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In Lost Ark, as in many other MMO RPGs, there are advantages to leveling quickly and completing the game’s final stages sooner rather than later. You can begin completing Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Una’s tasks for daily rewards once you reach level 50. We’ll be discussing the Lost Ark Leveling guide in this article.

Less populous islands make it easier to get Island Tokens, but fewer Life Skill nodes are contested. Focusing on efficiency should take you 9-12 hours to reach max level in Lost Ark, but this time can vary greatly depending on your class preference and prior experience. We will cover all regarding leveling in Lost Ark in this Lost Ark Leveling Guide.

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What is the Level Cap of Lost Ark?

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Long-lasting games, such as massively multiplayer online role-playing games, frequently raise the cap in later years to account for player growth. With Lost Ark, this may change, but level 60 is the highest one may go for now.

The level cap has been set to 60 in the fully launched Russian and Korean versions. The cap will be equal across Europe and North America when the game launches in both regions. PvE and exploration are at the heart of the game.

For the most part, players will be undertaking PvE quests to get experience and level up. Players’ initial objective will be to reach level 50. After reaching level 50, players will gain an additional skill point every time they level up. Players’ characters can earn new talents by spending skill points.

Lost Ark Powerpasses were accessible during the Beta stage and are expected to be available when the entire game is released. It is possible to speed up the leveling process by purchasing a Powerpass. In-game mail will contain a Powerpass Token whenever players finish the Main Quest.

When a Powerpass is used, you will unlock the Adventurer’s Path quest for all characters. Leveling up through this quest will take players from 10 to 50. It is the best method to level up a second character immediately once the game starts.

Getting Started on Lost Ark

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There’s no doubting that the game’s personalization possibilities, classes, menus, and massive globe of Arkesia might be a bit frightening. However, the tempo is excellent. If you’re just getting started with Lost Ark, these pointers should come in handy.


1. Create a Character Preset

Presets are useful if you spend a lot of time polishing your character’s appearance and utilize it as a foundation for future creations. There are five spots on the left side of the screen where you can save a fully customizable character.

2. Choose Your Class

It’ll take you to Trixion, where you can cross the bridge and connect with the Prophesied Book after creating your character. Enter the Testing Area by selecting your subclass.

End the test by clicking “End Test” on the bottom right, and you’ll be on your way to learning! If you haven’t decided on a class yet, you can check out our Class Overview to get a general sense.

3. Skip the Prologue

Save roughly 20 minutes by skipping the Prologue. After arriving in Trua, the Forgotten Land, you can do this in the upper left corner of your screen. Complete the Prologue without stress, and you’ll receive the Headpiece skin of Arthetinean Engineer’s Goggles Chest.

Any character in your sharing storehouse can get their hands on a pair of Goggles if you leave them within the chest. Once the skin is unboxed, there are a few restrictions:

  • On the server you’re playing on, You can only get them only once.
  • A character’s class archetype can only be traded with another character of the same class archetype.
  • You can’t swap goggles between male and female characters. Gunslinger and Striker (a male martial artist) are examples of this.

4. Optimal Leveling Route

It’s straightforward to get level 50 in Lost Ark. All you have to do is stick to your main quest path and ignore any other quests you encounter. As follows:

  1. Rethramis

After rescuing Prideholme from the demon invasion and returning home, learning about pets can be found in the Guide Quests section of your quest journal (J). You can get a free pet if you finish the quest.

  1. Yudia
  2. East Luterra
  3. West Luttera

The “Finding the Arks” Main Quest can be hidden if you’ve completed East Luterra and entered the Sea of Gienah. To get to Tortoyk instead, equip the sailor Eshu and complete the World Quest that takes you there. From now on, these will serve as your primary objectives.

  1. Tortoyk
  2. Arthentine
  3. Anikka

It is where you’ll get to level 50! Continue your journey through Lost Ark’s World Quest to North Vern to access the game’s endgame activities.

  1. North Vern

How can you Optimize Leveling in Lost Ark

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There is a lot of room for improvement in speeding up the leveling process. So, let’s go through the most critical points.

1. Skill Efficiency

Please don’t spend your powerful early-game skills on specific monsters, as you only have a limited supply of them. For optimal efficiency, group enemies up and use Area of Effect (AoE) skills to kill them.

