What kind of artist would you be? (2023)

“A Work of Art Which Did Not Begin in Emotion Is Not Art” ― Paul Cezanne

Art is one of the purest disciplines there is to pursue. If you put your heart into it, any piece of art can inspire a generation.

Hence, it must be free, imaginative, and creative at all times. Therefore, when starting your art career, it is crucial to find out what medium provides you the best self-expression.

It can be tricky for students who don’t know how to become an artist to find the art form that sparks their talents and interests.

Artists can be painters, illustrators, calligraphers, designers, photographers, performers, and much more.

If students want to pursue a career as an artist, they should try to explore various art initiatives, especially those employing creative types.

Therefore, let’s look into what kind of artist you could become with the right experience:

Visual 3D, Graphics, And Animation

One of the newest forms of art – in conjunction with technology - is visual 3D and animation. For creative students who love to experiment with design elements, this one fits the most.

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With the right mix of images, content, and typography, any talented artist can create iconic art and imagery and learn how to become an established artist. Similarly, these visual art forms are advancing rapidly in multiple commercial fields.

Pursuing graphic design means creating future advertisements for brands and companies. In addition, this type of visual art form communicates a clear message or story to the audience.

Hence, it also requires creativity, an eye for detail, and an understanding of different brands. So, if designing posters, ads, and websites intrigues you the most as a student, this is your field.


Painting represents one of the oldest methods of visual expression. It's where the true art lies, as most early societies understood the concept of expression through painting.

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This type of art form requires a canvas, paper, and the use of pigments. Several professional painters have displayed their exemplary artworks filling homes, galleries, and museums.

These paintings are more like a visual treat, illustrated with watercolors, pastels, acrylics, and other mediums.

Before learning how to become a professional artist, several of the greats had to go through years of practice on their basics; these include:

  • Pablo Picasso
  • Claude Monet
  • Van Gogh

Their paintings are now considered contemporary relics of human history.

And as their art styles have evolved, there is a lot of room for you to learn, diversify, and grow into painting.


Illustrating focuses more on conceptualizing digital ads, books, or video games. It’s a contemporary art form aligning graphical representation to interpret text, context, and concept as a whole.

Most newcomers confuse illustration with graphic designing.

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However, the two are entirely different as illustration revolves more around innovative concepts and detailed texts.

Renowned illustrators like Hayao Miyazaki or Maurice Sendak have created new worlds for people to explore through books and art drawings.

Now, illustrations aren’t just about books or drawings. With the technological rise, it has evolved to create digital concepts in video games.

As a beginner, you can unravel more truths to it as far as this modern art style goes- illustration is wild and versatile. But it requires more critical and creative thinking than other art styles in the world.


Everybody has seen the historical Greek sculptures from the early classical period. This is because even before painting, artists used to craft the most evocative sculptures in the 4th and 5th centuries.

This art style even dates back to 35,000 BC, when people sculpted human figures in Germany. Most of the articulate sculptures include Auguste Rodin or Michelangelo.

Now, modern creators have transformed this classical art style with their contemporary ways. Recent artist like Jeff Koons has promoted this art form with larger-than-life sculptures.

It's a unique model of creation that requires more effort and a keen eye to understand each detail.

For a student, sculpting may seem outdated or dull. However, it carries significant value and is often used to pay respect and symbolize revered individuals.


Literature is the oldest form of art, depicting stories about continents through languages, written letters, and books.

Modern literature has evolved into digital prints, magazines, and other mediums. And if you’re studying at high school, this is an art form you can prepare for in class.

However, it’s an impactful art style that has inspired millions of people across the globe. It’s also the most expressive, with genres like:

  • Realism
  • Modernism
  • Naturalism
  • Romanticism

For literary artists, it’s all about quoting their best emotions to the world through their best works. Some of the famous names include:

  • William Shakespeare
  • Charles Dickens
  • Mark Twain

Thus, this art style also possesses the ability to influence minds and enable people to find an imaginary world of their own.

Similarly, modern-day literature works as a tool to persuade, inspire, and lead audiences. As a result, it has become a fundamental art type that influences an entire era.

For students with a passion for literature, this can unlock several career opportunities like journalism.


