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What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is where we express our thoughts and ideas in a more imaginary way. Some of its types are poetry, story, songs, plays, personal essays, etc… The most popular creative writing is Story Writing. It will have character development, plot development, and dialogue in a more poetic and polished language. The story will be fiction or nonfiction. Fiction includes novels, short stories, and poetry. Non-fiction includes articles for magazines. There are Four forms of Creative Writing Course. They are Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, and Narrative.

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o start creative writing you must be a book lover. Always try to read more books so that you will be able to learn and understand the craft of it. The more you read, the better you can develop your knowledge. Reading helps you practice imagination by letting the words describe a certain image while the reader manipulates the picture in the mind.

By reading great writers’ Creative Writing books you can learn how creatively they have written and can get more ideas from them in such a way you can develop your creativity. You can decide the genre you are comfortable with. It might be science fiction, horror, or comic. Then go with the renowned author in that particular genre. Also, it is very simple and quiet if you start plotting about the person whom you already know. They may be your family members, neighbors, or friends. Just think of a person and start designing the character.

Now many books on creative writing are available, you can challenge yourself by completing the exercises given in the books.

Top 10 Creative Writing books and their ranks are listed below which will help you in developing your writing skills

1. Creating the Creative Writers- By Henry Harvin Education

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Today, Creative Writing Courses are also offered by many Educational Institutions in India. Because of the recent pandemic, many prefer Online certificate courses. When choosing a creative writing course, firstly you must see the Syllabus and Modules of the course. Secondly, you must see how that institute gives certificates and internships.

The best Creative Writing course in India is given by HENRY HARVIN and its certification Ranks #1 in India.

Creating the Creative Writers, this book delves into the nitty gritty of creative writing like fiction, non-fiction, drama, and poetry to name a few aspects. The book is backed by solid work of 36,514 individuals spread over a time of 6 years. The book has excellent anecdotes that enthuse the reader and help to correlate with various topics.

By spending daily 1 hour, you can begin the journey of creative writing within a period of 1 month. Creating the Creative Writers also is a guide for templates, strategies, and various techniques.

This book from Henry Harvin Education has a 5-star rating on Amazon

Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Course allows you to put your thoughts into writing with more polished words. This course helps to develop your vocabulary, get new ideas and will enhance your creative thoughts. This course has been designed to get you about four genres of creative writing as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and drama.

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To know further details about the Creative Writing Course, click the below link

Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course

Other best courses offered by Henry Harvin are

  • Content Writing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • Medical Writing Course
  • Art of Negotiation Course

2. On Poetry

Book NameOn Poetry
AuthorJonathan Davidson
Published Year2018
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Top 10 Books on Creative Writing (4)

“On Poetry” book ranks tenth book among Top 10 creative Writing books. The author was a British civil engineer in the profession and wrote many novels and poems. This book is a good piece for writers who are interested in poetry. In this book, Davidson makes you feel intimate and personal through his poems

3. Feel Free

Book NameFeel Free
AuthorZadie Smith
Published Year2018
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Top 10 Books on Creative Writing (5)

“Feel Free” ranks nineth book among the top 10 creative writing books. It offers a survey of important recent events in culture and politics, as well as Smith’s own life. Since she burst spectacularly into view with her debut novel almost two decades ago, Zadie Smith has established herself not just as one of the world’s preeminent fiction writers, but also a brilliant and singular essayist. She contributes regularly to The New Yorker and the New York Review of Books on a range of subjects, and each piece of hers is a literary event in its own right.

4. Bird by Bird

Book NameBird by Bird
AuthorAnne Lamott
Published Year1994
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Top 10 Books on Creative Writing (6)

An American novelist who has written “Bird by Bird” ranks eighth book among the top 10 creative writing books. In this book, Anne tells about her brother’s school project which is about birds. His teacher gave him three months to write this project. He was just stuck with the ideas by not opening the books and nearly shed tears. Her father who is also a writer sat along with him and said “Bird by Bird” buddy. From there she started her book writing.

5. Linguistics: Why it matters

Book NameLinguistics: Why It Matters
AuthorGeoffrey K Pullum
Published Year2018
Check Availabilityl[emailprotected]
Top 10 Books on Creative Writing (7)

The seventh book among the top 10 creative writing books is “Linguistics: Why It Matters”. Language is the medium in which you can compose your thoughts, explain your thinking, construct your arguments, and create works of literature. Pullum has explained the basic principles of linguistics in it. It tells about what languages are, how you comprehend language, how AI is being used for languages, and other topics. An approachable, fascinating resource for those interested in the mechanics of words. It has an Index at the back of the book.

