The future of creative copywriting: How will it look? (2022)

There are always new creative copywriting trends to keep up with. This blog will focus on new trends and what the future of creative copywriting will look like. Will it still be important in years to come? Read this blog to find out.

What is creative copywriting?

Creative copywriters are employed by agencies to develop advertising concepts. They are responsible for writing words and slogans that accompany advertising visuals.

They create copy that is inspiring to read and makes the brand stand out. Ideas need to be creative and original. They aim to create compelling and engaging headlines that make people look twice. Their content will leave readers wanting more.

Is creative copywriting necessary?

In a word, yes. But why? You’ll be surprised just how much the world relies on copywriters to create the perfect content. Words don’t just magically appear on websites or in magazines. A lot of the content you read will have been written by a copywriter.

Many of the brands you know and love today wouldn’t be as successful if it weren’t for copywriters. They are the brains behind the catchy slogans and the blogs you read.

Copywriters are clever at what they do. Not only do they help a business with their writing skills, but they know how to write for an audience. They know how to get a message across so customers connect with your brand.

Creative copywriting is more important than you realise. Just think how a business you know would survive without someone writing their copy. You may not realise just how much businesses rely on creative copywriting. If your business isn’t already use a copywriter, you should consider it. Professional copywriting can add so much value to the company and help a business better connect with its customers.

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They are more than just writers for a brand. They are the difference between a brand succeeding and falling short.

Current trends 2021-2022

As previously mentioned, the trends of creative copywriting are always changing. What’s trending now may not be in a six months or a year’s time. Let’s take a look at the current trends in the copywriting world:

Long-form copy dominates

In an age of Tik Tok and Instagram and short attention spans, you’d think short copy is the way forward. However, this isn’t always the case. If you’re looking to make sales keep the content long.

If you test long blogs against short blogs, the former usually perform better. Google much prefers long blogs as it seen as mor information and not to sales orientated. But why? People like to be sure when buying a product or service so they need all the information at hand.

Whilst your content should be long, don’t use complex language. The content needs to flow and be easy to read. Search Engine Optimisation is essential. Give your article the chance to rank high in search engine results pages.

Attention-grabbing copy is key

This may seem obvious in creative copywriting but you should avoid waffling before you get to the good stuff. Copy should be engaging and interesting from beginning to end. People lose interest quickly, so you need to grab their attention straight away.

Consistency & frequency

There are new blogs posts being posted every day. Companies have realised that to generate more traffic, they need to produce content on a regular basis. It takes a while for Google to rank a blog. The more blogs produced, the more chances you give Google to start recognising your content.

Social media is still relevant

Social media has stood the test of time when it comes to creative copywriting. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are all major networks used in the copywriting world. However, all social media channels are different. It’s important to adapt the writing style for the social media channel you’re writing for.

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According to 99 Firms, there are 500 million Instagram stories posted each day. This a huge platform to showcase your content that works for many businesses.

Social media is forever changing so it’s imperative to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Use of emojis and slang

One the latest copywriting trends is the use of emojis and slang within copy. For a younger audience, emojis and slang have been used in digital marketing copy, especially in the B2C market. This helps the content seem more informal, approaching them like a friend rather than an infiltrating organisation in their feed.

Implementing these trends and strategies effectively will level up your copywriting skills.

Keeping up to date with current trends is crucial to ensure your copy is relevant and successful.

Look into the future

So, what does the future of creative copywriting look like? What changes and developments can we expect to see in the copywriting world?

AI-assisted writing and editing

No one really knows what impact artificial intelligence (AI) will have on the copywriting industry. Many predict that the future of creative copywriting will see writers work hand-in-hand with a machine. Grammarly is already widely used among writers to assist with the proofing of copy. It may be some time before there is no need for a human to physically write copy. Can a machine really replace the creativity of a human brain?

AI copywriting has already been used to write content. So far, it has worked well for companies that use it. The tool is a lot cheaper than hiring a human, but is it better?

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AI won’t replace traditional copywriters, the tool will simply help them do their job better. Humans will still be needed because we are creative beings. Humans will always be needed to physically create engaging content. AI will help copywriters produce better content, not work against them.

Machines will get smarter and machine-generated text will improve. If anything, this will increase the demands for content written by skilled creative copywriters.

