Top Selling Products In Canada Online 2022 (2022)

The eCommerce industry in Canada has been on the rise for quite some time now and just like any other country that is advanced, there are certain products that are sold more than others online. When you look at countries like US and UK, it becomes even more obvious as there are numerous data compiled regarding eCommerce sales in these countries.

With the rising online sales, there is no surprise that Canadians are spending more and more time shopping on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. According to Statista, in 2017 alone consumers in Canada spent an estimate of $80 billion online (retail e-commerce sales). This represents a 14% increase when compared to 2016. Now let’s take a look at the top products that Canadians spend money on through e-commerce giant eWorldTrade:

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The demand for groceries has been consistent throughout the years which means that besides being convenient, online grocery shopping helps you get your hands on foods from across different regions without even having to leave your house. Thanks to eWorldTrade. Now, in metropolitan areas of Canada, you can get your groceries in as little as one hour which is a great benefit for those who are constantly on the go.


The gaming industry has evolved into an $80 billion market around the world. One of the key players in this space continues to be Canada as per Statista, Canadians spent an estimate of $2.8 billion on video game downloads and game subscriptions just last year. This represents a 2% increase when compared to 2016 which speaks volumes about the love of gamers towards their consoles, games, and apps.


Just like any other country, people are downloading movies and music on their devices whether it’s through iTunes or Spotify/Google Play – however, with Amazon Prime Music/Video you can stream millions of songs & videos for free with your subscription which is yet another benefit of being a subscriber to Amazon Prime (which costs only $99/year).

According to Statista, Canadians spent an estimate of $1.5 billion on movies and TV show downloads & subscriptions in 2017 which represents a 5% increase when compared to the year before. The current market value shows an estimate of $1.8 billion which is expected to grow steadily for years to come.

4. Kids Toys

For those who love building sets, this category will definitely make you happy as eWorldTrade has thousands of toys available at great prices (up to 50% off) all the time! With the arrival of Black Friday deals each year it’s even more important for parents and grandparents looking to score some amazing deals on their child’s next big toy without breaking the bank.


As consumers are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, they have started investing in their health by making purchases on items such as vitamins/supplements, skincare products, or fitness trackers. Thanks to eWorldTrade, you can get all of the above with free shipping, and if your order costs over $25 you will receive 2-day delivery for free!

6. Clothing

The millennial generation is known for being into fashion more than any other generation in history – thanks to social media channels that allow them to see what’s trending 24/7. With online shopping becoming more popular these days it has provided another platform for people to purchase clothes and shoes at affordable prices but still get access to premium brands which is great news for consumers of all ages.

7. Personal Computers

For those looking to upgrade their computer experience, eWorldTrade is the best place to go as they have a wide range of computers from laptops, desktops, and everything in between, and with Black Friday deals you can get even greater discounts on these products allowing you to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your next piece of electronic equipment.

8. Musical Instruments

From guitars & bass guitars to piano keyboards or recording gear – eWorldTrade has got them all! With millions of Canadians learning how to play an instrument every year, it’s no wonder why this category has become so popular as there are more than enough options available at great prices which makes it easy for everyone who loves music whether you’re a professional musician or simply looking to pick up an instrument and learn how to play it.


It’s no secret that Canadians live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a ton of fun activities to do outdoors which is why outdoor gear has become so popular in recent years as people are spending more time outdoors going camping, fishing, or hiking which means there is a high demand for equipment such as canoes, kayaks or skates among many others.

10. Baby Care

With the arrival of government benefits such as EI parental leave payouts being an average of $490 per week for 35 weeks – new parents have been able to spend more money when it comes to buying all the necessary gear for their newborn such as strollers, car seats or cribs. If you’re in Canada and expecting a child in 2018, this is the perfect time to do your Christmas shopping on eWorldTrade and save yourself some money by taking advantage of Black Friday deals that will be available soon!

11. Kitchen Appliance

From bread makers to toasters, slow cookers & electric kettles – the kitchen appliance category is one of the most popular categories on eWorldTrade, and with Black Friday deals it has even more potential for growth as Canadians love cooking and they’re willing to invest in products that will make their life easier.

12. Pillow Case

Thanks to the rise of new platforms such as Instagram that allow home decorators from all over the world to see what’s trending, decorative pillowcases have become extremely popular with many homeowners who are looking to add a fun contemporary design to their living room couch or bed.

13. Toilet Paper

While eWorldTrade offers a wide range of toilet papers from brands such as Quilted Northern and Kleenex – there is also a ton of counterfeit products being sold which can be rather dangerous if you have sensitive skin so make sure you always check the product description before making any purchases!

14. Soap

For those who love taking baths, eWorldTrade now offers soap pumps & lotion dispensers for your bathtub which is great news for all age groups as it adds a fun touch to your bath routine while reducing the amount of plastic you use in the long term.

15. Art

With Canadian household debt reaching record levels in recent years – many Canadians are downsizing their living spaces by renting condos or smaller houses which means they’re looking to decorate their homes with art instead of buying large expensive pieces due to lack of space.

16. Wireless Headphones

For music lovers, eWorldTrade has got the perfect selection of headphones available at affordable prices that will allow you to experience your favorite tunes like never before! With over 60 million products sold every year on eWorldTrade, it’s easy to see why this online shopping platform is becoming more popular across the world as prices are getting lower and selection is increasing each year!

17. Swimwear

With Canada’s lakes, rivers & beaches bringing in over 15 million tourists every year who enjoy taking part in water sports such as kayaking or swimming, it’s no wonder why swimwear has become one of the most popular categories on eWorldTrade with the largest selection available for consumers to choose from.

18. Hair Straightener

Whether you’re looking for ceramic hair straighteners or titanium hair straighteners – if you have long hair it means that you probably need a good quality hair straightener so your tresses don’t get damaged which is where eWorldTrade comes into play as they have an extensive collection of affordable options that will help give your hair a sleek look.

19. Razor Blades

With Canadians shaving their legs more on average than ever before thanks to the hot summer months, it’s no wonder why razor blades are seeing a surge in popularity as consumers look to purchase new razors or electric shavers for their homes. Make sure you check out some of the amazing Black Friday deals available online on eWorldTrade!


When it comes to purchasing luggage & travel bags, there are many factors that come into play such as size, durability, color, and brand so making the right choice is crucial but with over 60 million products being sold each year on eWorldTrade- rest assured that whatever product you’re looking for will be available at affordable prices with the best selection of brands available.

21. Makeup Brush Set

For makeup lovers who are looking to upgrade their brush set, eWorldTrade has some amazing prices and a wide selection of different brands available such as EcoTools and Zoeva which offer affordable brushes that will give any consumer the look they’re going for.

22. Bubble Wrap

While bubble wrap may seem like an odd category on eWorldTrade – you’d be surprised at how many people purchase this product! With consumers looking to ship items overseas, it’s no wonder why more people are buying bubble wrap online to make sure fragile items get delivered safely without damaging them which gives businesses like Nest Busters the perfect opportunity to earn affiliate commissions from these sales!

23. Vacuum Cleaner Bags

As a society we’ve become more eco-friendly as a whole which means many consumers are looking to purchase new vacuum cleaners or upgrade their current models to newer & cleaner models – this is where eWorldTrade comes into play as it has some of the best prices available online from top brands such as Panasonic, Dyson and more.

24. Solar Lights

Using solar lights outside your home is a great way to not only save on electricity costs but also reduce your carbon footprint as well so if you’re looking for new lamps for your garden or patio, be sure to check out eWorldTrade first!

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