Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (2022)


Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (1)

By Emma Singer

Published Apr 14, 2022

Boredom happens to the best of us, and usually it’s just a passing feeling. Still, chances are you’re here because the ennui has become unbearable and you’re wondering what to do when you're bored. Good news: We came up with a diverse list of ideas that includes everything from playing games and making art to vacation planning and house cleaning. Read on to find an activity that speaks to you, so you can get your joie de vivre back, stat.


40 Seriously Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (2)

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1. Read A Book

The time to put down your phone and pick up a book is now. Psst: Any of these will keep you engrossed.

2. Play chess online

Chess is known to have many benefits for the brain, including improved memory and heightened creativity, and it’s just plain fun. Enjoy all the perks from home by playing a match online.

3. Try a virtual escape room

Your bored brain is begging for a challenge, and a virtual escape room fits the bill. Check out these six and give one a go.

4. Play solitaire

Dust off that pack of bicycle cards or play online—either way this easy-to-learn and super addictive card game is sure to keep you entertained.

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Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (3)

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5. Knit

Word on the street is that people who knit never get bored. If you don’t know how to knit, take a virtual class and you might just discover your new favorite hobby.

6. Scrapbook

Occupy yourself with a sentimental craft that gets your creative juices flowing and produces a keepsake item you can flip through next time you’re bored.

7. Watch a new TV series

Press play on one of these binge-worthy options and let the marathon begin—just be sure to have snacks within arm’s reach. (Cocktail, optional.)

8. Look at old photos

It’s never a bad time to wax nostalgic over those old family photo albums and high school yearbooks.

9. Write a letter

If you don’t feel like picking up the phone, pick up a pen instead. (Hint: It will mean so much to your grandma.)

Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (4)

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10. Clean Out Your Closet

With a Kon-do attitude you can tackle the blackhole that is your wardrobe in one afternoon.

11. Get crafty

Try your hand at one of these seriously cool adult crafts for a fun activity that yields a Pinterest-worthy finished product you’ll be proud to put on display.

12. Redecorate your home

There’s no need to break the bank—you can transform your interior by simply moving furniture around.

13. Make a playlist

Anyone who’s ever labored over a mixtape can attest to the fact that playlist building is a form of art.

14. Take a drive

Take a drive (with no particular place to go) for a change of scenery that pairs well with that playlist you just made.

Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (5)

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15. Work On A Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle might not seem like a particularly productive way of passing the time, but science disagrees. Research—like this 2018 study published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience—has shown that this soothing activity can protect against cognitive decline.

16. Plan a vacation

Researching and planning a vacation is almost as fun as the trip itself, so go on and indulge your wanderlust (even if there’s no travel on the horizon).

17. Watch a movie

Here, a tried-and-true boredom buster for when you just don’t feel like reckoning with your messy closet. Bonus points if you bring a friend on board for a remote viewing.

18. Journal

Bored at home and talking to yourself? (We see you.) Put those deep thoughts down on paper so posterity has something to poke fun at.

19. Do yoga

If your basic yoga routine has grown tiresome, take things up a notch by adding some advanced poses to the mix.

Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (6)

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20. Take A Nap

Your alone time feels like a snoozefest…and maybe you’re onto something. After all, being bored is just a harbinger of a delicious midday nap. (Right?)

21. Give yourself an at-home facial

Why shell out for a fancy spa treatment when you can give yourself an at-home facial for a fraction of the cost?

22. Paint

Channel your inner Bob Ross (or just watch him) and give that blank canvas your very best.

23. Start a blog

You can choose to be ambitious about it or simply treat it like an online journal—either way, there’s no writer’s cramp involved.

24. Deep clean your home

Your home is in desperate need of a deep clean. Consult this guide for some handy tips and then roll up your sleeves and get started.

Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (7)

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25. Make A Weekly Meal Plan

Not only will planning a menu for the week save time and spare you the stress of making decisions while hungry, it’s also an excellent excuse to browse a bunch of crave-worthy recipes.

26. Take a walk

The combination of fresh air and light exercise is our favorite feel-good way to banish boredom in the blink of an eye.

27. Meditate

If you’ve always wanted to try meditation, now is the time. Here are a few tips for getting started.