2. Overpopulated Channels

Make sure you’re not in an overcrowded channel when you’re doing quests that involve killing monsters or gathering resources. This method allows you to get more done rather than wasting time waiting for objectives to respawn. Click on the dropdown menu that appears above your minimap to switch between channels.

3. Healing Potions

Avoid using HP Potions that instantly restore a portion of your life when leveling. As the only potions allowed in Raids, these are precious. Utilize Apprentice Healing Potions instead of the remedies mentioned above, which provide a steady healing stream over time.

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4. Normal Mode Dungeons

There are two modes of play for the main story dungeons: normal and hard mode. When leveling, the safest bet is to use Normal Mode. Although they take less time, they don’t grant more experience than Easy Modes.

One time through is all you need! In the early stages of leveling, you won’t need to repeat the same quests for additional rewards because your equipment will frequently change.

They can be Soloed and do not require a matchmaking process. Enemies’ HP scales are based on party size, making dungeons more difficult and time-consuming to traverse.

5. Song of Escape

You can teleport to the Triport closest to your next Main Quest in practically all of Rethramis, Yudia, West, and East Luterra. After completing a dungeon, use Song of Escape if the Main Quest continues outside of it.

6. Don’t Overkill

Is killing monsters for the sake of killing them worth it? Keep your quests simple, and once you’ve finished them, go on to the next one. Even if another player kills a creature you’ve tagged, it still counts toward your mission goals. It will expedite the completion of tasks.

7. Use your Power Spikes

Maxing out one or more abilities is possible when you reach a certain level threshold. It greatly enhances the abilities of those skills and makes it much easier for you to progress through the game. Check out our class build guides to learn more about the best skills to learn as you level up.

8. Accessories

Accessories become a significant part of your damage output once you reach level 18. As soon as you get your hands on any, make sure to arm yourself with them. With Crit and Specialization, you’ll get the best results.

9. Combat Items

Combat Items are given to you as you level up to help you along the way. You can use offensive Combat Items on tough opponents without hesitation.

Before you get your first horse, use Swiftness Robes for long-distance travel in dungeons. If you’re fighting a monster with a lot of HP, employ a grenade such as a flame, flash, clay, electric, or ice to help you take it out faster.

10. Life Skills

It will teach life Skills to you in Lakebar (West Luttera). As crucial as they are in the later stages of Lost Ark, they should be neglected throughout leveling because they don’t play a significant role.

A good start is to focus on Logging and Mining, which will help you build ships and strongholds. Later on, the most engaging activities include digging, foraging, hunting, and fishing because these yield materials necessary for equipping up and raiding.

How can you Get to Level 50 in Lost Ark?

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For those who want to achieve combat level 50 quickly, here are some recommendations on shorter journeys and level up your alt characters so you don’t have to repeat the grind.

1. Main Story Quests

Completing all the main quests is the fastest and easiest method to level up. If you don’t complete the Prologue, the Arthetinean Engineer’s Goggles can be transferred between individuals of the same class profile in different playthroughs. Still, you won’t receive them as a reward.

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In Lost Ark, several primary quests reveal more of the story as you progress through the game. Don’t get bogged down by side missions or get distracted by collecting collectibles; this is the best way to level up.

2. Powerpass

If you’ve already put in the time and effort once, you can use the Powerpass system to fast level up your secondary characters after you’ve done so. The Adventurers Path quest is a simplified plot that allows you to level up another character to level 50. You must have reached level 50 and finished the North Vern main quest to receive the Powerpass.

3. Fast Travel

When it comes to completing the main objectives, you should use the rapid travel option rather than rely on the game’s lovely mounts. Using the map, you can quickly and easily navigate Arkesia.

4. Killing Multiple Enemies

While it may be tempting to hack through adversaries as you go through Lost Ark’s massive globe, it doesn’t yield much XP and maybe pretty time-consuming. As a general rule, we recommend only engaging in combat when a task requires it.

AoE damage is another straightforward approach to clear out big groups of foes and get more XP. To speed up the quests, you can tag creatures that other players have killed.

5. Normal Difficulties

While a hard difficulty setting may appeal to you, the goal here is to go as quickly as possible, so stick with the standard setting. Re-running dungeons won’t affect your treasure because they give the same amount of experience points in easy and hard modes. Dungeons are a great way to level up if you’re playing solo because opponent HP scales with group size.

