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  • Brian is one of the best web professionals I have had the privilege to meet and work with. Brian not only brings website expertise, but eCommerce, SEO, Internet marketing, and Social Media marketing. I (more…)

    Scott Arnett
  • Brian said he would get our business top-rated on google and all the other major search engines. He Did! Currently, we are ranked #1 on Google for our main keywords and are consistently ranked within the top (more…)

    Pat Niles
  • Gary is the consummate professional and delivers phenomenalresults. His Simply Smart Mail system is head and shoulder aboveany direct mail system I have ever seen. I have and will continueto recommend Gary (more…)

    Leo Ebbert
  • Gary has helped me orchestrate a complete branding strategy that includes web and direct mail. I partnered with Gary to create marketing solutions for my clients. There are web guys and there are marketing (more…)

    Kathy Larson
  • The results Brian gave in just one day were amazing, and the work continues to increase my connections and exposure in LinkedIn search results!

    Florentina Tutunea, PhD
  • Brian is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. His work ethic serves him well as an expert in search engine optimization. He is very good at building information architecture to solve technical (more…)

    Blake Nussbaumer
  • I noticed that the new patients we have been getting right from the start have been more ideal of who we would want, as far as having insurance, willingness to follow recommendations, and ready to buy.

  • Highly recommend Brian, he is very competent, completes work on time and always exceeds expectations.

    Rochelle Drews
  • Gary, what a refreshing change it was to be able to sit down and discuss with you directly what I wanted from my Tradeshow vs. hoping an account executive would remember and correctly communicate my (more…)

    Don Thorp
  • He is a very creative; “‘out of the box,” if need be, thinker; and very willing to accept other ideas. I have had the pleasure of working with Gary Bohringer this year on a newly-developed client. He is a very (more…)

    Janie Goldberg-Dicks
  • I’ve known Brian for more than 6 years and during this time I have never experienced a season where Brian has not stayed on the cutting edge of search engine optimization (SEO) and/or search (more…)

    Tony Meister
  • I joined the volunteer arm of the SBA called SCORE in September of 2013. I immediately noticed that their website could not be discovered via Google searches using keywords/phrases that our clients would (more…)

    Craig Ranger
  • Brian Bateman and I have been working together for quite a few years now and if you looking for a guy with real passion about his services as well as results, then this is the guy you need to call!

    Robert Corlin
  • In the many years, I have known and worked with Gary, he has consistently proven himself to be the consummate professional. He’s smart, creative and keeps projects on time and within budget. On top of it all, (more…)

    Jennifer Alten
  • Brian is an expert in Search Engine Optimization, with a deep knowledge of how search engines operate and a proven track record at success.

    Martin Wessel
  • The direct mail campaign you created for us increased response rates by 100%. To date, it’s generated more than $4,000,000 in revenue. I’m so glad to see that the Chicago Area of Direct Marketing gave you (more…)

    Marc Rosenberg
  • Brian Bateman took over my website from Findlaw about a year ago, and since then my revenue went up 60% from the previous year, and my firm has as much work as it can handle. He has established us as a (more…)

    Janet L. Heins
  • When finally making the decision to have an e-commerce website and SEO done for my business back in 2002, I talked to many different companies that provided optimized e-commerce websites. I was (more…)

    Dale Heunink
  • He has endless ideas and never hesitates to offer up imaginative suggestions. Gary is my go-to guy for anything involving the development and production of creative services. Of course, Gary is (more…)

    Mike Dockum
  • I would highly recommend using Brian and his company to handle the marketing of your website. He is not only talented and knowledgeable but also hard-working, fair and honest. I (more…)

    Madison Freeman
  • Extremely creative is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Gary. I have had the good fortune of knowing Gary for over 3 years, during which we have collaborated on many print and direct (more…)

    Julie Travers
  • Hisdesign work is superior, he meets deadlines, and above all, he iseasy to work with. Gary is my #1 choice for graphic and web design. I’ve workedwith him for years, on both my own and client projects. His (more…)

    Jenny Hamby
  • Brian, I don’t know how you do it, but every year that you’ve worked for us has been bigger than the year before.

    Michael Purnell
  • I have had the opportunity to work with Brian Bateman for several years, Brian is absolutely brilliant when it comes to SEO! Plain and simple this guy knows his stuff!

    Gary Bohringer
  • Gary, this was the easiest the design process has ever been. You’re the first designer I’ve worked with who has been interested in how my product works … and you really listened to my answers. The concepts you (more…)

    Cheryl O'Donoghue
  • I worked with Brian for several years and he is extremely knowledgable and well versed in the web world and especially with regards to search engine optimization.

    Keith Gagnon
  • I have gotten in an average of two paying clients a month! I hired Gary and his team to create my law firm website,, they were very imaginative in layout, graphic design and concept. I have (more…)

    Robin Grover
  • Gary, excellent work, once again. I’m continually amazed by your ability to take a few basic ideas, some copy and a photo or two, and create absolute magic.
    The extra 10% that you deliver sets you (more…)

    Seamus Lafferty
  • Brian has researched and developed SEO solutions over the past two years he has worked with our company. I have personally worked with Brian and see his expertise and creativity on this topic as well as his (more…)

    Theresa (Tree) Peterson
  • Brian is a conscientious guy who recently redesigned my company’s website and is doing SEO internet marketing as well. His work is great and he is easy to work with.

    Jay Silver
  • I hired Brian at SEO, LLC to design and build and comprehensive e-commerce site. I had looked around at many other companies and am glad Brian sold me on his services. Brian is extremely knowledgeable (more…)

    Paul Dickey
  • Gary has become a creative resource and a true partner for our organization. Gary and his team have continuously offered us innovative and cost-saving designs and options through our continued (more…)

    Lora Tannahill
  • Brian is AMAZING at web design, SEO and Internet marketing!! You will be hard-pressed to find someone as knowledgeable as Brian in the field of Search Engine Optimization!! He is truly dedicated to his (more…)

    Patty Gallun Hansen
  • I hired Brian as a business consultant to guide me in SEO and Internet marketing on my business websites, LinkedIn SEO and Facebook SEO. Brian is extremely knowledgeable in SEO and Internet (more…)

    Eric Shipler
  • I have worked with Brian on a number of SEO programs for my clients and have found him to be very knowledgeable and results-oriented. He is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend anyone (more…)

    Gregg Markiewicz
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Brian on several projects. He is truly a leader in his field and has the knowledge and experience to help a business not only grow but thrive. His knowledge of SEO and (more…)

    Steve C. Gostin, M.Ed
  • Brian is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of online marketing. I highly recommend Brian for your online business marketing!!

    Daniel Roos
  • Gary is our go-to guy for everything marketing! He expertly filled the role as our marketing agency, at an association, where I have served as a board and marketing chair for over two years and counting. (more…)

    Rick Hud
  • Brian gets incredible results for his clients that need internet marketing and social media management. Most of us really can’t figure out what he does, or how he gets new busines for his clients, but we trust him to (more…)

    Edna B Wilson
  • I am writing this recommendation for Brian Bateman because he is one of the savviest business entrepreneurs I know. Brian is a creative thinker and has an eye for detail. Not only is he skilled in all operating (more…)

    Dawn R. Butler
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