Adapting writing for changing technology

Our lives are centred around technology and there are always new developments when it comes to technology. Today, content is adapted to the various devices we use such as mobile phones and smart watches.

As new forms of technology appear, you’ll need to adopt new practices and copywriting for them too. Stay on top of technology trends. When new innovations arise, research how to adapt your writing for them.

More targeted content

Businesses have more ways than ever to find information about their customers and their buying habits. When it comes to content, each piece should be catered to specific audiences and their needs. As data gets bigger, more information will be available about consumers. Your content will become much more personalised as you learn more about your audience. This means your content will reach your target audience with much more precision.

Added bonuses for complementary skills

This trend is growing already, but it is expected to develop more in the future. Companies not only want a copywriter, but someone who can multitask. It’s becoming more beneficial in creative copywriting for writers to possess more skills than just being able to write. Copywriters will be expected to learn WordPress so they can post their own blogs. Or take a social media marketing course to keep on top of trends.

More remote working

During the Covid-19 pandemic many businesses were forced to work from home. Many people had to transform their living room into an office. For many, working remotely was more beneficial as it meant no commuting which saved time and money. From a business perspective, if employees are based at home it massively reduces overheads.

Going forward, we can see the creative copywriting industry being based at home can. With communication methods such as Zoom and Skype there’s no need to have face-to-face contact. If the job can be done from home, there is no need for an actual office. We expect to see more remote working jobs for copywriters.

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Covid-19 proved just how effective working from home can be. It is likely many businesses will continue this method going forward.

Final thoughts

Many people believe the role of AI could change the world of creative copywriting as we know it. Others simply believe this will only help the copywriting world grow stronger. If human copywriters cease to exist in years to come, so much creative talent will be lost. Not to mention the loss of jobs. There will always be a need for copywriting so it is not an industry that will simply vanish overnight.

Regardless of what happens next in the age of technology, the creative copywriting industry will have to respond.

Trends move fast. If you don’t stay up to date on what’s happening in the copywriting world, you will fall behind.

We’re on hand to help

If you’re looking to create blogs or produce fresh content for your business, a copywriter is the way forward.

If you’re looking for more information about creative copywriters, follow our blogs.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for a chat about how we can elevate your content. They’ll be happy to help you.


What is the future of copywriting? ›

The future of copywriting involves a huge uptick in demand. Clients and customers are consuming copy and content daily. And copywriters in the future will have a hard time keeping up. So the industry needs more copywriters.

Will copywriters be replaced? ›

No, AI will not replace most creative copywriters. AI can help, but it can't replace good copywriters because it doesn't understand emotions and empathy, the two things that make good copy.

What is the importance of creativity in copywriting? ›

A creative copywriter provides words and ideas that help accelerate the commercial impact of communications. Creative copywriting isn't just about getting information in. It's about getting information out – in an interesting way. It's not just about writing but about thinking.

Is copywriting creative work? ›

The big difference between a copywriter and a creative writer is that copywriters create task-focused content while creative writers create reader-focused content. This may not seem like a big difference, but in actuality it's huge.

Is copywriting still in demand? ›

Copywriting Is In Demand

That's a coveted job with a median base salary of $150,000. But with only around 1,125 positions open in the U.S., the odds of landing this job are slim. That's a far cry from copywriting. Direct-response marketing is a $2.3-trillion industry — and it's still growing.

Is copywriting still relevant? ›

Because empathetic, engaging, and thought-provoking copywriting is an essential part of any business in this day and age… and for the foreseeable future. Copywriting comes first — before branding, before marketing, before design, before content strategy and even before your sales team.

Copywriting goes beyond just witty lines and sales pitch on print. From SEO to direct response, learn the types of copywriting you'll need today to succeed!

SEO copywriting helps you get ranked on search engines, so your audience can find you!. As someone interested in copywriting, you might have searched for “types of copywriting”.. SEO copywriting tends to be blended with other types of copywriting, be it marketing, technical, or thought leadership.. After all, all types of copywriting benefits from getting ranked and seen on search engines.. Creative or brand copywriting aims to get you remembered, by associating strong feelings to your brand.. Seen your favourite brand recently posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?. Social Media copywriting aims to engage the audience through entertaining or valuable posts, so they remember the brand!. Home Depot engages its audience by sharing a fun, DIY project with its audience.. This article can be an example of marketing copywriting for instance, as it builds interest by showcasing the benefits of different types of copywriting.. Whereas marketing copywriting tells the world how good you are, public relations copywriting aims to get others to share about you instead!. …and is more detailed than other types of copywriting.. If you need to generate sales fast, direct-response copy is the way to go.. Creative and Social Media copywriting gets you remembered by your audience until they need your products or service.. Marketing copywriting builds interest by showcasing benefits….

