Top Disruptive Technologies to Watch Out for in 2022 (2023)

Let’s face it—the last coupe of years have been very challenging for all due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this reality, we’re still charging on into the future.

New advances in technology are still disrupting our lives—in many cases—for the best. Note that some of them are already in place, but they are still evolving and changing at a rapid pace, meaning the impact of these advances will only amplify.

Examples of Disruptive Technology

While new technologies are being developed all the time, not all of them are disruptive. To be considered disruptive, a technology must meet certain criteria. First, it must be significantly different from existing technologies in the market. Second, it must be able to create a new market or significantly change an existing one. And finally, it must have the potential to displace established technologies or create new market leaders. Some specific examples of disruptive technology include:

3D Printing

While we don’t yet have matter replicators like seen on Star Trek, 3D printing is a good start. With the proper equipment, software, and raw material, we can “print” various objects. This chart shows how 3D printing use is rising and where it’s projected to go.

Top Disruptive Technologies to Watch Out for in 2022 (1)

Since 3D printing lets people create what they need in-house, the technology could disrupt mass-production manufacturing and goods transportation.

5G and Improved Connectivity

Fifth-generation mobile connectivity is here, providing more incredible speed and higher quality video streaming. This increased speed will make remote working a more viable option because you have compatibility with previous versions of the protocols, higher global connectivity, more bandwidth and video capacity, tighter security controls, and more. There will be countless opportunities in this mobile networking field as it continues to grow and evolve.

Learn about Definitive Guide to 5G Technology and How It Works.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI is already a big part of our lives, but it hasn’t reached its full potential in either capabilities or ubiquity. Although artificial intelligence is making significant inroads in the customer service industry, it still has a long way to go.

Artificial intelligence helps businesses understand the changing nature of human habits and behavior and better predict the next hot item. AI developments result in more sophisticated algorithms, aiding marketers to adapt to new markets and trends.

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Thanks to these benefits, AI is a technological field that can explode into a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning contribute significantly to automation and robotics, which leads us to:

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Top Disruptive Technologies to Watch Out for in 2022 (2)

Automation and Robotics

We’ve seen the rise of drones, self-driving trucks, and robots in the manufacturing sector, but this is just the beginning. There have already been gigabytes of text written about how robotics is a disruptive force in the workforce, replacing humans with cheaper, more reliable machines. It’s easy to find dire predictions of massive unemployment in the wake of a machine takeover. According to this article, over 120 million workers world-wide will need to be retrained over the next few years, owing to robots and AI.

While there will undoubtedly be some attrition in the labor force, the picture isn’t as bleak as the prophets of doom would have you believe. After all, greater numbers of robots and automated systems mean more professionals to program and maintain them. Those kinds of jobs pay more than simple assembly-line grunt work.

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Our COVID-filled modern society and the unique demands demonstrate the potential usefulness of robots in administering care in assisted living situations, particularly for the elderly. Robots neither get sick nor spread infection, reducing risks for both the caregivers and their patients. Drones can handle contactless delivery of much-needed supplies such as medication.

Cyber Security Advances

Criminals practice their shady activities wherever people congregate, and since everyone’s online these days, we have cybercriminals to contend with. Even worse, cybercriminals have exploited the coronavirus crisis to their ends.

Fortunately, there are advances in cyber security to fight those threats. Because of advances in AI and machine learning, cyber security experts design better firewalls and intrusion detection tools.

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Top Disruptive Technologies to Watch Out for in 2022 (3)

Cyber-criminals will be the ones feeling the results of advances in this disruptive technology, so that's not a bad thing.

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Edge Computing

In the mainframe age, we had giant computers connected to “dumb” terminals. Eventually, this changed into the client-server model. Now, we have the cloud. As we have moved from model-to-model, a new one has emerged.

Edge computing is already one of the most disruptive technologies in IT. At a basic level, it is an automated way to get nearer to the cloud-like compute power you need, with better latency issues. It’s not so much eliminating the cloud as it is bringing it closer to you.

