The Ark Lost Island Resource Map: All Resources Locations - Game News 24 (2023)

The Lost Island is a story of The Lost Earth of the Eleven. The DLC was released on December 14 in 2021. It is available for everyone. The expansion map offers diverse resources, that you can collect. There are several things to collect, such as resources, consumables, trophies and much more. On the resource map, Lost Island of Ark Survival Evolved, you’ll find resources scattered all around the map. We created a guide that covers all of the major sites in which you can collect these valuable items and resources.

But the resources aren’t the only thing that does unique about the DLC of Lost Island. It’s a ruined city in the Redwood Park that you can go and explore. Here on the map, you will find a lot of ships scattered around the ocean, with one in a cave. How do you experience caves and bewildered by the Ark?

Lava pools or a Stream in the Lost Island expansion map are similar to those in other maps. The sands of the lagoon are more damaging than those other maps. While you are at it, consider reading our Best Ark Map guide to learn the biome in the game.

The Lost Island’s Lost Island survived with all its resources.

That being said, a lot of things appear on the Lost Island. Due to this DLC, farming has become much easier. For the adventure you can tame Crystal Wyvern and spawn it on the Lost Island.

Flint, Metals and Rocks are used to making the cut.

You can see Flint, Metals and Rocks in Avatar.

First, you’ll be able to start with the Flint, metals and rocks. These items are used for destroying weapons and poisons, and to cook the food we serve. These are intended to improve the basic gameplay of the game.


Flint, Metals, and Rocks can be found in abundance at these locations.

You will have to return to the North area to see the Flint, Metals and Rocks. From the bottom of the map, you will find metal mountain peak at 21.7 and 45.7 latitudes and longitude.

Next up is the Volcanic Carter at 23.3 and 59.8 Latitude and Longitude.

For the final pile of Metal and other valuables, you’ll have to cross the ocean and bring to the Desert. This area is intended for the late-game players. But if you’re still in the early game, you won’t have to worry.


This gives us the Crystals, who are advanced resources in making cooling devices. The cooling element is air conditioners and refrigerators. The air conditioners survive in warm weather, while the refrigerator is useful for long periods of time to store foods.


Seeming Crystal and Lost Island.

There are several crystals available on the southeast coast. It’s in the same direction as the length of the mountain. They are found in a huge crate.

These crystals have been mined second at the summit of the Northern Mountain, at the 2,2 and 50.6 latitudes.

The final reservoir for crystals is located at 27 mt. longitude 60 ml. The height of the volcano is known.


Polymer is the next thing to make up the list that we will harvest on the map of Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved. There are two types of polymers in this game. We’re not focused on that other one, but looking for the Organic Polymer. Kill giant insects, like mantis. Next time, use Chainsaw or Pet Moschops to harvest organic polymer. You can also use wyverns breath to kill their mantises.


Polymers are found in the Ark Survival Evolved space.

To collect organic polymer, you must visit the desert on the top of the map. It turns out that mantis kill mantises.

If you still haven’t reached the desert, you can harvest it by killing penguins in a snow zone.

Cement Paste

Cement Paste is a useful resource for you to craft different items. I can craft cement paste in other ways, or you can just use it to harvest it. Harvesting it will save you from some time finding other resources to craft it. You can find the mushroom paste in ashwater dams in the rivers. Two notable places where we encountered beaver dams follow suit.


The location map of Cement Pastes is in Lost Island, in Arcade Survival Evolved.

We discovered a smaller beaver dam and in the river 57.9 and 680 on the Southeast Coast. While we went to the riverside, we found the larger beaver dam. Be sure to try it out too.


Another resource, found in Lost Island Expansion map in Ark Survival Evolved in Chintin. The Lost Island expansion map has large amounts of Chitin in it. It’s used to make armor and cement paste. It’s possible to research Chitin after you unlock engrams. To catch a chitin, you’ll be able to kill creatures that grow them naturally.


A map of the location of the islands, in the case of Lost.

Lastly, we recommend to check Waterfall from Hole at three,1 Lat and 32,6 Long. There, you’ll need to kill some of the creatures that drop Chitin.

Silica Pearl

Silica Pearls are the next resource that’s well collected on the Lost Island DLC of Ark Survival Evolved. If you need to harvest Silica pearls, dive in the ocean. You’ll find them on the ocean bed. Don’t forget to carry diving gear, otherwise the player will drown.


Silica Pearls is about the point of the map.

They are on the east coast at three hundred, four hundred o’clock and 87, six o’clock.

An alternative batch of Silica Pearls is located at 11.9 Lat and 43,1 Long, the North Shore.


The oil in the Arctic Survival Evolved is as important as in real life. The map of Lost Island ensures that you find enough if it is in deep waters. That will happen again if you don’t have to have a scuba set. While there aren’t a specific place to find a oil reservoir in the Lost Island Expansion DLC, you can find it fast everywhere. You can easily look at the different locations mentioned above and then see which reservoirs you have most recently found.


Oil Reserviours are found in these places.

The first place is near the Sunken Shipwreck. She’s 12:0 Lat and 43:1 Long. The second is at 66.7 Lat and 12,2 Long, at the southwestern edge of the lap.

Black Pearls

The Black Pearls are the rarest resources in Ark Survival Evolved. The Lost Island Expansion DLC shows you how to find Black Pearls in a few different places. It’ll help you craft Tek-level things and many more. Some Tek-level items are late-game items. You won’t have to worry about them in the early-mid-game. To get to the bottom of the ocean, you should collect these black pearls. You can see several of these famous places for Black Pearls.


An image of Black Pearls, in Lost Island Expansion map.