6 A Technique for Producing Ideas

Book NameA Technique for Producing Ideas
AuthorJames Webb Young
Published Year1940
Check Availability[emailprotected]
Top 10 Books on Creative Writing (8)

Among the top 10 creative writing books, rank six goes to “A Technique for Producing Ideas”.A thought happens when you foster another mix of old components. The ability to bring old components into new blends relies generally upon your capacity to see connections. All thoughts follow a five-venture cycle of gathering material, seriously working over the material in your mind, pulling back from the issue, permitting the plan to return to you normally, and testing your thoughts in reality and changing is dependent on the input.

7. Worstward Ho

Book NameWorstward Ho
AuthorSamuel Beckett
Published Year1983
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Top 10 Books on Creative Writing (9)

Here comes the fifth book in the top 10 creative writing books is “Worstward Ho”. This is a prose piece implying that humanity exists turned Worstward. This is one of the more poetic of the prose works in terms of images, using his familiar re-emerging of images slightly modified to emphasize his points.

8. On Becoming a Novelist

Book NameOn Becoming a Novelist
Author NameJohn Gardner
Published Year2000
Check Availability[emailprotected]
Top 10 Books on Creative Writing (10)

This book ranks the fourth book among the top 10 creative writing books. This book was published in the year 2000. Gardner explains the life of a novelist more elegantly and humorously. This book identifies the beginning novelist’s worries, that is, to give reassurance, helpful guidance, and encouragement.

9. The War of Art

Book NameThe War of Art
AuthorSteven Pressfield
Published Year2002
Check Availability[emailprotected]
Top 10 Books on Creative Writing (11)

“The War of Art “stands the third rank among the top 10 creative writing books. The author is well known for historical fiction, non-fiction, and screenplays. In this book, Pressfield believes that “resistance” is the greatest enemy, and he offers many unique and helpful ways to overcome it. This book is not only for the writers but grasped by actors, dancers, filmmakers, painters, and many more.

10. Find Your Voice

Book NameFind Your Voice
AuthorAngie Thomas
Published Year2019
Check Availability[emailprotected]
Top 10 Books on Creative Writing (12)

The second book among the top 10 creative writing books is “Find Your Voice” It is very hard to share your real voice in Creative Writing. In this book, the author Angie Thomas shares his experience to develop true-to-you writing. Best books on creative writing include step-by-step craft tips, writing prompts, and exercises alongside other tips and suggestions to help the writers.

11. Becoming a Writer

Book NameBecoming a Writer
AuthorDorothea Brande
Published Year1934
Check Availability[emailprotected]
Top 10 Books on Creative Writing (13)

“Becoming a Writer” ranks First book among the top 10 creative writing books. This book isn’t just for new writers, likewise experienced writers can also go through it. In this book, Brande tries to explain the writer’s dimensions of their personality. She believes based on the writer’s conscious and subconscious minds, their creativity and imagination will come out. Brande used to say “if you can discover what you truly believe about most of the major matters of life, you will be able to write a story which is honest and original and unique.”

One of the methods in creative writing is Snowflake method.It is creating a summary like a sentence and from that, you have to start creating the characters of your story. From that, you have to expand your storyline. Few writers will just write whatever comes to their minds without any outlines or notes. This type of writing is called Freewriting. By keeping on writing like this, at one point your creativity in writing will be tremendous.


This pandemic has changed a lot in our lives. For nearly more than a year all of us are inside the home. School went online, the office goes to WFH and everything totally shut down outside. But many of us utilized this challenged life by spending time with our family members and reading lots of e-books. You can pick any books available digitally and enhance your creativity by sharing your own experience in words. Hope this blog will guide you to find the best creative writing books online.

Also Check Henry Harvin Review:

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Q1. What is the difference between creative writing and content writing?

Ans. Creative Writing is one type of writing which doesn’t have rules but imagination plays a major part. Whereas Content Writing will have certain rules and it is for a particular purpose and goal.

Q2. I am interested in Creative Writing. But don’t know how to start?

Ans. Just start with the scratch and write whatever comes to your mind. You can also pick one of the creative writing books and try doing the exercises given in the book

Q3. Is there any qualification needed to become a creative writer?

Ans. It is all about imagination and the vocabulary you use in writing. If you want to improve your vocabulary, just take a Creative Writing Course in a reputed institute like Henry Harvin.

Q4. I am a homemaker. Can I become a freelance writer?

Ans. Yes. Nowadays Online certification courses are provided by many educational institutions like Henry Harvin. You can just join any course in the institution and become aware of the writing styles, tones, and how to handle the tools for writing and then start your career as a Freelance Writer.

Q5. I am from a technical background. Which course suits me?

Ans. Most technical people will go with the technical writing course given by Henry Harvin from which you will be able to know DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) writing.

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