Edge computing offers less latency, increased security, and greater bandwidth. As edge computing takes off, it will continue to disrupt the larger cloud providers or shift more control to the companies that become more adept at implementing it.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

When a user gets placed in a computer-generated environment, that’s virtual reality (VR). When the user wears a headset or glasses and has computer-generated images projected onto their field of vision, that’s augmented reality (AR). Together, they comprise the field of extended reality (XR).

Fields such as healthcare and education stand to benefit significantly from VR and AR. VR can conduct medical diagnoses and examinations. Overcrowded classrooms or situations where children need to learn at home (there’s that coronavirus again) can benefit from XR solutions, assuring that every student gets the education they need without risking infection from a global pandemic.

XR methods could possibly revolutionize (i.e., disrupt) currently established means of medical practice and education.

Headless Tech

No, this has nothing to do with decapitation. It describes technology that allows businesses to decouple their front-end user interface from their back-end ecommerce data solutions. If you tell your Amazon Alexa to purchase and ship you the latest Stephen King novel, you’re using headless tech.

Since 86 percent of business leaders surveyed report increasingly rising customer acquisition costs, the ecommerce world needs more innovative, cost-effective solutions that attract and retain new users. Headless tech can be that potential game-changer, providing would-be customers with a more engaging, less time-consuming shopping experience.

As this trend catches on, it will upend the entire ecommerce model, with businesses scrambling to incorporate headless tech or get left behind in the dust. Could headless tech make traditional ecommerce purchasing methods obsolete?

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The Rise of “As-a-Service” Computing

This computing model has been with us for a while now. We have software-as-a-service (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). These cloud-based, on-demand platforms have revolutionized the IT world. For instance, why buy a physical copy of a video game or word processing utility when you can just get access to it via a cloud subscription? Or how about Zoom, which has rocketed to worldwide popularity thanks to the pandemic?

Providers that offer scalable cloud-based solutions are riding high these days, and the cost, convenience, and reliability make cloud solutions an attractive choice. As more “as a service” options become available in more industries, people and organizations will abandon the older computing methods in favor of this far superior delivery system.

The Work-From-Home Revolution

It’s funny how a worldwide pandemic has completely turned our lives upside-down and influenced our technological innovations and development. This is unsurprising, as warfare spurns more incredible technological advances, and we are arguably at war with this deadly contagion.

Businesses wanting to continue functioning during these trying times have set up infrastructure to allow better work-at-home capabilities. Advances in related technology, some of which we’ve already discussed, make working at home a viable, efficient option.

And it needn’t be an “all or nothing” proposition. Businesses can have their employees work mostly from home but have them doing their jobs in-house one or two days a week.

If a company’s employees work from home, the business has fewer infrastructure costs, making this a flexible, cost-effective strategy. The ongoing COVID-19 situation has shown how easy it is to work from home. Will more companies embrace this after the pandemic ends, citing cost-cutting measures? Are we seeing the end of the modern office space as we know it?

Voice-Activated Searches

Are we seeing the end of the user sitting at their laptop or phone, trying to type in a search on Google? More users are turning to voice-activated searches, asking their phones where the nearest pizza place is or where they can find a deal on novelty face masks.

As more people conduct these voice-activated searches from their cars, jogging track, or local cafe, digital marketers will have to rethink their approach to improving search engine optimization (SEO). Rather than just pulling out a few keywords, marketers will find themselves having to rely more on long-tail keywords.

There will be some interesting days ahead for digital marketers.

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Which technologies will dominate in 2022? ›

Which Technologies Will Dominate in 2022?
  • Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence solutions are quickly finding an application in most business processes and industries. ...
  • Internet of Things. ...
  • Blockchain Technology. ...
  • Cryptocurrency. ...
  • 5G Technology. ...
  • Quantum Computing. ...
  • Cloud Services.