The first time we met in the world we saw Black Pearls near the South West. The average was 81.0 Lat and 31.5 Long.

A cave in the Midland Swamp also came from a cave. The cave is under water and its coordinates are 59,0 Lat and 47.5 Long.


Obsidian is a resource which is much easier to find in the Lost Island Expansion Map, where Ark Survival Evolved allows. That is because the island is a continental volcano. Here are several obsidian deposits around the volcano. The cave-system of the Lost Island Expansion Map includes a few obsidian deposits. Since that is being said, if you would like to explore a cave in the Ark Survival Evolved, go and see our Ark Caves Guide – the Guide to the caves. Obsidian is used to craft Obsidian tools, cameras, cannonballs etc.


Obsidians Location in Ark Survival Evolved Lost Island Expansion Map.

The location of the Volcanic Carters is 24,3 Lat and 59.5 Long.

Come see the cave where the Swamp is located, and its inhabitants include the Obsidian, along with the black black Pearls. His location is 59 Lat. 45,5 long.

Blue Gems

Blues are rarer than the Black Pearl. You don’t have to dive to the ocean to get it. Blue gems have been found on the island. Glider suits, Tek Gear and Danger Suits are the types of products crafted with blue gems.


Counties of Blue Gems found on Lost Island.

Blue gems are located in the South-East Cave. You have to reach Last 55.6 and Long 70.8 to get them.


Sulfur is another useful tool at early games. It can be a pawny item which comes with propellants, smokewaters and preservative salts. You can use this to feed certain tamable animals.


Sulfurs find location in the Ark Survival Evolved.

Sulfur is found in the Volcanic Crater. For the Volcanic Crater, you must travel to a dege 64,3 Latitude and 49,5 Longitude.


Another useful resource in the game Survival Evolved is Silk. In the map that shows Lost Island Expansion, you can see it a few times. This technology is good for the Desertbiome because it uses deserts to craft armor, whips and tents. Silk is harvested from Lymantria and other animals of such kinds. You need a sable or metal ax to harvest it.


This silk is easy to find in the Lost Island area.

It’s possible, apart from that, to harvest the white and purple flowers, discovered in the Northwest Desert. There are 83,2 Latitude and 44,3 Longitude in the flower’s location.

Cactus Sap

You get Cactus Sap from the Cacti. By hitting cacti with the players fisting in the Desert Biome, a player receives Cactus Sap. If you have a thirst in the desert, this would be an utile part of the game. It can be made into a unique food, called cactus broth. You can use these tools to craft things such as clay and propellant.


Caccions appear in the Ark Survival Evolved.

You will discover cacti while hiking the desert area. While we were exploring, we learned that a number of cacti were 86,0 Latitude and 64,9 Longitude.

Rare flowers and rare calfews.

Rare Flowers and Mushrooms are interesting resources found on the Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved. If you consume Rare blue flowers, they’re all harmful to them and they’re attacking you. But you can craft useful resources with them. These medicines are, from combating tartar to combat a devil, and more importantly, of a kiloma; from the marrow-and-morning, of course.

As for the Rare Mushrooms, when you buy them, the player will get terrible hallucinogens. But again, they are very useful. They are used to make an inferior antidote, fertilizer, premium kibble, mint and stir-fried steak. They can be seen by the beaver dam or by using a therizinosaur in the swim. Where he crushes him and collects them. In the many places that provide the best possible for this rare bloom and mushroom collection, there are four-legged ones:


Rare Flowers and Rare Mushrooms often meet in one place.

Marais du Sud is 54,5 Latitude and 49,7 Longitude.

At 57,9 Latitude and 68,6 Longitude, river on the south-east coast.

The green and the red weeds are a wildel.

Green stones and Red gems are rare resources in Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved. To craft Basilisk, Climbing Spike, Essence, and Lightstaff, you will need Green Gems. The gas collector, charger a slice, and Tek aprons require red diamonds. You can find them on the northern part of the map. Their specific locations are located on the same site.


The green and red gems in Lost Island are nearby.

At 20.75 Latitude and 21,51 Longitude, you can meet these gems off the north-west coast.

When you go off the West Coast, your deposits may be near 47.24 latitudes and 25.4 longitudes.

This small island in the northeast has several ponds of these gems. Their place is 23.17 Latitude and 77.04 Longitude.


Salt in the Ark Survival Evolved is the most valuable element of daily life. They cook better foods in game. Some notable dishes in the Ark Survival Evolved that require salt include egg, fish stew, goulash soup, jerky meat, etc.


Salts in Lost Island.

Salt deposits are deposited in white cubic crystals, between 84.64 Latitude and 51.41 Longitude.

The continent’s North Coast is another source for the deposits. His location is 19.78 Latitude and 46.24 Longitude.

Fiber, Thatch, and Wood are both in the art form.

Fiber, Thatch and Wood are some of the very basic resources of the game. They are the essential materials used in the game. The player uses these resources to create basic tasks to maintain the quality of the tasks when starting new. With these resources, Ark Survival Evolved Lost Island Expansion map doesn’t go cheap. That resource is all about on the map. They can be gathered from bushes, cacti, ground branches and trees around the map.

Using fists, axes and pickaxes can be used to collect them.


You’ll find these resources on the expansion DLC Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved. There are still many of these resources that are difficult to find. But with our guide, you will collect them without problems. One of the best methods to play Ark Survival Evolved is by playing on single-player. Check out our Best Ark Single Player Settings guide to ensure that your game isn’t lagging at all.

Our Ark: Survival Evolved Lost Island Resource Guide concludes.

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