What U.S. State Should I Live In (“What U.S. State Should I Move To”) (2022)

“What U.S. State Should I Move To”

The quiz is designed based on a large volume of publicly available data, not only those from authorities but also from some comments over the internet. Please answer every question with full consideration to get the best state for you!

Should you be a Californian? A Marylander? Or perhaps a Tennessean? Find out and get ready to move NOW!

  • Added the two-letter short name for every state - 2015/10/25
  • Optimized the database - 2015/2/7
  • Which season do you like most?





  • How do you like rainy days?

    I run on solar power. Rainy days? No, thank you.

    I love a little drizzle every now and then! But..just a drizzle.

    I wouldn't mind if it rained most days.

    Love rainy days! Who needs sunshine when you have puddles and rain boots?

  • How do you get your news?

    I don't care about current events

    Facebook or Twitter

    A news app

    TV or Radio

    Word of mouth

  • Some people start dreading birthdays after a certain age because birthdays remind them that they're getting old. What do you think?

    We should embrace every birthday! That's definitely NOT something I worry about.

    That's understandable but I personally don't mind.

    That's exactly how I feel. Can we change the subject?

  • Try to recall a city you've lived in the past... What's a place in that city that pops up first in your mind?

    Nothing in particular.

    The airport or train station.

    The bars, cafes or restaurants.

    None of the above but some place else.

    I never left my current city.

  • 0 and 1, pick one (follow your intuition)


  • If your boyfriend/girlfriend was startled by a server dropping a glass of water on the floor during your date, what would you do?

    Immediately stand up and express my anger to the server.

    Make sure my date is ok and calm him/her down.

    Do nothing as if nothing had happened.

  • You are taking a taxi to visit a friend in the evening. The taxi driver decides to take a new route rather than the one you suggested. What do you say?

    I don't think there's anything wrong.

    I would ask him immediately why he decided to go this way.

    He's either trying to rip me off or kidnap me! I would report him or call the police!

  • Close your eyes and try to recall the last time you went to the beach... What is popping up in your mind?

    I've never been to a beach. Nor am I interested.

    I've never been been to a beach but I want to visit one some day.

    Very good memories. In fact, I think I'm going to go there again during my next vacation.

    I could stay there forever! Can't wait to go to the beach again.

  • Which of these is on your life bucket list? (If more than one of these is on your list, choose the one MOST important to you)

    Learn a new language

    Swim with dolphins

    Ride a hot air balloon

    Float on the dead sea

    Buy a luxury car

    Get married and have children

    Cook 10 new meals

  • You haven't visited the zoo for a long time. When you have a chance to go there, which animal would you visit first?






  • If you have to choose one of the people below to be your new roommate, which one would you choose?