What are the 3 highly disruptive digital technologies? ›

The development and adoption of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, 3D printing, ride-sharing apps, cloud computing, and more, continues to push entire industries toward disruption, even today—driving innovation in the process.

What is the next big disruptive technology? ›

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Automation and Robotics. Cyber Security Advances. Edge Computing.

What technology should I learn in 2022? ›

Cloud Computing, Data Science, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR), and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) are the current technologies in demand.

What is the next booming technology? ›

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Virtual Reality, Cyber Security etc, are some of the best technology to get into in 2023.

What is the most advanced technology 2022? ›

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is one of the most consistently evolving technologies in the world. Its widespread use symbolises its potential to provide solutions in multiple industries, from health, security, and education to logistics and information technology.

What is leading to digital disruption? ›

Generally, digital disruption happens after a digital innovation, such as big data, machine learning (ML), internet of things (IoT) or the bring your own device (BYOD) movement.

What is an example of a current disruptive technology? ›

Recent disruptive technology examples include e-commerce, online news sites, ride-sharing apps, and GPS systems. In their own times, the automobile, electricity service, and television were disruptive technologies.

What are the three 3 most powerful 21st century technologies? ›

"Our most powerful 21st-century technologies—robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech—are threatening to make humans an endangered species."

What are the trending technologies in next 5 years? ›

We can expect a large transition to cloud computing in the next five years in many organizations, businesses, and industries. There also will be more advances in alternatives to cloud computing, including edge computing (which we detail on this list) and fog computing.

What industries will be disrupted? ›

Table of Contents
  • Healthcare.
  • Customer Service and Experience.
  • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)
  • Logistics.
  • Retail.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Transportation.
  • Marketing.
10 Feb 2022

Which skill will be most required by 2025? ›

A list of the most in-demand skills in the future
  • Data Science & Cloud Computing (Cloud computing goes hand in hand with data science, and cloud computing jobs range from architects and developers to data scientists)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  • Big Data Science.
  • Digital Marketing & Strategy.
13 Apr 2022

Which technology has more demand in future? ›

Artificial intelligence will become more prevalent in 2023 with natural language processing and machine learning advancement. Artificial intelligence can better understand us and perform more complex tasks using this technology. It is estimated that 5G will revolutionize the way we live and work in the future.

Which skill is most demand in future? ›

The top skills in demand in 2022 are:
  • Coding And Software Enhancement.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Networking Development.
  • Soft Skills.
  • Algorithms Designer.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • UI Designer.
  • Online Framework.
12 Sept 2022

What industry will boom next? ›

Fastest Growing Industries in the US by Revenue Growth (%) in 2022
  • Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction in the US. 87.0%
  • Cruise & Travel Agency Franchises. 76.4%
  • Wedding Planners. 75.5%
  • International Airlines in the US. 64.0%
  • Travel Insurance. ...
  • Tour Operators in the US. ...
  • Hotels & Motels in the US. ...
  • Sightseeing Transportation in the US.

What technology will be gone in 10 years? ›

Older technology like landline phones, USB drives, alarm locks, and more will likely become obsolete in the next 10 years. Eco-friendly changes in the manner technology is created will likely render one-use plastic products and incandescent light bulbs useless in the coming decade.

What are the niche technologies in 2022? ›

Most In-Demand Tech Skills for 2022 and Beyond
  • Cybersecurity. ...
  • Cloud computing. ...
  • Data analytics and data science. ...
  • AI and Machine Learning. ...
  • Project management.
9 Jan 2022

What is the big 2022 trend? ›

Industry Trends of 2022: Keys to Corporate Success
  • 1.1 Industrial Cloud and Public Cloud.
  • 1.2 Cryptocurrencies.
  • 1.3 Artificial Intelligence.
  • 1.4 Chatbots.
  • 1.5 Mixed Reality and Metaverse.
  • 1.6 Digital Twins.
  • 1.7 5G.
  • 1.8 Carbon Capture.
28 Apr 2022

What are the 4 D's of disruption? ›

Rapid economic growth and 'the four Ds' of disruption, deprivation, disease and death: public health lessons from nineteenth-century Britain for twenty-first-century China? Trop Med Int Health. 1999 Feb;4(2):146-52. doi: 10.1046/j.

