What Does a Social Media Specialist Do? [Role & Salary] (2022)

If you’re thinking about a career in social media marketing, you may have come across the role of the social media specialist. What does a social media specialist actually do? And how do you start a career in the field? We’ll cover everything you need to know in this guide.

Social media has come a long way since its fledgling beginnings at the turn of the century (remember MySpace?). Today, Statista estimates there are almost 4 billion social media users worldwide—and this number is growing.

Businesses are well aware of these trends and spend billions of dollars per year in an attempt to get in front of users eager to buy their products. This massive opportunity to reach a wide audience is why social media specialists are a critical cog in the advertising machine. They are the ones who create and publish content, build followings, manage online communities, and cultivate a social media presence.

This article will explain everything you’ve ever wanted to know about being a social media specialist, from their daily activities to their salaries and the skills they need to succeed. We’ll cover:

  1. What is social media marketing, and what role does the social media specialist fulfil?
  2. What are the typical tasks and responsibilities of a social media specialist?
  3. Where do social media specialists work?
  4. What are the core skills and traits of a successful social media specialist?
  5. What is the difference between a social media specialist and a social media strategist?
  6. What is the average social media specialist salary?
  7. How can you become a social media specialist?
  8. Key takeaways

So, what does a social media specialist do? Let’s take a look.

Most organizations have at least one individual devoted to marketing their product or services. Marketing is vital to a business’s success; if people don’t know you exist and why they need your product, how can you expect to generate revenue?

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Marketers are either generalists or specialists. Generalists have substantial knowledge about several marketing channels; specialists are experts on one or two particular mediums. A social media specialist may have general know-how about other digital marketing channels but should possess exceptional social media expertise.

Most companies have social media specialists for one of a few reasons. They may not be able to afford (or don’t desire) a social media marketing manager with more experience, or they may have a larger marketing department that includes social media experts with varying ranges of seniority and experience. These companies spend substantially more on social media advertising than average. Marketing agencies also hire social media specialists to have that particular area of expertise in-house.

Depending on the company org structure, a social media specialist’s job may be to handle as much as 100% of the social media marketing for the organization (including creating assets), or they could be in charge of executing a larger plan, leaving the strategy up to the more senior individuals.

What Does a Social Media Specialist Do? [Role & Salary] (1)

2. What are the typical tasks and responsibilities of a social media specialist?

Social media specialists are involved in many tasks in the social media sphere. As a less senior employee, they are more likely to be the executors rather than the strategists. However, if they are solely responsible for social media management for the company, they create the strategies as well.

We’ve outlined a list of the top job responsibilities for social media specialists, drawn from a selection of real job ads:

  • Execute social media strategies that build brand awareness, generate inbound traffic and increase sales
  • Stay on top of current social media trends, insights from content, and best practices
  • Research new social marketing platforms and adopt new ones based on business needs
  • Create, publish, and share content daily (or multiple times per day) across various platforms
  • Generate and follow a content calendar
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships with community members using platform technology like messaging, mentions, or comments
  • Solicit and manage user-generated content and relationships with influencers
  • Ensure a consistent brand presence, personality, and voice across all adopted social media platforms
  • Act as the face of the brand on social media, responding to all feedback, reviews, comments, and mentions
  • Track, measure, and analyze campaign results

Now let’s take a look at some real job ads for social media specialists.

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Social media specialist job posting at Liberty University

What Does a Social Media Specialist Do? [Role & Salary] (2)

This is a real job posting for a social media specialist at Liberty University, a small religious school in Lynchburg, Virginia. As its target demographic is predominantly high-school-age Generation Z’ers—a group of individuals who have never known a world without social media— Liberty University has a presence on multiple platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest. The social media specialist here will clearly have their work cut out for them!

Social media specialist job posting for Summit Creative Marketing

What Does a Social Media Specialist Do? [Role & Salary] (3)

Summit Creative Marketing is a marketing agency, so this particular role demands hands-on, client-facing responsibilities. While they may perform identical tasks as a social media specialist working in-house would, those working for agencies need to have top-notch organizational skills to stay on top of all their responsibilities for multiple accounts.