28. Play video games

Treat yourself to a couch potato kind of day with some gaming. Best of all, you can easily make it a social affair by inviting your S.O. or friends to join in the fun.

29. Do a crossword puzzle

Test your general knowledge and focus your scattered mind with a crossword puzzle, or several. And by all means, use your phone to ask a friend (not Google) when you’re stumped.

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Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (8)

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30. Take A Bath

When was the last time you treated yourself to a long, relaxing soak in the tub? Break out the bath salts, pour yourself a glass of wine and feel the stress of the week melt away.

31. Take a virtual museum tour

…Or soak up some culture with a virtual (read: airfare-free) visit to some of the finest museums around the globe. The Musée d’Orsay in Paris and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam are just a couple of the places you can explore from the comfort of your couch.

32. Bake

You’ve already binge-watched every episode of the Great British Baking Show. Now it’s time to don an apron and see if you’ve got what it takes to achieve star baker status.

33. Clean out your fridge

Because you’ve let some leftovers hang around a little too long and that half-used can of tomato paste is growing new life forms. (No judgment.)

34. Write a grocery list

Now that the rubbish has been removed from your fridge, you’ve got a perfect opportunity to take inventory and draw up a shopping list.

Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (9)

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35. Do Some Coloring

In case you missed it, coloring isn’t just for kids. In fact, drawing and coloring, like other forms of art, can be quite therapeutic. Plus, now that you’ve mastered the fine motor control required to stay within the lines, you might be impressed by what you can create.

36. Listen to a podcast

Will you tune into something scary? Sexy? Educational? When it comes to picking a passive listening experience, you’ve got plenty of options.

37. Paint your nails

When you’re all done and waiting for your nails to dry, you’ll probably be bored…but you’ll be bored and fancy, which is most certainly an improvement.

38. Start a DIY project

From bandeau bathing suits to living room gallery walls—here are some of our favorite DIY project ideas.

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39. Phone a friend

Texting is great and all, but when you just want to shoot the breeze, nothing beats a good old-fashioned phone call.

Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (10)

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40. Learn A New Language

If you pick one of the easiest languages to learn, you could be proficient (i.e., impressing your friends) in as little as 24 weeks.

41. Do your taxes

It’s no one’s idea of fun, but the deadline is looming. Plus, when you’re done you can reward yourself with a glass of wine for being such a good (boring) grown-up.

42. Have a dance party for one

Alone and bored? It’s the perfect time to cut a rug—you know, without self-consciousness standing in your way.

43. Order takeout

When your own company isn’t cutting it, it’s time to make friends with a Chinese restaurant menu.

44. Shop online

There’s nothing wrong with a little retail therapy—just be sure to spend your hard-earned dollar wisely by checking out the latest sales.

Wondering What to Do When You’re Bored? Here Are 50 Fresh Ideas (11)

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45. Do An Online Workout

Why pay for a gym membership when you can work up a sweat in your own living room with a dance or zumba workout video for free?

46. Make a wish list

Satisfy your urge to shop online without going broke by writing a list of all the good you’re currently coveting.

47. Take a personality test

You can find a whole host of fun personality quizzes here—just remember to take the results with a grain of salt.

48. Read your horoscope

You already know the basics of your zodiac sign, but maybe your current horoscope has some nuggets of inspiration to help you leave the doldrums behind.

49. Send a care package

Whether you curate the care package yourself or send a ready-made gift basket instead, the thoughtful gesture is sure to make someone’s day.

50. Pleasure yourself

There’s nothing boring about the big O (and if you want help getting there, we know some highly effective toys for that).


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The 16 Best Places to (Discretely) Buy Sex Toys Online


What can an 18 year old do when bored? ›

Let's take a look at these fun things to do when you're bored!
  • Make a music video or movie.
  • Eat a food you've never tried.
  • Learn how to do origami.
  • Make the best ice cream sandwich or freak shake ever.
  • DIY bath bombs.
  • Invent a new type of pizza or killer milkshake.
  • Play water balloon games.
  • Picnic at a local park.
15 Jul 2020

What can a 11 year old do when bored at home? ›

Check out these kid activities perfect for a day indoors.
  • Boredom Jar. One creative parent told us she made a “boredom” jar for her house. ...
  • Build a Fort. Who doesn't love a fort on a stormy day? ...
  • Indoor Obstacle Course. ...
  • Write a Letter. ...
  • Sock Puppets. ...
  • Dress Up. ...
  • Imaginary Creatures. ...
  • Tea Party.