Lost Ark: Tips and Tricks for Leveling

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You begin at level 10 and can reach a maximum of level 50. The Lost Ark Powerpass also makes leveling other characters a snap. To learn more about the game, check out our general Lost Ark guide, but if you want to speed up your climb to level 50, here are some tips and tricks.

1. Main Story Quests Should be your Priority

It’s simple to get sidetracked by sidequests that divert your attention from the main plot. With their distinct color schemes, you can quickly tell them apart. With the main missions alone, you can level up to the maximum level without sidequests.

There is no longer a way to continue with the main quests beyond level 35; thus, you’ll be forced to switch to the blue ones, which will lead you to three distinct places.

However, neglecting everything else to focus only on the essential objectives can quickly become tedious. Jody, our Weekend Editor, believes that if you only watch one show, you’re missing out on a lot of great content.

In addition, as he points out in his guide on helpful sidequests, such as a pet that loots everything for you, certain sidequests might bring valuable benefits. These may slow down your leveling, but it’s something to consider.

2. Don’t Skip Every Side Quest

Most leveling instructions you’ll find on the internet advocate ignoring all of the side quests in Lost Ark. Mostly, they’re correct. In the KR and RU versions of Lost Ark, side missions offer dismal XP and awards; however, Smilegate made some minor improvements in the NA/EU version.

It has been added to various side quest prizes in the western version of Lost Ark to reduce the grind for T1 Engraving. If you want to level quickly in Lost Ark, you may skip all the side quests, but you should at least verify what the side quest prizes are before doing so.


A recipe for Engraving is worth the extra time it takes to obtain if you perceive it as a possible reward. In the future, you’ll be glad you did it now.

3. Search for Channels that are Less-Crowded

It’s easy to switch channels if you’re having problems identifying goals or adversaries since too many other players are looking for the same thing. You may find different facets of the same theme in each of these vignettes.

You may find the ability to change channels in the dropdown menu above the minimap if you feel the region is overcrowded.

4. Dismantling Gear for Increased Bag Space

In Lost Ark, you don’t have to go to a vendor to buy extra space because you can disassemble gear and other objects. If you’re short on funds, you may want to hold on to your stuff so that you may sell it later. But if you’re short on room or time, there’s always the alternative.

The hammer symbol at the bottom of the inventory window is where you’ll find the disassembly tools. You may resell the goods you obtain by dismantling gear so that you won’t be out too much money.

5. Don’t Kill More than you need to

There is a strong temptation for MMO veterans to go on a killing spree. Enemies in Lost Ark provide tiny XP, which is a concern. Instead, you should only kill what you need to accomplish the task’s objectives.

Having fun with the fighting in Lost Ark is encouraged. It will not aid your leveling if you go after every monster you come across.

6. For Collectibles, Don’t go too far.

As I’ve already said, you may wish to take a break from grinding the main plot missions to acquire collectibles like mokoko seeds. You can, however, reserve them for later if you want to reach the maximum level as rapidly as possible.

How does Lost Ark Powerpass Work?

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Seeing the Powerpass option on your character screen before logging in may have you wondering what it is. It’s a way to get another character to reach level 50 in a hurry. Only two free Powerpasses are available to you, so it’s worth checking out a couple of Lost Ark lessons before committing.

You must finish the primary story mission on one character to receive a Powerpass. Afterward, you’ll receive a package in the mail. It’s now possible to choose an existing character from the Character Select screen, click the Powerpass button next to their name, or create a whole new character.

After completing that, you will have to complete the quest “Adventurer’s Path.” This quest will raise your level to 50. Once you’ve used the first Powerpass item, a second one will appear in your mailbox.


Lost Ark Leveling Guide - Nerd Lodge (8)

Here’s how to get level 50 in Lost Ark as rapidly as possible. Some tasks are better kept for the later stages of the game, such as leveling up your trade skills, constructing your Stronghold, or scavenging the wilderness for supplies.

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You’ll be able to spend more time cutting trees and fishing in the nearby lakes on your next run since you’ll have more time to work on increasing your Lost Ark money. We hope this Lost Ark Leveling guide was helpful for you. Please leave a positive review if you liked it.



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