3. Where do social media specialists work?

Companies in many verticals employ social media specialists, but marketing agencies or companies that require a significant presence on social media are more likely to hire them. For example, organizations in industries like retail (especially clothing and accessories), consumer packaged goods, education, real estate, entertainment, and hospitality all benefit from both an organic and paid presence on varied platforms.

Agencies hire social media specialists to handle client work (potentially under the supervision of more experienced team members). Other companies employ them either because they have a very large marketing department and their senior social media experts need support or because they have a need for in-house social media management but cannot afford (or are unwilling to hire) a social media marketer with more experience.

Companies with target audiences that are not big consumers of social media content (think more mature audiences, though this is changing) generally don’t hire employees to focus exclusively on social media.

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What Does a Social Media Specialist Do? [Role & Salary] (4)

4. What are the core skills and traits of a social media specialist?

A social media specialist needs to have hard skills, like a comprehensive understanding of most social media platforms and what each is best used for, as well as soft skills, like organization. All of the necessary skills can be acquired through hands-on experience, and many are transferable from other occupations.

Here are the top skills you’ll need to succeed as a social media specialist:

Hard skills

  • Proficiency with top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. at a level that enables you to publish paid and organic campaigns, analyze results, and optimize for ongoing improvement
  • Knowledge of some of the most popular social media management tools
  • Excellent communication and writing skills; a big part of the job is publishing text content and messaging followers (i.e., being “social!”)
  • Comfort using third-party publishing and management tools like Hootsuite
  • Ability to create strategies that support and achieve business objectives
  • Community management (cultivating a following and building relationships with fans and influencers)

Soft skills

  • Curiosity about the “next best thing” and a desire to suss out and follow trends
  • Sense of aesthetics so you can curate attractive feed and profile content
  • Design ability (not necessary, but a definite nice-to-have for creating graphics to share)
  • Responsive—people on social media hate waiting for replies, especially with all the native chat applications available
  • Detail-oriented and exceptionally organized; a planner at heart!

Social media specialists often have a variety of backgrounds before they land in this particular role. A fascination with social media is a must, obviously, but many marketers, copywriters, artists, and designers flock to this job, as many of their skills are transferable. Determine if you’re a good fit for a career as a social media specialist with the help of this guide.

What Does a Social Media Specialist Do? [Role & Salary] (5)

5. What is the difference between a social media specialist and a social media strategist?

In most situations, there is no discernable difference between social media specialists and social media strategists. Job listings for “social media strategist” list responsibilities that are usually quite similar, if not identical.

That being said, in some companies, a social media strategist is more experienced than a social media specialist. Additional years in the field help them command a higher salary and potentially delegate more hands-on, tactical duties to a social media specialist or other employees while they focus on planning and analysis.

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6. What’s the average social media specialist salary?

According to Glassdoor, social media specialists can expect to earn around $47,000 annually; Salary.com estimates a slightly higher compensation of $56,647. ZipRecruiter’s social media specialist salary estimate is on the low end at $43,666.

Keep in mind that company size, geographic location, years of experience, and industry all play a role in total pay, however. For more salary data on social media specialists throughout the United States and the world, check out this comprehensive social media specialist salary guide.

7. How to become a social media specialist

As with many jobs, multiple career paths can lead to a job as a social media specialist. Because it is a digital marketing role, you’ll need some prior experience in the industry or a digital marketing qualification through a course or program to set you up for success. Your experience doesn’t have to be acquired via a job; if you’re a self-taught social media guru and can prove your proficiency in multiple social media channels, that’s a great way to break into the field as well!

Internships and networking are two time-tested ways to land a job. Start connecting with people you admire for their social media prowess to learn how they got started and take advantage of school and community connections.

Above all, ensure your personal social media brand is on point and positions you in a positive light. Whether a potential employer looks at your profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other platform, they want to see someone who looks like they know what they’re doing. Consider your social media profiles as portfolios you can show to employers, and only publish content that is “on brand” for you personally. You can learn more about how to build your personal brand here.

We’ve outlined just a few steps you can take to start your career in social media. For a full guide, follow this step-by-step plan for how to get started as a social media specialist.