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Instead of viewing cold emails as a sales tool or a necessary evil in freelancing, you need to look at them as a means for introducing yourself and your services and starting sales conversations with potential, quality clients.. In the cold emailing plan he outlines, he recommends starting by writing a target company profile.. Company name Contact person Contact email (or the URL of the contact page) Date of emailing Pitch sent Reply (If you get a reply, add it to the spreadsheet.. Date of follow up email #1 (+ the message you sent) Date of follow up email #2 (+ the message you sent) Date of follow up email #3 (+ the message you sent) Date of follow up email #4 (+ the message you sent) And so on.. When I first started using cold emails for getting work, I’d suggest at least 3 post ideas in my first cold email.. So make sure that you add a certain number of prospects to your list daily and also contact a set number of people each day (or week).. The ProBlogger Job Board The Writer’s Job Board Coroflot Mediabistro Freelance Writing Job Board Krop Creativehotlist VentureFizz SimplyHired Indeed. Not only did the post generate a lot of ongoing work for me when it got posted, but it also helped me consistently convert a lot of leads.. Potential clients saw this guest post as a sign of my good writing skills because that’s how you get a leading blog to let you guest post, right?. You know most of the guest posting advice out there says that finding a guest post target is as easy-peasy as Googling “niche + guest post” .. I don’t normally add anything else to this email because when you share a great working relationship with a client, you can be upfront about a well-deserved request like this one.

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But before going straight to the List of best Copywriting Niches, let’s have a clear portrait of “What is a Copywriting Niche?”. There are hundreds of different copywriting and content creation niches to choose from, but here are a few to get you started:. The finance industry has always been one of the highest-paying copywriting niches, from day trading courses to financial services.. While there are many more types of copywriting niches to explore, we’ll focus on technical writing for now.. Technical copywriting may be ideal for you if you aren’t interested in creating creative content or writing for marketing and SEO.. For many copywriters looking for a specific niche, magazine content is a popular choice.. This copywriting is a great fit for anyone interested in journalism-style writing and content creation, whether it’s writing reviews for a popular website or writing articles for print or digital magazines.. Unlike a generic copywriter, a fashion copywriter may not work across a variety of industries, instead choosing to focus on producing high-quality content for a specific area of expertise; in this case, fashion.. Digital marketing is another copywriting niche that encompasses a wide range of skills and fields, from social media to email marketing to creating meta descriptions.. Content writing for digital marketing necessitates a strong understanding of sales and brand marketing, so if you enjoy that, this niche could be a great fit for you.. Video Scripts Academic Content Real Estate Copywriting Email Sequences Press Release Writing Business Plan Writing Ebook Writing Case Studies Speech Writers & Screen Writers Direct Response Copywriting. Okay, now you know a few of the best copywriting niches.. In this way, you have to review your writing skill before you choose a particular copywriting niche.

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Copywriting and general writing are two very different types of content.. If you’ve never written blog posts before, take a look at this .. Learn about the best times and days to post.. Industry writing is tailored for various businesses to share about a brand.. Here is a good post on how to write content for an industry you know nothing about.. Check out these of creative copywriting.. Use the tools I’ve given you today, read the writings of content experts, and begin to familiarize yourself with the basics of content writing.

Learn everything you need to know (and then some) about email copywriting for both inbound marketing and outbound sales in this 7,500 word mega guide.

