Lost Ark Endgame Guide: What To Do At Level 50 (2023)

Lost Ark has a ton of exciting adventures awaiting its players, and many of them only begin once you reach higher levels. While it may feel as if the journey is coming to an end after reaching level 50, there’s still plenty to keep you occupied throughout the land of Arkesia!

Players who have reached Lost Ark’s endgame may have completed many of the game’s main activities, but there’s actually still a dizzying amount of content to get through. Stick around to find out what to do after hitting level 50 in Lost Ark, and how you can continue progressing through the game.

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What To Do At Level 50

Explore Islands

How To Get To Level 60 (Max)

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What To Do At Level 50

Although many of the objectives may have already been ticked off of your to-do list, Lost Ark still offers many activities and tasks for players over level 50. Still, even then, it can become tricky to decipher which of these tasks would be the most beneficial at this stage of the game.

Lost Ark Endgame Guide: What To Do At Level 50 (1)

Players should focus on continuing the main story, as it will open up the world of Lost Ark even further by granting access to new activities and areas. There is a blend of beneficial quests, activities, and tasks that will be incredibly advantageous throughout the remainder of the game.

It’s important to note that tasks can only be completed a certain amount of times each day/week. This means that you should also try and focus on completing these activities in a consistent and orderly fashion, as you can’t simply stack up the tasks and grind through them in one go.

Complete The Main Quest Line

Players will hit level 50 long before the main quest and storyline has been completed, leaving plenty of room for further exploration and advancement. Reaching level 50 in Lost Ark is quite a momentous achievement, but you’re not by any means finished with Arkesia’s story.

If you’ve hit level 50 and aren’t sure what to do next, completing the main quest line should be the first go-to. The main quest is indicated by the blue globe icon, and you’ll want to reach Vern Castle since, if you’re level 50, you’ll be able to unlock more endgame activities including the Chaos Dungeons and the gear honing system.

Set Return Point to Vern Castle

It’s important to note that when you unlock Vern Castle, a great idea is to set your return point to Vern Castle. Vern Castle is essentially the hub for most endgame things, so it will make progressing even further far easier. Although you can return to Vern Castle from anywhere in the world, there is a 120 minutes cooldown.

Sushire Main Quests

It will be really beneficial to continue the game’s story and progress until you reach the Sushire region. This area will become accessible after you unlock the Icebreaker Ship, and you’ll want to continue completing the Sushire main story quests to get access to higher tiers of content.

Completing the main story quests in Sushire will also reward players with a full set of 302 item level gear. This set can be upgraded even further and is classified as endgame gear, which will be incredibly useful as you continue your Lost Ark journey.

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Unlock Your First Class Awakening Ability

After reaching level 50, players can teleport to Trixion and speak with Beatrice to accept a quest. Completing this quest will be a great option after hitting level 50, as it will allow you to unlock your first class’s Awakening ability in addition to the final form of your class’s normal ability.

Every class is different in Lost Ark, and as a result, the Awakening abilities will naturally differ from each other. But, if you’ve fallen in love with your overall class and build, continuing this chain of quests will be absolutely vital for unlocking your class’s true potential.

Lost Ark Endgame Guide: What To Do At Level 50 (2)

Completing these quests should definitely be high up on your to-do list, as it will provide plenty of benefits down the line. If you continue to progress your character’s item level even further, you can also unlock a second Awakening ability by traveling to the Rohendal region.

Do Your Dailies

As mentioned, completing the main storyline will allow players to unlock some awesome endgame activities – many of which you can add to your daily Lost Ark to-do list. Activities such as the Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Una’s Tasks are absolute musts.

The main benefit of ensuring that you do your dailies consistently is the fact that you’ll need to continue upgrading your level 302 gear higher to access more content in the game. As a result, players will need a ton of upgrade materials, such as:

  • Harmony Leapstones
  • Guardian Stone Fragments
  • Destruction Stone Fragments

Chaos Dungeons

The Chaos Dungeons are endgame encounters, involving waves of enemies that will need to be defeated. This can be fairly tricky, as there is a time limit to this activity.

Guardian Raids

The Guardian Raids are Monster Hunter-type encounters against massive magical beasts. Open your Quest journal and select the Guides tab to accept the Guardian Raid guide, after which you should speak to Zarbel at the Raid Board to complete it. This activity can be done twice daily.

Una’s Tasks

Una’s Tasks are well-known as they can grant a ton of useful advantages to players. These are short quests that can be completed through the land of Arkesia that grant numerous rewards to players. Players can complete 3 daily Una’s Tasks and 3 weekly Una’s tasks.