8. Key takeaways

A social media specialist is an engaging, challenging occupation that is in high demand. If you enjoy writing, cultivating relationships, and constantly being on social media, you’ll love it! To learn more about jobs in social media and digital marketing, why not check out this free, self-paced short course? It’ll give you a firsthand look into the field of digital marketing. You could also check out the following:

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What is the role of a social media specialist? ›

Social Media Specialists are responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring the company's Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts and increase sales.

What is a paid social media specialist? ›

Paid Media Specialists are typically responsible for creating and optimizing paid media channels to support the digital department in their growth goals. Paid Media Specialists help drive growth and success for organizations on digital platforms.

What are social media roles? ›

Social media specialists are mostly concerned with implementation. They write social copy, draft replies to messages and comments, and stay on top of key trends in social media. Often, they'll network with key influencers in their industry to spread their brand message and make valuable connections.

What makes a good paid media specialist? ›

Paid Media Specialists work across different channels to create and execute text and rich media ad strategies to meet a company's KPIs. Compared to the other types of digital media, paid media is relatively easy to understand.

How do I become a successful social media specialist? ›

How to become a Social Media Specialist in seven steps:
  1. Establish your social media presence.
  2. Learn social media marketing fundamentals.
  3. Measure social media campaigns with analytics.
  4. Get creative with your social media content.
  5. Stay flexible and be aware of social media trends.
  6. Build a social media portfolio.

What are the top 3 5 skills that make for a great social media manager? ›

7 skills top social media managers share
  • Copywriting. Copywriting is a fundamental skill for social media marketing (and probably all areas of marketing). ...
  • Design (Graphics and Videos) ...
  • Public Speaking (confidence in front of an audience) ...
  • Customer Service / Community Engagement. ...
  • Behavioral Psychology. ...
  • Analytics. ...
  • Budgeting.
May 20, 2019

How do you describe social media skills on a resume? ›

Social media resumes should include experience with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn; show skill with reporting and data analysis tools, graphic design, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media application tools (Hootsuite and others); and highlight ...

Is social media Specialist a good career? ›

Social Media Specialist is a very good career, but like any job, it's not necessarily for everybody. If you enjoy sharing content and building and growing a community, social media is a great space.

Is social media Specialist a good job? ›

The role also lands in the 42nd spot of CNNMoney/PayScale's list of Top 100 Careers with Big Growth, Great Pay and Satisfying Work, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that jobs in social media are expected to grow 8 percent by 2028—faster than the average expected rate for all occupations.

What education is needed to be a social media specialist? ›

Social media managers typically hold a bachelor's degree, according to the BLS. Majoring in a field that will build your communication or business skills—like marketing, journalism, or communications—can prepare you for the role.

Want to know what it's like to be a Social Media Marketing Specialist? Visit Digital Media Jobs to find a detailed Social Media Marketing Job Description, including Key Qualifications, Educational Requirements, Salary Information and Career Path Outlook. Get the info you need to succeed at Digital M

Social Media Marketing professionals need to understand the opportunities and limitations offered by each Social platform so that they can set appropriate social media marketing strategies for each campaign they run, including which platforms will work best for reaching different types of audiences, or serving different types of content, or generating the most engagement.. The savvy Social Media Marketer knows that their job is about far more than just posting content to Social platforms, but about engaging with the targeted users to develop a real relationship that will put the brand, its products and services in the spotlight in order to generate as much interest and actual revenue as possible.. Some campaigns are all about increasing awareness, generating followers, likes, comments, etc., but experienced Social Media Marketers understand that this is clearly just the beginning of any successful campaign, as lead gen, direct response, website traffic, actual product sales, reputation, engagement and brand or product advocacy are all much more valuable metrics when it comes to measuring Social Media marketing success.. Like all Digital Marketers, Social Media Specialists must also learn to wear a variety of hats, as their daily duties can easily include a variety of tasks, from creating Blog Posts, to responding to Forum comments, answering questions via Facebook Messenger, building sharable Social-content, and even handling comment moderation.. Generate effective Social Media Influencer Marketing campaigns, whereby powerful social users are turned into brand advocates who promote the brand’s products, services, etc.. These skills are crucial for a career in Social Media Marketing because almost all of them will be required on a daily or even hourly basis.. To be effective in the Social space, you need to determine the proper course of action quickly, deploy a workable strategy, then adjust based on immediate feedback and results.. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not inquire data directly under the title “Social Media Specialist”.. However, these roles are often incorporated under the umbrella title of “Public Relations Specialists”, which is a field expected to increase by about 9% (As fast as average) between 2016 and 2026.. This is an excellent field to get into as it has a huge potential for further exponential growth.. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) concludes “the median annual wage for public relations specialists was $59,300 in May 2017.” This comes out to $28.51 per hour.. Now that you know what it’s like to be an Social Media Specialist, find your dream role in Social Media at Digital Media Jobs!