Architecture is one of the most practical forms of art. From interpreting space to designing buildings, homes, and cities, this art style surrounds all of us.

Resulting in several remarkable wonders around the world, it’s a recognizable art form with a purpose. Some famous pieces of artistic architecture include:

  • The Taj Mahal
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Burj Khalifa
  • The Colosseum

For beginners, it’s essential to see the art behind the architectural brilliance of these unique buildings. It is also quite apparent in the realistic representation of churches, skyscrapers, and Cathedrals.

This art style is expressive in an immense way and serves a broader vision to artists. Furthermore, it offers them a much larger canvas to work with!

For students, learning about the valuable elements of architecture gives them the potential to see their mark on the city skyline someday.


Films are a unique form of art and expression. This mode relays an audio-visual experience that is consumable for the masses.

Producing a film needs teamwork; directors, producers, scriptwriters, actors, and the editing department work together to blow our minds.

It’s also a complex production-based art requiring special effects, stunt doubles, and more. Nevertheless, some renowned filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Jean-Luc Goddard, and more have labored religiously to express themselves in this style.

From silent black and white films to CGI blockbusters, films have changed the perspective of entertainment for audiences.

Whether it's a short film or a 3-hour complex movie, this art style is the ultimate choice for media students to pursue.


Music is an audio-based art style that compels teamwork, creativity, and an ear for beauty. This mode has provided a unique backdrop to human emotion by collaborating between vocal sounds and instruments.

It even completes other art forms like films, theater, or literature and entertains a vast number of audiences.

Famous musicians like Mozart, Madonna, and Elvis Presley touched many souls and hearts through their inspiring music.

Additionally, years of human development with art has resulted in numerous new genres, including:

  • Rap
  • Country
  • Punk
  • Pop
  • Techno

For young aspirants, it’s a challenging art style to get into as it requires more hard work than the rest. However, it’s still the most timeless mode of expression out there.

Getting a degree in music from institutes like Berkley is a monumental achievement. As a result, it is also one of the most educationally competitive art forms around.


For centuries, this art style has prevailed in the hearts and minds of the people. Many historical theatre productions and stage dramas have successfully managed to live on today as well.

The theater is a combination of acting, performing, and singing, and it has served as humanity's most revered form of storytelling.

Historical plays like Romeo and Juliet or My Fair Lady have even been transformed into digital movies for modern audiences to consume.

Currently, theatre is not as prominent as other art forms. But it’s slowly adapting to the modern world with outdoor performances, live shows, and more.


Fashion is an art that demonstrates a styling statement. It refers to trending, intricate, beautiful designs surrounding clothing, makeup, hairstyles, and accessories.

Fashion is the one form of art every human is subjected to in one way or the other. If you’ve ever chosen to wear something because it looks good, you’ve indulged in this art style.

In the dynamic modern fashion industry, only the most prominent designers survive. However, the definition of the mode has not wavered.

Fashion students uphold the values of being their own aesthetic; wearing it, flaunting it, and re-inventing it.

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What Type Of Artist Would You Be?

Choosing a particular art style means creating a catalog of artwork, developing connections, and following the current trends.

As an emerging artist, you should have a clear idea of how to become a good artist. However, a fresh perspective on different art forms can help you create something truly inspiring and original for yourself.

But, more importantly, considering one particular medium or platform to express yourself can help you gain more recognition. This is what makes a good artist stand out in a competitive industry.

For instance, a fashion designer can choose to visualize the designs on social media platforms. Similarly, a filmmaker can choose to show their art on YouTube or other online streaming platforms.

Remember, art is not bound to objectivity. Hence, you can explore its other dimensions and create magic for yourself.

A Little Help

With this list of creative outlets, you can now decide what type of artistic field you would want to pursue in the future.

Therefore, if you strive to become an artist but don’t know where to begin, you can always take extra-curricular classes or reach out for a bit of help.

Some guidance from experts never hurt anybody, and it can put you on the right track to fulfill your dreams.

Superprof is a great platform to help students choose the right profession for themselves. It offers hundreds of qualified tutors and coaches with diversified expertise.

From painting and sculpting to designing, sign up to Superprof and find your passion!

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