Tumbled Stones Meaning and Healing Benefits- Satin Crystals (2023)

What is the meaning of tumbled stones? Are you curious if crystal tumbles are right for you? You've come to the right place to learn about tumbled gemstones, their meanings, and how to use them in your healing practice.

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Video Tips on Tumbled Stones

Watch the How to Use Tumbled Stones Video for tips and live examples for your tumbles in everyday uses and crystal healing practices.

Can you benefit fromtumbled stones?

You may benefit from tumbled crystals if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You want to experiment with a wide variety of stones

  • You want to create a crystal grid or layout

  • You are looking to meditate and make mandalas

  • You want small stones for chakra balancing

  • You are looking for portable crystals

  • You need stones for your tuning fork healing

What are tumbled stones?

Tumbled stones aresmall stones that have been tumbled and polished in a rock tumbler. Afterdaysto weeks of tumbling in the machine with water and different grits of sand, the stones are left smooth of any sharp edges. Although no longer rough, the tumbles may still retain their organic divets, pits, inclusions, and veins.

Are tumbled stones gemstones?

Tumbles stones can be gemstones. Depending on what you are tumbling, you can tumble gemstones, ordinary rocks, sea glass, shells, etc.

Are tumbled stones good for healing?

Tumbled stones are great for crystal healing. They are popular for their smooth surface and portability. They are also affordable when you need many crystals to create a grid, mandala, or layout.

(Video) Jasper Meanings, Uses & Healing Properties - A-Z Satin Crystals

What can you do with tumbled stones?

Here are some everyday uses for tumbled stones:

  • Line your planters, terrariums, or vases with tumbledstones

  • Stick tumbled stones on magnets or pins

  • Use your tumbled stones as paperweights or cardholder stands

  • Wrap your tumbled stones in jewelry

  • Fill a clear container with colorful tumbled stones and stick your makeup brushes, pens, chopsticks, utensils, etc

  • Create a beautiful table centerpiece with tumbled stones

  • Encase tumbled stones in resin for attractive coasters, placemats, artpieces

  • Display your tumbled stones in a zero-gravity display case

    • Usetumbled stones that are not water soluble in aquariums and ponds

    • Collect tumbled stones until you have a complete set of your favorite crystals

    How doIuse tumbled stones in healing?

    Here are some ways you can use your tumbled stones in your healing practice:

    • Lie in a crystal layout with the stones surrounding your body

    • Grid your space with tumbled stones in each corner

    • Place them under the pillow for nighttime healing

    • Carry them in your pocket, purse, or pouch during the day

    • Place them on the appropriate chakra for healing

      (Video) How to use Tumbled Stones - Ideas for Crystal Healing & Everyday

    • Gift them to friends who need their energy

    • Share matching tumbled stonesto connect on the same wavelength

    • Use tumbled stones in your zen garden

    • Hold tumbled stones while meditating

    • Use your tumbled stones as worry stones to release stress

    • Fall into a meditative stateand create a mandala with your tumbled stones

    • Use your tumbled stones in gemstone divination

    • Glue them onto a crystal slab to create chakra plates

    To find out what else you can do with tumbled stones and more details on the ideas above, visit the 7 Best Uses for Tumbled Stones.

    How do I clean tumbled stones?

    Methods for cleaning your tumbled stones will vary depending on which stone you are working with. All tumbled stones are perfect for cleansing and charging on a crystal cluster.

    For stones that will be destroyed in water, we suggest choosing alternative methods you can find inCrystal Care.

    Sheila's personal experience with tumbled stones

    To me, tumbled stones are like the currency of the crystal healing world. I stack them high in a crystal bowl and run my hands through the pile to fill my aura with abundance.

    Being the jewelry designer here at Satin Crystals, I appreciate that tumbled stones come in such a wide and easily accessible variety. They make colorful pendants for my collection.

    And, for travel, they are perfectly portable. I program a tumbled stone or two for my intention during the trip, slip them into my purse or toiletry bag, and off I go!

    Lisa's personal experience with tumbled stones

    I love looking at and holding Tumbled Stones. They remind me of colorful hard candies but more appealing. It makes me happy that due to the lack of sides and points, they are pretty durable for carrying around or stashing here and there. I also like the fact that they are pretty affordable compared to other stone shapes.

    (Video) Obsidian Stone Meanings, Uses & Healing Properties - A-Z Satin Crystals

    Personally, my Green Aventurine and Citrine tumbles are the longest-standing stones of my collection.My grandmother gave me a money box when I was young, maybe 7 or 8 years old. After I started to get into crystals, I added the Citrine and Green Aventurine to the box. They have been there for almost two decades.

    Should I use tumbled stonesas a beginner?

    Tumbled stones are perfect for beginner rock collectors and crystal healers. In fact, they are highly recommended. Tumbled stones cost less than other polished forms of crystals and you get more pieces to experiment with. The entry into the crystal world is much more affordable if you take the tumbled stone route!

    Is it better to get raw or tumbled crystals?

    Deciding to use raw or tumbled stones is a matter of personal preference. If you are a purist, you will only use stones that have been unaltered, coming straight from Mother Earth. If you enjoy human creativity, you will include tumbled, carved, and polished crystals in your practice.

    Tumbled stones are still all-natural. Their rough edges have been smoothed away and they allow you to work with polished energy.

    How much are tumbled stones worth?

    Tumbled stones are worth as much as the stone is going for in the gemstone market. For example, if you have an expensive stone like Emerald, the tumbled version will be priced high. If you have a tumbled stone like Jasper, it will be much cheaperdue to the lowcost of obtaining the raw material.

    Tumbled stones can go for a few pennies to a few hundred dollars, depending on the stone and the quality of the piece.

    How do I use tumbled stones in divination?

    Tumbled stones come in handy if you are doing gemstone divination. You can place the appropriate tumbled stones in a pouch and draw the crystals one by one, according to your question.

    You can divine according to the stone's color or healing properties. Find out more in the Gemstone Divination Tutorial.

    What chakra are tumbled stones for?

    The great thing about tumbled stones is that you can find the right ones for every chakra. These small stones are perfect to place on your chakras in a layout, vibrate into your chakras with a tuning fork, or meditate on a specific chakra.

    Tumbled stones can be found in all colors of the rainbow, just like your chakras!

    Want to collect a set for your 7 major chakras? Check out the Tumbled Stones Chakra Showcase.

    How do you make tumbled stone jewelry?

    There are several ways to make tumbled stone jewelry. The easiest way is to place your tumbled stone in a locket or cage pendant. This keeps the tumbled stone secure and easily accessible. You can also drill your tumbled stone and connect it to a necklace or dangle it off a bracelet.

    If your tumbled stone is not drilled, you can wire wrap it with a tension method so that it is secure to wear as a pendant, necklace, earrings, ring, etc. Some people use a macrame technique to secure the stone. You could also use a leather cord and glue. Keep in mind thatgemstones are usually heavy and won't be secure with your common glue. Find out more in Repairing Crystals with Glue.

    To find instructions on how to make tumbled stone jewelry, check on Youtube for helpful tutorials.

    Where do I buytumbled stones?

    You can visit the Satin Crystals Tumbled Stone Collection or buy them right here:

    (Video) Jet Meanings, Uses & Healing Properties - A-Z Satin Crystals

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    Do you love tumbled stones?

    What are your favorite tumbled stones? Do you have any interesting healing stories to tell about tumbled stones?

    We would love to hearyour positive comments and questions.Feel free towrite to us below and we will get back to you.

    Disclaimer:The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. Seefull disclosure.


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