What can a student do when bored? ›

Most Interesting Things Students can do to Escape Boredom
  • Read. ...
  • Watch TV Series. ...
  • Go outdoor and play. ...
  • Listen to Music. ...
  • Spend time on unacademic hobbies that you have. ...
  • Speak to your elder friends/siblings about everything other than academics. ...
  • Learn a little about Philosophy & Psychology. ...
  • Start writing a diary.
17 Aug 2022

How do I not get bored in class? ›

Holly's boredom busters
  1. Think of ways to help get the most out of classes.
  2. Ask your teacher for practical examples.
  3. Get support from a trusted adult to help you feel motivated.
  4. Discover ways school could help you develop the things you are really passionate about.
  5. Look forward to things.
  6. Reward yourself.

What can a 21 year old do when bored? ›

21 Things You Need To Do While You're 21
  • Buy yourself a drink you've never had. ...
  • Visit a place you've never been. ...
  • Update your wardrobe. ...
  • Show appreciation towards your parents/guardians. ...
  • Write a letter to yourself in ten years. ...
  • Invest your money. ...
  • Get in touch with a long lost friend from high school.
18 Dec 2014

What can a 22 year old do when bored? ›

I'm bored but have no motivation to do anything.
On a serious note:
  • RUN 10 minutes daily.
  • READ a book. ...
  • WRITE an answer on Quora daily.
  • DRINK a green smoothie. ...
  • TALK to an old friend daily. ...
  • WATCH a Ted Talk video daily.

What do 20 somethings like to do? ›

  • Rent bicycles and explore your surroundings. ...
  • Host a laid-back game night. ...
  • Throw on your athleisure and exercise together. ...
  • Play tourist for the day. ...
  • Ask each other the '36 questions that lead to love' ...
  • Head to the woods and go hiking. ...
  • Go on a grown-up treasure hunt with the Geocaching app. ...
  • Make your own photo or Snapchat story.
20 Nov 2020

What can 13 year olds do with friends? ›

Things for Teenagers to Do With Friends
  • Have a water balloon fight.
  • Hold a mini Olympics with your friends.
  • Go on a long bike ride.
  • Have a garden party. ...
  • Host a craft, beauty, dinner party, movie night with friends.
  • Play rounders with your family or friends at the local park or sports-field.
19 Jul 2019

What do 13 year olds like to do? ›

While most 13-year-olds have given up their childhood toys, they still play with their friends in a variety of ways. From slumber parties and camping out in the backyard to board games and sports activities, most 13-year-olds want to be active with their friends.

What do 12 year olds like to do? ›

Activities for 12-year-old Children
  • Make a comic book. Save. Creative writing requires imagination. ...
  • Do a DIY project. Save. ...
  • Learn to code. Save. ...
  • Learn a new language. Save. ...
  • Play a board game. Save. ...
  • Solve puzzles. Save. ...
  • Play card games. Save. ...
  • Take part in a STEM scavenger hunt. Save.
10 Nov 2022

Is Tik Tok good for kids? ›

Is TikTok appropriate for kids? If you supervise your kids, use safety settings, and stick to songs you already know, TikTok can be a kid-friendly experience. But TikTok's emphasis on popular music means many videos include swearing and sexual lyrics, so it may not be age-appropriate for kids to use on their own.

What age should a girl start dating? ›

As a general guideline, Dr. Eagar advises not allowing single dating before age sixteen. “There's an enormous difference between a fourteen- or fifteen-year- old and a sixteen- or seventeen-year-old in terms of life experience,” he says.