What are the 6 D's of disruption? ›

This road map comprises the 6 Ds of digital disruption: digitization, deception, disruption, demonetization, dematerialization, and democratization. Although the opportunities are there for the taking, it can be daunting to branch out into uncharted territories.

What is perfect example of digital disruption? ›

Ride-Sharing and Car-Sharing. While we will always need taxis, companies such as ZipCar, Lyft, and Uber have thrown the cab industry for a loop. These services end up cheaper, more convenient, and don't even require cash to change hands (another innovation!).

What innovations are currently disrupting an existing market? ›

A.I., robotics, nanomaterials, biotech, bioinformatics, quantum computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) – these are transforming the world. Digital technologies such as mobile, social media, smartphones, big data, predictive analytics and cloud are fundamentally different than the preceding IT-based technologies.

Is 5G a disruptive technology? ›

While 4G has been considered as an incremental innovation from its predecessors (3G and 2G), design features and key technologies have indicated 5G as a disruptive innovation. Consequently, 5G will create new market values, in which new services and applications will emerge in unexpected ways.

What are two 2 types of disruptive innovations? ›

2 Types of Disruptive Innovation
  • Low-end disruption: Many innovations struggle to find immediate success with mainstream customers. ...
  • New-market disruption: New market disruption happens when a new entrant expands the market by targeting customers who didn't previously use a similar product at all.
9 Jun 2022

What are the 8 essential technologies? ›

We called those with the most potential the Essential Eight. They include: artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), blockchain, drones, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, 3D printing and virtual reality (VR).

What are 3 emerging global technologies? ›

Emerging technologies include a variety of technologies such as educational technology, information technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, and artificial intelligence. New technological fields may result from the technological convergence of different systems evolving towards similar goals.

What is the powerful technology in the world? ›

Artificial intelligence is unquestionably the most powerful technology force the world has ever known,” Huang told Yahoo Finance Live. “We're always seeking to improve our performance, improve our efficiency, and improve our growth opportunities.

Which industry will boom in next 5 years? ›

Undoubtedly, the market will expand, with various stepping elements such as government initiatives, foreign relations, market dynamics, and so on supporting this expansion.
Renewable Energy Sector
  • Reliance Power Industries.
  • Indian Energy Exchange.
  • Indraprastha Gas Ltd.
  • Borosil Renewables.
  • Siemens.
19 May 2022

What is the biggest threat of technology today? ›

Machines and Human rights clash-

Apart from the fears of robots and automation pulling out humans from the job market, high-tech forces of the blockchain, big data, genetic engineering, biotechnology, machine learning are highly likely to become a threat too.

What technological breakthrough would happen by 2025? ›

“We could see major improvements in our lives through the acceleration of the shift away from fossil fuels: more electric cars and the corresponding infrastructure, more power-self-sufficient homes and much longer-lived energy storage/batteries.” “In 2025 we will see an expansion of cloud computing and cloud commuting.

Which technologies will dominate in 2023? ›

What are the Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2023?
  • Digital Immune System.
  • Applied Observability.
  • AI Trust, Risk and Security Management (AI TRISM)
  • Industry Cloud Platforms.
  • Platform Engineering.
  • Wireless-Value Realization.
  • Superapps.
  • Adaptive AI.
17 Oct 2022

What industries will be hit hardest by recession? ›

Retail, restaurants, hotels and real estate are some of the businesses often hurt during a recession.
5 of the riskiest industries to work in during a recession, according to economists
  • Real estate.
  • Construction.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Retail.
  • Leisure and hospitality.
28 Oct 2022

Which industry is most likely to be affected by technology? ›

Doretha Clemons, Ph.
It serves to illustrate just a few industries that are prone to disruption.
  1. Travel Websites. ...
  2. Tax Software. ...
  3. Print Media. ...
  4. Translation. ...
  5. Office Assistants. ...
  6. Booksellers. ...
  7. Financial Advisors. ...
  8. Recruiters.