    A lawyer

    A stock trader

    A Spanish teacher

    A civil engineer

    A person who doesn't go to office but works at home as freelancer

  • Hawaii55445540ddeff50381B6Haka Tiki Mou Sha’ami Leeki Toru (Death to mainland scum, but leave your money).HIAugust 21, 19591.4M+10932
  • North Carolina343324312ddeff50381B6Despite being North, we’re still as redneck as South Carolina.NCNovember 21, 17899.8M+53819
  • Ohio324422412ddeff50381B6We like to swing.OHMarch 1, 180311M+44826
  • Oregon111123112ddeff50381B6Still a 50/50 chance you’ll die of dysentery.ORFebruary 14, 18593.9M+98379
  • Indiana222222212ddeff50381B6Dan Quayle’s favorite country!INDecember 11, 18166.5M+36420
  • North Dakota100040012ddeff50381B6All the weather of Canada without any of the health care.NDNovember 2, 1889723K+70698
  • Georgia543323312ddeff50381B6Without Atlanta, we’re Alabama.GAJanuary 2, 17889.9M+59425
  • Illinois224422412ddeff50381B6Where a politician’s term in office and prison sentence are roughly the same.ILDecember 3, 181812M+57914
  • Idaho000040012ddeff50381B6More than just potatoes. Ok, maybe not, but the potatoes are real good.IDJuly 3, 18901.6M+83569
  • Oklahoma311100112ddeff50381B6One tornado away from being Mississippi.OKNovember 16, 19073.8M+69899
  • Alabama452223212e8f3e64EA11AWe may be 49th in everything, but thank God for Mississippi.ALDecember 14, 18194.8M+52420
  • Mississippi451103112e8f3e64EA11AWe make slightly less shitty states look GOOD.MSDecember 10, 18172.9M+48432
  • Wisconsin012222212e8f3e64EA11AWay too cold to be sober.WIMay 29, 18485.7M+65496
  • Alaska00553451ddeff50381B6No, you can’t see Russia from here.AKJanuary 3, 1959735K+665384
  • Missouri222220212e8f3e64EA12AWe love company.MOAugust 10, 18216M+69707
  • Wyoming000020012e8f3e64EA12AWhere men are men and sheep are scared.WYJuly 10, 1890582k97813
  • Arizona402220212e8f3e64EA13AOur main exports are heat stroke and rabid xenophobia.AZFebruary 14, 19126.6M+113990
  • Montana000010012e8f3e64EA13AThe birthplace of the letter bomb.MTNovember 8, 18891M+147040
  • Arkansas44112019e8f3e64EA14ALiterrasy ain’t everything.ARJune 15, 18362.9M+53179
  • Nebraska100020012e8f3e64EA14AWhere the majority of the population has been intimate with a corn cob.NEMarch 1, 18671.8M+77348
  • Texas51552351eaf3e3579C06Heaven if you are a high school quarterback. Hell if you are gay, black, an immigrant or a woman.TXDecember 29, 184526M+268596
  • Vermont02445041eaf3e3579C0675% hippies, 24.999% rednecks and .001% who came for the foliage.VTMarch 4, 1791626K+9616
  • Massachusetts133355312eaf3e3579C06We hope you enjoy both of our seasons, Winter and Construction.MAFebruary 6, 17886.6M+10554
  • Minnesota012252212eaf3e3579C0610,000 lakes and 10,000,000,000 mosquitoes.MNMay 11, 18585.4M+86936
  • Tennessee342200212eaf3e3579C06Leading the nation in fat dudes who die while taking a dump.TNJune 1, 17966.4M+42144
  • Utah101120112eaf3e3579C06A great place to raise a couple of families.UTJanuary 4, 18962.9M+84897
  • Michigan013322312eaf3e3579C06Where lake effect snow will bury you alive 10 ft. from your front door.MIJanuary 26, 18379.8M+96714
  • Maine020024012eaf3e3579C06Stephen King really likes it here!MEMarch 15, 18201.3M+35380
  • Maryland222224212eaf3e3579C06If you can dream it, we can tax it, hon.MDApril 28, 17885.9M+12406
  • Virginia323323312eaf3e3579C06Southern enough to suck for northerners and northern enough to suck for southerners.VAJune 25, 17888.2M+42775
  • Washington123323312eaf3e3579C06Where more things are legal and everything is damp.WANovember 11, 18896.9M+71298
  • West Virginia230020012eaf3e3579C06Our obesity problem can be explained in two words: pepperoni rolls.WVJune 20, 18631.8M+24230
  • Florida55554550f5eaf1A75597A wonderful place to enjoy some pain pills and die of old age. Or vice versa.FLMarch 3, 184519M+65758
  • New York12553350f5eaf1A75597If you have it, we’ll tax it, and if it’s fun, we’ll regulate it until it’s no longer fun.NYJuly 26, 178819M+54555
  • Kentucky332220212f5eaf1A755975 million people, 15 last names.KYJune 1, 17924,3M+40408
  • Louisiana552224212f5eaf1A75597We’re also thankful for Mississippi.LAApril 30, 18124.6M+52378
  • Kansas211120112f5eaf1A75597Come for the corn, stay for the tornadoes.KSJanuary 29, 18612.8M+82278
  • South Dakota000030012f5eaf1A75597Closer than North Dakota.SDNovember 2, 1889844K+77116
  • Iowa111120112f5eaf1A75597Counting down the days until an election makes us relevant again.IADecember 28, 18463.1M+56273
  • Pennsylvania124422412f5eaf1A75597Our Amish can beat up Pennsylvania’s Amish.PADecember 12, 178712M+46054
  • Rhode Island230025012f5eaf1A75597If we were any less significant, we’d be Delaware.RIMay 29, 17901M+1545
  • South Carolina432204212f5eaf1A75597We secretly pledge allegiance to the Confederate flag.SCMay 23, 17884.7M+32020
  • California30554450faf1deD48C02Where American dreamers settle for doing porn.CASeptember 9, 185038M+163695
  • Connecticut241125112faf1deD48C02We’re kinda close to the places you really want to be, like Boston and NYC.CTJanuary 9, 17883.5M+5543
  • Delaware330024012faf1deD48C02The first state, and that’s about it.DEDecember 7, 1787925K+2489
  • New Jersey233324312faf1deD48C02Hope you like traffic, asshole.NJDecember 18, 17878.8M+8723
  • Colorado002220212faf1deD48C02Laughing at your altitude sickness since 1876.COAugust 1, 18765.2M+104094
  • New Hampshire020053012faf1deD48C02A great place to stop for gas on your way to Canada.NHJune 21, 17881.3M+9349
  • New Mexico200000012faf1deD48C02Breaking Badwas the best thing that ever happened to us.NMJanuary 6, 19122M+121590
  • Nevada200020012faf1deD48C02Helping degenerates part with their money since 1864.NVOctober 31, 18642.7M+110572

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