What can a 15 year old do when bored at home? ›

Activities for your bored teenager
  • Make a bucket list. Our oldest did this with her BFF and you don't wanna know what's on it! ...
  • Play games or play cards. Especially our youngest loves to play games. ...
  • Bake cookies or a cake. ...
  • Doing a puzzle. ...
  • Go on a teenage scavenger hunt . ...
  • Make Fall art. ...
  • Make bath bombs. ...
  • Read a book.
19 Feb 2019

What should a 11 year old do when she's bored? ›

Boredom-busting ideas for active kids
  • Play a sport outside.
  • Wash the car.
  • Go for a bike ride.
  • Do 'mindful movement' videos.
  • Play hide-and-seek.
  • Make a fort.
  • Have a dance party.
  • Make an obstacle course.
2 Jun 2022

What do you do in 30 minutes when your bored in class? ›

List of 103 Things To Do When You Are Bored in Class
  • Write a note to a friend.
  • Draw or doodle.
  • Take notes and go off on a tangent.
  • Write a to-do list.
  • Sketch someone in your classroom.
  • Make a list of ideas for your next adventure.
  • Write a gratitude list.
  • Send a mental message to someone.

How can I use my phone in class without getting caught? ›

How to Text in Class Without Getting Caught
  1. 1 Dim the brightness on your phone.
  2. 2 Change the texting notification.
  3. 3 Turn off all your other phone sounds.
  4. 4 Put a neutral or dark-colored cover on your phone.
  5. 5 Put items around and in front of your phone.
  6. 6 Use the phone under your desk or on your lap.

Can school be boring? ›

While school can be exciting, it can also be very boring. There are plenty of reasons why school might be boring to you. Everything from finding the workload too easy to not learning what you actually want to learn can make the experience seem dull and lifeless.

How do you survive a long boring class? ›

The challenge will be to still get a good grade and complete the course. But how do you survive a boring class?
During Class
  1. Sit Up Front. ...
  2. If You Are On Your Laptop, Don't Check Social Media. ...
  3. Enjoy A Cold Beverage During Class. ...
  4. Sit With An Enthusiastic Classmate.

How do I make my class boring faster? ›

How to Pass Time in Class
  1. 1 Listen actively and take notes.
  2. 2 Interact in class and ask questions.
  3. 3 Illustrate your notes.
  4. 4 Complete your homework for another class.
  5. 5 Organize and create a to-do list.
  6. 6 Doodle in the margins of your notebook.
  7. 7 Read something interesting.
  8. 8 Engage in some creative writing.

Are 20 year olds still kids? ›

By 20 years old, a young person is usually considered an adult: their body size is fully grown, they can vote, get married, and many have already entered the workplace. But the evidence suggests that, by many important measures, adolescence continues until around the age of 24 to 25.

What can a 20 year old do for fun? ›

This entertainment bucket list for 20 years olds is perfect for those nights that you want to do something but don't know what!
  • See an outdoor movie.
  • Go to a baseball game.
  • See your favorite band live.
  • Go mini-golfing.
  • Read X new books per year (my current goal is 20!)
  • Play outside like a kid again.
  • Go to a water park.
27 Jul 2021

What do you do when your bored with 2 friends? ›

50 Things To Do With Friends When Bored
  • Create a spa experience. ...
  • Go for a walk. ...
  • Play a game. ...
  • Have a movie marathon. ...
  • Do a cardio-dance workout video. ...
  • Make seasonal cocktails. ...
  • Find the nearest beach or pool. ...
  • Try a new restaurant in town.
8 Feb 2022

What do 20 year olds do with friends? ›

Whether you want something chill and peaceful or are up for something crazy and fun, this list has got you covered.
Random Things To Do When Bored
  • Record a Tiktok Challenge. ...
  • Update Check. ...
  • Get To Know Each Other Better. ...
  • Do A Mukbang. ...
  • Take a Self Care Challenge. ...
  • Tiktok Viral Recipes. ...
  • Go To The Beach.
26 Apr 2022

What can you do at 20 with friends? ›

Here are 10 things to do with your friends in your 20s that will keep you close in your 30s.
  • Book a trip to your dream destination.
  • Get to know your friends' families.
  • Find a TV show to watch (and gossip about) together.
  • Never, ever forget the importance of brunch.
  • Have many heart-to-hearts.
  • Be workout buddies.
8 Jun 2017

What should I do in my 24 age? ›

We narrowed it down to the following 11 skills:
  • Become a master salesperson of yourself. Paramount. ...
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Flickr/Kompania Piwowarska. ...
  • Get very good at one thing. Flickr / lilfunky1. ...
  • Build up your 'advocate network.' ...
  • Learn how to code. ...
  • Fall in love. ...
  • Learn how to meditate. ...
  • Travel more.
13 Aug 2016

What is a 22 year old called? ›

A person between 10 and 19 years old is called a denarian. A person between 20 and 29 is called a vicenarian. A person between 30 and 39 is called a tricenarian. A person between 40 and 49 is called a quadragenarian.

