream graphic design websites.

Starting of a Graphic Designing Job

You can start a full-time job after getting a graphic design degree. Several local and international companies always find graphic designers. They advertise their jobs in the newspapers or on online job websites.

  • Create an account on all such sites with a good striking profile. Then start applying for jobs.
  • You will have some interview calls you can create a unique profile. Keep your portfolio always ready, and keep working on your design skills. Start exploring new styles and different research fields of graphic designing. In that way, you could get a good paycheck.

While doing all this, do not forget to check local listing job sites. You will get more chances to get hired as a local person. So, if you found some exceptional options, then avail them and make money with your skills.

Start Selling Unused Designs

Old is gold, and do not underestimate those designs you created years ago. So, open your old files and go through them what is in there. Sell those designs on various websites. Several websites will welcome those creations that you’ve made in the past. Lots of graphic designers are making money by using this technique.

Starting as a Teaching profession

Don’t think that the saying “those who cannot teach” applies there. As a graphic designer, you must need to be proficient.

Skillshare is one of a fantastic marketplace where different freelance teachers come and share their skills with the rest of the world.

Do join the platform and start earning with your design abilities. You may also offer multiple services, such as teaching “how to use graphic design software, like Photoshop”. One of the best ways is to create a beginner course as most students get enrolled.

Start a Consultation Graphic Design Business

Starting your consulting firm is one of the best things to do when it comes to the question of “How to make money with graphic design?”

If you are a savvy graphic designer and have gathered a lot of experience in this field for several years, then it’s the best thing for you to do. You can also offer your services toagencies, businesses, start-ups, and students who wanna make their carrier as graphic designers. It’s not a difficult thing to do.

So all you need is an office or a solid online presence to start. People will be paying a consultation fee, which you may charge on a project basis or hourly (it totally depends on you).


Graphic Designing is finally a good and unique field to show your talent and a Business that will stay long. You have to be updated with changing day-to-day lifestyles and new Eye-catchy designs. This is a highly creative field that has a lot of possibilities to make money, so you don’t need to worry about your future. As much effort you invest, the faster you will progress. So keep up with the flow by remembering the points mentioned above.

If you think something is missing from the article, you may comment on any suggestions. We will be happy to take that.

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