First, you get the email addresses of people you most want to connect with, either by inviting them to subscribe to your blog or providing a notably attractive piece of content in exchange for their email address.. And the best way to develop that trust is to make promises with your subject lines and then deliver the goods in your emails and content.. Teach a subject Create anticipation for a future email Support a point from a previous email Share a blog post Introduce a product or resource Update subscribers with important news Thank the user for a signup or purchase Provide testimonials or proof Sell a product Offer a discount Countdown an upcoming event Etc, etc, etc. Some of the best subject lines in inbound email marketing simply make a promise, and the MOST important component of the body copy is delivering on that promise.. We’re obviously talking about overall content quality here, and whether or not you make promises in your subject line, the ongoing content of your email content and email-driven content is going to determine the quality of your subscriber relationships.. People love stories, and many of the most successful email copywriters pack their emails with interesting stories.. Pick a good example Identify what each section of the email is trying to say or accomplish Use that as a template Map out each section and what it needs to say or accomplish Write the email Send the email See what happens and adjust. Now that we understand how to create great emails, it’s time to put some of them together to create strategic email sequences.. Webinar sequence Product validation sequence Onboarding sequence Abandon-cart sequence Purchase upsell sequence Event signup sequence Training sequence. Your Welcome Sequence can be 3 emails long or it can be 10 emails long.. It can provide unique content in the email or channel people to blog posts and other forms of off-email content.

Discover 42 advanced but easy-to-implement copywriting tips that will persuade, influence, engage and motivate any audience.

Copy and paste the different pieces of copy into Word documents.. Read your copy out to someone else.. Make the most of your ‘about’ page.. Here are 16 things about consumers that all copywriters, marketing managers and business owners need to know:. Although words are important, images are too [particularly online].. Are you after copywriting tips that work?. Business isn't that easy and you're going to be far better off creating your own copy.. Sorry to break it to you, but consumers don't really care about you, your business or even what you're selling in a way.. If your copy only does one thing, it should be to help readers visualise where they'll be and how they'll feel if they make a purchase.. Words alone can inspire people to take action, so long as it's good copy.

Good product copy is hard to write but can help your product fly off the shelves. Here are 8 easy rules to help you write product descriptions that sell.

What features or benefits would interest this person the most?. Instead, the buyer persona is likely interested in all-natural remedies for the home, especially when it comes to allergies.. Instead, they want to know how it can benefit them.. A product benefit, on the other hand, tells how the product can improve the buyer’s life .. Before you begin writing your product descriptions, make an outline of the features and benefits of your product.. The product description includes features, sure, but it goes further into the story of the key feature: the amethyst.. It focuses especially on the ways in which it can be used, making it easy for the customer to imagine having this ring in his or her life.. He has an entire list of words that can help make your product copy more enticing.. As you write your product descriptions, look for any descriptive words or adjectives that could use a little bit of dressing up.. If we click on one of the listings on the first page, we can see how they use this keyword on their site to appear in the search results.. Even if you master product description writing, you must still have quality images to go with it.. Quality photos will show the customer all of the key features of your product.. Which power words have you included?

If you know anything about careers the design field, you've heard of creative directors and art directors. But what's the difference and which is right for you? Join us as we uncover the answer.

And if you’ve done any research, you’ve likely encountered two job titles that seem very similar: creative director versus art director.. “Creative direction and art direction at small agencies will typically have a significant amount of overlap, if not being just one combination position,” says Brian Smith, creative director at FullStack Labs .. Even though the roles aren’t always totally distinct, there are some specifics associated with each career that can help you compare and contrast the duties of creative directors versus art directors.. “To any student considering becoming an art director or creative director, spend time focusing on your true talents and gifts,” says art director and brand storyteller Rachel Pesso .. The creative director is typically the head of the creative team.. We used job posting analysis software to analyze more than 3,000 creative director job postings from the past year and found that 90 percent of job postings are seeking candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher.. While a creative director provides the conceptual idea behind the project, the art director executes the details.. Leading a team of artists, art directors will determine which artistic elements to use; articulate the vision to their team; review and approve copy, designs or photography; develop budgets and timelines; and determine how to best represent the creative director’s concept.. Freelance art director Melissa Yancey emphasizes that art directors engage in multiple art forms instead of zooming in on just one.. As with creative directors, education is an important first step for anyone seeking the role of an art director.. Creative directors and art directors will both be better at their jobs when they have a wide base of experiences and interests.. The years you’ll spend building experience in roles like graphic designer or production artist will give you plenty of exposure to what the work of both art and creative directors looks like.. Now you know the different roles and responsibilities of the creative director versus art director.. If both career descriptions of a creative director and an art director appeal to you—our experts agree, you don’t have to choose just yet!


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