Lost Ark Endgame Guide: What To Do At Level 50 (3)

The best Una’s Tasks to complete at this stage are:

  • “Where It Belongs” in Frozen Sea, Shushire.
  • “Anxious Mind”, in Harbor City Changchun, Anikka.
  • “Replacement Parts”, in Golden Wave Island, west of Arthetine.
  • “Ride like the Wind”, in Sea Paradise Peyto, west of Anikka.
  • “Rubbing Away the Marks of Time”, in Toto Silver Island, west of Annika.
  • “Pest Control”, in Blackfang’s Den Island, east of Rethramis.
  • “Prisoner Emancipation”, in Kalthertz Island, south of Shushire.
  • “I Can’t Just Sit On My Hands”, in Alakkir Island, northeast of North Vern.

Complete Abyssal Dungeons

Once you reach the endgame section of Lost Ark, you’ll be able to unlock Abyssal Dungeons. These will only become available after your progress with the main story past the point of reaching North Vern and have also reached a 340 item level.

The Abyssal Dungeons are much more challenging than the other dungeons you may have faced up until this point, so you’ll definitely need to bring your A-game. But, their rewards are definitely worth the effort.

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Players who complete the Abyssal Dungeons can be rewarded with plenty of awesome upgrade materials and even currency that can be used to buy higher-quality gear for endgame activities. The Abyssal Dungeons can be completed once every week.

Explore Islands

If you are keeping up with your main quests and dailies, and still find yourself twiddling your thumbs, exploring Arkesia will be the best idea. There are many islands scattered throughout Lost Ark‘s lands, each of which will reward adventurous players with various materials and even upgrade materials.

Lost Ark Endgame Guide: What To Do At Level 50 (4)

Islands are typically open for exploration around the clock, meaning that you can pretty much head out whenever you’d like. It’s also worth mentioning that there are occasionally limited-time island events that also offer special rewards for players.

Progress Your Rapport Level

Although this is not as important as the previously mentioned tasks, building good rapport is still worth the effort. Reaching certain rapport milestones will grant special rewards for players, including cards, gold, cosmetics, and much more. You can build rapport by granting gifts, performing certain emotes, or playing music.

Players can only get a certain amount of rapport points per day, so you should definitely remember to work on it at least once a day where possible. Since not all NPCs grant the same rewards, try and start with the NPCs that reward gold and Giant’s Hearts, as these will be most useful throughout the endgame.

Build Up Your Stronghold

Although Lost Ark‘s base-building segment may be less thrilling for most players, it’s still an indispensable aspect of the game. Players can craft endgame potions, account-wide perks, and food while researching upgrades and recipes.

Having a higher level Stronghold will allow access to higher-tiered variants of the above, helping you ensure you’re fully prepared for all of the menacing beasts and vicious foes that await you throughout Lost Ark’s endgame.

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How To Get To Level 60 (Max)

The current max level in Lost Ark is level 60. The max level was previously set to 55, but it was increased to level 60 shortly before the game’s official release. It’s unknown if Lost Ark’s game devs will add more levels over time, but they just might since they have already.

Players will need to continue grinding Lost Ark until they hit level 60, and it’s not recommended to become too focused on how long it will take. It will likely take hundreds of hours of gameplay to reach level 60 from level 50. So, try to just take it as it comes and enjoy the ride.

Although hitting level 50 is an amazing milestone, Lost Ark has no shortage of fun adventures for higher-level players. While we’ve discussed the most beneficial activities, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. This is where the real endgame grind truly kicks off – the next chapter of your Lost Ark journey is about to begin!


What should I focus on in Lost Ark endgame? ›

Daily Chaos Dungeons And Guardian Raids

These are a really important part of your endgame guide. Make sure you are always completing the highest tier of content available to you. You get enough energy to run two Chaos Dungeons a day with max rewards, although you can run the Dungeons as many times as you want.

How long does level 50 take Lost Ark? ›

Casual players can reach level 50 in Lost Ark in around 25 hours. A handful of players dedicated their entire time to leveling up their character. This saw them reach level 50 in around 15 hours and a few cases in as little as 10 hours.

What happens when you reach 50 in Lost Ark? ›

Unlocking Chaos Dungeon: As you finally reach Vern Castle, the Main Quest (Lost Ark also calls it World Quest in level 50) will ask you to go to the front of the Chaos Dungeon to unlock it.

Is dismantling or selling better in Lost Ark? ›

A general rule of thumb when deciding. When players are leveling up, it's a good idea for them to dismantle items instead of selling them because they can get rare items this way as well as sell them for gold if they need to. Not every item can be dismantled, which is something players should keep in mind as well.

How long does 35 50 Take Lost Ark? ›

The current world record for level 50 in Lost Ark is around the 10-hour mark. However, for a brand-new player, you're more likely to hit level 50 within the 15-20 hour mark, which is still relatively fast for an MMO. This might take longer if you want to complete all the quests along the way.