What do 30 somethings do for fun? ›

I decided to make a list of 30 fun things to do while I'm 30 years old and kick this decade off with a bang!
  • Get a massage. ...
  • Read the Harry Potter series again.
  • Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • Explore a new city.
  • Go hiking.
  • Make my own donuts.
  • Design and decorate the entryway to our home.
7 Feb 2018

What every 20 something should own? ›

What's New at AmeriChoice?
  • 15 Items Every Adult Should Purchase in Their 20s. ...
  • Quality cooking tools & appliances. ...
  • A reliable form of transportation. ...
  • Contributions to a retirement fund. ...
  • An impressive interview outfit. ...
  • A professional work bag and/or luggage. ...
  • Long-lasting home appliances. ...
  • A quality mattress.

What rules should a 13 year old have? ›

What are some good house rules for teenagers?
  • You will have a curfew. ...
  • You will limit your screen/social media time. ...
  • Everyone at home has chores. ...
  • Abide by the Golden Rule. ...
  • Remember not to take trust for granted.
5 Jun 2022

What do boys do at 13? ›

They often have an increased need for privacy, another sign of wanting more independence and less supervision. They may also require more privacy to deal with feelings of curiosity and anxiety that come with body changes and new emotions. It's common for this age group to become more self-involved.

Should 13 year olds have a bedtime? ›

That said: “9pm is a sensible approach.” For teenagers, Kelley says that, generally speaking, 13- to 16-year-olds should be in bed by 11.30pm.

How late should 12 year olds stay up? ›

At these ages, with social, school, and family activities, bedtimes gradually become later and later, with most 12-years-olds going to bed at about 9 p.m. There is still a wide range of bedtimes, from 7:30 to 10 p.m., as well as total sleep times, from 9 to 12 hours, although the average is only about 9 hours.

Can a 13 year old date? ›

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids start dating at an average age of 12 and a half for girls and 13 and a half for boys. Every teen — or preteen — is different, though, and your child might be ready sooner or later than their peers.

Is it OK to date at 12? ›

There's no one age when people “should” start dating — plenty of people don't start until their late teens or after, and some people start earlier. But dating when you're 12 means something different than dating when you're in high school or older.

Is it OK for a 9 year old to play with dolls? ›

As experts would tell you, there is no age limit for dolls.

What age do girls stop playing with dolls? ›

So, at what age do children stop playing with dolls? Some kids may lose interest in dolls around the age of 5 or 6, while others may continue to play with them into their pre-teen years. There really isn't a "magic age" at which all children suddenly stop playing with dolls - it varies from child to child.

Should an 11-year-old date? ›

While you may think your 11-year-old is very mature, the truth is, they are just not ready to be dating at this age. 11-year-olds can be really sensitive to peer pressure and their emotions can be all over the place due to their changing bodies and hormones.

Should I let my 11-year-old have Snapchat? ›

Is Snapchat safe for tweens and teens? Most kids use Snapchat to goof around and stay in contact with their friends -- end of story. Yes, there's some mature content, but it's appropriate for most teens 16 and up.

Should a 11-year-old get a phone? ›

Helps Keep Kids Safe

The easiest and best reason to buy a mobile phone for an 11-year-old kid is safety. Kids face many dangers these days, and having a mobile phone can help protect them. Kids should know how to use their phones in case of emergencies while they're out on their own.

Which age is best for kiss? ›

Though the average age for young people to experience a first kiss is fifteen, there is absolutely no reason to rush into it because “everyone else is doing it” or you want to feel “normal.” After all, what good is a kiss if it comes with a side of regret?