What industries are declining? ›

The 10 Global Fastest Declining Industries
  • Global Respiratory Ventilator Manufacturing. -16.4%
  • Global Iron Ore Mining. -14.7%
  • Global Coal Mining. -3.6%
  • Global Computer Hardware Manufacturing. -3.5%
  • Global Newspaper Publishing. ...
  • Global Magazine Publishing. ...
  • Global Footwear Manufacturing. ...
  • Global Life & Health Insurance Carriers.

What are the number three in demand skill predicted for 2022? ›

Creativity, originality and initiative” is the number-three in-demand skill predicted for 2022, especially as the demand for manual skills and physical ability continues to fall. Creativity is quickly becoming a survival skill, not just a pursuit for the privileged.

What skills will be in greater demand by 2030? ›

Future Skills You'll Need In Your Career By 2030
  • Cognitive flexibility. ...
  • Digital literacy and computational thinking. ...
  • Judgement and decision-making. ...
  • Emotional and social intelligence. ...
  • Creative and innovative mindset.

What is the most profitable skill to learn? ›

Most Profitable Skills to Learn in 2022
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Content automation.
  • Campaign marketing.
  • Data-driven marketing.
  • E-commerce marketing.

Which technologies will dominate? ›

By 2022, 70% of companies will be using hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud platforms as part of a distributed IT infrastructure. It will mean data and processing can be handled in the cloud but made accessible to devices faster.

What job makes a lot of money without a degree? ›

Here are the highest paying jobs without a college degree:

Patrol Officer. Executive Assistant. Sales Representative. Flight Attendant.

What are 4 skills that most career fields require? ›

10 essential skills you'll need for career success
  • Communication. Communication includes listening, writing and speaking. ...
  • Problem solving. Challenges will arise in every job you have. ...
  • Teamwork. ...
  • Initiative. ...
  • Analytical, quantitative. ...
  • Professionalism, work ethic. ...
  • Leadership. ...
  • Detail oriented.
17 Apr 2019

Which skill is most demanded in the world? ›

Top 20 In-Demand Skills Overall
  • Customer Service.
  • Sales.
  • Accounting.
  • Businesses Development.
  • Marketing.
  • Leadership.
  • Communication.
  • Digital Marketing.
2 Sept 2022

Who has the best technology in the world 2022? ›

Switzerland is the most innovative economy in the world in 2022 - for the 12th year in a row - followed by the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. China is nearing the top 10 while Türkiye and India enter the top 40 for the first time, according to the GII 2022.

What will be trending in 2022? ›

These Fashion Trends Defined 2022 — Here's How To Shop Them
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Sweats 2.0. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Voluminous Silhouettes. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Platform Shoes. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Low-Rise Pants. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: The Color Purple. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Regencycore, Continued. ...
  • 2022 Fashion Trend: Cutouts.
14 Oct 2022

What are the top 3 technologies in the future? ›

Listed Below Are the Top New Technology Trends, 2023.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Edge Computing.
  • Quantum Computing.
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
  • Blockchain.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • 5G.
  • Cyber Security.
24 Nov 2022

Who is No 1 technology in world? ›

Top 20 Most Technologically Advanced Countries - aggregate rankings (10 sources)
Aggregate RankCountryAverage Rank
2United States3.2
3South Korea3.1
16 more rows

Who is number 1 in technology in the world? ›

RankingCountryComposite Score
1South Korea6.52
2United States5.10
60 more rows
4 May 2022

What will be trending in the Fall 2022? ›

The biggest fall 2022 trends have much to offer as we move from sundresses and ballet flats in favor of chunky loafers, coats, and cozy layers. From preppy wares to workwear-inspired standouts, there is something to satisfy all tastes and shopping impulses.


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