How do you get more skill points after level 50 Lost Ark? ›

Leveling From 50-60

This is obvious, but every level past level 50 also grants Skill Points, a total of 6 per level. This means that just from playing the game and casually leveling to 60 over a long amount of time, players will get an additional 60 Skill Points.

Is Lost Ark endgame hard? ›

Lost Ark's character mechanics and combat unfold at a steady pace — the grind to level 50 teaches the basics — but the endgame is the true challenge. It can be a bit grindy at times, but it never stops feeling rewarding, especially since the combat-focused content feels more involved than most games of its ilk.

Do you have to finish the story in Lost Ark? ›

You have to finish the story even if you hit level 50, and if you do the side quests you'll just reach max level 50 and feel even worse about how long it's taking to finish the campaign. You'll lose out on a bit of Roster XP by skipping the side quests, but doing them is a waste of time.

How long does it take to reach endgame Lost Ark? ›

Skip the team play, and you'll be able to finish the main story in about 10-13~ hours. Then you'll have an immense end-game to deal with.

How long does it take to get from 50 to 60 in Lost Ark? ›

You're looking at around 5 hours of extra gameplay to go through the remaining main questline after reaching level 50 to unlock raids and chaos dungeons in North Vern. To reach level 60, the maximum level in Lost Ark, you're looking at hundreds of hours of gameplay.

What is 1st limit in Lost Ark? ›

In PvP, you must grind 66,791 XP to attain the 1st Limit, which is the needed XP for this tier. It's a lot simpler to say than it is to accomplish. In actuality, to reach the 1st Limit, you must be among the top 0.30 percent of your server's players.

Are trade skills worth Lost Ark? ›

If you need a break from slaying demons, Lost Ark's Trade Skills let you chop trees, search for relics, or go hunting to earn valuable resources. Complete with their own skill trees, Trade Skills require a large time investment, but are well worth the effort.

When should I gear transfer Lost Ark? ›

So it's best to do it when you have a good reason to, like transferring your upgrade from the Rare set of your current gear to a Heroic or Legendary set of gear in the same tier. Much like with Honing, we're visiting the same Gear Honing NPC to begin the process.

How do I progress faster in Lost Ark? ›

Daily, Weekly, and Timed Activities. Daily and weekly activities are one of the best ways to get honing and progression materials. Completing Vern will unlock the Guide Quests needed to start the following daily and weekly activities. Once you've finished those, you'll be able to try out the following pieces of content ...

Is Lost Ark pay to win or pay to progress? ›

Lost Ark's third tier is particularly grindy, with a specific focus on a system called "Honing" that demands massive amounts of resources for incremental power increases. Naturally, these resources can be bought with real money, which in turn has led to players accusing Amazon of implementing a pay-to-win system.

Can you get perks after level 50? ›

No, once you hit level 50, you will have a choice of changing your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. point allocation or choosing a new Perk Card.

How do you get to level 50? ›

Level 50 Requirements:
  1. Earn 30 million XP (176 million total XP)
  2. Make 999 Excellent Throws.
  3. Catch a Legendary Pokemon in your next 5 Legendary Pokemon encounters.
  4. Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader three times using Pokemon with 2,500 CP or less.
  5. Reach Rank 10 in the Go Battle League.
13 Dec 2021

What is the code in door 50? ›

Got it. Good luck. The code is 9001.

What is the funnest class in Lost Ark? ›

I stand by my assertion that the Deathblade is a great starting character, and what's more, is one of the most fun classes to actually play as.

What is the best solo class in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark: 5 Best Solo Classes
  • Berserker (Warrior) Berserkers deal great damage with their swords and a lot of their attacks do stagger damage, which prevents your foes from fighting back. ...
  • Paladin (Warrior) ...
  • Gunslinger (Gunner) ...
  • Striker (Martial Artist) ...
  • Sorceress (Mage)
30 Sept 2022

What is the fastest class in Lost Ark? ›

The Deathblade is the complete opposite. It is ranked as one of the fastest classes in the game and is able to stun enemies in multiple ways while applying damage over time.

What should I do first when I hit level 50 Lost Ark? ›

Here's what you should prioritize shortly after hitting level 50 in Lost Ark.
  1. Continue The Main Quest. Continue the main story quest through Shushire for a full endgame gear set. ...
  2. Do Your Dailies (Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Una's Tasks) ...
  3. Explore Islands.
7 Mar 2022

Is 105 the max level in Ark? ›

As of current, the maximum level obtainable is level 190 with all the above cleared at Alpha and Max level Chibi-Pets. Without any of it, the maximum level obtainable is 105.

Can you pay for Level 50 Lost Ark? ›

You can buy 400 Crystals for 940 Crystals or buy this the Level Complete Pack (Lv. 50) for just about $1 more and get 2,600 Crystals. It's an insanely good value and while some are confused as to why it's so disproportionately cheap, the answer is pretty simple.