What age should you start kissing? ›

Interestingly, this is largely agreed upon across generations. No need to wait for the official first date to get a little face time, however. Americans agree kids are ready for their first kiss at age 15 (15.1 on average), while on average, they had theirs at age 14.5.

Should I let my 12 year old daughter have a boyfriend? ›

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tween dating. So, ultimately you will need to decide what is best given your child's temperament. If you decide that you are okay with your tween dating in a group setting, make sure you set some ground rules and communicate those clearly and effectively.

What can a 14 year old do when bored at home alone? ›

100 Things Teenagers Can Do Without Screens
  • Bake something new from a cookbook.
  • Find something in your room that you enjoyed when you were younger and try it again, just for fun.
  • Figure out what's a mile or less from your home, and walk to one interesting place.
  • Play a board game.
  • Color, draw, or paint.

What can a 15 year old do in America? ›

Here are five legal rights you have under age 18.
  • Be Treated For STDs Without A Guardian's Knowledge (In Some States) ...
  • Register As Organ Donors In 48 States. ...
  • Get A Passport Without Parental Consent. ...
  • Donate Blood (With Parental Consent) ...
  • Get Confidential Counseling For A Drug Or Alcohol Problem (In Certain States)
15 Feb 2017

What do girls do when bored at night? ›

Something To Take Care Of You
  • Give your nails some love. No professional manicure necessary—you don't even need to paint them! ...
  • Give yourself an at-home facial. ...
  • Practice saying no. ...
  • Unroll your yoga mat. ...
  • Go on a walk. ...
  • Watch one of these 90s movies. ...
  • Play a game. ...
  • Make a gratitude list.
19 Sept 2022

What should I do when I bored on the Internet? ›

The Top 12 Things to Do When You're Bored Online
  • Watch Videos. Videos are a great way to kill time because they're passive. ...
  • Play Games. ...
  • Listen to Podcasts. ...
  • Read Comics or Ebooks. ...
  • Learn a Hobby. ...
  • Start a Journal or Blog. ...
  • Build a Wish List. ...
  • Explore Reddit.

What should I do when I'm bored at night? ›

63 Things to Do When Bored at Night (That Don't Involve Screens)
  • Give your nails some love. No professional manicure necessary—you don't even need to paint them! ...
  • Give yourself an at-home facial. ...
  • Practice saying no. ...
  • Unroll your yoga mat. ...
  • Go on a walk. ...
  • Watch one of these 90s movies. ...
  • Play a game. ...
  • Make a gratitude list.
19 Sept 2022

What can 2 people do online? ›

Here are some fun online things to do with friends from your own home!
  • Watch or stream online videos and TV series. This is probably one of the most, if not the top, popular options. ...
  • Play online games. Online multiplayer games are a great way to connect and have fun with each other!
25 Mar 2020

What can a 13 year old do when bored at home? ›

The Ultimate List of Fun Things for Tweens & Teens to Do When They're Bored - 200+ Ideas
  • Read a book. ( ...
  • Read a picture book to younger siblings. ...
  • Listen to an audiobook.
  • Do an experiment with paper shapes.
  • Play with perspective.
  • Do paper chromatography.
  • Do t-shirt chromatography.
  • Build paper towers.
8 Apr 2022

What can you do with your friends at 4am? ›

Fun Things To Do At Night With Friends
  • #1. Game Night. This is my favorite fun thing to do with friends. ...
  • #2. Movie Night. Going out to the movies is expensive! ...
  • #3. Go On Pretend Shopping Spree. ...
  • #4. Binge Watch With Friends. ...
  • #5. Local Community Calendar. ...
  • #6. Charity Event. ...
  • #7. Drive Around. ...
  • #8. Bowling.
25 Aug 2020

What should I watch for 13 years? ›

Best movies for teens to add to your watch list
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) ...
  • The Mitchells vs the Machines (2021) ...
  • The Baby-Sitters Club (1995) ...
  • Queen of Katwe (2016) ...
  • The Goonies (1985) ...
  • Adventures in Babysitting (1987) ...
  • The Princess Diaries (2001) ...
  • Freaky Friday (2003)
20 Jul 2022


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