Subnautica: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game (2022)

Subnautica is a fascinating indie survival game that takes the well-founded style of gameplay and adds a whole new layer of science fiction, storytelling, wonder, and terror. Stranded on an alien world that's almost entirely covered in ocean, players have only one goal: escape back to civilization.

To do that, they need to do two major things and survival is, obviously, a major one. But the other is to lift the mysterious quarantine that the planet is under. After that, players will be home free. But for those who'd like to linger on Planet 4546B a little longer, here are some things to do after beating the game.

Updated July 14, 2021 by Olivia Titus: The replayablity of Subnautica has withstood the test of time. Long after the game released, and after its sequel released as well, players are still flocking to uncover the secrets of Planet 4546B. Spending more time on this underwater world is enticing, as the game mechanics are engaging. And if you've finished the story of the game, there is still a lot you can do to stretch out your time exploring.

10 Go Capsule Hunting

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Subnautica's endgame added the option for players to leave behind a time capsule. They can fill this tiny pod with six resources of their choice, any screenshot they've taken of their gameplay, and a brief message of encouragement (or discouragement, should they wish). Once filled, it'll be left behind for another player to hopefully come across during their own playthrough.

And in any game, up to 40 of these capsules can spawn from anywhere like the Grassy Plateaus to the Deep Sparse Reef. So for players with a hunger for exploration, why not try hunting down every capsule that's spawned in their world? A word of warning: these capsules can't be detected by a scanner. They'll have to be manually found with no guarantee that one -- let alone 40 -- will spawn. Either way, happy hunting!

9 Amass An Army Of Cuddlefish

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Cuddlefish are adorable little creatures that players might have the luxury of stumbling across during their gameplay. Or rather, they'll stumble across their eggs that can hatch in an Alien Containment aquarium. Indeed, these friendly critters cannot be encountered normally in the wild. But they make for cute pets and friends that are guaranteed to brighten up any player's isolated survival.


However, these eggs are a rarity as there's only five in-game, and each is located in rather dangerous biomes: the Deep Grand Reef, the Dunes' Sinkhole, the Lost River Cache, and the Mushroom Forests. For those who'd like to liven up their gameplay, what better way than to have an army of pet fish?

8 Complete The Databank

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The scanner is among the most useful tools for gameplay. An item that can reveal vital information about an alien world within a few seconds under its ray is imperative to survival. And almost everything on 4546B can be scanned from the tiniest of grubs to the largest of leviathans.

However, given the hostility of many faunas and the inhospitality of numerous regions, players might not have the time exactly to scan -- especially if they want to survive and escape the planet. But for those up to the challenge, they can catalog the whole world. Just be sure to have the right tools: a stasis rifle, a thoroughly-modded Seamoth, Cyclops, or Prawnsuit, the highest upgraded swimwear, and tons of batteries and health packs (at the very least).

7 Conquer The Leviathans

Luckily for players, almost everything on this alien planet can be killed — even its terrifying leviathans. Unluckily for players, they only have a knife to kill the local wildlife with that can only deal 20 damage at a time or 40 if upgraded to a Thermoblade. Further unluckily, most of those scary leviathans have well over 40 health... and can easily one or two-shot players and their vehicles.

But remember that stasis rifle? Just keep freezing those fish in place, be patient, and keep witling away at their health with that trusty knife. They'll kick the bucket eventually. And oh, it's so satisfying to watch a Reaper or Ghost Leviathan go float dead after all the terror they've caused. Just be sure to have enough batteries and health packs on hand.

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6 Build The Base Of Your Dreams

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Bases cost a lot of resources which players may or may not have time to collect if they're trying to get off-planet and not die of an ancient disease in the process. But once these have been dealt with, wouldn't it be nice to finally have a home away from home? Make 4546b into a nice vacation spot with a fully furnished, fashionable base!

Indeed, there are many parts to bases available throughout the entire game, and not all are pertinent to survival or escape. They're just for aesthetics, but what better way to take up post-game time than to build the base of fantasies?

Players can have their homes at the very edge of the world, extending down into the abyss of the Crater's Edge. Or they can send it spirally into the skies above the water. Perhaps they can repurpose and refurbish the Degasi bases, or reconquer the lost Architect structures. Options are limited only by how expansive our minds can be!

5 Find All Collectables

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Once we've built the base of our dreams and decked it out with all the furniture we could want, it may still come across as a little lacking. It might need a personal flair, so to speak. But worry not as there's plenty of items scattered about the human wreckages littering the map!

From model vehicles to posters to lab equipment and more, these little knickknacks offer nothing more than further aesthetic to liven up bases. And while limited in number, it may be difficult to scour the world and find all these little decorations. So whether wanting to accessorize or wanting a challenge, why not try finding all of them?

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4 Get Every Achievement

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Like many a modern (and not-so-modern) game, Subnautica offers more than mere survival or an ending to reach. Along the way, players can collect a variety of in-game trophies, small achievements they can earn depending on if they meet certain criteria.

Some of these achievements can be as easy to earn as playing the game for the first time, and taking that first dive into the waters. Others can be more difficult, like actually reaching the game's ending scene, escaping the planet and all. There are 17 achievements in total to earn, and with them, comes the pride of having, hopefully, explored the Crater to its fullest extent.

3 Play Below Zero

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Subnautica is now a blooming franchise, with its sequel Below Zero having fully released on May 15, 2021. For any player wanting a little bit of newness to their gameplay, this might just be what they're looking for.

This second game has players navigating the icy waters of Sector Zero this time around, and while many features of the first Subnautica carry over, there are plenty of new ones, too. From dealing with hypothermia, to greater land navigation, and more, there's plenty that's fresh in Below Zero, alongside the old and familiar.

2 Play With Permadeath

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Of course, for those not interested in mods or glitches, there's an equally viable and safer method to garner a challenge from the game: Hardcore mode. Already built into the game, it's not too different from the normal survival mode in that it still requires players to balance oxygen, food, water, and health levels.

However, in-game saving is disabled as are the usual oxygen warnings for 30 and 10 seconds remaining. And perhaps the biggest feature of this mode is permadeath. If a Leviathan gets its jaws on a player or they neglect their O2 levels too long and drown, that's the end. They'll have to start the game over from the very beginning. So...who's up to the challenge?

1 Play It Again

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Still, not all players even seek a challenge. Some are content to simply experience what the game offers. There's no better way to experience Subnautica than to play it again.

Survival, Freedom, Creative, or Hardcore—there's always something thrilling about taking that first dive beneath the waters, seeing the Aurora explode, building a first Cyclops submarine. What to do after beating the game? Beat it again. And again.

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