How many hours is Lost Ark main story? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story1937h 43m
Main + Extras22220h 3m
All PlayStyles42135h 11m

Is Ark or rust harder? ›

Both games can be played in a single-player mode, but Rust requires more preparation and is more limited. Due to Rust being more PvP-oriented, it's safe to say that Ark delivers a better single-player experience.

How long till Lost Ark kicks you for AFK? ›

The default timer of 15 minutes is the lowest you can set it to, but it maxes out at 60 minutes for those who need to stay away from their keyboards for a little longer.

Does Lost Ark's story get better? ›

The Game Gets A Lot Better After A Certain Story Point

From there, the story picks up, and once you get your boat and can start visiting a host of very, very diverse continents, I think you'll appreciate the game a lot more.

Can you skip to North Vern Lost Ark? ›

This option will become available once players have completed “Ealyn's Gift,” the final quest of the North Vern questline. To reach North Vern, players must first complete all the main content of the previous continents in the game.

How long does it take to 100 percent ark? ›

The estimated time to complete all 18 ARK: Survival Evolved achievements is 1-2 hours. This estimate is based on the median completion time from 2146 TrueAchievements members that have completed the game.

Can you play Lost Ark endgame solo? ›

Lost Ark doesn't restrict players from playing solo, but you should consider a few things before committing to this playstyle. The game can be challenging when alone as you don't have other players assisting you in fights with other classes and abilities.

What's the highest item level in Lost Ark? ›

Items can reach up to +20 ranks before they need to be replaced, although tier thresholds occur when you reach +15. For this reason, we do not recommend that you increase an item beyond +15 unless you're already at T3. Related: Lost Ark Classes Guide - What Class Should You Play?

What should I prioritize in Lost Ark? ›

Always prioritize the main quest. The condition to go to the upper tier is to clear the main quest + meet the entry item level. (2022-02-19) Added guild, gear honing, gear transfer, skill tree, chaos dungeon, guardian raid, etc.

Is endgame in Lost Ark good? ›

Lost Ark's character mechanics and combat unfold at a steady pace — the grind to level 50 teaches the basics — but the endgame is the true challenge. It can be a bit grindy at times, but it never stops feeling rewarding, especially since the combat-focused content feels more involved than most games of its ilk.

What class should I Main in Lost Ark? ›

For this reason, any of the warrior class options - such as the Berserker, Gunlancer or Paladin - are good first choices for beginners. They have a fairly straightforward playstyle, and as they are able to tank a lot of damage, they allow new players to make some mistakes without being punished too heavily.

What is the most needed class in Lost Ark? ›

If you're looking to group up with other players then having a high-level Bard will be indispensable, as it's easily the most-requested class when forming parties, thanks to her possessing the best healing and shields in the game.

Do choices matter in Lost Ark? ›

Much like deciding whether to sell Lost Ark's unused gear or dismantle it, the result is pretty much the same but changes how many steps it took to arrive at the outcome. No matter which choices a player makes in Lost Ark, there is an almost overwhelming amount of content to be enjoyed.

Which virtues are the most important Lost Ark? ›

The most important virtue in Lost Ark depends on each player's priorities. For instance, focus on charisma if your goal is to get the Astray ship. This is because Blackfang, which you need to rapport to friendly first, requires 260 charisma. Other NPCs, like Calvasus, need you to focus on courage.

What is the strongest character in Lost Ark? ›

Gunlancer. Gunlancers are the tankiest class in the game, and on top of that they can do amazing damage. The fact that they can support their team makes them incredibly versatile as well.

Is Lost Ark level cap 50 or 60? ›

A patch during the pre-launch period of the game - released on February 7 - changed the level cap in Lost Ark to 60. Previously, the closed beta saw it max out at 55, and to accommodate for the extra levels and increased experience, you will earn additional skill points for each level past 50.

Which assassin is best in Lost Ark? ›

Assassin tier list in Lost Ark. While there are separate tiers according to which the classes can be ranked, Deathblade is the stronger of the two advanced classes and ranks higher.

Do ships matter in Lost Ark? ›

As you progress through the main story of Lost Ark, you will automatically unlock the sailing system and ships. Ships are incredibly important as this is how you'll be able to reach many new areas. However, there are eight different types of ships, and you'll first need to unlock them to use them.

Is Paladin the best class Lost Ark? ›

The Paladin is one of the best classes in Lost Ark, thanks in large part due to its support capabilities through party-wide buffs, as well as decent damage output. If you want to stay up close in fights, as well as contribute more than just attack power to any content you do, the Paladin is a great choice.

What class is Lance master? ›

Lost Ark's finally getting new classes, starting with the Lance Master – which is going to be renamed the Glaivier for the worldwide version of the game.

Is Lost Ark casual friendly? ›

Lost Ark is a casual game, it just require time to achieve stuff but not necesseraly skill (for pve content.)


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