Regulatory specialists play an essential role in the development and production of products and services, from food to medications and everything in between.

The regulatory affairs industry plays an important role in ensuring the safety of countless products that Americans use every day—from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and medical devices to electronics and more.. Here, we explore the role and responsibilities of regulatory specialists, including working conditions and essential skills, as well as advice and tips for advancing in a regulatory career.. A regulatory affairs specialist is someone who works to help a company or organization meet all state, local, federal, international, and industrial regulations that apply to their products.. Because most regulatory affairs specialists ( 76 percent , as of 2016) work directly in a regulated industry, most routinely interact with regulatory bodies and government agencies.. Regulatory specialists working for larger organizations may have a more narrowly-defined role compared to those who work at smaller organizations because larger organizations tend to have larger regulatory affairs offices or teams.. Maintaining a deep understanding of new and existing regulations that may impact their organization’s products and processes Using that understanding to standardize all business operations and establish clear, documented protocols Explaining regulations, procedures, and policies to all employees and stakeholders as necessary Maintaining data and files for future reference, particularly in the event of an audit by a regulatory agency Reviewing marketing, legal, and technical documentation (including case files and clinical research reports) to assess compliance Recommending courses of remediation to help their company achieve the necessary levels of compliance Implementing internal audits of products and protocols to identify areas of weakness, and putting in place corrective measures Regularly reporting on compliance status and measures to both internal and external parties Preparing for and facilitating third-party audits as necessary Acting as a liaison between their organization and state, local, federal, and international agencies to submit required forms and paperwork. Communication skills: While regulatory expertise is essential to working in regulatory affairs, it’s useless if you cannot effectively communicate with those around you, whether they be coworkers, team members, vendors, or customers.. Sense of mission: The best regulatory affairs specialists—those that truly make a difference—do not simply see regulatory affairs as a job.. While it is possible to gain an entry-level position with as little as a bachelor’s degree, according to the 2016 Compensation & Scope of Practice Report produced by the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS), 42 percent of employers prefer regulatory candidates who hold a graduate degree, and 45 percent of specialists hold a master’s degree.. In the regulatory affairs industry, most VPs have an average of 19 years in the industry, directors have an average of 14 years, and managers have an average of 10 years.. Continuing education : Because the regulatory affairs industry is rapidly evolving as new regulations and technologies are created, it’s critical that regulatory professionals stay abreast of the latest developments affecting the industry.

There are many job options in social media. Check out these job titles and career options to see which of the best positions is the right fit for you.

Social media has opened up a new field of human endeavor, creating new marketing and media jobs and providing new avenues for professional development.. You can begin your job hunt by looking for keywords like digital content, digital media, online content, online community, social marketing, engagement, interactive, and just online or social media in general.. It may be difficult at first glance to know whether you’ll be coordinating other staff or if you’ll be the only social media employee.. Writing Skills.. You may be responsible for creating content or overseeing editors in creating a content calendar.. Other likely titles for the same job include director or manager of social media marketing, director or manager of social media communication, director or manager of social media relations, or director or manager of social media strategy.. As a brand manager or brand ambassador, you might also be posting to a group of social media accounts (with or without a blog), but it's more likely you'll be directly involved in advertising.. The job titles of content manager or content strategist might also be used for this kind of position.. If you're an engagement coordinator (or manager), you will not only be in charge of your company’s social media messaging, you’ll also be responsible for guiding the online behavior of the public.. Social Media Manager.. Together with other members of the social media or marketing team, you’ll create the social media marketing strategy for the brand and analyze results using tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush.. In a content strategist role, you’ll help companies tell their brand’s story across multiple platforms.. Content strategists typically have a background in journalism or marketing, excellent writing and communication skills, and a solid knowledge of analytics and SEO tools.. Blogger Brand Ambassador Brand Manager Community Manager Content Manager Digital Communications Professional Digital Content Manager Digital Media Manager Digital Media Producer Digital Media Supervisor Director of Community Director, Communications Planning Director, Online Communications Director, Social Marketing and Brand Communications Director, Social Media Marketing Director of Social Media Director of Social Media Communications Director, Social Media Relations Director of Social Media Strategy Engagement Coordinator Engagement Manager Interactive Media Associate Interactive Media Coordinator Interactive Media Manager Internet Marketing Coordinator Internet Marketing Manager Manager of Digital and Social Media Multi-Media Communications Specialist Online Content Coordinator Social Media Account Executive Social Media Analyst Social Media Assistant Social Media Associate Social Media Coordinator Social Media Designer Social Media Editor Social Media Executive Social Media Marketing Coordinator Social Media Producer Social Media Specialist Social Media Strategist

Marketing Specialists are a vital part of any thriving company. The Marketing Specialist’s job is to ensure the company increases sales and draws customers in through a wide range of different platforms. From branding to competitor analysis, Marketing Specialists constantly work to ensure their company meets the customer’s needs and maintains a solid social media...

Official Job Title: Marketing Specialist Average Salary: 58,736.00 Stress Level: High Work/ Life: Above average Job Satisfaction: Above average Career Advancement: Average A Marketing Specialist is one part of a marketing team whose job is to analyze market data and decide the best course of action for attracting customers.. As a Marketing Specialist, you must utilize social media, understand and create branding, and effectively work with your team to develop sales campaigns.. Marketing Specialists must also conduct market analysis and decide where the market is leaning, then make a plan of action to convert those findings into sales.. Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA) : OMCA is a course designed for beginners entering the marketing field that helps develop a deep understanding of how online marketing works and what methods you can use to succeed in your trade.. Marketers must have 2-5 years of practical training before they can become Marketing Specialists.. If you want to become a Marketing Specialist, you must first obtain an Associates’ or Bachelors degree in business, marketing, or a related field.. If you are interested in marketing but not sure if being a Marketing Specialist is for you, here is a list of a few similar jobs:. Director of Marketing Brand Manager Content Specialist Email Marketer Director Of Communications Insight Analyst Social Media Manager

Wondering what a human resources intern does? Here's everything you need to know, including their roles, duties, and skills.

Most of the other HR roles, such as an HR generalist or HR manager, have well-defined roles.. However, that’s not the case with HR interns since each organization has a different prerogative for human resource internships jobs.. While the role varies from company to company, a human resources intern’s role always starts with fundamental HR tasks, such as updating employee absence records, initiating background checks, filing HR documents, reviewing HR policies, and helping recruiters with creating a job alert, among other things.. Different companies have different approaches to specifying the human resource internships within their organization.. The responsibilities, duties, and tasks of a human resources intern can vary even during the internship too, if the company requires it.. The following duties and tasks are what the typical human resources intern has to manage:

Build a professional liaison resume in minutes. Browse through our resume examples to identify the best way to word your resume. Then choose from 12+ resume templates to create your liaison resume.

Professional Relationships Social Workers Recreational Activities Substance Abuse Service Calls Special Projects Student Learning Personal Care Customer Service Positive Attitude. Collaborate with management as needed for timely completion of work orders during high volume periods Supported and facilitated with team sharing of best practices through informal communication channels and/or formal training session.. Organized daily activities such as Zumba, Arts and crafts etc, Enhanced the campers experience at ARC Camp by organizing daily activities, while taking responsibility for their health and well-being.. Decreased time spent on processing messages in Boeing Communication System by working with team members to find resolutions for lenghty task.. Ensured adherence to company policies and procedures, while also protecting both the clients. and the company's assets.. Worked closely with a team that included other client service specialists, technicians and doctors.. Serve as a liaison between meeting planning companies, field reps, clients, training and client services.. Contacted United Health Care Medicare members daily to assist with various health related social needs.. Provided case management and mental health treatment to families with children with developmental disabilities, managed a shared and independent caseload.. Developed treatment plans and led groups in response to community and client needs in consultation with center social workers.


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